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Jack looked into her eyes for a moment before he disappeared for just a second. Then, he was behind her, whispering into her ear. "Be a good little angel slave and you will not die a slow, gruesome and painful death. Do you understand?" He asked her quietly as he gently placed a hand on her shoulder.
  Jack Philton / Rusin / 4y 210d 9h 35m 5s
Ariel was terrified of him, she could not help it, her whole body shaking as she looked into his dark and evil eyes. Ariel's eyes where sky blue and her hair blonde as gold her wings where even white as snow, she was an angel after all. Ariel's wanted to die at this point death would be better then slave. Ariel screamed as they fell into the darkness, the demon threw her onto the floor it made a bruise on her leg, she cringed at the pain letting out a small whimper tears started falling from her eyes again as she looked up at him with big fear filled eyes, her heart was pounding anyone could hear it from a mile away. Ariel felt like he was looking into her soul trying to eat every part of her purity and innocence.
  Ariel angel / xBunnyx / 4y 212d 19h 49m 40s
He listened to her and smiled a bit as he slowly pulled her closer. "We will see about that." He said to her before he jumped off the tree branch and started falling to the shaded ground below them. Just as they should have hit the ground. The shadow became pitch black and they vanished into the darkness.

As they appeared, they were in a large house with only two doors and caged windows. He dropped her onto the floor of the basement and took a step back as he looked at her.
  Jack Philton / Rusin / 4y 212d 22h 44m 56s
Ariel griped his hands as he wrapped them around her neck "p..please let me go" she said almost coughing as her airway was slightly crushing. Her body hanging in his hand. Ariel tried to pull his hand from her neck, she started to cry, she felt helpless. Her soft body in his grasp made her quiver in fear. "I won't ever do what you say" she said trying to act scary her soft voice failing her.
  Ariel angel / xBunnyx / 4y 212d 23h 10m 52s
Jack looked down at her for a moment before he smiled an evil grin. "Why would I kill something as wonderful as you? You would make a nice pet." He said to her as he pulled her up and grabbed her by her throat. He held her tight enough so she wouldn't escape but loose enough so that she could breathe.
  Jack Philton / Rusin / 4y 212d 23h 38m 50s
All Ariel could hear was her heart pounding in her ears, fear made her chest burn and tears started to fall from her eyes but she was up side down so she watched them fall to the ground with blurred vision. "P....Please don't kill me" she whimpered to him shaking. Aries long white wings stretched out over her head from there weight, her long golden hair blowing in the wind over her head. Ariel's hair was like gold sparking in the wind. She used her hand to keep up her dress but it still exposed her butt
  Ariel angel / xBunnyx / 4y 213d 16h 40m 40s
'You won't escape me forever, little angel.' The demon thought as he chased her through the shadows. He knew she would slip up eventually and leave an opening. He knew he would have her soon. As the angel was going faster and faster, Jack couldn't stand it any longer he appeared from a shadow and grabbed the angel's leg, stopping her mid-flight. He looked down and smiled as he said "Gotcha, little angel."
  Jack Philton / Rusin / 4y 213d 17h 52m 11s
Ariel's strong wings made the leaves fly of parts of the trees, her heart was pounding as she tried to go faster, she could feel him behind her chasing her it made her wings sore, she kept going weaving threw the trees. Ariel was not part of the war, she was just one of the normal Angels, but she new he would kill her demons did it all the time killing anyone for no reason. Ariel scanned the area as she burst out of the trees her strong wings making strong winds, she saw nothing that could help her, her heart sank as she tried to go faster and faster till she could not fly no more then she felt it, he had grabbed her leg. Ariel screamed as he hanged her upside down.
  Ariel angel / xBunnyx / 4y 213d 18h 33m 25s

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