Silent Hill: Reminiscence of the Fallen

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It has been years since the last time a human has set foot inside the town of Silent Hill, but it seems to have gotten worse than ever before...the sun never shines, and the only sounds you will hear are screams of pain, agony, suffering, and Silent Hill...


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Before long, the sound of an air raid siren could be heard throughout the entire town, startling the man as it got darker until it was pitch black.
  Nurse (Silent Hill) / Belmont / 4y 114d 6h 16m 13s
Josh jolted in fear and looked at the girl, he watched her before she vanished. He was unsure what just had happened "wh...what the hell"
  Silent Hill / Shadow_Fang / 4y 114d 6h 18m 16s
She smiled, got up, then held her arms slightly out to her sides. "Look at me...I'm burning..." She said as her arms caught fire, then in a bright flash, she had disappeared.
  Alessa (darkness) / Belmont / 4y 114d 7h 13m 4s
Josh moved and rolled in his sleep but woke up sweating badly "what the... Why" he looked up to spot a small girl "h..hello?"
  Silent Hill / Shadow_Fang / 4y 118d 7h 13m 39s
Alessa sat in the shadows of his room, watching him try to sleep.
  Alessa (darkness) / Belmont / 4y 121d 10h 43m 24s
As the night went by, josh had taken shelter inside what looked like a motel of some sort. But he couldnt rest as he heard noises that isnt from this world "the hell, whats going on... What is this place really, where are the town people... Where is this place i am meant to look for... Sis, what had happened??" He stared at the wall trying to drain out the noises so he could sleep
  Silent Hill / Shadow_Fang / 4y 125d 9h 31m 49s
The sound of a massive steel blade was heard being dragged across the stone streets, and it was getting closer.
  Pyramid Head (Female) / Belmont / 4y 126d 4h 10m 27s
As josh watched aroumd the fog to this place had gotten heavier "the hell" he felt scared but walked on to a shop to see if anyone was around "hello... Anyone here" nothing he got no reply back but then a voice "miss, i am looking for someone... Seen a young lady mid twenties come through her" no reply this time, he felt concerned but froze when he hear a can be kicked "hello?" He didmt stick around, he walked out and headed to a place to shelter for the night
  Silent Hill / Shadow_Fang / 4y 127d 16h 55m 50s
The ghost of the little girl awoke and set out to mess with her new playmate...Josh. "time for the fun to begin Josh..." she said slowly.
  Alessa (darkness) / Belmont / 4y 129d 19h 54m 12s
Josh couldnt remember why he was driving to a place that no one wouldnt go near, but when he arrived, it was a ghost town "silent hill, now i see why but why here, what told me to come here" he looked through his glovebox and saw a letter from his sister who been missing for a while saying come to silent hill to save her
  Silent Hill / Shadow_Fang / 4y 131d 20h 53m 5s
It all started with a single girl, who was named Alessa. Alessa wasn't like the other children, she was bullied and hated by everyone, except for her mother, who was stricken with grief when her only child was horribly injured...this is her story. It was a dark and gloomy morning when Alessa was sent to school, she was hoping that no one would bully her, but she knew it would happen eventually, so she miserably walked into the school and to her classroom, waiting for the day to begin. As soon as the class began, someone else threw a book at her, and not even the teacher stopped the other students from throwing things at her.
  Alessa (darkness) / Belmont / 4y 132d 5h 20m 5s

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