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Okay here we are. The scene is Ryuu's Komodo side maybe getting into some trouble by attack a traveling caravan. What he doesn't know is that one of the people he hurt, was Sting, not too badly, but enough to cause an issue. Ryuu ran of course and now goes the story of his Komodo side leaving it up to Ryuu to sort things out on his own.

Alright and that's it. Read, write, and enjoy the journey ahead.~♥


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The Komodo shrieked again and felt his strength slipping away with each breath. This is what happened when he began to feel overwhelmed. He didn’t move because of where the barbs were but his eyes were fixed on Sting, hate burning in them as they stayed trained on him. He ignored Stings words, not listening to his threats or what he knew about the Komodo’s kind.

[I You know nothing..] He thought bitterly, breathing heavily as Sting stepped down onto his head again. He was very tempted to twist and bite ahold of Stings leg, like he had done to Tomoyo, but instead he decided he’d had enough and stopped fighting for a moment. The Dragon made his human host take control and he slipped back into the darkness of their mind, going to see if Ryuu got them both killed or not.
Ryuu normally was greeted with a blast of pain when he took control and now was no different. He gasped and with a jolt remembered what the Komodo had been doing before he was forced into control.

“S-stop.” Ryuu gasped again, with a change in his demeanor and he struggled to pull his head out from under Stings foot, as well as changing from his Dragon form, back to his human form, still bloody and battered from what had just been happening.
  Ryuu The Komodo / BBJ / 2y 160d 23h 32m 8s
Sting then pulled the whip back again.
"Then i'll take you by force"
He then swung the whip again,wrapping it around the scar on the neck.
The barbs pushed in as a steel blade rubbed against the jugular.
a stronger pulse of electricity flowed through the body,burn marks now appearing on his underbelly,singe marks on the ends of the armor plating.
The flow of electricity got stronger as tomoyo stepped up and pushed the dragons head onto the ground again with is foot.
"This would be far less painful if you just accept it.
If you willingly train with me you will not be caged or mistreated. However If i must continue to pursue you in this fashion it will not be pretty for you when you pass out from pain,Human form or not. Both of you can only handle so much of this.
I give you credit komodo,your kind are in fact powerful,and against any other opponent,You would have escaped.
However you picked a fight with me,The demon prince. Had you not Made that threat I would have simply let you be and go along your merry way, But after seeing your skill, I will take you for my self. Like it or not you will fight under my banner. Forced or willingly.
I'm sure your realizing now that you greatly underestimated my abilities in the dark arts.
Komodo are indeed powerful warriors,but even they have there limits, I know that you know the legend of my family.
With each generation we get more powerful.
I am the 8th generation.
800 years of us,lead to me. I ask once more. Submit,This is your final chance"
  Zaiko / lalouche / 2y 160d 23h 46m 14s
The dragon was silent as the whip first struck and he instead started fighting again to break free from his bounds. He only made a sound when the static charge shocked him, and that sound was a scream. A pure animalistic scream of pain and rage. He didn’t reply for a moment when Tomoyo pulled the barbs down and out of his skin, the Komodo needed a moment to recover. He waited before looking up with his bright and narrowed golden eyes and hissed again his one word of defiance.

“Never.” He paused, dwelling in his own pain and scars then turned his head slightly showing the scar on the back of his neck, it was much worse than any of the other older scars that he had and he added to his defiance.

“Never again… Not to you, or to anyone else. Never.”
  Ryuu The Komodo / BBJ / 2y 160d 23h 54m 46s
"you will regret that"
Sting then swung the whip as it cracked loudly.
The dragons ears began to bleed as tomoyo swung the whip.
Swinging underneath the skull it hit the weak underbelly as its thorns pressed deep between the plates of hard scale,into the soft underskin.
"This is gonna hurt, STATIC CHARGE!"
bursts of electricity began to pulse through the dragons body.
Tomoyo then pulled the barbs out as the smell of burning flesh filled the sky once again.
"I do not wish to strike you down,Submit. With proper training,You could become a powerful warrior. Perhaps even my personal guard
However,If not I could always take you by force and turn you into my little pet lizzard."
Sting could become truly sadistic.
  Zaiko / lalouche / 2y 161d 1m 54s
The Komodo growled, like a wolf unwilling to let go of his prize, his prey. But he couldn’t help but let go when String forced him into the air and blasted some beam of light and he could feel his armor becoming weaker.
He was stunned a bit and didn’t do anything when the cage when up, but seeing Sting with his new weapon in hand The Komodo snarled and began to fight back defiantly against the thing which was holding him down. When Sting ordered him to submit. The Komodo stopped fighting and said one word with complete rage in his voice.
  Ryuu The Komodo / BBJ / 2y 161d 8m 53s
Sting called out.
Sting then appeared above him,Scooping him up with the sharp tip of the scythe,going straight into the spear wound inflicted by tomoyo.
He then forced the dragon into the air as he shouted
a beam of light hit him as the dragons magical force was drained,the armor on his back began to weaken.
Sting then held a single finger and spoke
"This will hurt.
a massive mask shaped like a skull appeared above the dragon and forced it back down into the ground as Sting began to laugh.
a cage made of pure energy went up around it as tomoyo then spoke.
"allow me to show you my real face"
The area around him burst into flames as smoke rose into the sky.
Sting then emerged with long hair and a rather sinister and dangerous looking whip like weapon.
The air and aura about sting was no longer a casual and weak feel.
It was now that of pure terror and evil.
  Zaiko / lalouche / 2y 161d 15m 28s
The Komodo hissed with surprise as the new attacker caught him by his long tail and then pounced onto his back. Both men were smaller in size then the dragon, but he knew they were both just as powerful.
“You dare interfere.” The dragon hissed threateningly, then he turned his gaze towards Sting. “And you let your followers attack without order. To dull to actually fight yourself?” He was now taunting at this point and he then spun, throwing Stings follower off balance and escaping from Zaiko's pinning stance. Now he took the opportunity to tear into Tomoyo's legs. Dragging the newcomer down, the dragon started to move, reaching forwards to gut Tomoyo and turn him inside out, no longer paying attention to Sting or Zaiko
  Ryuu The Komodo / BBJ / 2y 161d 26m 32s
As the battle unfolded Zaiko quickly sensed the combat and appeared at the scene to find tomoyo standing on an utterly revoulting creature.
Zaiko glared as he chuckled.
"What in the hell is that thing, My prince,You have found a real disgusting creature this time"
Zaiko stepped forwards laughing.
"He's so weak too!"
Zaiko then forced its face into the ground.
"Grovel before the mighty demon prince!"
  Zaiko / lalouche / 2y 161d 30m 48s
As the dragon rushed in Tomoyo appeared behind him.
Catching his tail tomoyo smashed the spear he held into the dragons body,peircing his weak underbelly.
Tossing him into the air he then jumped up.
tomoyo then forced the dragon back down onto the ground and landed on it and smiled.
"Too weak,Too slow,I wonder, Just why has sting kept you alive so long?"
Tomoyo then began to wonder to himself then glared down at the dragon.
"Perhaps I should end you myself? Hey Sting,Can I kill him?"
Tomoyo sat and waited for a response.
  sting / lalouche / 2y 161d 36m 9s
The dragon snarled as Sting’s blade grazed his armor. He shifted to step back and out of the way but when Shadows reached up to grab him, he knew that wasn’t happening.
“And you have just granted your death wish.” The dragon’s eyes flashed as the hard golden stare set onto Sting and after a moment the Dragon shifted out of the Shadows, partially changing forms so he was small enough to slip away then changing back quickly. He dodged a few orbs of energy that were falling to the ground and he charged Sting, getting close enough to snap at his legs. The Komodo had been through a lot. Many other demon master and dark arts users. All falling to his fangs. But since his human host was becoming weaker he was starting to have a bit of doubt that he’d win this fight here. But he knew it would take more the slitting his throat or trying to cut off his head then, to kill him.
  Ryuu The Komodo / BBJ / 2y 161d 40m 10s
Sting raised his weapon as he then smiled.
"Thats good,That mean's I can have fun with you"
Sting then slashed into the man
he then held his hands up
Sting then swung the blade again as large balls of energy started to fall from the ground.
Shadows reaching up from the ground grabbing hold of the dragon as Sting shouted again.
Sting chuckled wildly.
"you picked a fight with a very powerful opponent."
  sting / lalouche / 2y 161d 51m 11s
"And [I yess]." The Komodo added narrowing his eyes and leaning forwards slightly. "You [I can] consider this a threat."
With that he pushed forwards and the dark magic that had created the cage shattered and dissipated around the dragon as he fell forwards onto all fours and roaring aloud, now with nothing standing in between him and Sting.
  Ryuu The Komodo. (Man and Beast) / BBJ / 2y 310d 44m 9s
The Komodo hissed then changed formed, his armored plating replacing his flesh and skin and shattering the pikes that were jabbing into his human form. His dragon form was low lying and and viciously defended by his armor and thick hide covered in scars. His Golden eyes stilted and the Komodo stood up to face Sting through the bars of his cage and reared up so he was at eye level with the Blood moon that had him trapped for the time being. The cage shifted and even flexed a little under the pressure the wingless dragon put on it, but this kind of magic clearly wasn't affecting him very much anymore as it had when he was in his human form.
"I will give you one chance to free me..." The dragon rumbled, lashing his tail and his golden eyes trapping String's gaze and making it so he couldn't move and could only listen. "And you might leave this unscathed." He finished with a hiss and the force that was keeping the cage there made a audible crackle as the Komodo pressed outwards with his foreclaws, gashing his fangs and letting go of Sting's mind so he could move and look away again.
  Ryuu The Komodo. (Man and Beast) / BBJ / 2y 312d 20h 30m 34s
Sting smiled as he then spoke.
"No,their is far more to come. Much much more"
Sting then made a fist as steel spikes protruded from the coffins.
The sharp points began to push into the open bleeding wounds.
Sparks of electricity sparking through the dragons body,the cage continuing to hold strong.
"Two souls in one host can be a formidible foe,against any normal mage or warrior. However you had to strike at me.
Mercy shall not be shown,At least until im done toying with you that is,So dragon let's see just how much you can truly handle"
the pikes began to push further in as sting spoke once again.
"This is your chance,End your suffering now,live to fight another day,embrace the darkness and join me. This is the only chance for redemption you will have,If you walk away. I will take great pleasure in killing your human host,And separating your soul from his. I think you could make a fine addition to my little collection,Perhaps even become my new pet. My other one grows rather old now.your glares,heavy breathing and flames will not intimidate me like they do to less experienced fighters. We are both smart enough to know what the outcome of a battle between me,you,and your human will be. Surely even you are that wise. Regardless,back too my offer"
the pikes then pushed deeper,causing more blood loss.
  sting / lalouche / 2y 312d 20h 43m 17s
the Man groaned, making an inhuman sound as he clutched his bleeding wound and looked around at the cage around him.
"Is this all?" He then asked meeting Sting's gaze with his own and feeling him peer into Ryuu's and the Komodo's souls. 'Yes,' the Komodo thought. 'there are two of us.' He flashed his golden eyes and hissed, showing he wasn't afraid, and held the wrath of a trapped monster inside a mortal's mind and body. a dragon soul stuck with his weaker human host.
  Ryuu The Komodo. (Man and Beast) / BBJ / 2y 312d 20h 52m 4s

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