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Lance was...actually a little stressed. Not because Yoshi was asking for information, but because...Morgan didn't...look good. Even with his husband comforting him he still looked like he could fall apart at any second. But...he had to figure this out. He knew what he was doing, right?

[b [+green "He looked like a fucking mess-"]] He started, [b [+green "He passed out, so I brought him here and tried to stabalize his health when he woke up because he wasn't doing well enough to tell me shit. According to him, he's not working for anyone. I don't know what is intentions with joining the mafia were, but he's apparently hiding from quite a few right now, so this isn't his first rodeo-"]] He was confident that they'd be able to deal with him, though. In...whichever way ended up being best-

But...Morgan was clearly less confident based on the straight up [i panic attack] that happened. His breathing got heavier as he tried to calm down and Lance instantly went over to try and comfort him but...

His heavy breathing escalated into hypervenilating and Lance didn't...actually know what to do. [b "W-We're not g-going to be a-able to find him it's a-a-all my f-fault. I m-made y-you hire him and now-"]

Lance just...sat there. He didn't know what to do. So he hoped Yoshi did. They...were married, after all- All Lance could do was... [b [+green "I'm sorry-"]] Apologize for things to come?

Kris was thankful when Kazuki was quiet. He just went about his day with August, eventually making dinner as August tried to mess with his violin. He listened in a little bit, a little bit stressed because he...didn't trust this guy at all.

He didn't get too stressed out until August was offering to be this guys friend. Kris didn't know why but this guy just...

He didn't feel safe. Kris didn't want him here.

And hearing Kazuki offer August a smoke only added to it. He was prepared to put the spatula down and go in there angry-

August couldn't handle the smoking. Okay, yeah, whatever, the food was done anyway. He finished it up and made two plates, going out into the living room and looking at August. [b "Hey, can we go upstairs to eat and...talk?"] He asked August, then eyed Kazuki. [b "You can figure out for yourself what to eat, I'm not cooking again tonight-"]
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“[b [+red Get his health stable? What are you talking about?]]” Yoshi tried to slow everything down, looking around and glancing at Morgan to see how upset he was, “[b [+Red Hey, it’s okay. Everything’s okay.]]” He muttered, his harsh face always softening towards Morgan. He always went back to his old way of talking and acting until remembering he was with Morgan now and he was a good person somewhere deep. He listened to LAnce feel worse and try to encourage them, but Yoshi just shook his head, then sat down.

“[b [+red I need to get this story straight. Tell me everything that happened, everything. From when you found him in my office to when you had him here. What did he say, what did he look like? Was he scared? Was he upset? Did he look like he had been caught in the middle of something?]]” Yoshi asked, trying to discover all he could about Kazuki. “[b [+red Did he try to run? Who does he work for? I need the full story, and I need details. And don’t try to bullshit me. You’re giving my access to those cameras today, and I’ll look through them to see what happened with my own eyes.]]”

Kazuki’s laugh died down when told to shut up. He kind of pouted like a child and crossed his arms, “[b [+ff69b4 Yeah, whatever. You two aren’t any fun.]]” He muttered, laying down on the couch and just staring up at the ceiling.

The bubblegum colored kid was pretty quiet for a while, letting Kris and August go about their home life. The little blonde eventually plucking at his violin strings again, tuning the instrument to pass the time while listening to Kris start to cook dinner. August decided to try to help out, seeing Kazuki just stare at the ceiling with furrowed eyebrows, “[b Do you want some dinner? I can give you some of mine; I’m not that hungry.]”

“[b [+ff69b4 Nah. Thank you, pinwheel, but I don’t want any right now.]]” Kazuki smirked, missing his time of selling drugs to kids that were older than him, August being one of them. “[b [+ff69b4 I could use a cigarette though, and a light.]]”

“[b Oh, I have some.]” August got up, going to a junk drawer where he had some very old cigarette. The short male hadn’t smoked in months, quitting to make Kris happy. He gave the whole box to Kazuki and handed him a lighter in his pocket, “[b You can have them. I don’t smoke anymore either.]”

“[b [+ff69b4 Damn, really? How do you fucking breathe?!]]” Kazuki laughed, shoving August lightly, who just chuckled and shrugged, “[b I don’t know… I met Kris, I guess.]”

“[b [+ff69b4 Fuck, I could never replace drugs with people. People are the worst.]]” Kazuki muttered, shaking his head.

August just nodded and sat on the couch by Kazuki. It had just been him and Kris for some time and the blonde wanted some friends. It was nice to talk to someone. “[b I know… are you with anyone.]”

Kazuki blew out some smoke, not caring about whatever disease he had that made him faint, “[b [+ff69b4 Nah, I don’t live with anyone. No friends, no family, no nothing. You know that I like it that way.]]”

“[b I know. I thought you changed, maybe.]” August shrugged, “[b I could always be your friend. Kris and I don’t have a lot, since we both left our gangs.]”

Kazuki rolled his eyes, “[b [+ff69b4 Yeah, sure. I’ll be your friend or whatever.]]” He said sarcastically, then handed over the cigarette impulsively. “[b [+ff69b4 Wanna puff?]]” He would ask the same thing to August when holding a meth pipe. August would always nod frantically and go for it, but now he hesitated.

“[b Maybe.]” August stared at the cigarette, smelling the smoke and remembering how nice it felt. He grabbed it from Kazuki and inhaled quickly, then handed it back, exhaling with a lot of coughing, “[b Ah, shit…]”

Kazuki just laughed, patting August’s small back, “[b [+ff69b4 Aw, fuck, little pussy can’t handle the smoke anymore. That’s what you get for going sober.]]” He continued to smoke, letting August cough it out.

“[b Yeah, no more of that.]” August smoke his head with regret, stopping his cough fit with watery eyes and looking over at Kazuki, who used to be an awful influence on him… and he hadn’t changed one bit.
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Lance rubbed the back of his arm as Yoshi continued to be skeptical. Well this through his plan off a little bit. [b [+green "Okay."]] He said plainly glancing over at Morgan who was...clearly fighting tears again over this...

...he did feel a little bad...

But what he was doing was for the good of everyone, wasn't it?

Yoshi spoke again and Lance looked over, rubbing the back of his neck. [b [+green "I...was trying to use Morgan normal strategy...I...I thought if I treated him decently he'd spill some information. Especially because he seemed...dizzy...to the point of passing out so I thought if I got his health stable enough he'd actually talk. Tell me what he'd seen in there and..."]] He looked like he felt genuinely bad.. [b [+green "He didn't...I'm...I'm really sorry, Morgan."]] He glanced over at him again and...saw a few tears fall. Fuck. Fuck. Maybe...Kazuki did need to...

No. No, this asshole could be...

He pushed the thought away, because hell knows he couldn't change the plan now. And then...went over to Morgan. [b [+green "W-We'll find him, okay? I promise. He won't be able to escape us. W-We might not be as big now but- we have good leaders, and good members. We have you. So I know we'll find him and make him pay."]]

If they were..."pussies" then why was this guy hiding from them to begin with? Kris had...a really bad feeling about this.

And he already knew he really didn't like this guy. Not when he said that about August being clean. And then...made Kris feel awkward and self conscious. He still wouldn't...take them down but...

His natural reaction was to get really hurt. [b "Can you just- shut up, maybe? You can stay here but I'd really prefer if I could just pretend you weren't here and go about my day normally."]] He mumbled, going into the kitchen and getting started on making him and August lunch.
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“[b [+red You’ll only get a signal tomorrow…?]]” He frowned, looking skeptical. “[b [+red And I don’t want access when you come in. I want access right now. We’re coming with you, and you aren’t leaving my sights until I see Kazuki.]]” He crossed his arms sternly, ready to keep his eye on the member he used to trust as much as everyone else in the mafia.

He glanced around the ground, seeing that it was perfectly clean and simple around Lance’s mundane home, until spotting a nearly empty glass of juice and a bunch of candy wrappers littered on the floor. He frowned at the mess of sticky, plastic wrappers and looked at Lance, “[b [+red How long was he here for? And why was he… eating candy?]]” He asked softly, calming down as he tried to figure out this whole situation. “[b [+red I need to know what he saw in my office…]]” He muttered to himself, rubbing his forehead.

Kazuki shrugged when Kris threatened him, “[b [+ff69b4 No one’s getting hurt, these are just some pussies.]]” The boy said while sticking a lollipop in his mouth and balancing it between his teeth. “[b [+ff69b4 August, you haven’t grown since I last saw you, what’s up?]]”

“[b Shut up.]” August rolled his eyes, following Kris and heading up to the apartment.

“[b [+ff69b4 So you’re actually clean? No kidding. Why would you want to live that kind of boring fucking life?]]” Kazuki laughed, making himself at home and sitting on the couch. “[b [+ff69b4 Do you guys have any juice?]]”

“[b I think so…]” August shrugged a little and sat near Kris.

Kazuki glanced around at the artwork hung on the walls and raised his eyebrows, “[b [+ff69b4 What the fuck is all this shit?]]”

“[b It’s photography.]” August explained.

But Kazuki just laughed loudly, “[b [+ff69b4 Nah, this is like fucking porn or some shit.]]”
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Lance wasn't expecting Yoshi to me as easy to sway as Morgan. But he didn't care as much about that. Really, he only needed to convince Morgan. Morgan could do the rest of the work. Lance listened respectfully, not saying a word until Yoshi finished. [B [+green "Yoshi, I know you're mad at me but- I was always planning to give you and Morgan access to it- I just didn't want to bring it to your attention until I'd worked out all the kinks, so you could see what it could really do."]] He sighed, looking away. [b [+green "And I didn't tell him anything. But...he got into your office. I don't know what kind of information you have in there, but I assume he could have gotten to some useful information. And he knows the layout- that itself is important information."*]]

He paused, looking over at Yoshi with a look of...guilt. Incredible guilt. [b [+green "I...did manage to put a tracker on him- but I haven't...perfected mine. It won't send out a signal until tomorrow but- I'll be able to find him there, I-"]] [b [i "Tomorrow?] That's too late- he hurt my fucking kid."] Lance glanced over at Morgan, frowning. [b [+green "I...I know. But there was some...explosion at the airport, so it's not like he can get away. We'll find him, I promise. I just have to wait until tomorrow. And I'll...give you both access to the system when I come in, I promise."]]

Kris didn't feel good about this...so of course he didn't let August go out alone. He just followed August out and stood behind him protectively, praying that they weren't getting into to much trouble.

He...tried not to let August saying he was nobody get to him...too much. But it did hurt. It would have affected him more but...he was more concerned on how...sketchy this guy was, and how nervous he was. He...didn't like where this was going. Someone was looking for this guy and Kris...knew how that went...

Kris looked anxiously down at August, rubbing his arm and...thinking it over.

...it was probably best for August's safety to not say no to this guy but...what if they guys that showed up were...worse?

[b "F-Fine."] He stuttered, then looked over with...possessive fire in his eyes. [b "But if whoever's after you finds us and causes any trouble, we're not defending you. I'm not letting August get hurt for you."] He hissed.
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“[b [+red I fell for it too. It’s okay.]]” Yoshi frowned.

Yoshi followed in after the angry Morgan, watching Lance explain himself and Morgan loosen up a bit. He was silent and let Lance talk up until he shook his head, “[b [+red Sorry isn’t going to cut it. I could kick you out, Lance. I could have you killed for doing things against my knowledge. I’m not going to, but I could.]]” He sighed, rubbing his forehead, “[b [+red The mafia isn’t what it was like before. It’s not huge anymore. We’re much smaller and weaker than we were before and we’ve got a new leader, and all of you know I’m still learning. What that means is the only way we’re going to be able to stay alive is if we can all trust each other. I can’t trust you when you do shit like this. What if Morgan and I were in trouble? We were locked out. Locked out of a place we can go when we’re safe. First thing tomorrow, I either want everything you own out of that building or I want full access to it. This new mafia isn’t going to work unless we stick together. Kids like Kazuki can come in and make us all look like idiots.]]”

The genius assassin stared at Lance in silence before shaking his head, “[b [+red You didn’t lose him. You have the ability to lock up an entire mafia building but you can’t keep some child in your house? I don’t believe that bullshit. Where is he?]]” Yoshi pushed further, not knowing if Lance was lying or not, but took a stab at it anyway. “[b [+red His name isn’t even Kazuki. He lied about his age and where he comes from and we have no idea what he’s capable of. And what do you mean he escaped with important information? What does he know? What did you tell him?]]”

“[b [+red Lance, we need to find him now. If I find out you’re lying to me right now, I will have you killed. This isn’t going to work until we have some trust.]]”

August blinked a couple times when his arm was grabbed, making him look over and bit his lip. “[b Oh, I’ll be right back.]” He tried to blow it off like it was nothing, but Kris couldn’t leave it alone. He held the taller man’s hand and nodded, “[b Okay, okay, you can come with me, but I owe this guy, okay? I don’t have a lot of cash, but I owe him at least some of it.]” August sighed, going outside and waiting. There was a lot of traffic due to the airport explosion, making August stare at all the cars quietly until a pink-haired conman appeared out of nowhere.

August flinched a bit, then looked over, “[b It’s Kazuki now, right? How do you keep track of it all?]” He muttered, but Kazuki just nodded. “[b What do you need, cash?]”

“[b [+ff69b4 No.]]” Kazuki sighed sharply, blowing hot air through his close teeth before looking behind August at the protective Kris, “[b [+ff69b4 Who’s this fucker?]]”

“[b No one, just someone I know.]” August answered quickly, “[b Okay, what do you want?]”

“[b [+ff69b4 I need somewhere to hide. Maybe for a day or two. Then I’ll be out of your life forever.]]” Kazuki promise, scratching his arm and looking behind his shoulder. “[b [+ff69b4 I need it now. People are looking for me.]]”

August bit his lip, then awkwardly looked back at Kris. The short man couldn’t just say yes, since the two of them were together and needed to make decisions together or something like that, “[b Could he stay with us? Please? You won’t be a bother, right, Kazuki?]”

“[b [+ff69b4 Nope. Honestly, I’d prefer it if you guys pretended I didn’t exist.]]” Kazuki grinned, showing white teeth and crinkling his pink eyes.
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[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/6MCUSpe.jpg]]
Morgan wanted to believe it, really. That he was stronger than this. But he felt really weak. And frazzled. And...scared.

Things weren't going at all how he expected them too when he first met Yoshi. Life was a lot less predictable than his fantasies. Then again...if he'd wanted a [i calmed] life he...probably shouldn't have dated someone in the mafia to begin with? Honestly?

But he calmed down a little as Yoshi wiped his tears away, and just followed him out to the car. [b "I can't believe I...fell for this shit."] Kazuki [i really] was good at talking around people. Morgan should have known better. [i He really should have known better.] He got in the car and just...felt relieved to be sitting, because his legs were shaking so bad. All of him was shaking so bad. His body couldn't physically handle the emotions he was going through. [b "It'll...It'll be okay...we'll...figure this out."] He was talking more to himself than to Yoshi- fuck, Morgan was a mess.

Kazuki was so [i sure of himself]. It was...annoying. He wanted to convince Kazuki of how good he'd be with the mafia but-

Kazuki left before he could state the facts. So Lance turned and started cleaning up the place, glancing out the window briefly to see the smoke from the airport. God he was glad the bomb wasn't a fluke. How embarrasing would that have been-

When he heard a knock- he knew exactly who it would be. He took a deep breath, made sure to move some pictures off the wall, and then answered-

And just what he'd expected to happen, happened. Morgan instantly grabbed him and pinned him against the wall. And impulse decision. [b "What the [i hell], Lance? Where's Kazuki? What the fuck did you do with him?"]

[b [+green "He...got away, I'm sorry, Morgan. I just didn't want to interigate him anywhere near your family after the shit he pulled."]] Morgan's eyes softened, and he let go. [b "You better...you better fucking [i explain yourself]. We were [i locked out] you piece of shit what was with that?"] [b [+green "I was trying to keep him from escaping with important information- and I'm sorry for installing all the without your consent I just- I wanted to keep everyone safe. I don't want to lose anyone else. I don't want any of our members to get hurt. It was supposed to keep trouble away. I'm aware I fucked up. I'm sorry-"]]

Kris...didn't feel...good about this. August looked at him nervously as his phone rang and Kris kind of wanted to tell him not to answer it but- August did. And Kris could do nothing but try to listen in...

He didn't like this. He didn't like someone talking to August about drugs. He didn't like August saying he could meet this person [i outside their house].

August walked toward the door so casually but- Kris wasn't okay with this???

He got up and grabbed his arm, looking at him with panic on his face. [b "What- no- what? Who the hell are you meeting outside- this...doesn't sound good this isn't okay- it doesn't sound safe-"]
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Yoshi watched Morgan eventually get his fire back, focusing more on killing Kazuki than breaking down. Which wasn’t good, but it was better than him becoming a puddle on the floor. Yoshi held onto the man’s hand tightly, nodding a few times. “[b [+red Yes, we have his address. It’s not like they’re gone forever.]]” he used his thumb to wipe out the wetness under Morgan’s eyes, “[b [+red C’mon, you’re stronger than this. Let’s go.]]” Yoshi stayed like the brick wall he usually was, grabbing his gun from his office and heading outside to his car.

Kazuki flinched, looking behind him at all the shaking and then staring back at Lance. Did he just? Was that the? He furrowed his brows and muttered something along the lines of, “[b [+ff69b4 This motherfucker…]]” Pressing his tongue up against his cheek and staring at the ceiling, he tried to come up with a runaway plan fast. Tried to think of a state he hadn’t been in yet, but Lance broke his focus again. He watched the man open the door and talk about how Kazuki missed out, but the insecure bubblegum man shook his head, “[b [+ff69b4 What? No fucking way. You guys wouldn’t protect me. No one wants to protect me. No one wants to help me. I work for one person: and that’s me. Only me. I don’t join groups because there’s no such thing as loyalty. Everyone’s out to get everyone else and there’s always traitors because criminals only care about themselves. Your mafia isn’t any different from everyone else’s.]]” The man revealed all his paranoia, showing he was like a lot of other mafia members when they first joined. They didn’t trust anyone, they were broken and lost and wanted a place to call home, but Kazuki didn’t want that place. He was too broken to even want a place to trust anymore. He walked out the door and looked back in, [b [+ff69b4 So fuck you, and your dumbass group.]]” He sighed, then looked around him before running down the hall and back out onto the street.

Morgan and Yoshi were there after Kazuki was gone, their phones buzzing with all the news from the airport. Yoshi went up the stairs calmly, listening in on the door for a moment, but didn’t hear anything. Which he would have, because Kazuki is loud. He knocked on the door and waited outside, not grabbing his gun yet, just waiting for someone to answer with Morgan at his side.

Kazuki wasn’t fast enough, running to the border and swearing when he saw police cars everywhere. With the airport chaos, no one was allowed out, most of the streets being closed down too. It was too risky trying to hop any fences or sneak past, because as soon as he was caught, he’d be thrown in prison. Especially now, he wasn’t a minor anymore, he was going to prison for sure.

August got a call on his cell phone, frowning at the Caller I.D. and finding it strange that it was the same kid he talked about this morning. He looked at Kris nervously, but eventually answered, scared that somehow Kazuki knew about how he ratted him out. “[b Hey uh- what do you call yourself now?]” He asked like a joke, but then frowned, “[b Um, yeah, no. Sorry, I’m not in that game anymore. I’m also not in a gang anymore. Yeah, trying to be sober and clean now.]” He picked at his nail, thinking this phone call would be over soon. It was just another person trying to sell him drugs or give him business, but he didn’t live that life anymore. “[b How long have I been sober? Uh, I don’t know. A few weeks? Maybe months? … What? No, I’m not using again.]” He sighed, then looked a little guilty, “[b Yeah, I guess. No, you can come meet me at where I’m living now. Hold on.]” The small boy got up to his feet and looked out the window, giving the apartment address, but not the number, “[b I’ll meet you outside.]” He hung up and sighed again.

“[b I’ll be right back.]” He told Kris, as if that was actually going to slide. He went towards the door anyway, like this was just a casual thing.
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[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/6MCUSpe.jpg]]
Morgan was a mess. Even after Yoshi helped him up and kept him from collapsing Morgan still had tears in his eyes and he was trembling badly. He looked up at Yoshi, hair in his eyes because his hair clip had shifted and let go of the majority of his bangs. Yoshi had seen Morgan with his hair in his face before, I mean, they've slept together- so of course he had, but with tears going down his cheeks it certainly looked a lot different than that. It was...very clear that Morgan had basically reached the worst state he'd been in since Yoshi's cheating, or being in the Bakar household. He felt dreadful and out of luck and like...the world was falling apart. But Yoshi was there. Yoshi was there and he was trying so hard. [b "We have to...we have to find Lance. He has to...answer for this. We have his address somewhere in the files, don't we? Please...fuck."] His legs were shaking too badly. He couldn't...he couldn't keep himself up. He basically fell against his husband, using Yoshi to keep him up. He just stood there and gave himself a second to cry. He knew he couldn't go on if he didn't give himself at least a tiny break to cry.

Once he got at least a little bit of that out of his system he leaned back and rubbed his arm nervously, avoiding eye contact with Yoshi. [b "We...we have to fix this. We have to find him- I'm going to fuck-fucking kill the bubblegum haired-"] He sighed, looking down. [b "Lead the way- you'll...you'll know what to do. You always do. Maybe if I just...if I just let you do this I won't mess everything up like I always do. We have his address in the files, don't we?"]

Lance didn't react to Kazuki's yelling. Didn't even bat an eyelash. In fact, he didn't react to anything. Kazuki went on and on but the only part that caught Lance's attention was Kazuki mentioning some disease. But even then, Lance didn't react more than tilting his head for a second, and then turning it back.

He only rolled his eyes at Kazuki's confidence, and at him talking shit on Morgan and Yoshi. Lance wouldn't touch the subject- he knew why Yoshi's name was what it was, someone...important had told him. And he knew Yoshi wouldn't want that information shared. And he knew it was easy to take Morgan as less of a threat than he was: this guy didn't know what Morgan had ever done. But not taking Lance seriously, and even asking where the airport was?

That [i finally] got a reaction out of him, if only a little chuckle. [b [+green "It's actually really cute, y'know? How you think every mafia is equal. Or maybe you think less of ours because it's gotten smaller-"]] His tiny smile faded into a blank look, and his hand went back to his phone to press a button on some app, it reading his fingerprint carefully. It took only a second for a loud explosion noise to happen, along with a lot of shaking. It eventually died down, and Lance turned his attention back to Kazuki. [b [+green "The airport [i seems] to be out of service. And given the damage caused, the state should be shutting down the exists momentarily. So I suggest you be fast, bubblegum, because it's going to be [i impossible] to get out of town if you're not quick."]] Lance clearly had this whole thing planned for a while. He didn't know when he'd ever need to do something like this, but...he clearly had planned for it. Perhaps he'd planned for everything.

His eyes did gentle, for a second, however. [b [+green "We could have protected you, Bubblegum. Yoshi could have told you about your apparent illness, and no other mafia would ever bother you again. Have you ever heard of Lilith Eyre or Vivienne Seer? Or did you not stick around anywhere long enough to hear the rumors of the women who led the entire world? When you have their protection, please don't mess with you. You could've been safe."]]

He smiled lightly, eyes softening. [b [+green "You can run along now, Bubblegum. I have to get ready for Morgan and Yoshi, and since you want to spend the rest of your [i short] life running instead of settling down with the mafia, you should probably, well, get out of here before they show up."]] He went as far as to open the door for Kazuki, with a gentle smile.

He'd already planted the tracking device on him; he didn't care if he left for now. Lance would find him again easily enough.
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“[b Morgan, I’m fine, you don’t need to-]”

“[b [+red Ugh! Finally! I’ve been wanting a vacation. I hate working. It’s fun sometimes, but then I get tired and bored, and ugh.]]” The other twin sighed. Ryan wasn’t much of the working type, getting tired by the middle of the week. Alec sighed, nodding and agreeing to a little break.

Yoshi simply nodded, following Morgan out of the room and squirming a little, but kept hold of his hand. He felt his cheeks burn slightly, but he just kept his head down and walked downstairs. He passed a few of the interrogation experts, glancing around to find no sign of the man who just caused chaos in the middle of his building. He watched his husband fall to the floor and blinked, “[b [+red Huh? Morgan, get up. You’re acting like the entire building collapsed. Everyone’s fine. We just need to go find Lance.]]” He said, helping his husband up to his feet, “[b [+red Listen, I don’t care if you’re trouble, and I don’t care if you fucked up. We both fucked up, but we can’t just break down and cry about it. This guy hurt your child, Morgan. C’mon. We have to go find him and figure out how big of a mess we’re in.]]” He grabbed Morgan’s hand again, tightly holding it and making sure he stayed up on his feet.

The violent Kazuki was knocked off, the young male still panting and catching his breath constantly like he just got over an asthma attack. He sat up, holding his chest again in pain, then narrowing his eyes at the ground. “[b [+ff69b4 Oh, fuck you, pal. You have no idea what I can survive.]]” He frowned, a bunch of plans running through his head, but Lance’s talking kept breaking his focus.

“[b [+ff69b4 Shut up!]]” He shouted as the doors unlocked around him. He glanced to the front door hesitantly, not having a plan yet. He didn’t have a new name yet, either, trying to come up with one fast. He narrowed his eyes and glared over at Lance’s smug face, who broke his focus again. “[b [+ff69b4 I said to shut up.]]” He stood up, catching his breath again and putting a hand through his dyed hair, “[b [+ff69b4 Fuck, fuck fuck.]]” Zuki muttered, “[b [+ff69b4 I didn’t want to do this all over again.]]” He covered up his face with his hand, his chest feeling cold and his throat and face feeling hot as he looked to the ground, seeing a bunch of blood splattered all over it. He flinched and shook his head, blinking a few times and the blood went away, making him frown and glance off to the side.

He glared back up at Lance, “[b [+ff69b4 You’re one of those people. One of those people who think they know everything. Well, you don’t. You have no idea who I am and where I came from. You don’t even know what my name is. If you knew me, you’d know that I’ve survived way worse than anything I’m getting myself into now.]]” He sniffed, looking around Lance’s bland home, “[b [+ff69b4 This isn’t my first time running from the mafia. Hell, it’s not even my second. I’m being hunted down by hundreds of people, and plenty of them have already tried to kill me. It just never works. I guess I get lucky every time.]]” He said without a smile, looking back down at the ground. He expected to hallucinate all the blood again, but he didn’t, just staring at nice, clean carpet. “[b [+ff69b4 I’ve survived my entire life running away from people. I’ve spent most of my life homeless and jobless. I know one day, someone’s going to finally kill me, but trust me, it won’t be soon. If anything, I’ll die from this stupid fucking disease I have.]]” He felt himself smirk a little, always wanting to see a doctor and see what was wrong with him, but he never got the chance.

He looked over at Lance, “[b [+ff69b4 I don’t care how great you think you are, or how great you think your mafia is, because your organization sucks ass. What kind of gay-ass leader is named after a Nintendo character? He doesn’t look like he’s worth shit, neither does Morgan, and neither do you. You people don’t scare me, because I have bigger things to worry about.]]” He felt a couple frustrated tears sting the sides of his eyes, but he just shook his head and ignored them, trying to stay all cool and calm. “[b [+ff69b4 I do have one question. Where’s the nearest airport?]]”
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[font "Poor Richard" [size16 Morgan's hands were shaking so bad- hell, all of him was shaking really badly. He listened nervously to Yoshi. His husband was trying so hard to give him validation but- Morgan only blamed himself. He kept shaking, and running his hands shakily through his hair. Fuck-fuck. Alec was hurt and everything was falling apart. He looked down at Yoshi's hands when Yoshi grabbed his. Yoshi kept trying to tell him that everything was okay, but...it wasn't great. [b "Yeah...yeah. We should...go see if he's down there."] He looked over at Alec, sighing. [b "We'll be back up in a bit and we'll go home. You're taking time off- I-I can't allow you to be in danger anymore. I can't...I can't lose either of you."] He sighed, [b "We'll be back."] He kept hold of Yoshi's hand for dear life. He knew it was likely uncomfortable for Yoshi- Yoshie HATED PDA. But he couldn't physically let go- he was so scared and his finger nails were anxiously digging into Yoshi's hand. He went downstairs but-

There wasn't pink hair, or any sign of Lance. Morgan felt his world crash. His hand slipped out of Yoshi's and he just...collapsed onto his knees and stared at the floor. [b "I-I convinced you to hire him. I said it was a good idea. I-I guess it's true, I really am only...trouble."] He was...angry. But only at himself. [b "I fucked up- I ruined everything, Yoshi. I'm so sorry. I'm sorry. I'm just [i trouble], Yoshi."] He was a wreck. Everything that just happened sent Morgan into a breakdown. It was....terribly easy.

Lance found Kazuki's lack of fear amusing. He just shrugged, not looking at Kazuki until he mocked Morgan. Lance looked over and glared. But that was a battle for a different time- he laughed a tiny bit as Kazuki glanced at the window. Was he seriously considering jumping out the god damn window to get away from this? He wouldn't be able to get away- Lance would be able to go get him in time. He just rolled his eyes, listening as this smug bastard continued to talk. He was about to point out how obvious it should have been that they'd take this seriously; how they had the entire country in their back pocket, but Kazuki tackled him before he could.

And yet, even that didn't seem to get any reaction out of Lance. Kazuki searched him and Lance just rolled his eyes. He did growl at being elbowed in the jaw, but the look of anger only lasted a second. He smiled at the threat, staring up at him. [b [+green "You don't want to work for anyone else, and yet you tried to get into the mafia? You [i do] realize that would have meant working for someone, right?"]] He hummed, rolling his eyes again. [b [+green "And you do realize that even if you get out of here, Morgan will track you down- you won't continue to survive out there."]] Lance wrapped his leg around one of Kazuki's, setting him off balance and moving his arm up to quickly knock Kazuki off of him.

He got up like it was nothing, even yawning as he went to lean against a tiny half wall seperating the living room and the kitchen. [b [+green "But if you want to leave that badly- go ahead. I'll unlock the doors."]] He paused, looking around the house. [b [+green "If you [i really] want to be a worthless street rat for the rest of your life, that's up to you, Bubblegum. You can spend a few days out there- at least. If you actually don't like having a job and actually making money."]] He narrowed his eyes at Kazuki. [b [+green "Make no mistake, Kazuki. You may survive a few days out there, but Morgan isn't someone you should take nearly as lightly as you do. With his paranoia, you would be lucky if he let you off by just making you mute after you looked through their stuff. But you hurt his [i child]. It would've been hard for even [i me] to talk you back into the mafia after that, although I have Morgan wrapped around my finger- so it wouldn't be impossible. But since you don't want me to- I suppose that doesn't matter."]] His eyes He pushed himself off of the wall and went over to pat Lance's back, [b [+green "Have fun running from the entire mafia- try not to let Morgan find you [i too] quickly, that would be so [i BORING] for us."]] He pulled away and went to sit on the couch. [b [+green "You can let him out, Ophelia."]] There was a loud click that went through the entire house, and the door opened. [b [+green "Have fun, be safe, at least survive for two days. Oh, and don't think you'll find some gang to protect you- as soon as we get the word out about what you've done- you won't be trusted anywhere. You're jobless, being hunted, and soon to be dead. You don't [i live] after messing with the mafia, sweetheart. That's not how this game is played. You'd think everyone would know that after what happened to August-"]] He smiled, looking over at Kazuki. [b [+green "But nonetheless, enjoy the time you have left. Don't let the door hit you on the way out, Bubblegum."]]
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Yoshi frowned and looked at Alec’s shoulder, making the boy move around his arm, which he did, wincing when he stretched his arm out too far. He let Morgan set out the plan, nodding when the man mentioned how they should go downstairs to see if he was actually there. That was an old rule that most people followed, even before Yoshi became the boss. The basement was always the interrogation room, so Yoshi couldn’t think of why Lance would take Kazuki anywhere else… but apparently, Lance was full of surprises.

Yoshi sighed, “[b [+red No, that’s my fault too. He didn’t look like much, I didn’t think he’d be able to cause this much trouble, and on the first day. It’s a good thing we went to Ryan and August… August let us know what he really was.]]” He crossed his arms, done with Alec, who was fine, “[b [+red We don’t even know his real name. We don’t know how old he is, or where’s he’s from. He tricked both of us, that bastard.]]” He could see how frazzled Morgan was, so walked over and held his hands tightly, “[b [+red Hey, Alec’s okay. They wrapped him up well, and he’s on pain medication, so everything will be fine, okay? Everything’s alright. Why don’t we go downstairs and check if Kazuki… or whatever the hell his name is, is down there?]]”

Kazuki didn’t respond to the first comment of who he was working for, crossing his arms and not making eye contact until Lance mentioned how this was punishable by death. The pink-haired male rolled his eyes, not looking very scared. “[b [#ff69b4 Please, people have been trying to kill me for years. It’s pretty much impossible.]]” He muttered as a joke, but only sort of. Kazuki had a lot of close calls in his life. He should’ve been dead multiple different times over the last few years, but he was still standing here. He laughed when Morgan’s name was brought up, “[b [+ff69b4 Who? That toothpick standing next to his husband? He definitely couldn’t kill me. Worse people have tried.]]”

Kazuki glanced at the windows, seriously considering about breaking all the bones in his body to avoid standing here and being questioned like this. He didn’t look too comfortable with sharing personal information, even basic shit like his name and age. “[b [+ff69b4 Okay, so what do you need? Oh wait, I don’t care. It’s not like the mafia was some life long dream. It was supposed to just be a job, but you dick wads take it so seriously.]]” He said, finishing the lollipop and walking over to throw the stick away. As soon as the stick dropped into the trash can, the pink-haired boy ran over and tackled Lance.

He didn’t get all of his strength back, but he had enough to pin Lance down and try to search for his keys, or phone, or whatever remote device Lance was using to lock this place down. “[b [+ff69b4 I hate how everyone’s always up my ass about who I am! Shut the fuck up!]]” He growled, elbowing Lance in the jaw and then pinning his wrists to the floor and looking down at him from above. He panted a bit, running out of energy easily, but doing his best to hold the man’s wrists down, “[+b [+ff68b4 I would kill you, but I need to get out of here.]]” He muttered, catching his breath while searching Lance with his eyes for something on him that could unlock the house. He looked up a bit, glancing around the house for an alarm system or something. He looked back down at Lance, frowning, “[b [+ff69b4 Just so you know, I don’t work for anybody. I’m no one’s bitch, got that? I work for myself and only myself. No one gets to tell me what to do.]]” He growled, hating the idea of someone bossing him around or being above him. Kazuki made and played by his own rules.
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[font "Poor Richard" [size16 Morgan didn't appreciate anything that was happening. Ryan's joking just stressed Morgan out, and apparently nobody was taking Yoshi seriously- it was stressful. Morgan ran a hand nervously through his hair, his clip falling out of place and letting his bangs fall over his face. Everything was going wrong. His son was hurt- his husbands power wasn't being taken seriously- and Morgan was beyond stressed out.

He couldn't let this happen- he COULD NOT let everything fall apart. He needed to keep his family safe. [b "Can you make sure he's okay, Yoshi?"] Not that he didn't trust the other doctors he just...trusted Yoshi more. [b "And then we can go down to see if Lance took him downstairs. And if he didn't then..."] He couldn't believe it. He trusted Lance- he...

He didn't know why. He just did. Lance seemed familiar and...trustworthy? Now that he thought about it, he didn't know...why. But he seemed safe. But...now...he realized he didn't know why.

And also that it was foolish, because he had a feeling in his gut that Lance didn't take Kazuki downstairs. He grabbed a fist full of his hair as he got up, pacing around while he made Yoshi check on his kid because he was a mess and didn't know how to calm down. [b "It's my fault- I convinced you to hire him. We should have just shot him when he wouldn't tell us anything."] He hurt his son. Morgan couldn't get over that.

Lance's blank expression didn't ever change. Kazuki yelled that he was fine, and Lance just didn't react. He didn't react at all. He just brought of a juice box and watched Kazuki eat candy and drink juice for a few minutes. He was looking a lot better now. Still shaking, still sweating, but he was standing up. He was still refusing to say anything, though.

Lance rolled his eyes. [b [+green "You want to stay here and be silent, go right ahead. I'm fine with you staying here. But I need to know if you're working for anyone."]] He sat down on the couch and put his feet up, grabbing a book from the coffee table and looking through it. [b [+green "You do realize what you did, right? You talked your way into the mafia, then hurt the leaders son after snooping through their stuff. That's punishable by death, in my book. So you should be [i very grateful] you're not dead."]] He peeked over at Kazuki, sighing. [b [+green "Oh, and if you're thinking about running- don't bother. The same system in the mafia building is in my house. You'd have to jump out the window to get out of here, and we're seven stories up, with no ledges to help you down."]]

Lance sighed, sitting up and looked over at him. [b [+green "What were you thinking? Morgan will [i kill] you. He will tack you down for hurting his child and it will NOT be quick."]] He stared at Kazuki. [b [+green "So if you want to, y'know, not be a broke street rat forever, you might want to give me all the information I need and I might consider calming Morgan down enough for you to talk your way back in. But first I need to know if I can trust you around him and his children."]]
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Alec frowned at Morgan’s reaction, letting the man freak out, showing his bandaged shoulder, which seemed to be fine. Ryan shrugged, “[b [+red Maybe if Alec was better at shooting, this wouldn’t have happened.]]” He grinned.

Alec didn’t appreciate the teasing, “[b That’s not funny.]”

Yoshi frowned, “[b [+red Because I’m the boss now, and I don’t really know what I’m doing, so people can just walk all over me now.]]” Yoshi sighed, reaching up and rubbing his temples. “[b [+red I don’t think people are adjusting well to me being the authority now.]]”

“[b [+red I didn’t adjust to it, either. You can’t tell me what to do!]]” Ryan shouted and laughed, like it was all a joke, but everyone was staring at him like there was no time for jokes. He just grinned back. There was always time for jokes.

Yoshi just sighed, “[b [+red I have to talk to him, but I think he left… With Kazuki. Shit. I hope he took him downstairs so I can deal with him. That’s what he’s supposed to do, anyway.]]”

Kazuki flinched when Lance crouched in front of him, but tried not to freeze up in fear, barking back, “[b [+ff69b4 I’m not on anything! I’m fine!]]” He shouted, more sweating rolling down his forehead. When Lance got up, Kazuki grabbed onto the wall again, holding himself up with the wall’s support. He narrowed his eyes when Lance brought over water, “[b [+ff69b4 No, I don’t need water. I need… I need juice, I think. Juice. Do you have juice?]]” He said, like he wasn’t certain, but then nodded, reaching into his pocket and grabbing a few pieces of hard candy, throwing them into his mouth and sucking on those while slowly sitting back down on the floor.

It took several minutes, but Kazuki ate half the candy in his pockets and drank some juice, then slowly began to look better. He put a lollipop in his mouth, slowly getting up and able to stand up on his own. He was about to book it, but crossed his arms and leaned against the wall. “[b [+ff69b4 You want to interrogate me? About what? If you want to know about me, or my life, then I’m not answering you.]]” He said, balancing a lollipop in his teeth with a glare. He was still sweating a little, his hands trembling slightly, but Kazuki did his best control it, wiping the sweat off and continuing to cross his arms so his hands would be hidden.
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[font "Poor Richard" [size16 Morgan was pissed. Alec was hurt and Morgan wanted to kill Lance because HE KNEW THIS GUY WAS IN CHARGE. Alec tried to comfort him but it didn't work. Morgan ran over and sat next to him, checking his shoulder. [b "I'm gonna kill that fucking brat."] He mumbled under his breath, running a hand through his hair. He looked over at Yoshi when he came in, but quickly looked back to Alec as he explained.

Morgan was going to wring Lance's neck. People could hurt him, but NOBODY HURT HIS FAMILY. He looked over at Ryan when he started explaining but- now was not the time for Ryan to not take this seriously. [b "I'm gonna fucking mrder that asshole- wait, what?"] He paused his rage to look at Ryan. [b "Lance locked the whole building down? He's the reason we couldn't get in? H-How did he do that? Only me an Yoshi have the locks to the door and-and wait the vents were closed that's not a [i thing]."] He looked back at Yoshi, panicking. [b "Why would he be able to do that?"]

Lance looked over from his recliner when he heard Kazuki wake up. He sipped his hot chocolate and just watched everything happen without reacting. He watched Kazuki fall and yell for Lance not to touch him and ask a bunch of questions. He just stared and finished his drink before getting up and crouching in front of Kazuki. [b "Why do you keep passing out? Are you on something? Are you coming down from something?"] He sighed, rolling his eyes and getting up to grab the water and bring it over to him. [b "You should get some water in your system, Bubblegum. I can't interrogate you if you're just going to pass out every five seconds."]
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