The Rainbow Factory

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The female walked around the building, as she was watching everyone, as she see someone asking for her. "Looking for me?"
  Rainbow Factory Dash / -SweetSerendipity / 4y 303d 17h 48m 16s
A white mare with blue flames for her mane and tail entered the factory. "Where is the overseer Rainbow Dash?" She asked.
  Phantom Moon / Belmont / 4y 303d 17h 49m 8s
She shook her head at him, as she watched him carefully. "Don't talk. And you're not sorry." She let her eyes look around the others, making sure everyone else was doing what they are supposed to do.
  Rainbow Factory Dash / -SweetSerendipity / 4y 303d 17h 51m 47s
He sighed as he was forced to kill innocent ponies. "I'm sorry about this..." he said to the next victim.
  H8_Seed "Seed" / Belmont / 4y 303d 17h 54m 8s
The female just glared at him, and crossed her arms across her chest. "I don't care what you don't want to do. You're going to do it."
  Rainbow Factory Dash / -SweetSerendipity / 4y 303d 17h 55m 30s
Seed was looking at the horrible things that he was forced to commit, and he sighed in unhappiness. "I don't want to do this..." he said.
  H8_Seed "Seed" / Belmont / 4y 303d 18h 45s
The female went around scoping the area out, as she was demanding orders to the others that were just standing around doing nothing.
  Rainbow Factory Dash / -SweetSerendipity / 4y 303d 18h 5m 35s
The two robot twins, Red and Blue were taking their daily rounds of inspection and maintenance. "Red, where's H8_Seed?" Blue asked. "I don't know Blue..." said Red.
  Rainbow Factory Robot Twins / Belmont / 4y 305d 15h 30m 29s

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