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[font "Times" It seemed his efforts were thwarted at being polite, the clear shift in the demeanor of the those across from them, and exhaled quietly. Folding his hands on the table in front of him and listening politely. Presently there was a twitch of his index finger tapping on the knuckle of the other, fingers laced together. The Lieutenant next to him, from her he could feel the resonating tension washing from her. The baron was too far away from him to feel any such resonance, but he could hear it in his tone as he spoke. "[+orange Then tell her to keep her genetics to herself.]" von Strucker said in a low tone, keeping his eyes on her.

The Lieutenant's eyes closed, hiding an eye roll, and her brows came together over her brows. The tone of the man Vladislav made irritation creep into her, tightening its fingers in her chest and she opened them again, leveling a cold, hard look with Vladislav. The tall woman sat forwards, feeling the sleeves of her uniform pull tight over the muscle of her arms and shoudlers before shifting slightly to let it slip more comfortably. Especially with that fucking smug grin he gave them- she could see the pull of it at the corners of his mouth despite his hiding itand felt a sneer come up on hers. "[B If it doesn't [i matter],]" she said, "[B then I would ask why you are so keen on making sure we are [i aware] that we aren't familiar with her, implying that you do in our stead. I would appreciate you choosing whether or not you want to stand behind a veiled threat.]"

The baron's eyes snapped to the man he was quickly deciding he didn't like, leaping at the opportunity of standing int he shadow of the Lieutenant's sharp warning. "[+orange You said you needed us. I would think in your best interest you should tread lightly.]" Gweniviere's head turned to him, giving him a hard look down her nose at him.

The silence settled heavily over them, that nervous tic of the doctor coming back in a few moments, thin fingers twitching. Now it was his turn, fingers visibly tightening thought he kept his position still. He cleared his throat, head turning down slightly and bringing the reflection of his black gloved hands onto the bottom of the glass mask. "[+slategray [B I would like to say,]]" he began, "[+slategray [B I have said no such thing, sir, for both of your responses.]]" the ex-Österreich-Amerikaner said in a mild tone, tilting his head to the side. "[+slategray [B [i You've] said that, and I would appreciate none of you making conjectures about my words or opinions until such a time that I present them.]]" Dr. Arndt kept his tone even and polite, conversive even, to the best of his ability, gesturing towards them in a gently stopping motion.

They then fell silent, the Lieutenant sat back and crossed her arms over her chest again. Felix hummed in realization, sitting back and spreading his hands on the table. He had thought it sounded like the people themselves, these inhumans, those that they tried to preserve themselves if they could.

Gweniviere's eyes narrowed as the Russian man detailed how hardy, and how enduring his culture was. His pride was clear, and her disgust but grew. The woman's mouth tightened, a muscle leaping in her jaw as he just continued. Explaining how they were the very, very last choice for them, the bottom of the barrel, as it were. His use of 'we' seemed like but an afterthought. It had been decades, how long she had suffered this sort of generalization. The world wars would never leave her. Something no one would let them forget. Ever. And they so easily forgot the horrors that the [i Russians] wreaked on their own people, but only because they weren't as public about it no one cared. The country's history was far more bloody than Germany's.

Gweniviere hated Russians. She hated them as much if not more than she hated Americans because of what their soldiers did to her once upon a time. She swallowed, her throat flexing underneath a layer of scar tissue, those that crisscrossed thickly, and her gaze didn't relax.

It was silent again as they viewed the display of the woman's body as she revealed it to them. 'Human'. He had implied it as untrue- and that was already apparent because of her strange eyes. The Lieutenant glanced over the tattoo on the woman's back. Without its context it was quite lovely... in a way. Gweniviere only hesitated slightly at making that statement, and felt a shiver of uncertainty instinctually. There was one point in her life where she would have shunned the idea, but now, so far from god what did it matter?

"[B Attacks from [i what].]" Gweniviere prompted the large, heavy set man across from her, brows furrowing. "[B Detailing the effects to us only serves so much purpose.]" She glanced over the trio as Pandora seated herself again, gesturing at her, "[B Attacks from things like [i you], or what is this?]"

Dr. Arndt beside her quickly reached a thin hand into a pocket and procured a notepad, flipping it open and quickly jotted down some of these notes for future reference. "[+slategray [B Wait,]]" he said, glancing over his notes and made sure he didn't miss anything. "[+slategray [B it becomes covered in green veins... as in it so quickly creates organic matter in its own image, or repurposes the subject's?]]" He knew it was an obscure question, being a theoretical biologist, neurologist and psychologist these were pertinent questions to him- but on second thought he had no faith in these military personnel; the recruitment agent, the... trainer? Creature? and the... other one. Who actually hadn't said what he was.

"[B Perhaps in your eyes,]" Gweniviere said to the woman, her eyes turning up to her face- how the other didn't emote at all, how [i false] she looked. It was crawling under her skin. She didn't trust any of them, not even this one who seemed to be making an abortive attempt at convincing them otherwise. But her comrades made a different case for themselves. Gweniviere had no patience for these men, nor this woman.

The baron's eyes lit a little at Vladislav's last statement, his lips pursing against an interested quirk and laced his fingers. "[+orange What conditions are there, then? What would you have us do.]"
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The sudden change in the room was deathly obvious, if it wasn’t for the years the three had spent dealing with such emotions from people it would almost be a shock. Pandora could do nothing more than ensure she kept the three within eye contact. She did not dare speak yet, nothing more than take her seat.
Viktor tried he’s best to hide the smile that was pulling at the edges of he’s lips, the reaction was one that he lived for. Shock factor. It was what drove the world to where it was, and with enough of it, you could gain power in almost any situation.
Although this was not the aim of Vladislav, who shot a threatening glance in the direct of he’s male colleague.
Clearing he’s throat, he would be first to address the subject of the woman next to him.
[font “Times” [i “I can assure you all that Pandora is not here as a display of power, nor here to attack any of you,”]] he treaded around the subject carefully, [font “Times” [i “But I will not allow nor tolerate you assuming that she is anything like what you have come across before,”]] Vladislav may have been a man of nobility and power, but he would not tolerate he’s own staff and colleagues being treated as if they were second rate citizens. He prided himself on creating an environment where they would feel safe, and he would not allow another to enter he’s sanctuary and disrupt the peace.
[font “Times” “It is quite bluntly obvious that you seem to believe that this woman is part of the common evil, but if it wasn’t-“] Viktor began speaking yet was cut off.
[font “Times” [b “They are allowed to think what they wish Viktor,”]] Pandora’s Russian accent was the thickest out of the three yet seemed to have a mixture of a much deeper origin, [font “Times” [b “If I remember correctly, you pointed a gun at my head and almost pulled the trigger the first time the Sovereign bought me before you.”]] her tone was soft, she did not need this to escalate any further.
Vladislav cleared he’s throat once more, sensing the tension rise between the two to he’s right.
[font “Times” [b “And I can assure that we are very grateful you have made the trip here and agreed to meet with us. I do believe this is something that requires greater assistance than we first believed.”]] she directed her statements to all three of the others, trying her best to save the situation that had quickly gone badly.

A few more moments of silence passed.

[font “Times” [i “Our intentions are exactly as I described to yourself earlier when I had first requested this meeting. We have nothing to hide, nor an alternative motive. I do apologise if you feel we have something to hide,”]] the Sovereign let another sigh through he’s lips, [font “Times” [i “As much as it pains me to admit, we do need your help. And despite your questions, yes this is a common evil. Pandora is here because both herself and a few other recruits along with Mr Mikhailov have seen, first hand, the damage these creatures can cause to others. We have lost too many good men and woman to something that should have been so simple to defeat,”]]
[font “Times” “What we’re going up against, it seems to have mutated from our earlier enemies. As I am sure you will all remember perfect, we have gone up against a number of types of beings, and occasionally the human terrorist threatening to attack our homes. We have fought in World Wars against each other and together. We have managed to survive for this long and I have always had faith that we would survive for many years to come. But this, this new evil does not leave us with much more hope.”] Viktor explained calmly, his muscles tense as he planned for the worst outcome there could be, [font “Times” “The attacks, from what we can tell, rip open the skin and then poison the blood stream. So far, we have not had a single human solider survive.”] he placed emphasis on the word human, knowing very well what was hiding under Pandora’s jacket. Turning to the woman, he simply tilted he’s head slightly.
She groaned internally before standing an unbuttoning her jacket.
[font “Times” [b “The initial attack will tear open the skin, from there it enables the poison located on the creature tongue and claws to enter the blood stream.”]] She slid the jacket off her shoulders and onto the chair behind her. The woman turned with her back faced to the three visitors, sliding the singlet up to expose her bare back. A large portion of her back was covered in a tattoo of Baphoment, the Crown Prince of Hell and ruler of Purgatory. Pandora could not remember the day the ink was settled into her back, she was too young. Before her days within the complex, before she was found by the Sovereign. Her creator felt the need to have the Prince, and her beginning, etched into her skin forever so she may never forget where she came from no matter how hard she tried.
[font “Times” [b “Once the poison enters the blood stream, it will somewhere between half an hour to an hour to start working. It will cause the blood to bleed black and the infected area to become covered in green veins.”]] the skin of her back was badly scarred, interrupting areas of the tattoo. Yet the most recent scar was still bleeding the black blood she spoke of, the green veins only slightly still visible, [font “Times” [b “We’ve found it works faster in humans then in those with mutated genetics. Symptoms of hallucinations, cold sweats, fainting, vomiting, fevers and lethargic will dawn almost instantly and in fatal cases, bleeding of the internal organs will start first then followed by haemorrhaging of the brain which will cause death.”]]
Pandora turned around again, buttoning the jacket back up to around her throat, hiding the scars that littered her body just like the Lieutenants. She returned to her seat between the two men.
[font “Times” [b “As you can clearly see, this is no joke. This is no power play. I have the scars and went through the symptoms it causes. The only difference is, I live to tell the tale unlike the men and woman that stood beside me to fight it.”]] she took turns looking each of them in the eye, until she came to the doctor, who she simply gave a soft smile and nodded.
Vladislav shifted in he’s seat, shaking he’s head slightly and sighing once more. He did not know how to come across to these people, to make them see how much he truly and honestly needed their help. He would not let another one of he’s soldiers die.
[font “Times” [i “I do not know what to say other than we desperately need your help. We cannot do this alone.”]]
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[font "Times" The baron extended his hand to meet Vladislav, nodding formally to him. They two had corresponded across lines of communication every now and again, and the baron had a neutral opinion of the man. Outside of his own personal prejudices about the Russians, he would say the man was at least cordial to him. "[+orange Duly noted.]" the man said, stepping back towards his own line of agents when the other man began to introduce his. The man's watery blue eyes glanced over the people who were introduced and suddenly came to the conclusion that he was the... shortest person in the room. This realization brought with it a flush of irritation, but he just quietly straightened his spine, glancing over the other stern, Russian faces being introduced to him.

The Lieutenant stood in between the both of them, so that she could easily reach either person. Gweniviere was here to as much as be present in the situation, more than anything to protect those who could not protect themselves. Felix was a delicate person and the baron was often more trouble than he was worth. Her head rose above each of her comrades, Felix being closer to her height hovered nearer, but the baron just parely breached the woman's shoulder. Her eyes moved over their hosts who entered the room, glancing over them briefly before turning her gaze to the one who spoke. She wondered what sort of position he himself held, seeing as he didn't offer up that information himself, curious as to whether it was a simple mistake or intentional.

Felix instinctively smiled, despite the virulent fact that he had no face, and looked between those introduced. The largest man had this set of eyes that seemed to look into you, not through you and not in a way that made one believed he was [i seeing] you, but that he was attacking you with his eyeballs, and all of the intensity behnd them to make one cease and desist before even trying. Dr. Arndt's shoulders hunched forwards a little before his gaze went to the more open young man who began speaking to them. He had always been intimidated by large people- being tall himself but not very big, especially in recent years he wasn't very sturdy, especially with his condition.

The German woman accepted the handshake of the tallest man with a curt nod as his was the only offered out of the two in the forefront of the room, extending a scarred hand to him. Mirroring how the Baron had accepted it, and Felix followed after her, his hands trembling barely as they always did before he tucked his arms close to himself again. The smile he offered was lost underneath the respirator over his face and head, but the intention was there, compensating with a nod.

When the woman was revealed to them, naturally the trio's eyes went to her. The baron stared at her, openly letting his expression shift with what looked almost like disgust and defensiveness, his chin snapping down a little as he glanced her over, taking a step back. But, being the type of person he was, he stoically said nothing about it and pursed his lips with distaste and gave her a reluctant handshake, moving forwards again with a discreet glance around-as his mind wondered if they were trying to pull a joke on him-his hand reached out in a slow and tentative motion to her.

Neither of the other two agents moved in a notable manner. Felix's expression hidden by the mask over his face obscured. The quiet breath he took was audible through the filters of his respirator, but not by much. His only movement was his fingers unlacing in front of him and extending his slender hand to her when it was offered, "[+slategray [B Nice to meet you.]]" he said in a polite tone, nodding to her.

Gweniviere's brows came together over her eyes, narrowing them slightly as she extended her scarred hand and met the First Sergeant Major's hand, glancing over her again. 'classed under a different category' she must be a weapon, then, the woman made the conjecture. Undoubtedly Dr. Arndt came to that same conclusion, his head tilting to the side again as he folded his hands at his solar plexus and glanced over her behind the tinted, treated glass of his mask. Gweniviere watched the change, her jaw shifting slightly, wondering if this was some game to them, some show of their power trying to unsettle the trio and intimidate them into cooperation. Her expression remained hard, the three's minds clicking towards the same conclusion. Without a doubt, the baron would have taken offense. It was a miracle the man could see past his own nose, much less be able to think around a situation.

After that, the tree seated themselves as the other organization members did. Dr. Arndt carefully reached out to be able to know exactly where the edge of the table was and slipped into his seat. The baron sat down and immediately crossed his arms, Gweniviere beside him and between he and the doctor crossing her knees and folding her hands on her lap in a reserved manner, letting her eyes drift over the others across from them.

"[+orange Need I remind you, we have agreed to nothing more than to meet with you to discuss this situation you've presented us with, seeking our assistance.]" the baron said, slanting a sidelong glance at the... thin sitting among the men from Russia.

Dr. Arndt cleared his throat a little, gesturing his hand a bit towards the others as he began. "[+slategray [B You're talking about this as a common evil, and yet you have your main recruiting officer here with us.]]" The Austrian-American said, leveling a hard, discerning eye with them unseen behind his mask. He folded his hands in front of himself, and tilting his head to the side curiously. "[+slategray [B Could you tell us what your actual intentions are with this operation?]]"

Nodding, the Lieutenant felt her own concerns voiced by the doctor and remained quiet.
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The air formed around her in a cloud as she exhaled, the Russian weather was never kind to anyone. Beyond able to wither anything in its path, destroying any beauty and refusing to preserve it. Not that it was really a problem for the woman, time itself and many battles had worn at her inhuman beauty.
Part of being one of the oldest [i creatures] within the complex, training facility if you must, brought her a higher position on the formed hierarchy between them all. Her sheer power also seemed to terrify the younger ones. But her position did come with its flaws, like training the younger ones and mould them into the perfect weapon against those that needed to be eliminated.
Just like herself, a perfect little weapon.
[font “Times” [b “If you do not fight, you will die,”]] she took a step forward, her red hair contrasting greatly against the white of the snow.
[font “Times” [b “If you do not blend into your surroundings, they will find you,”]] her hand raised to grab the seemingly white snow above her on the branch, dragging down a young male from it and onto the ground.
[font “Times” [b “If I can see you, what makes you think they can’t?”]] Her eyes fixated on another branch, causing the large lump of snow to fall on the invisible figure hidden next to the trunk. The figure of a female dressed in black appeared in terrifying contrast against the white.
A shot of wind pushed her hair across her face, shooting a hand out grab at the tunnel. The fabric of a jacket caught in her hand.
[font “Times” [b “Dimitrios, you are training in stealth missions might I remind you. And in stealth missions, we CANNOT but running through fucking snow and leaving an obvious trail of where we are and where we are going.”]] She let the jacket go and the male fell into the snow.
The sound of a clearing throat came from behind her halted all actions, her head tilting to the right before nodding slightly.
[font “Times” [b “Class dismissed.”]] the two words fell from her mouth as she turned on her heel and left the students in the snow, walking briskly towards the complex.
Her red hair flew behind her, hands clenched into fists. While training the young ones could be seen as a downside to her position, the upside was the constant need to wipe out all those who challenged their power. Well, more like the position of making their existence known to the humans who inhabited a majority of Earth.
Blood red lips parted to let a breathe out as she entered through the large doors, a nod to the guards that stood their post. There was not a single person that did not know about the woman within the building, or organisation wide for that matter.
She came to a standstill before the elevator, awaiting the arrival of the others.
The sound of footsteps carried themselves around the corner, her senses tingling.
Two males, one taller and heavier than the other. A female frantically trying to catch up to the two in front, she was having trouble breathing and her heart rate was high. She smelt like stress. One male smelt of confidence while the other smelt a slight hint of fear.
The Sovereign and Commander Sargent Major rounded the corner, followed by the personal assistant to The Sovereign.
Sovereign was a descended of Russian Nobility, the Belosselsky-Belozersky family who ruled in a time well and truly past. Yet, the Russians were not one to forget the blood line of those who ruled above and were below them. This was one of the many traditions kept flowing through the veins of the city and military. Vladislav Belosselsky stood 6’2” with a slim frame and body, he’s face remained with the touch of age catching up to him yet he’s eyes still shone like that of a young boys. He had certain hardness about him, as if the man had seen things that he would not be able to explain to the average human being.
That was something that the woman could not deny.
The Commander Sargent Major was a much larger man, built on an enormous 6’7” frame and the sheer power in strength to snap a person in two. Which was saying a lot for someone who was a mere human. Viktor Mikhailov had no kindness in he’s demure, nor he’s eyes. He was man that was born into the army, and knew nothing more but how to address situations with brute force. Partly the reason as to why he was in charge of the most the facilities runnings.
[font “Times” [i “Ah! Pandora, my darling, it has been too long since I have last laid my eyes upon you!”] Vladislav moved forward to kiss each of the woman’s cheeks, the two males were the only two able to make Pandora look smaller.
Pandora stood six foot tall with ruby red hair to her breasts. Her frame was slender yet built, eyes shining a constant unnatural ice blue. Her skin was porcelain white, in constant threat of cracking like a doll.
[font “Times” [b “Well maybe if you spent more time at the facility you had founded, instead of jet setting around the countryside, you would see me more often, Vladislav,”]] the Russian accent was thick on Pandora’s tongue as she spoke.
[font “Times” “Pandora.”] Viktor extended a sharp hand to her, offering nothing more than a handshake. He’s black military suit covered in markings conveyed he’s power over the others, the hat underneath he’s left arm.
[font “Times” [b “A please, as always, Viktor.”]] she accepted he’s handshake before taking the black jacket from the woman standing behind the two males. The same military jacket that sat across the large shoulders of Viktor, simply with less markings but just enough to strike discipline into all those below her.
[font “Times” “Alexis, debrief.”] the smaller woman stepped forward as the four entered the elevator.
Pandora stood in the back with Vladislav and Viktor in front of her, Alexis stood to the side.
[b “Lieutenant Gweniviere F. Nietzsche, Dr. Felix Arndt and Baron von Strucker are awaiting for you in the meeting room. As much intel as we could collect states that Lieutenant Gweniviere is a super solider created by the German Army. I’m not entirely how correct that is, we’ve been having issues with our source.”] she flipped frantically through her file within her hands.
[font “Times” [b “I told you months ago Viktor, we needed a new agent on that side of the world,”]] Pandora spoke quietly as her hands quickly buttoned the jacket up to her throat, hiding a majority of the scars that were exposed by the simple black singlet she wore underneath of it. Her hands moved to pull her hair that had become caught by the jacket, letting it flow across her shoulders. Ruby red lips with eyes rimmed with coal, she let a smirk across her lips.
Viktor simply huffed and sighed under he’s breathe, he knew deep down that she was right. Just like everything else.
[b “It seems the.. Situation… We’ve been having with this particular influx of beings from purgatory has become out of hand and neither organisations will be able to handle it on their own. That is the reasoning for today’s meeting, in order to overcome the issue ahead of us, we will have to work together. It’s either defeat the issue, or let it make our existence know to the humans. My kind.”] Alexis held the elevator doors open as they arrived on the second floor before she entered the elevator once again, [b “Goodluck,”]
Pandora shot her a smile as well, she was nice enough. Alexis was young compared to most other people here, yet Pandora had watched her work as hard as she could to accommodate the Sovereign as much as she could.
A few short strides and the three had arrived at the closed doors of the conference room.
[font “Times” “I never did like the Germans,”] Viktor spoke quietly before opening the door, enabling Vladislav to enter first before following in behind him. Pandora was the last one to enter, almost hidden behind the two males.
She watched quietly from the background as the other three rose. She focused only briefly on the Doctor and the Baron before her attention was drawn to the Lieutenant. Golden eyes that hypnotize anyone if she really tried hard enough.
[center ‘I am bigger than my body. I am colder than this hole. I am meaner than my demons. I am bigger than these bones.’]
The words that were drilled into her head at a young age ran through her head constantly.
[center ‘Damn right you should be scared of me.’]
Pandora would never be able to shake the things she was told as a child, had repeated over and over to her. Things that were beaten into her.
[font “Times” [i “It’s a pleasure to meet the three of you, and I do appreciate your willingness to work together to defeat this common evil. I can assure you that it is necessary.”]] Vladislav had extended a hand to the Barron, the two of them, had met many times before.
In a world full of war and secrets, it was always necessary to know the others you are surrounded by.
[font “Times” [i “First of all, let me introduce my colleagues. The gentleman to the left of me is Commander Sargent Major, Viktor Mikhailov, he runs this facility and overseas all operations and assignments that take place both within and outside of these walls. He also reports directly to myself and is our main recruiter for new troops.”]] Viktor stepped forward and shook three sets of hands.
He step sideways to let the red headed woman into view of the three, Pandora’s eyes shone a solid black. No pupil. No iris. Nothing more than an engulfing black.
[font “Times” [i “And this is First Sergeant Major Pandora. Although, I must reiterate that the normal Army rankings do not necessarily apply to her as she is classed under a different category.”]] the woman assessed the danger before moving forward, she was cautious of the solider in the middle.
Once certain no harm was to come to them, her eyes regained their icy blue as she extended her hand, and a smile, to the three. Much like Viktor before her, she followed suit and expectation.
As soon as the formalities and introductions had been completed, the three Russians joined the Germans at the table, seated across from them.
[font “Times” “This thing… Or things for lack of a better term, we are battling with. We cannot defeat them alone. We need to join forces.”] Viktor was first to speak.
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Lieutenant Gweniviere F. Nietzsche exhaled slowly as she unfolded her long body out of the car and looked at the dreary building that their directions had led to. The woman stood at roughly 6'3" dressed in a black uniform, knee length, black leather boots into which her pants were tucked. The coat of her uniform was the same material and color, belted on her waist with a fitted collar.

Dr. Felix Arndt got out of the back, reaching carefully for the edges of the door and pulling his slight body to his feet. He was just shorter than she was, with a slight build, dressed in a similar uniform. But the man had a tinted, glass faced mask over his own. The respirator hissed very quietly as he drew a breath, the thing clicking gently as he exhaled this time, pulling the black leather gloves more comfortably over his hands as he looked up. "[B [+slategray Rather cold, isn't it today?]]"

Beside the slender man, the Lieutenant made an imposing figure, strapped with the body of a soldier. They were near the same height, but his lack of mass was notable in juxtaposition. That was not to mention the smooth, dark glass of his mask underneath his own military cap against the scarred face of the woman. Outside of the collateral scars on her body hither and thither the most notable were those that crossed her lips, and the one at the right corner of her mouth that pulled the side of her mouth down slightly, had one that pulled up and across her left cheekbone, and another beneath her left eye. The woman's throat, for what was shown, was also lined with heavy and numberous scars. The only other skin that was showing was her hands, also marked with scars from battles- the only other which that was noticable was the vertical one that extended between the first knuckles of her middle and ring fingers.

Lastly, Baron von Strucker got out of the passenger, making a huffy judgment of the day. As annoying as it was, at keast his subject matter had changed. "[+orange It's too wet on this side of the continent.]" he said, pushing his glasses up his nose with a derisive look. The man had insisted on coming along to take a look at the facilities himself, Gweniviere having actually looked forward to the trip with Dr. Anrdt somewhat because he wasn't nearly as taxing as the baron. The baron was notably shorter than both of the other agents, who were over 6' easily, where he stood roughly at 5'7", his head reaching Felix's shoulder, and barely Gweniviere's, but aside from being notably older than the both of them he was much smaller. His face resembled softening wax, his hair touched with gray and a pair of wire spectacles balanced on his nose and a hard look in his eyes.

The Lieutenant exhaled patiently and glanced up at the overcast sky with disinterest, pocketing the car keys. She actually quite liked that type of weather and made no comment. Long fingers came up and took off the military cap on her head, brushing her fingers back through her ashen hair and then pulled it on again more comfortably. Dr. Arndt came up beside her, his slender, hands folded in front of him. Gweniviere nodded towards it, "[B Let's go then. We've got a meeting.]"

The trio entered, asking once for directions towards the meeting room they needed and made their way up. A short elevator ride and they were striding down the hall, the doctor and the Lieutenant taking not eof what was around them. "[B You said this was just a training facility right?]" she quieried.

"[B [+slateray It is. What research I did told me that this was a place for inhumans, more than anything.]]" Gweniviere's golden eyes moved over the hallway that they traversed, giving an absent hum. "[B [+slategray Well,]]" he began, "[B [+slategray it's a small establishment, but I've heard wonders have come out of it.]]

Both agents had longer legs than the baron and easily strode forwards, but kept back at the smaller man's pace and finally reached the meeting room. Opening the door, the Lieutenant lightly stepped aside, cool gaze sweeping the interior as Dr. Arndt and Strucker filed in behind her.
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