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Yesh, lol, yesh we very much am X3

Exactly! Ya' know,just the usue -(^.^)-
  Luna Torres A.K.A White Swan / Okami_san_16 / 4y 119d 5h 19m 31s
♥♥♥ we are such lovely people to one another!

Yeah, just preliminaries about Jess settling in, and dealing with 'who tf snitched on me' and all that biz.
  Viago / Tweedy / 4y 119d 5h 30m 39s
Thank you so much! And I love your posts as well! Besides, I think we just a have to push through one or two short posts to get us back on track! (^.^)
  Luna Torres A.K.A White Swan / Okami_san_16 / 4y 119d 5h 34m 8s
Alrighty! And I believe in you, it'll be fine! I love your posts! It's fine. I just don't want to give you a teeny, teeny tiny response is all.

Oh no! That is the idea for inspiration about this whole like... young people made into a team. There won't be ANY plot to do with that show at all, it's just a neat idea I think might be fun to play out for Jess
  The Aviary / Tweedy / 4y 119d 5h 36m 27s
Lol, forgot that the site would not let you know when I edited my post >.< My bad, I uh...edited the post. It's not the best, but hopefully it helps?
  Luna Torres A.K.A White Swan / Okami_san_16 / 4y 119d 5h 38m 54s
Yeauper doodle doo then! I can see what I can do to edit my post, for sure! Sorry if it doesn't come out the best too >.< But I hope I can at least get us to the next few parts to get this all back up and running again!

And sure I like the idea of her being put into a group as well. However, heads up in that I haven't ever really watched the Young Justice...hope that's alright? >3> >.<
Ah, okay if that works. Or have Jessica ask about it or whatever you think would be more in character for her if you like! It would help to have a teeny bit more material that would get us a little beyond Greenway just saying okay cool and sending her on her way. If you like if not... I'll have to think of somewhere to like timeskip orrrrr something

Heyyyy yeah- I do have a big idea though that parallels a sort of Young Justice type of taskforce of young heroes or agents. Which makes me kind of almost want to move this from Marvel canon specifically to a more just superpowered world with Marvel inspiration and headcanons and a lot of things. Would you be cool with that?
I'm all about this team idea here. I wanna pair Jessica up with some other peeps kinda like her
  The Aviary / Tweedy / 4y 119d 6h 9m 59s
Ah okay.I could edit it a bit, just to the ending mostly. Like have Jess suddenly realize that she thinks Viper may have doubts about her? Like I like the idea of it being the Lieutenant who accused her, but Jessica believing it was C and getting mad her. The agent explains the truth, little moment and then TS to the first day of control training.

We could add in some creepy scientist and researchers maybe dabble in some tense moments here and there throughout her entering into the Project? Get to a point where she eventually goes onto her first field practice? I could then find a way to reenter my agents. and then find a way to add in some other characters as well?
  Luna Torres A.K.A White Swan / Okami_san_16 / 4y 119d 6h 24m 29s
Uhhhhh well either could work, I was asking what you had in mind specifically with your idea with how to put us ahead or on a roll and all

I believe Gweniviere would start it, at least. Viper could easily be involved as well by shrugging and kind of going like 'well it is [i possible]' but not really wanting to think that way.

OH timeskip. Okay that makes sense, and I was kind of thinking about that anyways, like skipping going through paperwork and all that nonsense and then getting to the more fun stuff again like her going through some brief training and then beginning to introduce her to the project and missions and then more plot
  The Aviary / Tweedy / 4y 119d 6h 34m 23s
Oh and TS stands for Time Skip!! Sorry forgot I didn't answer that question! >.<
  Luna Torres A.K.A White Swan / Okami_san_16 / 4y 119d 6h 47m 13s
Yea I know what you mean

I wasn't sure. I considered editing my post, but I can also do it after you post if that's what you'd rather do?

Wait so, you'd rather it be Guwenivier who accused Jess? I can work with either, just need to know whom you'd rather it be so I can see which way to go next
  Luna Torres A.K.A White Swan / Okami_san_16 / 4y 119d 7h 18m 22s
Eh it happens. I cleaned it up as best I could so *shrugs* ya know.

Meaning you are going to make another post orr- you have an idea after I finally post?

Were you banking on it being Gweniviere? Because she is hella paranoid enough to do that too, if that helps, if not more likely. She doesn't much trust Jessica and would definitely bring up any suspicions she would have. If that helps, honestly I'm leaning more towards that than anything.

TS? explain! Is that training session or something? For her powers and all?
  The Aviary / Tweedy / 4y 119d 7h 22m 45s
Oh eeww X Sorry that must have sucked! >.<

And I at least have a very small way of getting the ball rolling at the very least. I'm not sure if it's the best idea though

Alright well, that changes my course of action for another one then. My idea to at least get the ball rolling is that Jessica puts two and two together and realizes that Viper just told Dr. Greenway that she felt like she may have been putting them in danger intentionally. This obviously hurts Jessa a lot, and when C goes to say hi to her or something, Jess starts to walk past her until the Agent tries to see what's wrong and Jessica goes off on her.

After that, we can try and get a TS into her first day on the project, maybe add some tense moments or just have it be low key for a very brief two post. TS a little more to maybe her first field training?

See not best ideas but >< It's better then nothing? Maybe? I'm sure with some polishing up and some more detail we can form a precious piece of art though!! :D
  Luna Torres A.K.A White Swan / Okami_san_16 / 4y 119d 8h 24m 58s
It's good. It's so good. The lemon sauce decided to leak all over the place tho so that was a fun cleanup. Sticky, sticky sauces.

Oh yeah? You know how to get us started? Am I understanding that properly?

I was leaning towards that, I feel like there was a possibility of either her or Gweniviere but it sounds more like it was Viper, yeah.
  The Aviary / Tweedy / 4y 119d 8h 34m 28s
Ugh I want some Chinese food right now! (>.<)/

Yes, agreed! Let the brainstorming begin! I know how to at least get it kicked off from where we are at at this moment. But first I need a question answered before I start to think which direction to go in: Was Viper the one who told Greenway that she was not sure if Jessica had got caught by SHIELD on purpose or not? Because I went back and read everything we have so far for that rp and it looked like she may have accused Jess of possibly putting her and the Lieutenant in danger intentionally.
  Luna Torres A.K.A White Swan / Okami_san_16 / 4y 119d 8h 46m 43s

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