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"W-with me?"
~She burned red, her cheek soft against his gloved hand~
  Lux / Luxanna / 4y 173d 13h 22m 51s
He put his hand on her cheek. "I vant to be vith you...I vant to help you.." he said softly.
  Medic / Belmont / 4y 173d 13h 31m 53s
~Lux looked up at the white dove, smiling, her blue eyes focusing on its empty ones~
  Lux / Luxanna / 4y 173d 13h 33m 28s
"Vhat's wrong, my friend?" He asked cautiously, and Archimedes landed on her shoulder.
  Medic / Belmont / 4y 173d 13h 34m 47s
~Opening her mouth to say something though she looked away, frowning for a moment before feeling the sensation at her hand again~
  Lux / Luxanna / 4y 173d 13h 36m 5s
Judith rolled her eyes and looked forward again, then they soon were at the gates of the city.
  Judith / Belmont / 4y 173d 13h 37m 15s
~She giggled, looking away though still holding his hand. Her eyes catching Judith's for a moment.~
  Lux / Luxanna / 4y 173d 13h 39m 7s
"You are a very beautiful woman..." he said, his German accent entrancing her with every word.
  Medic / Belmont / 4y 173d 13h 40m 57s
~Biting on her lower lip she took his hand cheeks warming quickly~
  Lux / Luxanna / 4y 173d 13h 41m 36s
The bird cooed like a very happy bird, then he landed back on the shoulder of the medic, who managed to slip his hand into hers.
  Medic / Belmont / 4y 173d 13h 42m 56s
~Looking up at the Medic she glanced back down at the bird, gently stroking its head~
  Lux / Luxanna / 4y 173d 13h 43m 45s
A dove landed on his shoulder, and he pet the bird. "Ah...hello Archimedes...you beautiful bird..." he then held the bird on his finger, allowing the girl next to him to let the bird.
  Medic / Belmont / 4y 173d 13h 44m 55s
~Despite the captain's charm she remained fawning over the medic, walking stride in stide beside him~
  Lux / Luxanna / 4y 173d 13h 46m 49s
"Ahem...allow me ladies..." Shwann said politely, then he led the group back to the city.
  Captain Shwann/Raven / Belmont / 4y 173d 13h 49m 0s
~Nods sharply~
"Lead the way then"
~She fell in line as their party grew and grew.~
  Lux / Luxanna / 4y 173d 14h 10m 20s

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