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Oh, I had no expectations. I'm just a little stuck on the 'what now' thing. Cuz my author brain is going... 'yeah what now?' that's all. I'm really not sure where to go just yet ><" sorry
  Sir Thomas Sharpe / Tweedy / 4y 130d 3h 25m 11s
Lol yea it did XD Anyway I just had question about Nobody's A Hero. I just wanted to know if there was something that you wanted me to edit or if you just need more time to post to it. Don't feel pressured to post! I'm merely curious and just want to know ^^
  Autumn Springs / Okami_san_16 / 4y 130d 4h 57m 14s
Well that worked out perfectly, then, didn't it! No worries. ♥
  Sir Thomas Sharpe / Tweedy / 4y 130d 5h 22m 40s
Sorry X I ended up passing out too >. < That's my bad, lol
  Autumn Springs / Okami_san_16 / 4y 130d 6h 45m 16s
Absolutely. I don't get it. I mean... feel like I do but it's a really bitter and cynical way of looking at it.
Anyways I'm about to fall asleep so I will leave you for now, my love! Talk soon, it was so good to see you! Mwah~! ♥♥♥
  Sir Thomas Sharpe / Tweedy / 4y 131d 4h 23m 49s
Lol I'll do that XD Exactly! It doesn't help either, just makes us feel worse and even more pressured to be just like those success stories. Which is nearly impossible to achieve...
  Autumn Springs / Okami_san_16 / 4y 131d 4h 57m 3s
Yeah you should see my newest post. Mess! I feel ya.
Maybe people hear somuch about the success stories and the extraordinaries that the just assume it is more average than it realistically is... which sucks and is unfortunate for us.
  Sir Thomas Sharpe / Tweedy / 4y 131d 4h 59m 57s
Sorry, I'm not the best at explanations X Especially when I'm a bit tierd @.@ Anyway, yea lol I don't know why people expect us to be so far ahead in life so young, and then compare us to those who are the exceptions and are success stories so young. And yea, don't worry about it, I'm getting pretty tired too X
  Autumn Springs / Okami_san_16 / 4y 131d 5h 6m 28s
No, it wasn't too complex, it was actually a little vague so I had to double check that I understood it properly, tbh. But I understand now, and I'll start on a response soon.
  Sir Thomas Sharpe / Tweedy / 4y 131d 5h 12m 27s
She's back in her body, she just doesn't know that yet, sense she's still sleeping. Except now her spirit is sleeping back in her body too. Basically yes she's back, just still sleeping X I make things more complex then i need to with summaries, sorry >. <
  Autumn Springs / Okami_san_16 / 4y 131d 5h 13m 42s
lol seriously. Almost twenty and these peeps be asking for twenty years of experience. >_> scuse you. I totally get it though.
  Sir Thomas Sharpe / Tweedy / 4y 131d 5h 14m 45s
It takes a lot of getting use to, and I don't think you ever fully do. I mean how am I supposed to know how to act my age if I've never been 21 before? Lol I take it all as lightly as I can though, making jokes of it helps me a lot, if it wasn't obvious X3
  Autumn Springs / Okami_san_16 / 4y 131d 5h 16m 4s
So did she return to her body now? Or is it a sort of trapped within it type deal?
Also I [i may] fall asleep. My sleep schedule got all wonky so I'm still kinda recovering.
  Sir Thomas Sharpe / Tweedy / 4y 131d 5h 17m 30s
I do!
Eh yeah. >_< slowly dealing with that reality somehow. And honestly, who is good at adulting??
  Sir Thomas Sharpe / Tweedy / 4y 131d 5h 19m 25s
Lol yea you deserve the break. And you're fine, it's a part of adulthood now XP I'm just not very good at adulting lol. And let me know if you want me to edit my post, I'm not sure if I rushed it or not X
  Autumn Springs / Okami_san_16 / 4y 131d 5h 29m 51s

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