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I am good! And yesh! Got to love the days off! ^^ So what have you been up to?
  Autumn Springs / Okami_san_16 / 4y 115d 1h 19m 54s
Whoa! Hello my love! How are you? And yaaaayyyy days off!
  Viago / Tweedy / 4y 115d 1h 26m 35s
Hayo! ^^ How be everything? :) I get the day off tomorrow, so I am free to be on tonight!
  Autumn Springs / Okami_san_16 / 4y 115d 3h 38m 7s
No worries man! Post when you can, it's honestly fine. See you soon and good luck with the new job!
  Viago / Tweedy / 4y 124d 21h 51m 28s
I will however try to post to Nobody's Hero amd Maria's Tears either by later on today or tomorrow at some point.
  Autumn Springs / Okami_san_16 / 4y 126d 1h 19m 54s
Sorry I passed out X Um this time around it may just have been luck that I was on so late. Due to the fact that now I am most likely going to start a new job really soon here, it's second shift so I will only likely be able to post on Weekends. However There may be times where I can't do that either :/ I am so sorry..
  Marissa Savalla / Okami_san_16 / 4y 126d 1h 21m 41s
It's gonna be! We're still in the preliminaries but I am really, really enjoying it.
Aaaaand yes i am excited to get into her if Jessica becomes interested in her enough to explore the Lieutenant. We shall see.

Same! Are Mondays still best for you in that sense or is this a neat coincidence this time?
  Viago / Tweedy / 4y 127d 21h 19m 46s
Awesome!! Sounds like an epic rp right there. And carious as to this nasty history. Anyway, I am now waiting to see what you have in mind with Gwen for our rp.

Okie dokie loki, same here X It's been a while sense we've been able to just go back and forth like this. :) I enjoyed, and hope to do so again soon! Goodnight/morning! ^^
  Marissa Savalla / Okami_san_16 / 4y 127d 21h 27m 32s
Also I believe I am going to go to bed here soon. I am quite sleepy... we'll see, probably finish this video and then go to sleep.
  Viago / Tweedy / 4y 127d 21h 35m 14s
Yes, it is Gweniviere. :3 they were doing a thing and ran into this pair of twins on accident and dealing with them set off an alarm and now everyone is caught. It's a tough deal XD
And yyeeaahh I cannot wait to get into that with you if we get to Gweniviere but they have some nasty ass history
And no, Loki is with Hydra in this- cuz reasons.
  Viago / Tweedy / 4y 127d 21h 35m 42s
Oooo, Gwen is in it? I can see how she would hate the Capsical X3 They seem like polar opposites in so many ways. I assume Loki can't be helping Cap win any points on his end either. Or does Loki not dislike the cap in this either?
  Isabella Night / Okami_san_16 / 4y 127d 21h 46m 31s
Do so

Haha I think so! I just really have to figure out how to make my muse do it's thing, you know?
lol poor Loki and Gweniviere ^^" she [i hates] Cap so it's a tough sitch for her
  Viago / Tweedy / 4y 127d 21h 50m 33s
Alrighty then I will look this show up then ^^

Oh wow O.O That all sounds so awesome! ^^ The last one sounded kind of funny though, lol
  Isabella Night / Okami_san_16 / 4y 127d 21h 55m 5s
Yep, it has a little of everything. :3 I think you might enjoy it. Good character development made me happy, too. I somehow feel like it didn't end though... i'll have to watch it again to see what was what.

Yeah... I have three in the works right now. Currently an assassin is breaking into my character's apartment and her AI is like 'um there is a person in your house?', in another one an older human paladin and a half-orc witch, both women, are about to embark on a possibly really sort adventure to set up the larger adventure to come, and in the third, Laurent/Loki is being asked if he wants his collar taken off that hampers his magics and such, and my second character is stuck in custody with a random stranger and Captain America.
  Viago / Tweedy / 4y 127d 21h 57m 39s
I hope so :) As long as it has decent moments and tear jerkers every now and then I am sure I'll love it.

Yea same here X It takes me so long before I can respond to any role play lately :/
  Isabella Night / Okami_san_16 / 4y 127d 22h 6m 25s

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