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The newer H8_Seed approached the mare, and waited for orders for what he should do with the mare.
  H8_Seed 2.0 / Belmont / 4y 303d 14h 7m 58s
The mare spoke. "She can't talk yet...she's a newborn filly..." She said quietly, trying not to sound rude. "Please don't make them take her away...I don't want to let her go..." She said, her voice wavering, trying not to cry.
  Baby Rainbow Dash Jr. / Belmont / 4y 303d 14h 13m 6s
Rainbow just looked at the little newborn, seeing that she looks like her. "Why do you look like me?"
  Rainbow Factory Dash / -SweetSerendipity / 4y 303d 14h 14m 44s
"I'm not going to be killed...not now, not ever..." the mare said, crying because she was supposed to be escorted to the PEGASUS Device for the colors red and blue.
  Baby Rainbow Dash Jr. / Belmont / 4y 303d 14h 16m 25s
Rainbow continued to walk around, until she saw someone caring a baby Rainbow. Rainbow blinked at her, and then she looked at the pony carrying her. "What are you doing?"
  Rainbow Factory Dash / -SweetSerendipity / 4y 303d 14h 18m 55s
A mare holding a newborn filly was being taken to the machine to be killed, but something about the y made her have them brought to her personally. The newborn looked just like her. Even her eyes.
  Baby Rainbow Dash Jr. / Belmont / 4y 303d 14h 21m 42s
She watched as all of the ponies were scurrying to their positions, a smile spreading across her lips.
  Rainbow Factory Dash / -SweetSerendipity / 4y 303d 14h 23m 54s
A unicorn wearing a bloodstained lab coat, and a pair of glasses emerged from the infirmary and shouted. "Vhat is going on out there? Is there something I vould be able to help vith?" He said, his German accent very thick.
  MEDIC! / Belmont / 4y 303d 14h 23m 56s
H8_Seed 2.0 almost ran right into his predecessor, the original H8_Seed. "What the..?" He started, then turned around and then went to work.
  H8_Seed 2.0 / Belmont / 4y 303d 14h 33m 53s
Rainbow looked at her, and frowned, not liking the sound of how their almost out of something. "Good idea." She looked around, and saw some of the ponies not doing anything. She started to yell. "Alright! Two ponies at each machine."
  Rainbow Factory Dash / -SweetSerendipity / 4y 303d 14h 38m 41s
Glaze, the co-owner of the Rainbow Factory, came up alongside Rainbow Dash. "Hey Rainbow, we're almost out of each individual Spectra, we should step up our production by doubling the amount of ponies sent to the machine..." She said with a nasty look in her eyes.
  Glaze / Belmont / 4y 303d 14h 40m 30s
The female stalked out of the room, and watched as he joined the others, as some of the prisoners were sitting on their behinds. She walked up to them, and started to scold them. "Get back to work. Now!"
  Rainbow Factory Dash / -SweetSerendipity / 4y 303d 14h 43m 55s
"Yes ma'am." He said dully, then went to observe the pegasi who were working in the facility. "Such a very interesting place..." he commented to himself.
  H8_Seed 2.0 / Belmont / 4y 303d 14h 48m 44s
The female looks at this new improved seed, and then thought for a second. "Hmm. Just join the others."
  Rainbow Factory Dash / -SweetSerendipity / 4y 303d 14h 50m 25s
In the assembly room, the second H8_Seed stood and turned on, ready to go and do his job. "Hello miss Rainbow Dash, what do you need me to do?" He asked in a blank, vacant voice.
  H8_Seed 2.0 / Belmont / 4y 303d 14h 57m 36s

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