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Rainbow felt like she was going to attack, but she stood in her stance. "You know something I don't. Why do I need to protect her? Someone adopted her anyway."
  Rainbow Factory Dash / -SweetSerendipity / 4y 268d 15h 19m 17s
"Then you don't care about your little kiddie..." he said, laughing at her, knowing that he couldn't be harmed by anything.
  Belmont / 4y 268d 15h 20m 45s
Rainbow looked over. "Mommy and daddy can rot in hell." Rainbow looked straight into his eyes, feeling the darkness starting to wrap around the two.
  Rainbow Factory Dash / -SweetSerendipity / 4y 268d 16h 38m 7s
"Oh..but she's all daddy's were always a mommy's girl..." he said, he sounded exactly like her father before he took everything from her.
  Dark Creature / Belmont / 4y 268d 16h 44m 18s
Rainbow glared at all of them, turning a light on, so she can see them, staring at each one of them. "My daughter is not part of this!" She yelled, and then calmed herself down.
  Rainbow Factory Dash / -SweetSerendipity / 4y 268d 16h 52m 34s
The sound of her fear of her father spoke out loud. "Because you are not sure that your child is want to protect her with all you can..." he said, knowing that is the truth.
  Dark Creature / Belmont / 4y 268d 16h 55m 49s
Rainbow thought for a moment, and then shook her head, remembering everything now. "What exactly do you want from me? I can't exactly just leave."
  Rainbow Factory Dash / -SweetSerendipity / 4y 268d 16h 59m 40s
She laughed. "You think we are idiots? That is funny coming from our creator...our old creator..." She said malevolently, and waited for her to remember.
  No Backbone (Spiney) / Belmont / 4y 268d 17h 4m 26s
Rainbow looked towards the shadow that was closer to her, and she just shook her head. "Do you think I'm dumb? I ain't doing that shit. Either you tell me why you all are here, or get the fuck out. Your choice." Rainbow stood up on all fours, glaring towards the shadow that was closer to her.
  Rainbow Factory Dash / -SweetSerendipity / 4y 268d 17h 9m 38s
The one called Spiney raised herself with her spine, then spoke. "Meet us where the sun never shines, and where only the screams of terror and pain can be heard...then you shall know...and so you know our purpose..." She said quietly.
  No Backbone (Spiney) / Belmont / 4y 268d 17h 11m 37s
Rainbow looked towards the talking voice, and shook her head. "Not in a lifetime will you get me. Why do you want me?"
  Rainbow Factory Dash / -SweetSerendipity / 4y 268d 17h 13m 22s
Before the creature could speak, another one entered the room, her steps uneven and shaky. "We" She said in a raspy voice.
  Nurse / Belmont / 4y 268d 17h 15m 2s
Rainbow was still watching the figure, as it continued to get closer, then she listened to the voice, and knew that voice. "What do you want?"
  Rainbow Factory Dash / -SweetSerendipity / 4y 268d 17h 43m 5s
The air inside the factory started to get warmer to the point where Rainbow Dash was sweating like crazy. Then the sound of rusted steel against metal slowly closed in on the blue pegasus, and then he appeared, he towered over the rainbow maned pony and kept coming closer.
  The Silent One / Belmont / 4y 268d 18h 46m 43s
The figure's spine ripped out of her back, and the bones started moving, and she kept facing the owner of the Rainbow Factory. "You..." She said quietly, and came closer to her.
  No Backbone (Spiney) / Belmont / 4y 268d 19h 45m 47s

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