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CONCEPT: Loving an idol, writing letter to him in language he doesn't understand. Idol's friend understands letter and tried to get them together. Takes YEARS or introductions and built friendship. Does it happen? Idk whatever.
  Kaia / BloodShed-Chimera / 352d 20h 14m 49s
CONCEPT: Girl doesn't like guy. Girl meets and is forced to relive the days of their relationship. Not sure why. Each time ending badly. Slowly she learns everything about him.

She exhaled, her warm breath fogging the window as she watched him.

'This is the third time he's left like this. The third time he's left me.' She thought.

Sunlight fluttered through the blinds, attacking her closed eyelids. She groaned, tossing her arm over her eyes in an attempt to escape the bright talons of the morning.
  Aislynn / BloodShed-Chimera / 1y 9d 6h 35m 47s
When the dead rise and the world falls where will you be?

In a crowded city full of the undead how will you survive the chaos?

A deep growl rose above the silence. It's been three days since the outbreak began. Most of civilization has been taken out and the military is fighting a losing battle against the undead. With the risk of any person you speak to trying to bite your face off and things getting lonly, the living are struggling to hold onto who they were before this tragedy.

If you expect your sad life to end at your last breath.... You are mistaken. Even if bitten you May be 'reborn' as one of the undead, with your concious slipping and your mind deteriorating. You may live on... but at what cost? Living among the undead and feeding on your friends may be your last memory. Good luck in wonderland.

Thanks to a falling out between members within a medical pharmaceutical company, who illegally manufactured a pathogen as a biological weapon. The virus was introduced to the public in less than 24 hours after the hijacking of the EBS. An Epidemic of apocalyptic proportions now threatens to spread globally.

Basically a few geniuses decided to play god and set off a post-apocalypse age. You will choose your path from below and create an epic journey through the various interactions & scenarios other characters.
  Azreal / BloodShed-Chimera / 3y 364d 2h 43m 19s
Her soft eyes fell upon the man as he crawled slowly toward her. Each twitch of his muscles seemed to elicit a groan of pain from his blood stained lips. Her face remained unchanged as she watched his agony. A single hand, darkened by mud and gore, reached out toward the hem of her unblemished gown but failed to make contact.

[#7232BB "I can save your pitiful life."] Her honeyed voice reached his ears [#7232BB "All you need is to beg and devote yourself to me."]

His words were so soft as if they could be swept away by the wind, [#006622 "Who am I begging to, who shall I devote my life to?"]
[right The smallest smile graced her lips.]

[center And without proper thought, he agreed. His fear of death overtaking his rational mind and he dedicated himself to the demon before him.]

[#7232BB her]
[#006622 him]
  ⇜Nola⇝ / BloodShed-Chimera / 3y 364d 3h 40m 5s
[center "I feel as if I'm losing it, losing you, and losing myself." ] Her voice was soft as she stood before him, avoiding eye contact.

"I feel as if you take my breath away after every kiss..."
[right "...but also as I choke back tears"]

"I feel as if I can't share me feelings with you because you have no idea how to handle them. I sit before you and cry... I bear my emotions before you and you have no words to say." He opened his mouth to speak but closed it again without a word.

"I apologize repeatedly for everything and still nothing."

"There are some things I just can't do on my own...
There are just some things that I'm afraid to do alone..." She began to tear up.

"And these god forsaken nightmares are going to drive me up the wall. Three times in one night I thought I was waking up to find myself covered in my own blood. Three times last night I nearly screamed as my eyes shot open. Three times last night I tried to find you...

...The first time I wrapped your heavy arms around me and berried my face in your chest. I cried and begged for your protection. I begged for you to help me. I kissed you softly between my own sobbing. I squeezed you tight, never wanting you to leave me. And finally I fell back asleep...

...The second time I woke you up, you held me in your arms, not understanding what was wrong with me. You fell asleep on my shoulder, still propped up on one arm. I awoke you again with greedy kisses, begging for attention, needing you. You held me against you, I breathed in your cologne and drifted back off...

...The third time I awoke wrapped in my heavy blanket, tossing it off I searched for you but nothing.... You were no longer there. I brushed the tears from my eyes and held myself, trying to stay quiet as I continued to weep. Finally I got up the courage to find you..." He looked at her worried.

[center "You needed alone time."] She took a deep breath.

"I know there are some things about me that you don't like and you say you don't want me to change but these things bother you, I know they do. I want to be perfect for you and I know I never will be, you know I never will be, is that okay with you?" She shook her head slowly before continuing.

"I fight all the time, argue with you, get defensive. I know it annoys you but you still deal with it..." [right "...Why?"]

"I'm mean to you all the time, I say bad things that hurt you. I disagree with you on things that you're clearly right about... I cant seem to explain myself properly so I just get mad..."

[center "Why do you put up with me?"]

[right "you can have so much better"]

[center "You make me laugh and smile, you make me happy, you give me a reason to try harder for my future"]

"...what do I give you?"

[center "bruises, bite marks, frustration"]

"I feel so guilty for everything." She closed her eyes.

[center "I'm sorry..."]

[right "...Please forgive me."]
  ⇜Nola⇝ / BloodShed-Chimera / 4y 195d 13h 9m 39s
"Whats the point... What's the point?" Her voice shook as years welled up in her eyes. "What's the point if it's all lies?"
He stood before her "everythings fine, it's not like that" he continued pushing, telling her she was wrong.

But she knew the truth she knew she was right. It was only a matter of time until he admitted it. She hid in fear, knowing the time would come.

Just like all the rest.
  ⇜Nola⇝ / BloodShed-Chimera / 4y 195d 13h 26m 21s
[center [i [#0C7D8A Why, when you come from a world so wrapped in perfection, do you turn to her? She is a mistake, made by those who felt they had a right to play with fire. No, She is worse. She breathes toxicity. She words are dark, they change things and not for the better. She alters reality and makes things to seem acceptable. She bleeds poison.]]]

[center [i [#0C7D8A There is no one out there for her, no light to her never ending darkness. She doesn't know how to make things better, only worse. It is inevitable that she is once more left alone. She's come to accept it, She's come to embrace it.]]]

[center [pic]]

[right [#660C8A A deep grin etched itself into her soft features. Her fingertips flicking across the tender flesh of his neck.]]

[#6AB5DE "How does it feel?"]

[right [#660C8A Her words of soft, almost a whisper. The metallic scent of iron filled the air, his body shifted, losing consciousness.] ]

[#6AB5DE "Sadly, you smell...]

[right [#660C8A A hint of displeasure filled her sweet voice, Vermilion tones spilled onto the ground before her.]]

[#6AB5DE "I sincerely hope you taste better..."]

[right [#660C8A She dropped to her knees before him, placing her hands on his upper thighs and leaning in close to him.]]

[#6AB5DE "...Or this may prove to be an exceptional waste of time."]

[right [#660C8A She opened her mouth, bringing it to his throat and licked his tan skin.]]

[#6AB5DE "I won't be gentle."]

[right [#660C8A Without a moments hesitation, she bit into his esophagus, puncturing his jugular and carotid artery. She pulled away, taking a chunk of his tissue with her. Gore splashed onto her clothing, covering her in a beautiful red mist. His body convulsed, eyes wide as he couldn't seem to look away from the strange young girl who just ended his world. With that, he faded to black.]]
  ⇜Nola⇝ / BloodShed-Chimera / 4y 205d 19h 54m 23s
Her heart hammered in her chest, the fear filling her. The sound of hooves against gravel filling her ears. Strands of her pale blue hair danced in the wind. This was her time. Her time to prove to everyone that she was worth something to the cause.
  Keres Meleté / BloodShed-Chimera / 4y 218d 12h 52m 56s

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