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~Lux stood up her aura departing the room almost immediately being replaced with that cold chilling sensation that overwhelmed them in the forest, her eyes fell on the Templars laughing at the Captain. White and soulless. Her voice deep and commanding~
"How dare you offer insult to your Captain!"
  Lux / Luxanna / 4y 307d 23h 13m 23s
"We Templars aren't supposed to fear anything...except for fear itself.." She said, and the other Templars laughed at her.
  Belmont / 4y 307d 23h 16m 23s
"That is apart of being human no? It is what separates us from things like a rock or inanimate objects"
~She smiled, pushing the Captain's hair out of her face~
  Lux / Luxanna / 4y 308d 37m 48s
"Templars cannot show fear..." She said quietly, then cried.
  Captain Belarus / Belmont / 4y 308d 40m 19s
~Approaching she knelt down beside the Captain putting her own hand on hers~
"Why would you say that?"
  Lux / Luxanna / 4y 308d 42m 15s
"I don't deserve to be the Templar Order's captain..." She said quietly.
  Captain Belarus / Belmont / 4y 308d 44m 38s
"Captain? Are you okay?"
~Lux looked genuinely concerned, standing up~
  Lux / Luxanna / 4y 308d 46m 59s
She covered her face with her hands, ashamed of the display of fear she showed.
  Captain Belarus / Belmont / 4y 308d 48m 0s
~Her fluffy personality often because of her undoubtedly strong aura of light, feeling sorry for the Templar her aura expanded, so much so it covered the hall in her light warming everyone~
  Lux / Luxanna / 4y 308d 49m 3s
She suddenly sat in a fetal position in a corner. "He knows all my darkest fears..." she said in sobs.
  Captain Belarus / Belmont / 4y 308d 52m 9s
~Watches her, looking back to Judith~
"I'm not fully sure I understand.."
~Ditzy girl~
  Lux / Luxanna / 4y 308d 53m 20s
The leader stood up, her eyes filled with fear, something that a Templar should never show.
  Captain Belarus / Belmont / 4y 308d 55m 16s
~Lux didn't quite take the threat seriously, believing the Templars just to be overly weak.~
  Lux / Luxanna / 4y 308d 59m 2s
"I don't know his name..." She said uneasily. "All I know is that we are all in grave danger..." She said.
  Captain Belarus / Belmont / 4y 308d 1h 3m 34s
"What dark magic do you speak of? I didn't notice anything but my own anger.."
  Lux / Luxanna / 4y 308d 1h 6m 32s

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