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[center [b [size15 Roughly, there are five classes of mutants.]]]

[center [b • Class One – Passives:] [size11 Mutations wherein the individual's body has physically altered in some way—internally or externally—that renders the individual more capable of surviving hostile environments. [b [i Ex. Having reptilian skin that enables a higher resistance to heat.]]]

[center [b • Class Two – Defensives:] [size11 Mutations that provide protection to an individual's physical or mental well-being through either physical or internal manifestations. [b [i Ex. Teleporters, Healers, Regenerators, Shapeshifters.]]]]
[center [b • Class Three – Aggressives:] [size11 Mutations that will permit one to make, or detect, physical changes in the surrounding environment by way of either intentional or unintentional action. [b [i Ex. Feral instincts, super strength, laser sight, sonic control, razor teeth, etc.]]]]
[center [b • Class Four – Strategics:] [size11 Mutations that allow individuals to effectively change their surrounding environment with differentiation in levels and for of use. [b [i Ex. Environmental manipulation, elemental manipulation, telekinesis, telepathy, metal manipulation, power-borrowing.]]]]
[center [b • Class Five – Intrusives:] [size11 Mutations that can control, with obsessive characteristics, their physical an mental surroundings. This class is volatile due to the pure strength of the gifts possibly being too much for the controller to handle. [b [i Ex. Long-range/destructive telepathy, long-range/destructive telekinesis, disintegration.]]]]


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[b "Now you're just asking way too much. A scientific calculator? It's like you think Dr Hank McCoy lives here,"] he drawled sarcastically. [b "Give me ten minutes."]

The school did have its own stock of supplies, given that a lot of students arrived on short notice without time to getting their own items. Charles never wanted anyone to feel embarrassed, so he ensured everyone had the same supplies as their classmates. Scott grabbed the requested items and piled them into a box he'd swiped from the shelf. The laptop was his own, with the browser history cleared to ensure she wouldn't find anything she could use against him.

[b "You are officially ready to take the SATs,"] he announced, dropping the box onto the library table. [b "Please keep your eyes on your own paper, no talking, and no googling the answers."]

Met with silence, Scott frowned. [b "Seriously? Not even one chuckle? I thought that was funny."]

He slid the contents of the box to her one by one, listing them off as he went. Hesitating on the laptop, he looked around and cleared his throat. [b "The password to unlock it is smoothguysummers. I'll be changing it immediately after I get it back, so laugh it up now."]
  Scott Summers / Kooza / 51d 13h 56m 5s
[b "The "Alvin and the Chipmunks" cartoon, while having three girl chipmunks, is still about a boyband. The Power Rangers still focuses on the male leaders, constantly, and there are only ever two girls on a team with a one-girl minimum - and that's only in America, in Japan there was originally only one female."] Lauren said, tacking it off on her fingers as Scott started scouring the shelves himself. She followed after him, though, paying attention to what he grabbed and ultimately following him back to one of the tables in the library. [b "Just because there's girls doesn't mean something can't still be about - or be called - a 'boyband' thing."]

Her smirk slowly fell off of her face with curiosity as he slit her the book, nodding slowly along with his words as she picked it up and started to page through it. She paused on an image of the founding woman, Margaret "Peggy" Carter, and she felt a twitch behind her eye before quickly turning to the next page to read more about the formation instead of the cause for the origin of the SHIELD idea.

[b "...Thanks, Summers."] She said after a few moments, only just remembering he was still standing there. Her expression was a little tight, but she turned her attention back to the reading anyway. [b "Considering this is a school, there's no chance there's a laptop just lying around I could use? And maybe about ten empty spiral notebooks, pens, highlighters, mechanical pencils? A protractor or two? Packet of graph paper? Scientific calculator?"] She quirked an eyebrow up, picking the entire stack of books she had gathered and the one he had found for her.
  Lauren (Wolverine) / animechick98 / 53d 6h 23m 16s
[b "It's not...we're not a..."] Scott pinches the bridge of his nose. [b "It's not a super secret boy band. We're..."] He aimed a finger at her. [b "There's girls here too, we're not a boy band."]

Not his best retort.

[i It's okay, Scott. She can know about them,] Charles spoke in his head.

Scouring the books they'd pulled from the shelves, he found what he'd been looking for. No title of author was branded anywhere on the faded cover or spine. It looked like any old Dickens hardcover novel found in a used bookstore. [b "The only reason we have this is because we occasionally partner up with SHIELD when something goes down in our area. We're the mutant-hub of New York so if anything suspicious or threatening occurs, we're the first ones they call since we're right here."]

Sliding the book over to her, he points at the SHIELD logo. [b "Strategic Homeland Intervention Enforcement and Logistics Division. SHIELD. Top secret organization meant to protect the planet, and you have permission to learn about it because you are technically with us now and seeing as you don't like most people, I don't imagine you're about to go blabbering to the local pub about it."]

It was a relatively thick book, going over every protocol and history of the organization. Scott wasn't even sure how long Charles had kept the damn thing, but it had been read by just about everyone on the main team. [b "SHIELD is who worked with Captain America in the 1940s. They'll have information regarding the scientist who formulated the serum, though I'm not sure they go into much detail about each specific component of it."]
  Scott Summers / Kooza / 82d 16h 16m 41s
[b "...I'm pretty sure if I had the super-soldier serum I wouldn't have had a Canadian-leaf keychain on me when I first woke up a decade and a half ago?"] Lauren said slowly, arching an eyebrow at the man. If anything, she's fairly certain that Captain America's serum would have needed to be made from someone like her or just be a big break-through in genetic science in general.

She nodded along as he explained stuff, heading straight in the direction of the the history books. Now those books were what she wanted, because back at the museum... she had triggered something in herself almost, she was sure she had, but everything there had been too overwhelming. If she could find all of the information in that stupid Captain America exhibit in a book instead? Well, she was fairly certain that maybe she could remember something. Besides, Charles had just told her she was back on lock-down in the mansion so she might as well use her freetime in a manner other than getting along with others and/or annoying Scott. Speaking of...

[b "Summers, before you go, what's SHIELD? Is that like, just some knowledge only your Super Secrete Boyband of mutants know about because Chuck has got resources or something?"] She asked, slowly grabbing all of the history books that seemed to pertain most specifically to Captain America's team of Howling Commandos.
  Lauren (Wolverine) / animechick98 / 83d 18h 26m 5s
[b "I should point out that I don't like being manhandled by someone half my size,"] Scott grumbled, trying to extract her hand from the vice grip she had on him.

Her question made him pause, head tilting slightly. [b "Captain America? Are you suggesting that you have a super soldier serum? Shouldn't you have grown like, a foot taller if that were the case?"]

Not wanting to start a fight when he was so tired, he motioned for her to follow him. [b "Charles' library has books on just about every subject you can imagine. There are science books based around the theory of messing with the natural genetics of a human being, like they did with Steve Rogers to turn him into Captain America, but it's mostly hypothetical stuff. No one really knows what exactly was given to him for those enhancements. SHIELD keeps a tight lid on all of their projects."]

The library was tucked away in a far corner of the building, with massive windows overlooking a pond. Bookshelves lined the room, floor to ceiling and running aisle to aisle, all packed with heavy volumes. [b "If you know what you're looking for, it'll be easier to know where we can start pulling from the shelves. My suggestion is where the biology books are. You'll find studies on genetics and mutations, both natural and man-made."]

Scott pointed to the shelf directly across from them. [b "These three rows are science based. Behind those are history. There are indicators on the sides of the shelves. We're not quite that high tech enough to have a computer with all the data. Charles said it destroys the dignity of a library."]
  Scott Summers / Kooza / 102d 12h 14m 34s
[b "...So what you're saying is that I am once more confined to the mansion, and that if they fuck up and need more of my DNA that I am as much a danger to all of the kids here as I originally thought I would be?"] Lauren asked, and seeing Hank make a so-so motion with his head and Charles huff a sigh had her flop back in her chair with a disbelieving huff. [b "Great. Anything else you two want to say?"]

[#0086eb "...Would now be a bad time for [i me] to be able to get a bit more of your DNA for- Ow! Charles!"] Hank yelped, rubbing his arm where the wheelchair-bound elder had twacked him with a dictionary. [#0086eb "Fine, fine. I'll ask later when it's more 'appropriate'. You could have used your words."]

[#216bb5 "I [i did] use my words."] Charles said. He looked far too pleased with himself.

[b "And now puns are being thrown? I'm out."] She gave a finger-gun before hopping up, cracking her spine with a sigh. The short brunette glanced off to the side a few moments, thoughts all but visibly flickering across her eyes, and then she looked to Scott. [b "Summers! You're coming with me."] She said simply, yoinking him up by his shirt before switching her grip to the back of the fabric and proceeding to drag him along. [b "Later, Chuck and Fur-ball! Let me know if anyone else is interested in my body in any non-sexy ways."]

She slammed the office door shut after she easily dragged the struggling laser-eyed male out of the room behind her. It was only once they were a few feet from the door that she let him go. [b "Does the school's library have more about all that Captain America stuff?"] She asked, smacking her hands in a 'cleaning' motion once she'd finally let go of him.
  Lauren (Wolverine) / animechick98 / 104d 21h 17m 22s
Scott could feel a headache coming on. There was nothing he hated more than feeling helpless, and the entire situation was one confused mess. Lauren was right. If it was crucial for Magneto to harness Lauren's mutations, they would have taken her the first chance they got. And they certainly wouldn't have sent [i Toad] of all people to get her. There was more to it.

[b "Lauren's right, this doesn't make sense,"] he rubbed at his temple. [b "Whatever they did tonight is likely only a step in whatever they're planning. We just have to figure out what the hell their plan is."]

Hank frowned. Even the genius scientist couldn't quite narrow down what they were planning to use her DNA for. [i "What stands out to me is the uniqueness of Lauren's mutations. It's not common for someone to have numerous powers that are mutations all on their own. You, my dear, have the ability to heal your cells, you possess an Adamantium skeletal structure, and you've seemingly stopped aging some time ago. The reasons Magneto would want your DNA are endless."]

Scott raised an eyebrow. [b "What are you suggesting?"]

[i "To be perfectly frank, I'm unsure as of right now. But until we do figure it out, I believe it may be best to keep Lauren off of missions for the time being. We cannot risk the Brotherhood catching us off guard again. And from what we can tell, it's not us that they're after. We don't want unnecessary casualties, and we don't know how far they're willing to go to get what they want from you,"] Hank looked to her.
  Scott Summers / Kooza / 301d 19h 50m 32s
Lauren was quiet as she listened to men around her speak - Jean and Storm were still off trying to see if they could track Toad down, of course, but so far no news had come in.

She listened to the words of Charles and Hank and Scott, thoughtful, but for some reason their fears just... they just weren't sitting right with her. She agreed that they definitely had plans for their DNA, but Hank had mentioned that he healing factors apparent adaptability would probably take months to harness on any sort of permanent level. No, it just... it didn't make sense sense, because they would need to do research and experiment like Hank said, and to do that they would-

[b "They didn't take me."] Lauren said, not realizing she had spoken aloud until she had the attention of the three men on her. [b "...Doctor Blue over here has mentioned that doing something like using my healing factor on any sort of permanent level would possibly take months to harness in the form of anything other than healing flesh with me directly bleeding onto someone else's wound. You know, like I did with Pitor when he cut his hand on my claws."] She brought her claws of mention out briefly before retracting them. [b "But to do those experiments, or to even use my power as some magical healer, they would need me constantly. [i Unless] they wanted to synthesize my blood of course, I guess, but it be a risk to carry that around and they'd have no way to know what it would or wouldn't heal. So, again, they'd need time to experiment and they'd need more of my original blood to see if there's any differences in healing, etcetera...."] She reached up, scratching her cheek, almost feeling like she was being dissected visually just from speaking from her gut.

[b "I just... They clearly wanted my DNA, but if they needed it for experimenting, then they would have just taken me. They [i could] have, but they didn't. Didn't even try beyond Sabertooth that first time."] Lauren had glanced down, but then back up, [b "Whatever it is, I don't think they took my DNA to change themselves. I think they took it for some other reason they're already well prepared to experiment with. Something they didn't need more of my DNA than what they took with dicing up my arm. I just don't know what. I just... my gut agrees with the DNA thought, but not what you're all worrying over. I think it's something worse than this Magnet-ass being invincible that they must have planned."]
  Lauren (Wolverine) / animechick98 / 303d 22h 8m 39s
It definitely did not make Scott feel relieved to see Charles looking so serious. The man was always stoic, but there was a weight in his eyes that was unsettling. [b "You know something,"] Scott's brow furrowed. [b "What is it?"]

The professor took a moment to consider his words. [i "I am fearful that with the turn of events tonight, there could be a more pressing matter at hand."]

Perfect. Another obstacle. [i "Hank is under the same belief that I am, at the moment,"] he continued.

[b "Which is what?"] Scott pushed.

Another beat of silence. It was almost more unnerving than the actual attack on Lauren. [i "We believe that the need for Lauren's DNA it to harness her mutation for themselves."]

[b "What part of her mutation?"] Scott frowned.

[i "Her accelerated healing capabilities,"] Hank answered. [i "If they are able to separate that gene and utilize it for themselves, they can elevate themselves to be virtually unstoppable. They'll heal from any damage in seconds. Magneto is capable of stopping metal threats like bullets and knives. If he has accelerated healing, he'll be able to withstand any damage thrown at him."]

[b "Which means we won't be able to stop him,"] Scott breathed.
  Scott Summers / Kooza / 1y 68d 17h 48m 37s
[b "...'Cause I'm pretty sure I've had worse than getting a slab of skin cut off."] Lauren finally settled on, shrugging her shoulders. She actually wasn't sure if she had worse happen to her for sure or not - unless getting hit with a tree by the Sabretooth-guy or getting hit by a semi-truck after pissing off a dude she had beat in a fight that one time counted as worse than loosing half of your bicep down to the bone. It was more of a feeling than anything else, though. She didn't know why she was calm, but having experienced 'worse' at some point seemed the only solution that made sense to her.

They had gotten back to the school not to long after that, and they were greeted by Hank. His words made a grave sensation pool in the pit of her stomach a bit, so she gave a solemn nod of her head.

Yeah, like she hadn't realized that. Just thinking about the fact she had been diced with a scalpel made her head pound, let alone what might be happening with the flesh that had gotten cut off of her.

She followed after the blue-male the the laser-sighted male to the Professor's office, seeing Storm and Jean there. Both of the other women looked at her in an almost anxious startle from all the blood down her arm and side, but seeing healed skin reminded their briefly panicking selves that she had a healing factor. It wasn't long until the Professor cleared his throat and all eyes were turned to him.
  Lauren (Wolverine) / animechick98 / 1y 69d 2h 23m 47s
Scott gagged. [b "Alright, well I'll never be able to eat another gyro. Thanks for that,"] he frowned.

He wasn't even going to pretend he wasn't frustrated. Maybe it was his pride, but as a leader of the team he took it upon himself to do whatever he could to make sure his teammates never got caught off-guard alone. The fact that Toad got away before he managed to get to them was irritating enough; add to that the mystery of what Magneto was going to use her DNA for, and Scott was ready for a fight.

Lauren was making valid points, but her calmness after being essentially dissected was borderline infuriating. [b "You got sliced and diced yet you're trying to calm me down? Who are you and what have you done with the five foot nothing spitfire we picked up?"]

Back at the mansion, Hank was waiting for them at the door. [i "I believe I heard something about someone being cut?"] he looked between the two with worry.

[b "Don't worry, Mad Scientist, I'm sure you'll get your turn if you ask nicely,"] Scott grumbled on his way by.

[i "First of all, rude,"] Hank matched their pace through the halls. [i "Secondly, I merely meant that acquiring genetic materials could mean that Magneto is attempting some kind of experiment using mutant genes. Whether that is on himself or another of his associates, who knows. But if it was your DNA they took,"] he looked over his glasses at Lauren. [i "Then we may have quite the problem on our hands."]
  Scott Summers / Kooza / 1y 79d 18h 51m 9s
[b "If anyone was gonna get turned into a human gyro chunk of meat to get shaved, probably best it was me. All things considered,"] Lauren said as she got into the passengers seat, arching an eyebrow at Scott's frustration. [b "...You know, I almost think you're more frustrated by this than I am."]

She sighed, relaxing back in her seat as he start to drive them back off towards the school. It was a bit of a drive, but nothing too horribly lengthy.

[b "The Professor said that Magneto was after me for something, right? If he didn't know about the metal bones – though he will now, and that's probably a shitload of bad luck – but he apparently wanted my DNA instead,"] she glanced out a window, trying to assure herself that her flesh was all he had wanted. Something about that didn't sit right with her for some reason, but for now she'd latch onto this rationalized thinking. [b "I mean, if a bunch of human nations have a 'need' for superhuman DNA ever since the World War II era, it's possible for a mutant extremist to have some sort of need for DNA like mine I guess. At least my flesh and stuff grows back. Be worse if it didn't."]

She reached over, giving his shoulder a bit of a rough pat to ground him. [b "We don't know why they want my damned DNA, sure, but now we have something to actual figure out beyond guessing what it was he was after from me. He wanted my DNA, now we just have to figure out the 'why'. A lot easier than figuring out what he wanted in general. Yeah?"] She arched an eyebrow, turning the radio on.
  Lauren (Wolverine) / animechick98 / 1y 79d 20h 43m 31s
Scott felt a sinking in his stomach. [b "Charles is going to need to know about this,"] he helped her to her feet, even though she probably didn't need it.

A few scragglers were still fleeing the museum, likely having been deep in the archives when everything went down. Scott kept his hand on Lauren's wrist, blending themselves in with the rest of the panicked patrons heading for the exit. Crowds gathered on the steps, trying to see inside the glass doors. Police were setting up yellow tape to get some kind of control over the situation. [b "Quick response time, but not quick enough,"] Scott grumbled.

[i "Nothing of suspicion in the nearest perimeter. Police have shut down streets so we can't get any closer,"] Storm's voice rang in his ear. [i "If we attempt to break through their barricades, we'll only draw attention to ourselves. Get back to the mansion and we can debrief."]

[b "I wanna know what the hell he was after,"] he snapped. [b "He went right past me. There's no way he couldn't have seen me. He wanted you specifically, if the whole gouging away at your arm says anything."]

[i "What's this about gouging at an arm?"] Hank's voice appeared next.

With a growl, Scott ripped the comm from his ear and dropped it in the cup holder. [b "They were banking on you being with us. They need your DNA for something. I just can't figure out what,"] he rubbed at his temple in frustration.
  Scott Summers / Kooza / 1y 80d 19h 6m 28s
Lauren groaned as he helped her sit up, her pride hurt more than anything. ...Well, alright, her arm did still hurt as well but it made sense considering a large mount of nerves had just been regrown in a blink of an eye.

[b "Healing-factor thing, Summers, remember? There's nothing to see..."] She began, though rather than her voice being snarky it was just... filled with honesty and pure confusion. [b "Fucker came at me with a knife. I thought it was a scalpel but it had an... um..."] She trailed off, muttering in a soft babble of French to try and remember 'What the fuck are the words for those two things in English?', [b "...It had... an... oh! A mix of a granton edge and a serrated edge. Fucker just bound me like a mummy, hacked away my outer bicep from shoulder to elbow."] She slowly stood up with his help, confusion growing on her face.

[b "...He cut down to the bone,"] she said. Shaking her head, she then looked up at him. [b "No, wait, he tried to cut [i through] my bone. The knife came out dull. I remember seeing that before he tossed me down and bolted. Why the hell would he try to cut [i through] the bone? I thought Chuck said the entire reason magnet-ass was after me was because of that. Why wouldn't one of his subordinates know about that?"] She leaned into him, going a little stiff, and bit her lip. [b "...We should also get out of here and go join the frightened masses as camouflage. Sirens in the distance."]
  Lauren (Wolverine) / animechick98 / 1y 81d 5h 1m 35s
Scott fought back a chuckle. [b "Considering they have another teammate named Blob, I'd say it's safe to assume we're not exactly dealing with the brightest minds Magneto can brainwash,"] he answered. [b "Let's just hope Toad is the only one here. If Blob or Sabertooth show up, we're going to need back up."]

Lauren's abrupt shout in the comms made him swiftly change course. [b "Stay out of reach of his tongue! Use your claws if you have to!"] he guides her, only to be met with the sounds of her struggling against her opponent.


By the time Scott had burst through the crowds fleeing to the exits, she was already alone on the ground. Toad was nowhere to be seen, but judging by the gaping hole in the wall, it was safe to assume they lost him. [b "Toad has breached a wall and escaped. Be on the lookout within the next five city blocks. He may have allies waiting close by,"] he instructed their teammates.

Kneeling next to Lauren, Scott helped her into a sitting position. [b "I guess I don't have to ask what happened to fighting him,"] he grimaced, pulling his hand away from her sticky saliva-coated skin. [b "That tongue is a bitch."]

It was only a brief moment later that he noticed her grasping her arm. [b "What happened here?"] he tried moving her hand, but was met with a normal patch of skin. [b "Did he inject you with something?"] he leaned closer, trying to see any pinpricks.
  Scott Summers / Kooza / 1y 82d 18h 25m 51s

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