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Chat thread for LizzyBear and I.


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Let us talk about horror stuff. I'm in the mood for something creepy.
  Lil Miss Rarity / Belmont / 4y 268d 6h 3m 21s
That's cool [i she smiles slightly]
So, what do ya wanna talk about?
  Claire {C.B.U} / LizzyBear / 4y 268d 6h 9m 8s
Shit happens. I don't mind much...the characters I prefer to use are supposed to be horror characters.
  Silent Ponyville Beastiary Page 1 / Belmont / 4y 268d 7h 17m 58s
Horror movies as well! I love all kinds though. Sorry I forgot you couldn't see the real-time chat
  Claire {C.B.U2} / LizzyBear / 4y 268d 7h 20m 24s
Hi! I'm a big fan of horror movies, and what kind of movies do you usually like to watch?
  Mirror Pony / Belmont / 4y 268d 8h 16m 35s

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