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"I-It's your fault!"
~Lux screamed, a shockwave knocking the group off their feet~
  Lux / Luxanna / 4y 267d 16h 25m 35s
Out of nowhere, a group of sniper bots appeared, and opened fire on the group, then shouted.
  Sniper Bot / Belmont / 4y 267d 16h 28m 37s
[i I-I hate him.]
~Lux's glare grew more fiercely. Her darkened aura returning~
  Lux / Luxanna / 4y 267d 16h 31m 29s
He looked at the man and fired at him, but it didn't do anything.
  Medic / Belmont / 4y 267d 16h 32m 36s
~Lux said nothing, her eyes watering though she hadn't shed a tear yet. Her gaze fell on the medic and it became a glare~
[i It's his fault..]
  Lux / Luxanna / 4y 267d 16h 35m 57s
A man in red emerged from behind the dunes of sand. "Hehehe...she hates you a lot..." he said, then his eyes went red.
  Lu Xun / Belmont / 4y 267d 16h 38m 21s
~Lux wasn't paying the Medic any mind, deep in the recesses of her own mind and heart she could hear it. Hear a voice of darkness echoing her own thoughts~

[i She hates you..]
  Lux / Luxanna / 4y 267d 16h 39m 42s
The medic was shooting at the enemy, and killed all 50 of them. "That is called doctor assisted homicide!"
  Medic / Belmont / 4y 267d 16h 43m 30s
~Lux seemed frozen in place, staring at the desert but more consciously looking at Judith.~
  Lux / Luxanna / 4y 267d 16h 45m 16s
The medic looked around, then spotted the group of knight bishops incoming. "Move! Ma shnell!!!"
  Medic / Belmont / 4y 267d 16h 46m 50s
~Lux frowned, folding her arms and slowing to a walk, her cheeks red with embarssment~
  Lux / Luxanna / 4y 267d 16h 49m 58s
She turned away and led on, still upset with her. "When you can find me a man...let me know..." she said.
  Judith / Belmont / 4y 267d 16h 51m 35s
~She looked a little stunned, shocked by her coldness~
  Lux / Luxanna / 4y 267d 16h 52m 50s
"Why? So you can make me jealous?" She said in a cold voice.
  Judith / Belmont / 4y 267d 16h 55m 45s
~Nudging her she took her wrist gently, concerned~
"Judith. Please talk to me.."
  Lux / Luxanna / 4y 267d 16h 57m 57s

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