Silent Ponyville: The Darkness

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It all started when a single filly/colt was abused by his/her family, his/her father abused him/her, his/her nurse abused him/her when his/her father yelled at the nurse, and his/her father took away almost everything the child had, all after mother died...this place was cursed as an everlasting hell to those who dared Silent Ponyville...


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The only child of the house was hugging the rag doll pony the mother made, and she named the doll Ragsy.
  Ragsy / Belmont / 4y 174d 15h 31m 10s
It hasn't even been a year since the family's lady of the house had died, and everything was already starting to go downhill from there. "You're asking me about what I need?! You know what I need!!!" The father shouted at the nurse, and kicked her hard. "I truly don't know what you want! I'm sorry Sir!" She said, panicking about his raging episode.
  Nurse Soft Cure / Belmont / 4y 174d 19h 43m 41s

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