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Oh! I actually designed that on my own- I did mine and [http://rp.eliteskills.com/u.php?u=48659 Coffee's]. I'm glad you like it though, thanks so much! I love decorating profiles. :3
XD and you're fine, I do the same thing.
  Laurent / Tweedy / 4y 78d 7h 39m 17s
Who do you go to to do your profile by the way? I don't mean to sound like a creep either! X Just got bored and was looking through random profiles to see how others looked, and I saw how cool yours looks so I thought I'd ask :3 Or did you do all that on your own?
  Luna Torres A.K.A White Swan / Okami_san_16 / 4y 78d 9h 33m 31s
I know, lol I got that saying from Pinkie Pie from My little Poney
  Luna Torres A.K.A White Swan / Okami_san_16 / 4y 78d 11h 35m 57s
lmao Loki isn't involved yet! XD but yes! Things will be happening!
  Viago / Tweedy / 4y 78d 11h 52m 0s
No problamo! And aaww, I'm so glad you saw what I really meant X3 I would have been so sad if you got sad, lol. And okie dokie loki! ^^
Why thank you! yeah I'll get on that soon!
  Viago / Tweedy / 4y 78d 12h 22m 30s
Oh yea, I know how that is -(-.-)- Ugh hate when that stuff happen. You're fine, no need to rush takeit h your time ma'lady! ^^
  Luna Torres A.K.A White Swan / Okami_san_16 / 4y 78d 13h 28m 6s
No, my computer fritzed for a nice span of time and I had to send it [i back] in and now I have it home again so posts will resume after my major absence as soon as I get to them! ^ ^" Thanks babe! Love you!
  Viago / Tweedy / 4y 81d 9h 14m 30s
You're fine don't worry about it ^^ I had just posted in case you happen to be on at the same time :)
  Luna Torres A.K.A White Swan / Okami_san_16 / 4y 98d 11h 43m 15s
Sorry I was working last night, because I had been volunteered to volunteer and was exhausted and it was crazy business!! I'll post soon enough! I swear! ♥♥♥ And everything seems fine! I'll get there! Love you!
  Viago / Tweedy / 4y 103d 12h 41m 42s
Just poking in to let you know I'm here tonight, in case you are too! ^^ If not that's cool too :3
  Luna Torres A.K.A White Swan / Okami_san_16 / 4y 105d 10h 46m 54s
Okie dokie loki, I finally posted to Maria's Tears! ^^ Sorry if it sucked, just let me know if you want me to edit it! :)
  Luna Torres A.K.A White Swan / Okami_san_16 / 4y 112d 8h 53m 34s
Sorry I know I said I would post a lot sooner! But I promise I will post today like in an hour or so!
  Luna Torres A.K.A White Swan / Okami_san_16 / 4y 112d 11h 41m 46s
No worries I'm struggling similarly. >_< talk soon my love!
  Viago / Tweedy / 4y 119d 5h 20m 55s
Sorry, but I am so close to passing out here :/ I promise I'll try to respond at some point tomorrow/today! But I just really am having a hard time keeping my eyes open right now :(
  Luna Torres A.K.A White Swan / Okami_san_16 / 4y 119d 5h 22m 54s

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