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The two boys, whose names were apparently Bobby Drake and John Allerdyce according to helpful input by Doctor Grey, bickered beneath their breaths a few moments more until, finally, Bobby was the one to stand up. [#0ac2b8 "Do you think that you could beat Colossus in a fight?"] Many seemed interested or disappointed from that being the first questioned asked... however one seemed startled, and that was a rather muscled looking teenager who had just placed a bite of cake into his mouth.

[b "I'm guessing that this 'Colossus' is your nickname then, big guy? What's your actual name?"] Lauren asked, moving from her seat near the head of the table to where the teenager was. [#455d73 "Uh... yes, g-zha. A nickname. I am Pitor Rasputin."] The boy replied, moving to stand up and the woman found her eyebrows raising for two reasons. The first reason was the amount of height the boy had on her, and the second was for the slight accent and foreign word that left his lips. [b "Russian, huh? What's your power that makes those boys—friends of yours I'm assuming—want to know if I can take you in a fight?"]

The boy grinned, and a moment later he was a shiny, walking being of metal. It startled her a bit, eyebrows shooting up, but then she smiled as the boy began talking, [#455d73 "My body is like missile-proof metal in this state, and if I touch lesser metals I can replicate them. Not exactly a benefit, but if I need to avoid a giant magnet being copper helps out."] The boy shrugged, causing a few of the hundred or so kids scattered around the table to laugh or snicker.

[b "Hmm... Impressive."] The woman complimented, and then pointing her hand up and between them, she brought out one of her sets of claws in less than a blink of an eye. This caused gasps among the students. [b "Give one of 'em a poke. A [i gentle], and [i extremely light] kind of poke."] The teenager looked at her before reaching out a hand and doing just that with the palm of it, rather than a finger.

Which was a good thing because his touch hadn't been as light as needed.

[#455d73 "Der'mo!"] Pitor cursed as he shifted back into his normal form, cupping his bleeding hand to his chest. [b "I told you to touch [i lightly]."] Lauren said, her voice almost... gently scolding which was odd to hear come out of her considering how much snark and sass she seemed to just naturally embody. [#455d73 "That was a light touch."] The boy replied, still holding his hand against his chest.

Lauren sighed with a slight shake of her head before holding a hand up at the worried table of children and adults. [b "It's alright, it's alright. I got this little accident. Doctors Grey and McCoy, however, I think you'll probably want to watch this. You should know that what I'm about to do only works for minor injuries where open wounds are involved though."] The short brunette spoke almost vaguely, grabbing Pitor's hand in one of her own to examine the damage. It was an inch-long gasp and near a centimeter deep into the teenager's hand. [b "That was [i not] a light touch, but hey, at least the question got answered huh?"] The woman tone was firm at first but morphed into a gentle tease, causing the hulking wall of teenager to blush slightly and she offered a smile. She popped out one of her claws, pressing it into the palm of one of her own hands and holding it in the flesh before moving it to... drip down on Piotr's wound. Only a few drops before she retracted her claw and let her own wound heal, and then a few moments later she licked one of her thumbs and wiped away at the blood that had stained the Russian-born teenager's hand and now... nothing was there beyond the red staining. The wound was gone.
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Hank lets out a booming laugh at the newcomer's wit. [i "You make an excellent point. Perhaps we should set aside an entire chicken for just yourself? Maybe an entire table while we're at it."]

He reaches over and nudges Scott. [i "You'll have your hands full with this one, Summers. You may have met your match. The king of sarcasm might get dethroned!"]

Cyclops grits his teeth and edges away from Hank's hand. [b "I'm not the king of sarcasm! People just don't get dry humor."]

Hank rolls his eyes and pretends to whisper dramatically to Lauren. [i "Even the Brits would find his humor a little too dry."]

Scott opens his mouth to interject but Jean kicks his shin under the table, motioning to the Professor. They listen to his brief speech and then turn their eyes to Lauren as the students bounce eagerly in their seats.

To her credit, she doesn't seem phased at all. Rogue had politely declined, but Lauren seemed ready for any question the kids may throw at her. [i "Let's keep it appropriate, shall we?"] Jean stares at one of the male students, who flushes a deep red and lowers in his seat.

[b "You don't actually have to answer anything if you don't want to. Some of them have no filter, or just have no concept of boundaries,"] Scott informs Lauren diplomatically.

[i "We don't all have innocent ears, Summers,"] Hank smirks from his chair. [i "Afraid to hear something that may not be pg?"]

[b "I will dye your fur orange, Fuzzball,"] Scott threatens in return, once again receiving a kick from his girlfriend.

[i "Down, boys. Whenever you're ready, Lauren,"] she encourages.

Scott watches the students with a strict eye, though they only see their reflections in his glasses. He catches sight of the boys giggling to themselves, and notes that they've drawn Lauren's attention. [i Oh god, please don't be idiots,] he wills them internally.
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Lauren had never been one to censor her tongue when it came to witty comments or being a smart-ass in general. She had taken a bite of a piece of meat—it was some part of the dark-meat of the chicken, maybe a thigh—but even with that she couldn't resist saying something after Doctor McCoy's. Swallowing her food, she said, [b "By that logic, big guy, shouldn't I be eating even more than you? You and the good Doctor Gray said it yourselves; carrying around twice my own body-mass and all. Shouldn't I be eating even messier than you by that logic you're spewing?"] She grabbed a roll, biting into it as she looked at the blue scientist with wolfish smirk.

The rest of the dinner itself was rather uneventful, but was dessert was brought out for all was when things got a little bit interesting. Professor Xavier proceeded to introduce Lauren and Rogue, giving them the choice to be open to any questions the others may ask. Rogue opted out, which none of the kids seemed to mind. Once that happened, all eyes had turned towards the feral-mutant and she stood momentarily, remembering back to an earlier conversation in the day with a specific group of kids when Summers had brought her to see the kid she came in with.

That brought her to the current moment, as she glanced at all of the interested faces of children of various ages, and huffing a silent sigh she'd nod her head at the entire large group before glancing at the Professor. [b “They're free to lay into me, question wise. I don't mind.”]

How many hands that shot up honestly surprised her, but noticing two vaguely familiar faces her eyes lingered on them. Squinting at their expressions and the vague hints of whispering in it. The devious expressions on one of the boy's faces definitely peaked her interest. [b “One of you two can go ahead first. You seem so heated in whatever you're whispering about, so whatever it is, go ahead and ask it.”] She gestured to the two teenage boys, and she didn't understand why some of the kids nearby snickered after her words.
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Scott glances Jean's way before looking behind himself. [b "What the hell?"] he frowns, not seeing Lauren.

[i "I know she's small, but she can't be that hard to keep track of,"] Jean teases, not concerned in the slightest.

[b "She was right behind me! I swear, she's worse than these kids,"] he crosses his arms over his chest defensively.

When the newcomer finally enters the dining hall, he breathes a slight sigh of relief. He didn't feel like getting on the professor's bad side today. [b "See?"] Scott smirks at Jean. [b "Not lost."]

He wanders over to Lauren and raises an eyebrow. [b "How exactly did you lose two-thirds of your pants in the ten minutes you've been wearing them?"]

Closing his eyes, he shakes his head. [b "Actually, I don't want to know. It's better if I don't. Let's eat."]

Taking his seat next to his girlfriend, Scott settles back and waits for their mentor to join them. Sure enough, at precisely six o'clock, the large doors open and the professor wheels in. [b "He'll introduce you to most of them after dinner. Once food is put on the table, these kids hear nothing until they've stuffed their faces,"] Cyclops mutters to Lauren, seated on the other side of him.

[i "Glad you've decided to stay. I hope you're hungry,"] Charles smiles at her as he moves to the head of the table. [i "Dig in, before it starts getting cold."]

Before the words are out of his mouth, Hank has already reached in and pried the leg off of the roasted chicken, ripping it apart with one bite. [b "We don't all have table manners,"] Scott drawls playfully.

[i "Mr. Summers, I carry around an additional ninety pounds of fur during the day. I need the extra calories for energy. If you wish to try this, I have a weighted vest you can haul around for twenty-four hours. If not, I suggest you let me eat in peace,"] Beast retorts smoothly.
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[i The smaller my foot just means the farther up your ass I can shove it.] While that rather lovely little thought process appeared the same instance he held the white shoes out towards her, all she did in response to his words was peacefully roll her eyes before proceeding to pull the slip-ons upon her feet.

An elevator ride up to the main floor later—which was more like traveling up quite a few stories of floors, considering how deep the “basement” of the school actually was—and Scott would be able to start leading the way towards the school's dining hall. There were a few kids of various ages of the teen years still meandering their way through the halls, but otherwise Scott and Lauren would undoubtedly be one of the last few to arrive for the meal that night.

Of course considering how much chatter and happy conversation happening from not-too-far away, and Scott without superior hearing like Lauren had, no one could blame the male for not noticing when the short feral-mutant was stalled... because an even shorter mutant had collided into her path.

Both females involved let out sounds of starlement, and the Wolverine found the lower-half of her 'borrow' sweatpants from the infirmary now thoroughly soaked through with what smelled like water. The woman blinked, but hearing a sniffle she glanced only about a foot up and forward from her lower legs to see the sight of a young, curly-haired blonde soaked from chest down in water with brown eyes who was clearly on the verge of tears, starting to hyperventilate as if she was on the verge of...

[i ….A panic attack?] That realization caused Lauren the most brief of pause, but once she saw the kid sniffle again the woman snapped out of her slight stupor.

[b “Woah, woah, kid. Hey... it's alright. Look, no harm done. It's just water, and a little water never hurt nobody,”] Lauren's voice was soft and gentle, she avoiding from touching the girl because she felt that might not be the best with the state that the youngster had already worked herself into, but the child seemed to already be calming a little with an expression of unsureness of this strange adult she had no knowledge of. Seeing no negative effects, Lauren continued on, [b “I mean honest, squirt, it's fine. But if my now wearing some wet pants makes you feel so bad.....”] The brunette brought out one of her claws just enough on each of her hands and within a matter of seconds had cut the sweatwear fabric off from just bellow the knee. The wet cotton now in a slooshy little pile on the wooden floor. [b “See? All better. So no need for tears, huh?”] The adult gave the girl a gentle smile, and received a small, relieved, shy smile back before another person came upon the scene.

[#7700b8 “Oh! Jenny, I told you to be careful with the jug.”] A playful voice sounded as a teen girl—Kitty Pride was her name, Lauren remember—rounded the corner and saw the scene. She moved forward, swinging the girl up into her arms, [#7700b8 “Let's go get you into some dry pajamas.”] And with that both girls were gone in a matter of seconds.

In the dining room there were roughly 50 students, and 10 teachers, seated at a table that could easily sit another thirty people. The room was large enough, however, to place another five tables of the same size and seating-capacity though. It was already rather lined with food, and a majority of all the young mutants were already eating away at the food there.

Jean Grey looked up from where she was seated as her boyfriend entered into the dining room by himself, and grinned. [#bf0d39 /+// Did you loose something on the way here, Scott? //+/] The telepath's voice was gentle in her lover's head. If he turned to look behind or beside himself it be blatantly obvious that a certain new guest of the school was no where in sight.

Thankfully for the sanity of the poor laser-eyed Summers' male, Lauren popped up in the doorway just a few moments later.
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The atmosphere is tense as they await her decision. To Scott, it seems like a fairly easy choice. Stay here with protection against a psychotic mutant who will enslave her to do his bidding, or take the risk of being alone with Magneto hunting her. Then again, he knows what life is like here. If Lauren has been on her own all these years, it won't be simple for her to trust them. For that reason, Scott bites his tongue from making a comment.

When she finally agrees, the tension disappears. Jean and Hank both break out in to encouraging smiles, wanting to assure her silently that she made the correct decision. Scott hadn't even realized the late hour, but when Charles mentions that they're late for dinner, his stomach gurgles expectantly. He'd been too wrapped up in showing Lauren around to remember to eat.

As he takes a step towards the door, Jean politely orders him to fetch their new guest some shoes. He opens his mouth to refuse, but closes it almost immediately. He can never say no to Jean. Turning back, he locates the clothing supply. [b "Tiny feet for such a powerful person,"] he remarks over his shoulder as he lifts up each pair to find the size.

Grabbing the pair, he holds them out to Lauren. [b "The professor will do what he can to help you. When he makes up his mind, he sticks to it. If there's anything from your past that he can find, he will."]

Whether or not Scott approves of Charles spending most of his time digging in to Lauren's history, is another story. With Magneto getting bolder with his actions, they can't afford to be wasting time. Still, Scott knows better than to question Charles, not to mention he's had enough of bickering with Lauren for one day.

[b "Come on, I'm starving,"] he hurries her so he can go eat.
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Lauren remained silent as they all spoke, her jaw locking and teeth grinding against each other just slightly as she was lost deep in contemplation and thoughts.

Should she stay there? She barely knew these people, should she really trust them? Even with all the good they were offering? The brunette hated the thought of tying herself down to things she barely understood or knew of.

If all of these offers and their kindness [i actually is genuine], and their warnings about the Magneto guy's ruthlessness being near limitless, should she stay there even if she actually wanted to? They said this school is a sanctuary for all mutants, but they had a lot of kids upstairs—one of them her "little hitchhiker". Would it put the kid if she stayed there?

That's was the dominating part of the battle of "Stay? Go?" in her mind, and only those who might be looking could see it.

So of course, Charles was left sighing softly before clearing his throat to gain the room's attention. He had easily heard the woman's mental war with how loud she had been thinking. So he said, [#216bb5 "How about we make a deal, Lauren; give me just two weeks. That's all I ask for you to guarantee on staying here for. You can leave after that, and though I wish you'd remain here, we won't make you stay. If you give me these two weeks and you decide you still aren't comfortable with all this, then you can leave. We won't try to stop you."]

There would be a few long, almost tense moments of contemplation before with a silent sigh of her own , the Wolverine found herself nodding her agreement to the deal. Two weeks? She could live with that.

[#216bb5 "Excellent! Now, I believe we should all head up to the dining hall. We've left the others in the school to handle all of the children on their own long enough, we've been down here for hours, and dinner will be starting shortly. Besides, Rogue, as well as Lauren here, should be properly introduced."] Charles declared, and then would begin to leave the room. Beast would rise to his feet, following after the Professor. Jean would move to follow after both of them, but then paused next to Lauren with a thoughtful look.

[#bf0d39 "Scott? Grab Lauren a pair of those sneakers from that upper cabinet over in the corner? There should be a size in there that fits her feet... she looks about a six or five. I'm gonna go help Storm set up the plates and serve the food. I'll save you each a seat."] Flashing a smile at Scott, and then at Lauren, the female doctor would scamper off after the two men who were already halfway down the hall towards the elevator.
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[b "The concern is that he clearly has information on you. The fact that you don't remember much of your past is a little disconcerting. There's a chance that you could have had a run-in with him at some point and don't remember, or something along those lines. Whatever it is, you're on his radar. So, the professor is right. Your safest bet will be to remain here,"] Scott fills in.

[i "While you have demonstrated incredible abilities and self-defense, I'm afraid it would not stand any kind of chance against Magneto, should he find you. He can manipulate you in any way he sees fit, and there's nothing you would be able to do to defend yourself,"] Hank adds.

It was well known just how ruthless Erik Lehnsherr could be, but Scott doesn't want to imagine what the man could be capable of if Lauren was at his mercy. She would become a weapon against her will, and they wouldn't be able to stop it. [i "We can track him from this Institute, based on where there are reports of his followers appearing. From this vantage point, you can stay safe while we help you. I promise you that I will do my very best to find whatever I can about your past. If you're willing to remain here, we can research anything you think might be a start for discovering your lost years,"] Charles offers.

Scott bites down on the inside of his lip. Everything was on the table. She knows the consequences if she leaves and Magneto gets a hold of her. The offers are laid out for her to choose, and he can only hope that she makes the right decision. Based on what he saw her do in the Danger Room, Scott isn't quite sure he'd like to have her as an enemy. If that means living with the pain in the ass, then so be it. [b "What do you think?"]
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The reason for Jean's silent observation had been the same as the Professor's own earlier silence during watching the Danger Room testing. Watching the short woman's mind doing extraordinary things while seeing her body do things equally as such was an awed and enrapturing thing to experience.

It wasn't so long after that proclamation by the bald man that the X-Men would help her that the simulation in the main room stopped just before Level 10—since Lauren had finished Level 8 in the matter of minutes it had taken Scott to retrieve the others, so when they came back in she had been halfway through with 9. Lauren had been preparing to jump into the next bout of action that required both mental, physical, and all around tactile abilities.... which was why no one averagely made it past Level 3 on their own in the Danger Rooms pre-set tests. They were meant for team units.

[b "Hey! None of that was even hard! I thought this was called the 'Danger Room'? I barely broke a sweat."] She called this to the high observation window where she saw the now-four people standing. Grin a mixture of toothiness and cheekiness as she cocked a hip. It was as she pointed out her lack of strain that the barely existent flesh was reabsorbed into her body and she was once more left in that pristine condition her healing factor granted.

Charles chuckled before pressing a button that activated the calm link to the simulation room. [#216bb5 "I'll let you have more fun in here later, Lauren. In fact we can even come right back here and I'll type in something special for you to engage with.... However, as for now, I believe we have important things to discuss."]

A nod was what he received from the female, and she pulling the oversize hoodie back onto her body over the sports bra to once more complete her outfit of thefted sports-wear and bare feet.

It didn't take long until the group of four-and-the-mutant-nomad were back in the conference room from earlier that still had Lauren's X-rays displayed on the screen. It was once Charles, Scott, and the one whose metal bones were on display were all in their place at the table that Jean and Hank began into all of the medical mumbo.

[#bf0d39 "Firstly, I have to say that you really are utterly remarkable from a medical standpoint, Lauren. Even for a mutant."] The redhead grabbed a pointed to the digital scans with a point that caused a text on the molecular breakdown to appear, [#bf0d39 "What lines your bones appears to be a metal known as Adamantium—a near indestructible metal that likely takes a nuclear blast to harm. But the thing that stumped myself and Hank was that though [i it is] Adamantium, [i it's also not] at the exact same time."]

McCoy jumped in, excitement only scientists and doctors could understand in his posture and words, [#0086eb "I think a rough name that best suits this situation is to call it 'Adamantium-Beta'! From a few microscopic make-up differences shows your skeleton has potential to be the only certified indestructible thing on this planet, and-"]

[#bf0d39 "And it's completely biological."] The Gray woman cut back in gently, the blue mutant near sulking before sitting back to enjoy the ride of science babble.

[#bf0d39 "We didn't register any calcium or bone-marrow at all in your body and every human needs that to live... at least we couldn't find the versions of it that properly exist. But you've still got your teeth and just as obviously still have you immune system. The metal has mutated to replace all marrow and calcium in your body,"] She did something to the screen that had X-rays of her skull and hands specifically pop up, [#bf0d39 "Though in the large areas they've gone completely metallic, it appears in lesser areas—as evidence of your teeth and nails—that it seems to have imitated regular appearance. We just can't figure out if the metal is that adaptable, or if your healing factor is just simply [i that] powerful."]

All attention would undoubtedly turn to Lauren, and the short woman had a fist against her mouth and teeth lightly gnawing on one of her knuckles in thought. [b "So... I'm a walking impossibility?"] At the nods she received from the two doctors she nodded her own in return, [b "Okay then. Fun. What's this gotta do with that lion-ass coming after me back in Canada though?"] That question was to be expected, and Charles cleared his throat to gain the attention of the room.

[#216bb5 "Is this seemingly new version of the metal lining her body—Adamantium-Beta is what you called it, yes?—just as magnetically capable as it's parent metal?"] At the nod he received from McCoy the oldest man int he room huffed a small sigh, nodded to himself, and then returned his gaze to the woman, [#216bb5 "I told you that Magneto has an ability to control levels with magnetic capabilities. If he knows of you and even mere hints of what you're capable of... it won't end well."]

The man folded his hands on the table before returning his attention to three of his hundreds of 'children' he has had over the years, expecting various responses as he declared, [#216bb5 "We're going to help her. And to keep her safe I believe the safest way is for her to remain in the school."]
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Scott could only stare in wonder at the woman below them. She didn't even seem phased, no matter what level they raised the simulation to. She met every challenge with fierce determination, and succeeded without hesitation. He doesn't even blink, afraid to miss the show. A faint grin tugs at his lips, impressed at her focus.

He hears Charles speak, and lets the words soak in. He can only imagine what the Professor has the privilege to see in her mind. Physically, Lauren was a wondrous being that defied all logic. Mentally, he isn't surprised that she's just as fascinating. Of course, he would never admit that to her.

[b "It would definitely be unfortunate if she was on the other side of this feud. I'm glad we got to her first. Who knows what Magneto could get her to do once he gets in to her head. She's safer here,"] he answers.

At the order to retrieve the others, Scott exits the room and wanders down the hall to find Hank and Jean. The blue mutant is talking animatedly about Lauren's medical examination, trying to make sense of it. [i "By all logic, she should be dead. She is a walking anomaly!"]

[b "She's mastered how to survive with it,"] Scott says as he joins them. [b "Both of you have to see this. She's like no fighter we've ever seen."]

Back in the observation tower, he gestures for them to walk to the glass. [i "Unbelievable,"] Hank murmurs under his breath while Jean watches silently.

If Lauren chose to join them, there's no doubt in Scott's mind that she would be one of the most powerful on their team. That also would make her a greater target for Magneto, who will stop at nothing to turn mutants in to his followers. And if Sabertooth was trying to grab her when they showed up? The metal-controlling mutant was definitely aware of Lauren's existence. [b "What are we going to do?"] he asks Charles.

[i "We're going to help her."]
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In the end it was decided that the doctor and the scientist weren't needed for the danger room tests so while Jean and Hank would be figuring out what metal lined Lauren's bones, as well as all of the other medical aspects they could dissect from her examination in the lab, Charles and Scott would be observing her in the Danger Room. The cameras would of course record everything for later records but first-hand viewing was the best, so the younger mutant would be in charge of visually watching it while the professor would be 'mentally' watching the female.

When a Danger Room examine a test to range that new recruits abilities the room's exam only lasted until the difficulty became too overwhelming for the person once having reached so-or-so level of intensity. The highest anyone 'new' had ever reached on a first exam was a Level 3—which had been quite a feat, considering that added up to a full hour of constant activity.

But Lauren.... The time passed, and at the hour marker she was already on Level 7 due to how fast she had made her way through the other difficulty levels. The Danger Room had 20 Levels of pre-set skill assessments and if shet kept at the rate she was, or maybe even got [i faster], she'd be able to clear them in less than another two hours.

The entire time Professor Xavier had not spoken a word; his eyes had been closed as he gave all focus to assessing every movement of Lauren's thought patterns and brain activity as much as possible. As the short stature woman began Level 8 was when the man would finally speak. His eyes remained shut, but he spoke to Scott finally nonetheless, [#216bb5 "It's remarkable, really. I hold no doubt that watching her alone is astounding to see but Scott, if you could see her mind? It is like..."] The older mutant paused as he was rarely at a loss of how to describe something but soon found the words, [#216bb5 "It is like both her physical and mental state might as well be equivalent to an Olympic-level gymnast performing a Gold-medal-winning routine whilst simultaneously beating four chess computers in their head."] The man nodded, opening his eyes and looking over to the Summers male.

[#216bb5 "Go and fetch Jean and Hank for me please, would you? I'd call them but I don't want to lose focus on Lauren's mind—and if I let either of them miss any more of her testing they'll undoubtedly shun me for days."] There was an unmistakably playful tone in his voice but his words could very well hold some possible truth.

Down in the Danger Room the woman known as Wolverine was assessing another situation; this one being the third 'Life or Death' circumstance she had to face since that began with Level 5 toughness. She wasn't winded, no sweat visibly laced her body, and no injuries lasted longer than perhaps ten seconds! Maybe even less than that! And she had gone through most of the testing with a mixture of grimaces to seemingly exhilarated grins!

This woman was like a tank. An inhuman tank that had only been praised about in World War II era comic books in the picture of a man in spandex. It was like she was as utterly unstoppable as that man had been, but only she in a literal sense rather than figuratively. Enhanced speed, senses, strength, a heeling factor, self-created weapons all alongside a Charles-Xavier-Verified brilliant mind.

And her bones are [i metal], of all things.

Could that be why Magneto wanted her?
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Scott stares at the x-rays in silence and shock. Without Jean or Hank having any clue on how to explains this phenomena to them, he's even more lost. Something like this shouldn't be possible. What's more worth noting is that she likely wasn't born in this condition. A doctor would have noticed that metal was growing in place of bone. There would be documented records. As far as they had come across, none exist. Lauren was an anomaly.

[b "Are you saying that the only thing keeping her alive is her healing power?"] he interjects.

[i "As far as I can tell, yes. The only explanation is that her powers are constantly working to heal her. Without that ability, she would be dead in seconds. I'm curious as to whether her healing power has advanced this far out of an evolutionary necessity, or if it is naturally this strong,"] Hank observes her scans.

Scott looks at the newcomer as she joins them in the room, eyes narrowing behind his glasses as he tries to understand her. If this wasn't a natural occurrence like the rest of the mutations, then the logical conclusion would be that something severe and drastic had happened to her at some point. However, she doesn't act or give any signs that she had undergone such a traumatic procedure. There are no signs of PTSD at all, which Scott would assume went along with something like this.

He rejoins the conversation when the Danger Room is mentioned. [b "We can start off on base level difficulties and work up from there. The more complicated the level gets, the more intense the risks. The simulations act like an AI and will adapt to your attacks, based on how often you repeat a move. We'll be observing from above."]

If anything, this would give them an opportunity to gauge whether or not she would be a vital asset, or a danger, to their team.
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Silence loomed heavy after Hank's breath of horror. It was a full minute before it was broken.

[#bf0d39 "How...? H-How is she [i alive?]"] Jean whispered, picking up her tablet and looking up all of the schematics that the x-ray machine was capable of picking up for it did much more than just take pictures of bones; it simultaneous checked bone density and structure. The ages of bones and any potential health issues that the bones could show down to the perfect-T, for bones and what their marrow created were a vital part to a human being capable of life.

And yet... there was Lauren. Alive and breathing.

Lauren who, of course, was hearing everything that was being said in the observation room next to the X-ray room. She was nothing more than very interested to know what was being seen, but she could wait for now.

[#bf0d39 "Even if her bones are just grafted in this metal alone she should be dead, healing factor or no. There'd be no way for the blood cells, both white and red, to be created. But this machine says it's grafted into her bones. That there is [i zero percent calcium.] She doesn't have any actual bones at all. Just... the metal."] Jean flipped through some things rapidly on her tablet before hitting a button on the tablet she spoke into it's mic, [#bf0d39 "Lauren? I'm gonna run a resanancy with the machine so Doctor McCoy and myself can figure out what kind of metal is in your body. You're a feral mutant, and you said you have good hearing, so it might be... uncomfortable on your ears."]

[b "Uncomfortable as in 'sleeping on a floor for a week'? Or the kind of uncomfortable as in 'I just got thrown from a truck'? Because I've done both now."] The woman's voice echoed back through the speaker system from the isolated x-raying room. Jean cracked a small smile and released a soft laugh. [#bf0d39 "The later, most likely."]

[b "Bring it on, then."]

Ten minutes later Lauren was able to leave the x-ray machine and room. She was rubbing at her ears and wincing, and Jean was reading over read-outs with Hank. The shortest female in the little group looked around at the others but promptly froze stiff at the sight of the x-ray images lining the large flat-screen wall in the room. Her eyebrows high on her forehead. [i Fucking shit.] That was the only thought that ran through the Wolverine's mind as she took in the information that was available on the screen alongside the images. Eyes flickering rapidly as she took it all in and her memory took route and perfectly preserved everything like it was usual to.

[b "I always had a hunch I was metal all the way through with my bones, like I told the blue-guy and you,"] She gestured towards Scott, [b "But... this is fucking shit. How [i am] I alive! Doctor Gray—Jean, yeah?—is right! How the fuck am I alive!? It literally makes no sense."] The short brunette with anger issues gestured towards the screen in extreme agitation. Not in anger at what she was seeing, but rather because it didn't make sense on a scientific level.

So, Charles took the opportunity to distract them all from the disturbing discovery that had been officially made. [#216bb5 "You know of sciences and biology quite well then, Lauren?"] Professor Xavier asked, and she startled just slightly before turning her attention towards him and giving a movement that combined a nod and a shrug.

[b "I know lots of things...."] Wolverine decided it wouldn't hurt to give a little more information and added on, [b "Me knowing lots of things in depth is kinda helped by my mind that, besides from before 15 years ago, seems to remember absolutely everything I've ever seen or read."]

At this, the Professor gave an encouraging smile to his newest wayward mutant. [#216bb5 "Then lets all move onto the academic and mental-tactile exams for the time being, hm?"] Charles looked at the four others in the room and smile a little more properly, [#216bb5 "Perhaps even a small text in the 'Danger Room' on a light setting to blow off some speed? Test your physical and mutational abilities and you can show your abilities in a more... proper setting than breaking things in the kitchen."]

Lauren blinked, but then grinned a bit as she absentmindedly gave lots of bonus points to the older mutant in her mental 'Okay, Meh, Fuck You' bingo-book.

[b "Now that sounds more like my favorite kind of things."]
  Lauren (Wolverine) / animechick98 / 4y 11d 14h 9m 34s
Scott can practically feel Hank's excitement and anxious emotions as soon as they enter the lab. [i "It's about time. I thought you were doing your best to keep her from me,"] the blue mutant states as he gathers more vials.

[b "I don't think that would be physically possible, even if I wanted to,"] Scott answers in return.

He hears Lauren apologize, and turns to face her, only to find her looking back at him, gesturing to his bruised neck. [b "It's fine,"] Scott responds. [b "We might not all have your healing capabilities, but this will hardly bother me in a few days. Just don't expect to get the upper hand on me again."] Though his voice is serious, his lips twitch slightly with a smile.

[i "Now that you two aren't at each other's throats - literally - anymore, we can get started with the next tests. Hank is going to take tissue samples, blood samples, and then I will conduct a physical examination. After that, we can do the x-ray,"] Jean lists off the plan as she gathers her supplies.

Hank beams and holds up a needle. [i "I'll be gentle, I promise."]

[b "I think we need a new welcoming team,"] Scott mutters to the Professor, who merely smiles.

In Hank's excitement, he finishes his tests in record time. He had numbed her arm for the tissue sample, which was really a nice way of saying that he cut a small piece of flesh from her, and practically squealed when he watched it grow back with fascination. Jean is more clinical, and the men are ordered to leave the room for her examination.

They aren't called back until Lauren is put in to the x-ray scanner, at which point they all take seats around the screen like it's about to start a movie. What appears before them stops their thoughts. [i "Oh my god,"] Hank breathes.
  Scott Summers / Kooza / 4y 32d 6h 53m 36s
Lauren hadn't been expecting such a long and detailed answer. Well... she [i had] been, but in all honesty she had thought it would be some sort of "We are fighting for the greater good, we are the good guys!" sort of spiel. The honest words, ones that sounded genuine and didn't seem to be painting this "X-Men" thin in a fully holier-than-though light did catch her interest. So by the time Scott suggested they head back she was already to the point of mulling over her thoughts in silent debates that shot left, right, up, down, and every other angle with points and cases.

The visor-wearing male's own question is enough to catch her off guard. She doesn't stutter a single step as they continued to walk but she had reared up slightly with raised eyebrows due to her surprise. It is her turn to be silent for a few minutes but it's as they reach an elevator that she finally gave a small shrug and answered with an honest, [b "Probably not the kind of person anyone would want on their team, bub. Something both sides of the cone should think about."]

Soon enough they are in the labs that the two had 'meet' in earlier, and it's as they enter the main science-y looking room that Lauren pauses a step. The Professor and both of the school's two resident doctors/scientists are already there and present. One for her health and the other for the wealth of DNA she can give. Probably her health too, but still, the blue guy was excited for a very specific thing regardless.

[#bf0d39 "Is something wrong?"] The redhead, Jean, asked of her after noticing her having stopped in the doorway, but the Wolverine doesn't answer her. She hesitates before turning her attention over to Scott once more. [b "I'm sorry, by the way, for uh...."] She raised a hand and gestured almost weakly towards his bruised throat, [b "The thing."] The apology was awkward but sincere all the same.

The Professor looked like he was more pleased than anything in the world to see the still semi-stranger of a gruff woman apologize, Hank looked like he was getting antsy to get things going, and Jean cast Scott a half-pointed look to make sure he'd respond to their guest.
  Lauren (Wolverine) / animechick98 / 4y 33d 7h 35m 38s

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