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Three territory's, The Chamlek Kingdom, The Donn Empire, and The KeyClife Queendom. All powerful and rich with land, strong armies, plenty of resources, and magic from ancient ruins that are scattered through each of the territory's. But this Story take's place in the middle territory. KeyClife, the great surviving Queendom that has been ruled by both kind and generous, as well as cruel and violent queens. After four rains of Mad Queens, One seemingly worst then the last, there was bore the Grey Queen. A beautiful and kind girl, unlike her mother and past generations. She flowered young and was swept off her feet by a loyal yet sly Immortal that had appeared in her home one evening. Their courtship was short, but sweet and they married soon after the Grey Queen having her first daughter of immortal blood. it was rumored that she also had a twin son with her daughter but no one ever saw the children, only the girl. The little princess was named Valerie, and she had everything that she could ever want or need growing up. but later in her years Valerie's mother was poisoned and died with her husband and daughter at her side on her deathbed, leaving her daughter of only 19 at the time, to rule the entire Queendom alone. Her father was there for her but with time Valerie grew vigilante and cold with her mothers death, soon having her grasp there on her Queendom. And at the age of 23, she's not going to accept change with open arms, or any outsiders that bring it.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

So main plot is that anyone's OC Has come to KeyClife bringing some sort of change with them. Whether it be threats of war or new magic, or maybe just casing a bit of trouble. What ever that is, is up to You to decide.

The Rules are:
No GM. Yes they can be demon like or even completely demon, but nothing too over powering.
Please PM me if you would like to join.
Please be semi lit.
I'm alright with cussing, violence, etc.
Do not ditch.
If you're going to be gone for long periods of time please tell me.
Any other questions ask away.

And that's about it!


Alright and that's it. Read, write, and enjoy the journey ahead.~♥

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