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[B This is sit in modern day, though most of the families in the Yakuza's tend to live more traditionally. They all live within the huge Yakuza estates, each family separated by walls to indicate the four different families that make up the Yakuza's. Also this is not a first come first serve kind of thing, I am simply looking for a partner who will be the best fit for me and this specific rp. ]

The Yakuza family has long ruled Japan, their power and strength never questioned by those around them, unless they wanted to end up six feet under.

Two different families that help form part of the bigger, Yakuza family, have been at odds with each other for years, and finally they have come to a peaceful way of resolving their differences. Both families have agreed to arrange a marriage between the first born, a daughter from one family, and a son from the other in order to achieve peace between the families.

This idea came about after a confrontation between the two first born, when they had both been sent on the same mission to get a traitor. Where they both ended up fighting over who should get the traitor, allowing that very person to escape upon hearing their fight.

When both returned to their own homes, an argument ensued between the families. In order to prevent a war between the families, the leaders from both homes came together, and agreed then and there that peace could only be achieved at the price of betrothing the two hires of each family.

When the news was told to the two young adults, they both tried to complain and show their dislike for the idea, but they were forced to accept their families decision. Now, the two must learn to get use to each other, and they must always act like a loving happy, engaged couple when in public.

Will the betrothing work to prevent war between the two families? Will the the young couple ever fully accept their fate, and grow to accept one and other? Or will they be forced to live in a miserable marriage together for the rest of their days?

[B [+purple We will start off on the night of the mission ] ]

[B [+green Le Rules ] ]

-No ditching . I understand if you can't be on everyday, just be able to post at least once a week [B As that is usually all I can do myself, and even sometimes not even that X Please be patient with me and I'll extend the same to you ]. If you have to be gone for more then a week, please send me a PM. If you do not, and you don't post for a whole week, I will send a warning PM. If you do not reply to this, I will delete all our entries and start over.

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-Also if we hit a stand still somewhere, or things start to get a little boring, please be willing to have an open chat with me where we both work [B together ]to come up with a way to make the rp ore entertaining again.

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[B Shinko KageTaigasu ]: [pic ]
PM (Username)name: Okami_san_16

PM Age: 21

Character Name: Shinko KageTaigasu

Chatterer Age: 19

Character Height: 5ft 4"

Character Picture: In the character list

Families Name/Animal: KageTaigasu

Brief Bio: Youngest of three older siblings. Has had a rough upbringing, as she was chosen to be heir on the day of her birth, so father has pushed her to her limits and beyond to prove herself as she is the only female to be chosen as an heir to any of the families within the Yakuzas. Her father has pinned her as Okami familie's heir's rival sense she was born. She is very serious and is brought up in a traditional house hold. Began training in karate at the age of four, then moved on to mixed martial arts and jujutsu at eight. Is has been thought how to run a business, and her mother has made it a point to teach her everything that a traditional woman should know and then some.

Skills: Physical combat, archery and knows how to handle a gun. Great cook, secret artist, and good with instruments computer skills.

Personality: Serious, book worm secretly, Introvert, has rare moments when her childish behavior comes out. Caring, loyal to the ones she loves, rude and cold to those she considers are in her way. Brave, and independent.

LIkes: Music, art, food, nature, animals, her mother, and being creative.

Dislikes: Being told she can't do something, when people don't take things seriously during an important situation. Having her reading time interupted, being around people more then she has to be. When someone won't stop bugging her.

Anything extra you want to add: Shinko has yet to actually kill anyone, as she has the rare heart of someone who hates violence. She would rather find a rational way out of a situation, before things have to turn into a fight. She has been involved in fights before. She is easy to annoy.

[B Hideo Shinokami: ] [pic ] PM Name: KaaiYuki

PM Age:18

Character Name: Hideo Shinokami

Character Age: 21

Character Height: 5'11"

Families Name/Animal: Shi no ōkami (Wolf)

Brief Bio: Hideo was named after his calmness as a child. His mother was killed in front of his eyes at the age of 6 and he didn't cry not a tear fell from his eye. Hideo started his training in kendo and aikido at the age of 8 to help him develop a strong emotional state since he suffered in defeats until he no longer lost. Once his father remarried when Hideo was 10, he accepted his new mother without any challenges after his father explained the finances behind the marriage. Easily transitioning his house skills to school he excelled in studies and learned the family business fast once he graduated college at the age of 18 he was already basically the head of the house. Since then he has made their profit flourish from black marketing to company investments he has ran it all wisely.

He is the eldest of 4, two younger sisters and one younger brother, taking care of his siblings was an easy task since they respected him deeply though cold cut with words his siblings accept his words as to help them succeed. The sisters are twins and part Russian since his father was remarried with a Russian Mob boss that are intertwined with in the Asian Market, they enjoy the presence of their brother since Hideo usually trains with them for kendo. The two are 10 years old. His younger brother is 18 and loves the competition of going against Hideo in everything no matter his disadvantage. Hideo always finds time to eat with his family never letting business get in the way of their dinner.

Skills: Computers, Aikido, Kendo, Ability to sleep anywhere, and archery

Personality: Hideo is a bit possessive, and always seems to be looking to expand influence due to him processing his actions for the future. Won't give up on people he cares for, for those he doesn't care about they are just stepping stones. Usually comes off as rude when his attention is else where. He is pretty attentive and careful, but is reckless when it comes to protecting his family's name and those he holds dear. Multitasker, but he does his best in everything no matter how small it is from his terrible cooking to perfecting the timing of his showers. Clever yet he falls into tv advertising schemes easily and he usually forgets that he is in pain or was injured. Hideo can be air headed when it comes to his own body making him push the human body limits to it's fullest.

Likes: Samurai code, Tempura Vegetables, Fishing, Meeting interesting people, and martial arts.

Dislikes: Bananas , Getting blood on his hands so often wears gloves, and boring people which he has his own category.

Anything extra you want to add: Usually gives himself a handicap to make things more interesting and challenging.

Other characters that you add are your responsibility as well as my own for those that I add. Each character's father's are our own responsibility, along with any family members you wish to add.

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Once on the elevator, everyone pretty much kept to themselves, which Shinko greatly appreciated. She had no desire to speak at the moment, or ever now that she was in this situation. With a ding, they arrived to the correct floor which was a long white marble hall with doors on either side.

Shinko didn't really pay attention to what Hideo was saying about the said rooms, her face blank and her mind only begging to know which room would be hers so she could just hide away. Finally they reached the end of the hall, where two guards opened a door for them and greeted the soon to be wife. She simply gave a curt nod to show that she heard what they said and to thank them for their kindness.

As soon as they entered the room and the doors were shut behind them, an older man with a white man bun came right into Shinko's view. He spoke in a manner that her questioning if this was truly the leader of Shinokami. First she blushed at being called pretty by the older male, then she raised an eyebrow as he directed his words towards his son.

The man was not what she had expected, not by any means, he was the complete opposite of her father! Before she could fully grasp what was going on, another young male entered their line of view. He greeted Shinko respectfully, and acted more like someone who had been raised by the Japanese Mafia then his own father.

Entering the living room, the young bride looked around briefly in awe. It wasn't her first time in a modern setting, but it was extremely rare for her to see homes that weren't traditional that it still took her breath away when she saw them. Sitting on the couch, she looked back over to her brother-in-law, forcing her eyes away from the view of the city down bellow. When told that she could pick her own room, Shinko thought for a moment before speaking.

[+orange "I do not require an overly large room. Your second or third largest of the three available would be alright with me." ]She had always lived a more modest and simpler life, with traditional clothes and items being what took up most of her room, along with a few modern items.

  Shinko KageTaigasu / Okami_san_16 / 3y 4d 17h 1m 18s
The group went up the elevator in silence; Hideo was pondering the next few days, the twins were thinking to themselves, and Mr.Right was checking his cell phone which was silenced. [i Ding] the elevator hit their floor opening up to a long white marble hallway and as the group walked through Hideo began to explain the 5 doors on each side.
[+blue "So these are rooms of members and workers. One of them is the classroom in which the tutors teach girls spend the weekdays."] pointing at the one closes to the main doors leading to their home. [+blue "The other rooms are irrelevant since they're just where the guys hang out and meeting rooms etc. If wanna enter the room go ahead. None of them are important."]

The group reached the end of the hall and two guards opened up the door with security pass [b "Welcome back boss. Old boss is here to see the newly weds."] They smiled [b "Welcome to the family Miss. Tell us if you need anything we'll let the other guys know so they can get it."] Hideo threw them a thumbs up as the door swung open.

There was an older man with his gray hair tied into a man bun [+red "Sup Hideo I'm here to see the daughter of mine."] The twins ran to his arms and the he picked them up [+red "My what a pretty sister you two found. How'd she end up with this old grouch. No need to be shy Hideo join in on this hug circle."] The old man had a wide grin on his face.

[+Blue "Just ignore his dumbness. This is your father-in-law, just call him old wolf."] Hideo sighed and then looked around [+blue "Where's that brat at?"]

[+orange "Welcome back. Sister in law I am the younger brother, Kouta, it is nice to meet you. Good luck handling my brother."] The black haired boy entered the room unnoticed until he spoke up [+orange "Now can we please take this to the living room. I would rather have the gathering not at the entrance."] forcefully shuffling everyone to the living room the family sat on the white couches looking out over the city [+orange "Now sister. I will let you choose the room of your choice. We have movers coming soon with your items and there are currently three open rooms."]

[i PS Make the room anyway you want it."]
  Hideo Shinokami / Aoki-chan / 3y 13d 17h 46m 39s
For a little while, nothing more was said from either Hideo or Shinko, both deciding it was better to just remain silent. However, the twins and Right still spoke to her here and there, or at least they tried to but the young woman wasn't very good with words herself. At least not in this moment, but she could speak at meeting whenever she needed to or when she needed to remind some of her gang members that she was one going to be in charge and so she should be taken seriously.

Once again Hideo spoke up, his voice still holding it's usual cold tone but his words seeming oddly sincere. She looked down when he asked her to think of all of them as family now, and that he was glad for the marriage because it meant that both families could finally start to get along. She felt horrible for not feeling the same, but perhaps it was because she had always held on to the hope that she would someday be allowed to pick her own husband to start a family with.

She knew she should not be surprised that in the end she was betrothed to families rival clan's heir, but still she some how was surprised and could not bring herself to be at least grateful even though it meant peace for them all in the end. So for that reason, all she did was simply remain silent and just nod her head to show that she understood. With that, she kept her eyes downcast, allowing only to nod her head or shake it according to any questions that were asked of her by the twins or the Right.

Eventually they all arrived to Hideo's home, and Shinko looked up at the building in awe. She hadn't lived in any modern household ever in her life, and she would be lying if she said she wasn't at the very least curious. After everyone had stepped out, the young bride to be was still hesitant and remained in the vehicle, before her soon to be husband appeared before her. She looked down at the hand that was offered to her, and after another moment of hesitation she took it, accepting a little more that this was the start of her new life.
  Shinko KageTaigasu / Okami_san_16 / 3y 34d 19h 47m 14s
Hideo was sure of it. The girl is having a hard time taking everything in so he made the decision to cool it and not talk anymore he will just let the twins and Right handle her as they seem to be at better odds since they aren't heavy with words. Hideo was happy to add another person to his family since it meant more empty space was filled in his home.

Hideo knew his way of talking was too cold; the tone is a representation of his life. [+blue "Our enemies of yesterday maybe allies tomorrow. That's how business works, but unlike business we are now family so try to see us as an extension of your family."] Hideo looked back at the girl with a smile breaking his usually stern cold face [+blue "Welcome to the family. Just call me Hideo; I'm a supporter of our marriage because I feel both sides will finally be able to return to normal."]

The car reached it's destination the private parking lot under the highrise where the residences parked and a elevator took them to there leaving floor.
[b "Here we are welcome to your new home."] One of the guards on stand by opened up the back door "Welcome home young master and young madame." The twins hopped out the car and waited for the girl
[+blue "Nice work you all."] Hideo's face return to it's nstural state [+blue "Let's head up."] He got out the car and held his hand out to Shinko.
  Hideo Shinokami / Aoki-chan / 3y 40d 16h 30m 43s
After looking back once again, Shinko bit her lower lip and turned her head only to be faced with a man who seemed a little too excitable for her taste. After he finished speaking, the young bride to be only quirked her brows together as he laughed lightly, his three sizes comment confusing her. Before she could ask what that meant, the twins shuffled her into the backseat with them, placing her between both of them. Clutching at the skirt of her kimono, Shinko glanced back one more time as they pulled away from her family home.

She jumped slightly when Hideo told her to stop worrying so much, making her want to stick her tongue out at him like a child. She bit her tongue though, as he continued to throw instructions and advises at her, all the information just furthering her slight panic attack. When he finished, she just stared the items he held out to her for a few seconds, before slowly taking them in her slightly shaking hands. When asked if she had any questions, she simply shook her head no, and continued to sit silently, her hands now gripping tightly onto everything that had just been given to her her eyes staring blankly at them.

She felt way out of place and out of her element, she felt like a weak tiger cub, and she hated feeling like anything weak. Still, she couldn't help it, as she had just been taken away from her family and was now expected to just accept the new one she was being forced into. She wished she could just refuse to marry the man she had been a rival with sense birth, but knew better then to do so unless she wanted to single handily start the second in gang war.
  Shinko KageTaigasu / Okami_san_16 / 3y 127d 4h 2m 50s
[+blue "Will do."] Hideo shuffled the other three to car and Mr.Right walked in front of the 4 [b "Well congrats young miss and welcome to our family. I'm the boss's assistant also one of your helpers just call me Mr.Right. Feel free to talk to me about your personal issues as well as your three sizes. Easier to buy gifts for ya."] The gruff looking man chuckled as he opened the door for the 4.

Hideo sat in the front seat as the twins lead their new sister-in-law into the back seat and then the car drove off with one car in the front and three in following. Hideo slid his e-cig out and took a puff [+blue "Yo girl you don't need to be worried it's not like we are kidnapping you. Feel free to do whatever you want, I already sent up funds for you on the way to visit your parents."] Hideo sighed as he took a few puffs of the e-cig [+blue "I'm barely home so you will be with the twins the majority of the time. Just don't do anything stupid in a sense, I know that seems hard to do, but I trust that you're old enough to take care of yourself."]

The two twins puffed their cheeks at Hideo when he told her not to do dumb things [+orange "We never do dumb things!"] Hideo put his hand on his forehead [+blue "Of course you two don't."]

[+blue "Feel free to hire servants or something until then you can just use right. Also here's your new phone it can do basically anything as just gotta add things you want, key card for the elevator and the key to our home, and finally here's your bank card feel free to use as much as you want until it hits it's limit."] He held the items out from behind his seat

[+blue "Have anything to say or questions?"] after finished talking he took a puff of his e-ciq letting the girl soak in all the info.
  Hideo Shinokami / Aoki-chan / 3y 161d 20h 41m 1s
The Oyabun simply nodded and hummed his voice of approval and agreement with the young man's words of hope for a better future between both clans, his hopes being the same he could not find anything else to add to man's wishes. However, the older man tensed a little, as Hideo announced that they would be taking their leave soon after complementing the meals. He wanted to find a way to keep them there longer, and he could tell his wife thought the same, but he knew better then to object and simply spoke his understanding.

[+red "Yes, yes of course I understand. I once again thank you and your sisters for joining us, and I will let our chef know that you enjoyed her meals that she had prepared for you all." ]as they began to stand to leave, Oyabun and his wife did the same, Shinko hesitating at first before doing the same. [+red "Send our regards to your father, and our thanks as well. I hope that I am able to meet with him soon as well, before the day of the wedding." ]

Shinko looked between her bowing parents and her soon to be new family, and felt a slight panic start at the base of her stomach. She wasn't ready to leave, she needed to find a way to stay, but she knew that it was pointless to try. Instead, she quickly bid her parents farewell, before slowly following Hideo and his twin sisters. Looking back repeatedly to the home that she had been raised in and holding back her week feelings of fear and sadness.
  Shinko KageTaigasu / Okami_san_16 / 3y 178d 17h 13m 6s
[+blue "No need to worry about things between our clans, now we are family as I hope it will open to more of our members mixing with one another."] Hideo gave the older man a cheerful smile to show his joy of their new found relationship.

[+blue "The food is delectable, but I shall be leaving soon."] He let out a sigh and shook his head [+blue "You know how it is. The business world never sleep and my sisters have class soon."]

Lily behan to speak, but Hideo gave her a grin as to be silent. The truth was far from what he said; Hideo actually planned to use the day as a relaxing day and Hideo allowed them to have the day off. Hideo also sensed the kitten no was starting to feel the heaviness in the air so he wanted her to meet his old man as to show a different world.

[+blue "Since the majority of things will be settled a later date, we will be taking our leave. Your daughter's belongings they can be slowly transferred to our home, some of you're clansmen can handle it and my men will take it to her new room; as for clothes we have a lot left behind by our mother so there is no need to worry about outfits."] Hideo smiled in an attempt to finish the business.

[+blue "Now then we shall be taking our leave."] He bowed slightly and began to gesture the three girls to do the same and follow him.
  Hideo Shinokami / Aoki-chan / 3y 225d 14h 43m 15s
Shinko watched Lilly as she spoke, her eyes only slightly big as the young girl spoke about her brother and how not a lot of people liked him. She wanted to laugh, finding it funny how her future husband's little sister was talking about him, confirming that most people agreed with her dislike for him, however she held back the smile and snicker as she changed the subject again. Instead now she spoke about how he wasn't truly that bad, but that if she really didn't like him Shinko could always just hang out with her and her sister.

She blinked a few times, as she tried to keep up with the girl and all her excited suggestions for what they could do together. By the time Yuki giggled, effectively slowing her twin down and bringing her back to reality, Shinko was a little dizzy from the quick fire way that she had just spoken in. She smiled a little when Lilly spoke more calmly, asking her future sister-in-law to give her family a chance to make her life happier and brighter.

[+orange "Of course, I'll try my best to give your family a chance. I hope you both will also give me a chance to get to know you both better, you seem very sweet and fun. I would love to share sweets with you both." ]A mischievous smile crossed the young bride's lips, as she quickly glanced at her parents; both of whom rarely ever let her try any sweets. Knowing their daughter though, they were sure she was likely going to take up the more outspoken twins suggestion and they had to hide their displeasure for it.

After the toast was made, Hideo went back to business and apologized for both his father and younger brother's absence. Shinko hadn't been aware that Hideo had had twin sisters much less another sibling, and wondered how both the younger brother and father would be like. She was nervous to meet them, assuming them to both be very serious people that she would have to try and impress. [+red "Yes, I understand, however I was hopping to speak with your father sense this is something between both our clans. It is done though, so I am just pleased that you have come to meet with us for lunch. I hope you and your..cheerful younger sisters are enjoying the meal that has been prepared for you?" ]

As always, Shinko's father did his best to be a gracious host, though it was evident he was not use to children, he and his wife did their best to be as polite and kind to them and their future son-in-law as they could. The time for their daughter to leave was quickly approaching, and both Shinko and her parents could feel the time escaping them. Though she was unaware, her parents were doing their best to stall her leave without being obvious about it. She was their only child, and neither wanted to force her into something she did not want, but knew that there was nothing they could be to allow this wedding to happen and so they knew they had to let her go.
  Shinko KageTaigasu / Okami_san_16 / 3y 227d 13h 34m 2s
[+orange "It's fine if you don't like nii-nii. In fact not many people actually like nii-nii nor do they get along with him."] Lily glanced at her older brother then returned her attention to shinko.

[+orange "Nii-nii isn't the worst guy in the world though for sure and that makes the marriage not as bad... and plus if you don't like Nii-nii; you could just play with us. Nii-nii is always busy anyways and we are home schooled so we can go to the park, store, restaurants, and eat all the sweets together."] Lily's eyes got even brighter as she pictured all the sweets they could share.

Yuki chuckled at Lily bringing her back to reality and making her cheeks blush slightly [+orange "Nii-nii is a dumby when it comes to somethings, but I hope you give our family a chance to make your days brighter than ever before."]

The girls kept whispering about; Hideo didn't really give them any attention since he was in business mode at the moment. After the cheers Hideo thought of his brother and father [+blue "Sorry that my father and younger brother couldn't be here today. My father believed I should handle my own business and as for my brother he is extremely busy with his studies."] Hideo bowed his head slightly as to apologize

[+blue "I do hope you can see them soon."]
  Hideo Shinokami / ClearBell / 3y 271d 16h 44m 38s
Shinko's parent's both looked to each other as the young man before them spoke, all the confidence in the world apparent in his tone and posture. [+red "Yes, of course. We also hope that this age old dispute between our families. My wife and I would both greatly enjoy a day were we do not have to worry if a damned war will break out amongst us once more." ]after saying this, the leader of the Tigatsu family looked over to his wife once more, giving her a small smile.

When Hideo took Shinko's hand in his, she very nearly snapped at him, but again held herself back from doing so. As he whispered into her ear, the young female hissed at him in reply, disliking him even more for calling her a little cat, but otherwise said and did nothing more.

Keeping a strict eye on his daughter, the Oyabun nodded his approval for a toast for the future. [+red "Yes, of course. May both the future of our families, and the of you both be filled with peace and many blessings." ]once they raised their drinks in toast, once again one of the twins, the one that seemed the most outspoken, asked Shinko if this meant she would be coming back with them.

Caught off guard again, the other more silent twin spoke first. Shinko looked to the more soft spoken girl, feeling her heart suddenly clench as she heard the sadness in her voice. Biting down on her lower lip, she considered her words very carefully before speaking. [+orange "I do not dislike you two, oddly enough. I do not mean that rudely either! I just is very difficult for me to trust and like anyone really, but..I think you two are quite adorable and very likeable so far." ]

She meant what she said, and pretended to forget the last question, as she knew she would not be able to lie about her dislike for her forced engagement. She smiled softly at the twins, as she thought of how much the softer, she believed her name was Yuki, twin reminded her a lot of her. Shinko rarely spoke, even at meetings unless she had to, and most found it an intimidating thing about, but the truth was she was afraid of speaking in front of others.

However, being the heir to her father's position over the family, Shinko more then often had to act much like Lilly does and fake being more outspoken depending on the company and the situation. In all reality, Shinko preferred to live a far more peaceful life, but was at this point too use to living the dangerous life that being raised in a gang offered to her.
  Shinko KageTaigasu / Okami_san_16 / 3y 336d 18h 29m 54s
[+blue "Yes I will not hesitate to ask for your guidance if need be, but you may trust that I am more than capable of handling such a honored task as planning our wedding."] Hideo had a business smile on his face as to show his confidence and slight joy in the ending of this damn dispute

[+blue "I would hope this is the start of a peaceful and prosperous relationship between our families."] Gently reaching to grab Shinko's hand and reaching over to whisper in her ear
[+blue "Welcome to the family little cat."] Hideo's voice was soft and masculine; he had a slight grin as he moved away from her ear though he kept hold of his hand.

[+blue "May we make a toast to the future."] Looking directly at the old man.

Hideo's younger sisters were a smiley pair they didn't say much due to manners, but once Hideo finished talking Lily returned to her normal self [+orange "Does this mean you are going home with us today?"] She asked with an excited chime and big smile of excitement

Yuki barely spoke but at this moment words escaped her small lips [+red "Lily... I Don't think she likes us... she doesn't look to happy..."] Yuki was the gentle twin and she could read people much better then her sister
[+red "Future Onee-san are you sad about marrying nii-nii? Or did we did something wrong...?"] Yuki's voice was disheartened and low, but it was clear.
Lily was quite shocked since Yuki barely talked to even Lily, but she looked at Shinko anticipating her denying what Yuki just said.
  Hideo Shinokami / ClearBell / 4y 3d 17h 55m 54s
Shinko's father nodded his head in satisfaction, as he was told by his future son-in-law that they did not have to wait long for them to greet them. However, he had hold back a scowl at the mention of his age, as he did not want to start this meal off on the wrong foot. [+red "Hmm" ] he simply hummed his reply, before going to the head of the table and standing in front of the traditional Japanese table, still listening to everyone before giving the okay for everyone to sit.

He was a very traditional man, but was also flexible in some areas as it was required of him to be so as the Oyabun. However, when it came to his village, he was dead set on keeping it as traditional as possible, with a few exceptions here and there as required by the changing generations. He watched as Hideo spoke to his daughter, telling her that it was nice to see her under different circumstances, to which Shinko forced herself to reply as respectfully as she could possibly manage. [+orange "Yes, it's certainly..interesting seeing you again.." ]

She knew that her response wasn't the best, and that her father would get her for it later, but she hopped that it at least came off as her being shy or nervous at the very least. Shinko was caught off guard by one Hideo's sister's speaking out loud to her twin about how she found her kimono pretty, before jabbing her older brother on the side and asking if he was glad that his soon to be wife was pretty. This made her blush slightly, out of both annoyance and embarrassment, but was more then glad when Hideo ignored his sister's comment.

When Hideo agreed to talk over a meal, Shinko's father nodded his then knelled down in front of the table, intertwining his hands on the table, his wife sitting next to him on his left. Shinko was about to go and sit on his right, when she was suddenly stopped as Hideo began to tell her father that she would now be living with him and that she would be taking his name from now on. Then the same sister that had spoken earlier called her over to sit beside her and her brother on his left side, making her glance over at her father who merely nodded his head telling her to do as she was asked.

Forcing herself not to roll her eyes and let out an exasperated sigh, Shinko instead forced a slight and polite smile towards Hideo, and a more genuine one towards the twins. For some odd reason, she actually found the girls...adorable and difficult to dislike. Sitting down between the girl and her future husband, Shinko kept her hands clasped tightly in front of her on her lap.

[+red "Yes, I am aware of the tradition, and I will not stand in the way of her moving with you. As you may be aware by your surroundings and your knowledge of myself and my clan, we are a very traditional part of the Yakuaza's and try our best to follow it to the tea. As for the wedding, it is also traditional for the groom and his family to pay for the wedding expenses, however if there is a need for our help I will not hesitate to offer it. My wife will certainly be more then pleased to help plan the wedding."] At the last statement Shinko's mother gave a bright smile and nodded her head with joy.

Shinko groaned internally with embarrassment at her mothers enthusiasm, feeling like a teen who's parents were showing a boyfriend baby pictures. She almost face palmed herself, but stuck to just giving them annoyed stares. Blush crept back onto her face, as she tried hard not throw a fit of rage right there and then.
  Shinko KageTaigasu / Okami_san_16 / 4y 58d 5h 53m 55s
[+blue "The wait wasn't long. I'm sorry to call so sudden and the pleasure is mines."] Hideo bowed his head [+blue "It's good to see that you are doing so well at your age. I hope your health continues for you father-in-law and mother-in-law."] Hideo said with his usual formal tone as he raised his head.

When he saw the girl it was obvious the she wasn't very happy with this marriage especially since she didn't like him in fact she sort of despised him [+blue "It's nice to see you again in a different manner."] his expression was usually serious so he made sure not to joke with a smile or grin.

[+orange "Look. Look Lily isn't she wearing a pretty Kimono."] the girls were to the right and Yuki was the one sitting closer to Hideo then it was Lily; with a shy smile Lily nodded her head [+orange "Hey Nii-nii aren't you glad she's pretty."] the young girl smiled while slightly jabbing Hideo.

Ignoring Yuki, he continued talking [+blue "I am happy to talk over a meal."] the three followed the father and sat at the end of the table, he was pretty sure he would be seated next to his wife. His two sisters sat on the left side of him as they wait for their new sister-in-law to sit down. Hideo looked his father-in-law in the eyes [+blue "As tradition follows my wife will be living with me for now on and she will take the Shi-no-okami name; also we will cover the expenses of the wedding, though it is your decision on the date for the wedding, father-in-law."]

Yuki patted the seat next to her and called out [+orange "Onee-san come sit next to me."] Lily blushed at her sister's invitation. The seat was situated right next to Hideo on the left side.
  Hideo Shinokami / ClearBell / 4y 58d 17h 3m 59s
Jumping up from her sleep, Shinko looked around the dark room as the sound of someone at the door made her jump to a more defenses stance. As the door opened, she had to put her hands up to block the sudden assault of light, making her hiss in pain. After a few moments, her eyes burned less and she was able to see through squinting eyes that someone was standing at the door way.

Confused, the young female wondered if it had been two weeks already, it certainly felt like it could have been near two weeks, but even she knew that her time in the whole couldn't possibly be over so soon. Suddenly, she flinched when the deep sound of her father began to boom through the small room. [+red "You're to follow me to my study without speaking." ]

With that, her father turned and began to walk away without another word or glance back towards her. Shaking her head clear, Shinko stepped out of the dark room with another hiss of pain from the broght light, and began to follow her father. She did as she was told and didn't say a word as she followed at a small distance, though she had a lot of questions she didn't dare to voice them.

Once in the room, Shinko took her seat in front of the desk while her father sat behind it, his eyes closed as if he were thinking about something very deeply. Once his eyes opened and focused intensely on his only daughter, Shinko couldn't help but gulp audibly in nervousness. [+red "As you know the Shinokami family has long sense been at war with our family the Tigasu." ]

The oyabun paused, to give Shinko a chance to say something, but when he got nothing but a silence that told him to keep going, he continued to speak. [+red "Well both families are once more on the verge of yet another war, and this time I doubt that the leader of the entire Yakuza families will be so forgiving towards either of our families." ]it was clear to Shinko that something was on her father's mind, as he again paused, this time he looked like he was deep in thought again.

[+red "This leads me to my next point. In order to prevent another war, the oyabun of the other family as sent me a letter with a way to finally bring peace to us all. Now listen closely to me, Shinko, this is the only way to prevent unneeded bloodshed from both sides. I know you will not like what I am about to tell you, but I must remind you that I am still the head of this family, and you have no choice but to do as I tell you." ]Once more the man paused, as she assessed his daughter. She simply looked at her father with confused and worried eyes, but otherwise did not dare to speak, so he took this as his que to continue.

[+red "The only way to ensure peace within both families is by...Well, by uniteding both families once and for all. Do you understand, Shinko?" ]As he asked this, Shinko looked at her father with even more confusion, but then slowly his words began to sink in. As the full force of what she was being told hit her, Shinko couldn't stop the gasp of both disgust and outrage escape her throat.

[+orenge "What the hell are you saying?! Do you mean to tell me that I....I have to marry someone from the Shinokami family?! Father, there must be another way! I refuse, you can not make me ma-" ]With a hard slap to her right cheek, Shinko was forced to cut her rant short, as she looked at her father while holding her hand up to the stinging cheek. [+red "You will do as I say, Shinko! This is the only way for both families to finally achieve peace, and so you will marry who has been chosen for you by the Shinokami leader! Am i understood?!" ]

Shaking with rage, Shinko looked down at the Oakwood desk as she replied, her free hand in a tight fist. [+orange "Understood, father. Forgive my outburst." ]feeling satisfied with his daughter's submission, the oyabun stood and began to walk out of the room.

[+red "Go and get yourself clean amd dressed, your future husband has sent word that he will be arriving here to meet you. You will be respectful and pretend to at least be well manared and friendlt once he and his sister's arrive have arrived." ]And once more with that, he left Shinko alone to go and get ready.

A short time later, a knock was heard at her bedroom door, as she just finished with her hair. Her mother was the one to open the door, smiling sadly at her daughter, before speaking. [+yellow "They have arrived." ]nodding her head in understanding, Shinko looked at her reflection and made sure that her orange kimono was on rigjt and perfect.

Sooner then she would have liked, Shinko stood next to her mother, as her father entered the guest room first to introduce himself first then his wife and finally her. [+red "Welcome, Shinokami to the Tigasu main home. I hope that you and your sister's did not have to wait long for us. I am oyabun of the Tigasu family, and this is my wife Makato KageTigasu." ]Makato stepped into the room, a warm and welcoming smile on her lips as she bowed in greeting to the young Shinokami male and then to his sisters.

[+yellow "It is a pleasure to meet you, all of you." ]Nodding in satisfaction over his wife's welcoming attitude, oyabun then went on to introduce his daughter. [+red "And this is my daughter and heir, Shinko KageTigasu. She is your fiancee." ]

Slowly Shinko walked forward, and nearly turned to run when she saw who was standing in front of her parents. Forcing herself to remain at least neutral, Shinko had to use every fiber in her to bow to her rival. She felt her face grow slightly red with the pent up rage that she was holding in, as the mere thought of being forced to marry her biggest rival nearly sent her into a fit of pure rage.

Standing straight, she finally took notice of the two young girls beside Hideo. Instantly she could tell they were twins, and she was quickly interested in them. She had always wanted to be a twin, and had wished to one day birth twins of her own, but now she didn't want any children anymore seeing as who she would have to have them with. Nodding stiffly at his daughter's reaction, Shinko's father accepted that it was better then her being completely rude to her future husband and sister-in-laws. [+red "Let us sit now, and enjoy a meal while we become more acquaintanced with each other." ]
  Shinko KageTaigasu / Okami_san_16 / 4y 66d 17h 47m 36s

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