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This is a bar in Gielnors Last Stand, anyone can chat here! :)

This description will be updated constantly.

[b [i [center Welcome to The Mannered Bear! A nice establishment in South Phoenix Town. Our range of fine brews and smooth liquors line the shelves and leave them quick too! Come here to converse, role play, eat, drink, whatever to your hearts content. Just remember...Keep it cyber and porn free. Enjoy your time at The Mannered Bear!]

[h3 [b [i [center Daily Menu]]]]

[b Ba'Kola Spirits- $2 Holo dollars

[b Gaelis Craft Ale - $5 Holo dollars

[b Arcane Brew- $8 Holo dollars

[b Cheesecake - 4 Holo dollars

[b Kings Feast - 20 Holo dollars

[b Chicken Fried Steak - 10 Holo dollars

[h3 [b [i [center SIDES]]]]


[b Sweet Potato Fries

[b Mashed Potatoes

[b Cornbread

[b Fried Okra

[b Seasoned Fries

[b Regular Fries

[b Nernian Veggie Medley (Sliced carrot coins, cauliflower, broccoli, Izulan peas, lima beans, Ba'Kola corn

[h3 [b [i [center SOUP O' THE DAY]]]]

[b [i [center Loaded Potato Soup]]]]

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