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Thanks man! Love you bunches! I won't go as late tonight because I have a class and an oral tomorrow.
  Viago / Tweedy / 4y 68d 18h 11m 32s
Welcome back! ^^ No worries, take your time! Homework comes first :3
  Autumn Springs / Okami_san_16 / 4y 68d 18h 12m 41s
Okay I am back! Working on homework so slightly distracted but it's fine!
  Viago / Tweedy / 4y 68d 18h 15m 55s
Yea I'm actually at the hospital with her. Hopefully they let me stay. And nice to see you too :)
  Autumn Springs / Okami_san_16 / 4y 69d 59m 9s
Oh boy! I hope that goes okay! That aside it's great to see you but wow!
  Viago / Tweedy / 4y 69d 1h 52m 3s
I eill be on today! ^^ My sister is going to the hospital today to get her labor induced, so my mom asked me to stay an extra day to help watch my baby brother and sister while she stays with her until the baby is born.
  Autumn Springs / Okami_san_16 / 4y 69d 2h 5m 35s
Awww thanks!

I hope so too! Talk soon my love! ♥♥♥
  Viago / Tweedy / 4y 69d 2h 59m 22s
Likewise! ^_^

And again, likewise :3 Hope to be back on soon if I can't today.
  Autumn Springs / Okami_san_16 / 4y 69d 12h 47m 12s
Good job! I'm so proud of you. :3 keep it up!

Okay! Talk soon hopefully! Goodnight my love it was so so nice to see you again!
  Viago / Tweedy / 4y 69d 13h 15s
Yea, I am making sure to not let myself fall too far. I try and keep us positive as I can whenever I can. So far it's helping me deal better with this situation.

Yea, same here :/ Hopefully we both get to return to this site fully again :) And same here, it's 6am where I am at X3 I'll try to get on tomorrow/tonight, but I can't promise anything right now. Goodnight/morning and until later or next time! ^^
  Autumn Springs / Okami_san_16 / 4y 69d 13h 2m 27s
I feel that. I have the same problem, for what issues I have. It's such a struggle.
Good thinking towards te future though, that's really healthy. Just make sure you're taking care of yourself now. Drinking water, showering, eating and all.

Well that's good! I'm glad you can manage it at least as a doodling type thing. :3 that's so important. What sorts of things do you sketch?
Thanks so much! I keep my presence here, I'm just really slow now...

Speaking of being slow, my brain is shutting down because it is 4am. Will you be around tomorrow to RP or is this adieu?
  Viago / Tweedy / 4y 69d 13h 8m 40s
Yea, it's scary and I do believe I always feel like the next flare up is the worst one yet, but I always end up pulling through some how. I know I can again, I just have to ride it through for however long it last this time.

Oh yea, same here :/ I miss writing, but I was able to get back into sketching, just when I am in work though, but better then not drawing at all. I know you'll get there, and I know you'll get back to writing and doing all of this again! ^^
  Autumn Springs / Okami_san_16 / 4y 69d 13h 18m 6s
Ah, gotcha. I see that. I'm so sad that that's a thing though, I hope the spell ends soon, they can be the worst ever.

With the writing though, I've been having the same sort of issue. I need to chill a little and remember that I love it. All that business. I'll get there someday though.
And no, that doesn't sound too weird and out there- I am having the same issue coming to terms with things that are coming in adulthood. It's a horrible place we live in.
  Viago / Tweedy / 4y 69d 13h 27m 21s
It's not your fault. And it's really hard to explain exactly what is going on, mainly because I don't know myself. A lot of it is the past coming back to haunt me again, anger and resentment. But most of it is just my depression, anxiety, and reality problems coming into play. Let's just say, I am a mental mess on and off, and right now I am going through the bad days...well months. I know I'll get better, I just never know when I will get better.

Yea, same here. Writing has always been my biggest outlet, but lately I just have been struggling to both make the time for it and to work up the motivation to do so. I believe it's just the reality of adulthood finally setting in to be honest. Growing up is a big issue for me, lol X It sounds silly and immature, but it's true. I hate change. I know once I accept it, I will be able to transition into said adulthood much easier, and a lot of my problems will go away and I will be able to get back to writing again!
  Autumn Springs / Okami_san_16 / 4y 69d 13h 42m 17s
Oh no sweetheart, I am so sorry to hear that. D: am I allowed to ask what's going on? Or we can not talk about it. I feel.

Haha it's my best mechanism. I just haven't had enough time nor energy to work with a lot of them is the problem. .3. I want to roleplay somuch more but like you said, real life is beginning to get in the way. But I'll have another font of inspiration here someday and it'll go back to normal.
  Viago / Tweedy / 4y 69d 13h 51m 38s

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