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The ground began to shake, and a very strange knight emerged from the earth, but he was fierce. "Let's settle this you stupid mages!" He then took the rest down with extreme prejudice.
  Sir Gawain / SilentHiller / 4y 343d 13h 1m 48s
~Luxanna's body was coursing with darkness. Occasionally a bold leaving her extremities and destroying a bot.~
  Lux / Luxanna / 4y 343d 21h 18m 0s
A group of scout bots grabbed her and took off, taking her to the dark man.
  Scout Robot / Belmont / 4y 343d 21h 31m 57s
~Lux laid there completely motionless. Breathing softly though the sand seemed to corrupt while her light had deminished~
  Lux / Luxanna / 4y 343d 21h 33m 38s
The bot hit her with another one, making her completely pass out. "Take that, you beauty..." it said.
  Sniper Bot / Belmont / 4y 343d 21h 47m 13s
~Lux collapsed into the sand, breathing softly, the aura of darkness still present. She may have been asleep though the tormenting voice remained~
  Lux / Luxanna / 4y 343d 22h 5m 47s
A single sniper bot appeared, and managed to hit her with a single tranquilizer dart, knocking her out cold.
  Sniper Bot / Belmont / 4y 343d 22h 12m 58s
[i You're so loose and flirtatious..such a slut.]
~Lux screamed, hearing that shrill voice again, turning back toward where the medic ran, chasing after him~
[b "Come back! I won't hurt you...much!"]
  Lux / Luxanna / 4y 343d 22h 15m 38s
The single scout robot stood still, then shit out nuts and bolts, then ran away like a little bitch after seeing the others get wrecked.
  Scout Robot / Belmont / 4y 343d 22h 17m 53s
~The explosions went off short of her, hitting the dark aura, she turned and outstretched her hand, black streams of energy crushed the robots that persisted~
[b "W-where are you?! Where did you go little man!"]
  Lux / Luxanna / 4y 343d 22h 22m 0s
More robots showed up, but fired grenades at her. "Kill em all!!!"
  Demobot / Belmont / 4y 343d 22h 25m 17s
~Lux began to cackle, her hair standing on end and the black aura more and more prominent~
[b "W-where are you going little man?"]
[i The little bug scurries.]
  Lux / Luxanna / 4y 343d 22h 26m 54s
The medic slowly started to back away, then ran at a faster speed than anyone would have thought.
  Medic / Belmont / 4y 343d 22h 37m 11s
~Lux's eyes lost their blue hues, going white she fired her ultimate. A laser streaking through the robots as she pivoted on her heels before stomping across the desert floor toward the medic.~
  Lux / Luxanna / 4y 343d 23h 37m 44s
The robots laugh. "Listen here pumpkin head...you're all done..."
  Sniper Bot / Belmont / 4y 344d 8m 6s

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