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Once mortal enemies turned star crossed lovers.

It's the beginning of their fifth year at Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry. Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy have always hated each other, but when a secret trip to the shrieking shack brings them together they begin to see each other in a different way. Planning secret meetings and popping up when the other least expects it. What will their friends think? Will they tell them? What lies in store for these enemies turned lovers?

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Draco watched Harry fall through the chair and at the sight of the dust flying everywhere he tried to hold in his snickers but as Harry laughed Draco soon was as well.

Draco stood up from the chair and picked a handful of the dirt up and plopped it right on top of Harry's head. [+green "Thought you could use a bath Potter. You look a little dirty."] Draco winked and turned away sprinting towards the door to run out hiding his now crimson face he hid behind a tree waiting for Harry to follow him.

[+green "Come and finndddd me Potter!"] He yelled cupping the side of his mouth so it sounded further away.

Draco's eyes seemed to have a glow in them and the smile on his face was not one of mockery. He was there at the one place that he found refuge with someone he could only dream would be there. [i [+green "That's it isn't it. I should have known."]] Draco thought to himself while he waited his smirk faltering a little. He wasn't going to let his sudden realization ruin this for him because for all he knew this would never happen again.

He peeked around the base of the trunk waiting for Harry to come into view of the door. The grin returning to his lips.
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[center [pic http://www.clker.com/cliparts/w/i/a/Y/y/N/scroll.svg]]
[center [font "Arial" [size14 Harry Potter glared intensely at the Slytherin. Leaning back in the creaky chair, he let out a sigh. This wasn't his ideal evening. Well maybe it was? Harry definitely wasn't enjoying spending time in the shrieking shack all alone with Draco Malfoy. Okay ... maybe he was.

Crossing his legs, Harry scoffed. Rocking back a little, Harry felt the legs of the chair totter under his weight. Before he could catch himself, he crashed to the floor with the wooden bits of the chair under him. The dust fluffed up around him and he let out a cough.

Furrowing his brow, he hesitated for a moment. A goofy grin spread across his face and he broke out into a hardy laugh. He couldn't believe how pathetic he felt. Running his fingers through his hair, his eyes glimmered with playfulness.

He glanced up through his thick eyelashes at the blonde. Snagging a handful of dust and dirt, he tossed it at Draco. Sticking his tongue out, he really wanted Draco to lighten up.]]
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Draco's platinum blonde hair rustled in the wind that blew through the broken window in the shrieking shack. [+green "For your information Potter."] He spat, [+green "I have come out here every night since-"] The pureblood stopped. It had been since the day when he had been spying on the Golden trio after he was ran off by a 'ghost' throwing snowballs. He had came back to see exactly what it was. Turned out to actually be Potter.

Draco's face turned a light shade of crimson. [+green "Nevermind that Potter I guess I can't run you off so I might as well sit, because I am not about to leave."] He sat down in his favorite chair next to the window.

The blonde glanced at Harry and shrugged his shoulders before looking back out of the window. He wasn't sure of what to say next. The air in the room started to seem to thick for Draco to speak. He had never been alone in a room with Harry. There had always been someone else in the room. Since the day they met Harry had always had Granger or Weasley and he always had Crabbe and Goyle. It started to make Draco feel self concious and he felt his heart start to speed up thinking about it,
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[center [font "Arial" [size14 Harry glared at the blonde. His emerald eyes were intense and glimmered as he locked eyes with the other wizard. He watched Draco's lips as he spat his words out. What did he mean? Crab and Goyle were always with the pureblood. The three were always being asses in the halls of Hogwarts. They were always sneering and judging the other students just like the pricks they were. But Harry would be lying if he wasn't watching the bullies only he would never admit it.

[b [#800000 "Hah, that's rich Malfoy."]] He spat jutting his chinning out.

But the next question stumped him. He had no idea why he was here in the shrieking shack in the middle of the night with his mortal enemy. Blushing, he turned his head away from the other. He didn't have an answer, but he knew he had to be there.
[b [#800000 "No reason in particular. What about you? Isn't it passed your bedtime?"]] Harry teased. He needed to get the attention away from him.

Padding over to a dusty chair, he gently slumped into it and crossed his legs as he whispered [i nox.] Placing his wand back in his pocket, he rested his chin on his elbow. Staring up at Draco, he tried to glare again but it didn't really work due to his heart palpitating.]]
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Draco snorted when the Gryffindor mentioned his friends. [+green "Not everyone has to have a posse all the time Potter."]

The slytherin sighed not feeling up to arguing even if the thought of arguing with Harry Potter would normally be quite intriguing. [+green "But really what is it Potter? Why come out here, in the middle of the night by yourself?"] Draco watched Harry his face no longer in a sneer. He wanted to know why tonight of all nights Harry Potter himself decided to intrude on his nightly routine.

Draco was secretly tired of the bickering he knew there was a lot better he could be doing with his life instead of waiting for the next opertunity to taunt Potter. That is why he had secretly dropped Crabbe and Goyle two weeks prior. He was better off alone and he knew that. What he didn't know or understand is why everytime he saw the mess of ebony hair and dorky glasses a new feeeling rose in his chest and intensified everytime he saw him. this angered Draco and he wanted to know what it was and why.

Why would his sworn enemy suddenly make Draco so..soft?
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[center [pic http://i1310.photobucket.com/albums/s645/ShukakuTokeishikake/oie_8WnimOb6eq0f_zpszyhybjtp.gif]]

[center [pic http://fs5.directupload.net/images/160714/c3upmtjt.png]]

[center [font "Arial" [size13 The half-blood locked eyes with the slytherin's icy gaze. Though the tension was thick but there was also an intensity that Harry couldn't put his finger on. The two were constantly at each other's throats or wand to wand, but there was a new feeling added to these boys.
Harry hated Malfoy's smug look. He hated he cocky grin and his reptilian grin. He hated those blue eyes that glinted silver in the moonlight and his soft locks of platinum hair ... and his- Was Harry [i admiring] Draco? The thought revolted him and his cheeks flushed with embarrassment over his fantasies. They were mortal enemies. They hated each other. That was how it worked.

Shaking his head and moving his wand away from his face to hide the fluster. he tried to glare at the male again but it was hard after his weird thoughts. It wasn't hard to remember his loathing towards Draco when he said his snide remark.

[i [#009933 "I'm sure Granger and Weasel are looking for you."]] He taunted.

[b [#800000 "What's it to you Malfoy?"]] Harry spat. He knew how Draco felt about his friends. He could never forget when Draco called his muggleborn friend that awful name. They could never be friends no matter what. They were to different. [b [#800000 "Where are your dogs Crab and Goyle?"]] He teased jutting his tongue out.]]]
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Draco continued staring out at the moon lost in his thoughts. He jumped a bit when he heard the sour notes of the old piano in the other room. [+green "How odd."] He muttered to himself.

He stood up staring at the door of the room he was in a slight creak was heard that sounded like footsteps. He took a step towards the door the ball of light still hovering over his shoulder his wand at the ready prepared for the worst. He saw another ball of light coming closer and a figure behind it.

[+green "Wh-who is there? I'm warning you. Show yourself."] Draco's voice faltered but his face twisted into a scowl when he saw the all to familiar face of Harry Potter.

[+green "Isn't it past you bedtime Potter?"] He sneered.

Draco pushed a lock of his blonde hair from his eyes and crossed his arms over his chest a look of mockery on his face his eyes fixed on Potter.

[+green "I'm sure Granger and Weasel are looking for you."] He continued to taunt Harry but he didn't like the feeling rising in his chest every step Harry took into the room.

He inhaled deeply and waited for Harry's reply his eyes never faltering from his.
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[center [pic http://i1310.photobucket.com/albums/s645/ShukakuTokeishikake/oie_8WnimOb6eq0f_zpszyhybjtp.gif]][center [pic http://paulbroadfoot.com/files/2016/10/divider_small_around.png]]
[center [font "Arial" The young wizard ran his fingers through his ebony hair. It was unruly just like the boy. All was quiet in the library. Flipping a page over, he sighed. He hated studying but he needed too. Scratching his head, he brushed over his scar with his index finger. It was still prominent and painful occasionally after fifteen years.
Closing the journal before him, he leaned back in the chair. Tossing his head, he gazed up at the ceiling. He couldn't figure out why he was so restless.
A knock on the wooden bookshelf caught the half-bloods attention. Glancing up, he saw a frizzy haired witch too bright for her age. Smiling, he tilted his head.
[b [#800000 "Hermione."]] He greeted. His warm voice hung in the silent air.
Her eyes lit up a the acknowledgement. She skipped over to him and slumped into the seat next to him.
[b [#626262 "Do you want to join Ron and me for dinner?"]] She asked, tossing a lock of curls over her shoulder.
As great as food sounded with his best mates, he couldn't shake the feeling of uneasiness. [b [#800000 "Thanks Hermione, but I think I am going to visit Hagrid. Let's meet up later okay?"]] Concern washed over her face, but it disappeared as fast as it had appeared.
The two parted ways and Harry exited the library.

When Harry stepped out of the castle, a crisp breeze cut through his robe. Burying his nose into his Gryffindor scarf, he ginned. He loved this kind of weather. Turning down the hill towards Hagrid's Hut, he tilted his head up at the evening sky, the sun was almost set and the horizon was on fire. Just as he began to cross the stone path to the half giant's house, he felt the uneasy feeling crawl up his spine again. What was going on? Instead of visiting Hagrid, he decided to wander towards the shrieking shack, he hadn't spent much time there since his third year. But for some reason, it was calling his name.

Once he entered the shrieking shack, the musty smell of dust flooded his senses. The sun had fully set and the soft glow of the moon lit the room up. It's silver light kissed everything it touched. Running his fingers over the keys of the old piano, he pressed the ivory. It's notes were sour and out of tune. Harry cringed at the sound. A rustle caught his attention from another room. Instinctively, he pulled his wand from his pocket and whispered, [i [#800000 'Lumos.']] He quietly shuffled through the door frame. There was another light residing in the corner. Harry spotted the owner of the noise. It was none other than Draco Malfoy.]]
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Draco Malfoy was sitting alone in the common room of Slytherin house when he realized there was better things he could be doing. Slipping on a coat he slipped from the dormitory and out the door into the cold night. Once outside Draco felt a little lighter calm the permanent sneer he wore on his lips was twisted into a smile. [+green "Well.. This is a much better way to spend my night"] Draco spoke to the wind

He continued to walk until he reached the door to the shrieking shack. He looked up at the night sky before twisting the handle and pushing the door open. [+green "It's so quiet at night."] he mumbled stepping inside of the shack. [+green "I like it here."]

Draco roamed the shack looking around then finally settled in an old chair. He pulled out his wand [+green "Lumus"] He whispered making light come from the tip. He twirled the ball of light around a bit with a sigh humming lightly to himself, enjoying the quiet.

Draco drifted to sleep in the chair and his wand slowly dimmed. He slumped forward a few times before jolting himself awake. He stood and began pacing the floor rubbing the back of his neck then running his finger through his hair. [+green "I dunno what it is but I feel so uneasy tonight"] he shook his head then looked out one of the Windows to watch the moon.
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