The War of Two

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He looked at her and then wrote on the paper "What happened?" He had never seen her without the mask. He wondered what her story was.
  Kunto / Rusin / 4y 248d 2h 8m 28s
She nodded, then took off her mask, revealing her scarred face to her teammate.
  Pyroette / Belmont / 4y 260d 11h 24m 6s
He nodded and sighed before he started to gently and quietly take care of his wound. His hand hurt like hell. After his wound was wrapped, he wrote on the pad "Remind me to not try and confuse them again. That hurt like hell."
  Kunto / Rusin / 4y 265d 1h 48m 30s
She tapped his shoulder and held a thumbs up for him to know she approved.
  Pyroette / Belmont / 4y 271d 20h 17m 38s
Kunto waited for a while and looked through a gap before he finally let out a quite sigh. He pulled out a pad of paper and a pen before he wrote something on it and handed it to Pyro. It said "If we stay in here and stay quiet, we should be okay for the night. We will use this to talk so it doesn't make any noise."
  Kunto / Rusin / 4y 271d 20h 20m 27s
A different scout bot called to the one near their hiding spot. "Yo, a little help?!" Then the close one ran to help his fellow bot.
  Scout Robot / Belmont / 4y 274d 7h 21m 6s
Kunto held his breath and waited for the bot to pass. He hated when missions didn't go as planned. He was just hoping they would survive.
  Kunto / Rusin / 4y 274d 7h 22m 49s
"Aw jeez! Where are the stupid guys?" One said as he passed right by their tree.
  Scout Robot / Belmont / 4y 274d 7h 29m 34s
Kunto had found a nice little dugout under a tree trunk for them to hide in for now. He covered it with some fallen leaves. He didn't want them to talk, just rest.
  Kunto / Rusin / 4y 274d 7h 32m 33s
An entire group of 39 scout bots split up, searching everywhere for the two.
  Scout Robot / Belmont / 4y 274d 9h 35m 15s
Kunto chuckled and then said "Yeah. Kind of sucks some days. The only thing I regret at this moment is excepting this mission. I was a fool to think it would be an easy one."
  Kunto / Rusin / 4y 274d 9h 36m 50s
"I'm starting to regret going into the military..." She said regretfully.
  Pyroette / Belmont / 4y 274d 9h 52m 58s
Kunto pulled the arrow out of his hand and said "Yeah. About that, the explosive guy is headed this way." In just a few seconds, the bigger bot smashed through two of the spy bots and knocked the third one over. Kunto rolled on top of Pyroette to avoid being stepped on as the demo bot without an eye tripped over the log. Kunto then quickly got up and helped Pyro up before shooting the third spy bot. "Sorry. I was just trying not to die." He told her before he started running with her again.
  Kunto / Rusin / 4y 274d 9h 55m 42s
A group of three spy bots appeared. "You are finished..." one said, and all three pulled out their pistols.
  TF2 Fem Spy Bot / Belmont / 4y 274d 10h 14m 3s
Kunto winced before he chuckled. "Right. Then I guess we are..." He was about to saw before the upper half of another bot flew over and hit the sniper in the back, causing him to stumble, "We are lucky." Kunto quickly pulled out his pistol and fired three shots. One hit the bot's arm joint, tearing off its arm, and the other two hit it in the head. The hunk of metal fell to the ground.
  Kunto / Rusin / 4y 274d 10h 15m 46s

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