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The adopted mother was was quite taken aback. "If you don't care about anyone, then who will save you from yourself?" She asked assertively.
  Baby Rainbow Dash Jr. / Belmont / 4y 276d 48m 49s
Rainbow sighed lightly, knowing that mare just wanted to know more. "Sometimes it's hard to explain certain things. I do not care for the old robot like I care for you."
  Rainbow Factory Dash / -SweetSerendipity / 4y 276d 50m 18s
"Then why do you scold the old robot? The one who has glowing yellow eyes and is falling apart?" She said, knowing that she was probably pushing too far.
  Baby Rainbow Dash Jr. / Belmont / 4y 276d 51m 7s
Rainbow looked at the two of them, and then back over to the mare. "When I found you.. You were scared. I wasn't going to kill you for that. You have no reason to die. But I do not want her to be like me. Ever. Same for you." Rainbow turned back around, looking out the window, watching everyone work.
  Rainbow Factory Dash / -SweetSerendipity / 4y 276d 53m 48s
The mare approached her carefully. "But that's where they were spared me and her...that is proof that you aren't all that bad..." She said, trying to comfort her as best she could.
  Baby Rainbow Dash Jr. / Belmont / 4y 276d 55m 19s
Rainbow jumped a little when she heard the mare talking to her. Rainbow turned around, looking at her. "My daughter was taken from me when I first had her. My parents thought I couldn't handle taking care of her." Rainbow looked at the newborn, then back to the mare. "Wherever you found her, she was not in my possession. I loved her to much to do that." Rainbow straightened up a little, and looked at the mare. "Take very good care of her. I'm too evil to raise my own daughter."
  Rainbow Factory Dash / -SweetSerendipity / 4y 276d 56m 52s
"But...what happened...?" The startled mare asked, curious about the story, and she didn't move.
  Baby Rainbow Dash Jr. / Belmont / 4y 276d 59m 39s
Rainbow was sitting there listening, and then she looked down at the newborn, letting her tail run over the newborn slowly. "My daughter..." Rainbow gulped lightly, and then she looked at everyone that was looking at her. "But, how?" Rainbow shook her head, trying to hold the tears back. She knew that the newborn was hers. The newborn was taken from her when she first had the newborn. She looked at Glaze. "Yes, she is my daughter! But you no one even knows the story." Rainbow shook her head, and then handed her back to the mare. "I'm sorry.. Here you go." Rainbow walked away, and then she went to a room where she could be alone, and then she sat down, taking in deep breaths.
  Rainbow Factory Dash / -SweetSerendipity / 4y 276d 1h 1m 0s
The old H8_Seed sighed as he went deep down into the bowels of the Rainbow Factory, and began to sing.
  H8_Seed "Seed" / Belmont / 4y 276d 1h 5m 30s
Glaze's eyes boggled out of her head, and she looked shocked. "She's...your daughter?!" She asked Rainbow Dash.
  Glaze / Belmont / 4y 276d 1h 9m 49s
"They found out that Rainbow Dash was the mother! But they don't know why she left the newborn on their doorstep!" She said in a panic, wanting the baby to live. The little newborn started to cry, since she wanted the mare who adopted her to hold her and keep her safe.
  Baby Rainbow Dash Jr. / Belmont / 4y 276d 1h 10m 52s
"How the hell does that answer my question of why she looks like me!" She yelled at her, and grabbed the newborn from her. "You know better to adopt anything, anyway!" Hands over the newborn to Seed. "Unless you have a direct answer why this newborn is a spitting image of me, she is dead."
  Rainbow Factory Dash / -SweetSerendipity / 4y 276d 1h 22m 0s
The new Seed backed away and stood beside Rainbow Dash, and looked shocked at how similar the newborn and his boss looked.
  H8_Seed 2.0 / Belmont / 4y 276d 1h 22m 6s
The mother spoke. "I adopted her...the nurse said she was left on their doorstep one night, when the sounds of pistons was heard in the skies..." She said, knowing that she mostly likely wouldn't live to see another day.
  Baby Rainbow Dash Jr. / Belmont / 4y 276d 1h 26m 15s
"Since she can't talk, then you answer the question." She see's Seed here, and she nodded her head at him. "Just a moment."
  Rainbow Factory Dash / -SweetSerendipity / 4y 276d 1h 28m 2s

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