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Eh I'm the one who had to leave the job. And I very rarely find pictures like the ones you find. They're really nice. Well, I hope you are able to get back to school soon so you won't have too hard a time ^^
  Luna Torres A.K.A White Swan / Okami_san_16 / 4y 60d 9h 56m 48s
Oh I feel, I feel so much. >_< I have odd jobs here and there but it's the spaces in between that are the worst. I'm sorry to hear about your job! Not fun! I hope the time passes without too much stress on you. D:

Ohh, thanks so much! I find pictures all over the place, really. Usually if the mood strikes me I'll make a search like 'plague doctor monster' or... I can't remember what I did for this one, and then I'll toodle around, or I might find something really cool on accident and just save it and its url for possible character ideas in the future. I think I searched bird monster or something for this? Not sure... or bird mask. But yeah, usually on google. ♥
  The Aviary / Tweedy / 4y 60d 11h 28m 57s
Yea, I can see what you mean. I am back to being without a job for a few months. And by the way, I love your picture. I always love the pictures you use. Where do you find them?
  Luna Torres A.K.A White Swan / Okami_san_16 / 4y 63d 11h 50m 13s
That's great to hear! And it's kinda okay. I'm really ready for summer to end, honestly. Done being home, and days like today bein' lonely and jobless makes me want university again!
  The Aviary / Tweedy / 4y 66d 6h 59m 14s
No problem, and okie dokie. Yea, life is going alright for me. I hope it's going food for you as well? :)
  Luna Torres A.K.A White Swan / Okami_san_16 / 4y 66d 22h 30m 6s
Alrighty, cool!

Aww yes thanks so much. It's in the works, like I said. ♥ Hope life is treating you well!
  Tweedy / 4y 67d 8h 48m 7s
Okie dokie loki, I shall let you know :) I may take you up on that offer ^^

And you're cool, again no pressure just take your time. Better it take a while and be good, then rushed and haphazarded :)
  Luna Torres A.K.A White Swan / Okami_san_16 / 4y 67d 11h 7m 37s
Yes! I kinda wanna do another, so if you ever wanna, or get me to decorate a search thread or something, do feel free to ask me sometime!

I know, I know! I'm getting there. I promise! It's one of the next that I will be working on!
  Tweedy / 4y 67d 13h 1m 41s
Yea I bet it is a lot of fun, worth the time it takes to do I am sure :) Yea, I loke to brainstorm with people, so it's easy to see how discussing over the details could be.

And okie dokie, no rush :3 Though, am eager to see how you reply to the post ^^
Awww thanks so much! I really love doing them. They take some time though, honestly the like discussion art is my favorite like what kinda aesthetic do you want? Or theme? And talking and finding pics and it's so much fun.
Fab! I'm slowly working on things- Maria is next in line to begin!
Good! I'm glad. :3
  Character To-be / Tweedy / 4y 70d 3h 52m 0s
Yea, no problem, they both turned out really beautiful :) And your good, rake you time ^^ Also, it seems good to me so far.
  Luna Torres A.K.A White Swan / Okami_san_16 / 4y 70d 12h 56m 22s
That said- I'm finally working on posts! I'll get Maria here soon, but I gotta go to bed. Appointment in the morning. .3. much to do! Tall me if it is enough, if not we can add stuff or what have you!
  Luci / Tweedy / 4y 74d 3h 39m 57s
Aww thanks so much! I aprpeciate that hon. ♥♥♥I'm so flattered, gosh! She wanted pink, I thought it was cute! And I am real proud of that one, my first commission. It was really fun to talk design with someone. ^ ^
But yeah I feel. I kept seeing these fantastic profiles and really wanted one myself so I futzed around with things for a long time and somehow it morphed into the one I have now!
  Laurent / Tweedy / 4y 74d 3h 41m 16s
Ughness, and I just checked out the one you did you said for Coffee, it is sooo cute! Pink is my least favorite color to be honest, but even I liked the layout of that profile X3
Awesome!! I've tried doing my own, but I've never been able to do it the way I see your's and many other's have it. Yea, it's really cute and awesome :3

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