The Rainbow Factory

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A groaner suddenly started moving towards the mare, his groaning very loud.
  Groaner / SilentHiller / 4y 171d 4h 30m 55s
Rainbow looked around, and then looked at the paper that fell on the ground, reading over it.
  Rainbow Factory Dash / -SweetSerendipity / 4y 172d 15h 15m 14s
The mare threw the blades at the two, and ran off, dropping a page of the beastiary.
The Head Nurse approached her, blades floating around her.
  Head Nurse (Silent Ponyville) / SilentHiller / 4y 172d 17h 35m 7s
Rainbow rolled her eyes, and just walked past them. Not phased by them.
  Rainbow Factory Dash / -SweetSerendipity / 4y 172d 20h 2m 50s
The Colt and the Quiet One were getting bored, and we're playing darts.
  The Colt / Belmont / 4y 173d 11h 53m 22s
The lurkers clambered down and surrounded them, then prepared for a meal.
  Lurker / Belmont / 4y 173d 12h 18m 28s
Rainbow eventually stopped running, as she was looking around, seeing things on the ceilings, just making sure she was careful.
  Rainbow Factory Dash / -SweetSerendipity / 4y 175d 13h 21m 21s
Along the ceiling, a few Lurkers climbed around, intending to catch a meal.
  Lurker / Belmont / 4y 175d 16h 7m 14s
Rainbow was watching on how her old caregiver was really scared out of her mind, and then she heard her, and ran with her.
  Rainbow Factory Dash / -SweetSerendipity / 4y 175d 16h 11m 10s
Soft Cure's eyes went wide, and she slowly turned around and saw the massive stallion. "Shit! Run!!!" She shouted, and the two bolted away as fast as they could.
  Nurse Soft Cure / Belmont / 4y 175d 18h 57m 12s
The sound of the steel blade being dragged across the linoleum floor was getting closer and closer, the pyramid head pony was getting very close.
  Pyramid Head pony / Belmont / 4y 175d 19h 4m 19s
"Something's in here with us...but I don't know what it is..." she said quite scared. "We best be as quiet and quick as possible..."
  Nurse Soft Cure / Belmont / 4y 175d 19h 5m 11s
Rainbow nodded her head, as she saw her old caregiver look a bit nervous. "You alright?"
  Rainbow Factory Dash / -SweetSerendipity / 4y 175d 19h 7m 4s
"The creatures..." she said, and looked around like something was following her.
  Nurse Soft Cure / Belmont / 4y 175d 19h 8m 9s

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