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"I mean what special type of magic do you normally prefer to use?" She said again.
  Judith / Belmont / 4y 309d 19h 52m 48s
~Slowing down to a walk she glanced back~
"Well, I'm a mage...self explanatory yes?"
~She smiled~
  Lux / Luxanna / 4y 309d 19h 54m 38s
Judith had an interesting conversation with Luxanna. "So, what kind of magic do you use?" She asked, very curious.
  Judith / Belmont / 4y 309d 19h 55m 32s
~Smiles leading the way, not expecting anything of what was to come~
  Lux / Luxanna / 4y 309d 19h 59m 30s
She was right behind her and was holding the Demobot's Eyelander.
  Judith / Belmont / 4y 309d 20h 53s
~She began to run toward the exit sign, stopping and looking back~
"Are you coming?"
  Lux / Luxanna / 4y 309d 20h 3m 24s
She looked around. "Follow the signs..." She said quietly, and pointed to a sign that said exit.
  Judith / Belmont / 4y 309d 20h 4m 10s
~Lux smiled a little, rubbing her forehead with a gloved hand~
"Right...if you could direct me to the exit?"
~She jested.~
  Lux / Luxanna / 4y 309d 20h 5m 15s
"I'm a warrior...but I'm not usually this aggressive unless necessary..." She said quietly, then touched the scar on her face from an unforgettable encounter.
  Judith / Belmont / 4y 309d 20h 7m 12s
~Lux seemed to double over, obviously not used to the exertion~
"Heh...you seemed to do the majority of the work."
  Lux / Luxanna / 4y 309d 20h 8m 18s
"That was the last of them! Well done!" The administrator applauded and congratulated the teams. Judith smiled and grabbed a scout robot's head and crushed it like an aluminum can.
  Judith / Belmont / 4y 309d 20h 8m 59s
~Ushering forth a beam of light she snared several of the bots, fixing them to the floor before destroying them individual with projectiles~
  Lux / Luxanna / 4y 309d 20h 11m 4s
Judith knocked one bot into the air and then slammed it to the ground, demolishing it. "Crescent Slash!"
  Judith / Belmont / 4y 309d 20h 11m 53s
~Throwing her staff forward she shielded Judith, rushing forward ready to fight closer~
  Lux / Luxanna / 4y 309d 20h 14m 46s
Judith leaped up and slammed down, creating a damaging shockwave that destroyed some of the bots. "Gaia Wave!"
  Judith / Belmont / 4y 309d 20h 16m 36s

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