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We can work together to create the idea, as my brain is hitting the writers wall by itself...seriously, it feels like something's hitting my head, and I need something to cure it...You can post in the realtime or pm me, it doesn't matter which, I'm practically always on...I have no life...Forgot to mention, I'll be more than happy to do multiple rps and plots. ^.^

What I'll do:
-Some cursing
-VERY small group.... [i bad experience with group rps...]
-Romance [i I'm a romantic at heart]
-Multiple Pairings [Oc/Oc, Oc/Cannon, Cannon/Cannon]
-Creepypasta/Black Butler crossover

What I MIGHT do:
Off site stuff...

What I won't do:
-Angst [i I don't do well with angst, get too into character] [i some relationship difficulty is fine, just no ultimate break-up/cheating shiz ...Personal reasons...]
-Abuse [i same as above]
-Others I'll think of as I go...
-Yuri [i it's just...uncomfortable for me...]

My characters:
[ Jem]
[ Lucina and Jayce]
[ Mariah]
[ Jane the Killer]
[center I can make more as I go....]

Post details:
Fairly literate in the true sense [i spelling ]
Post length 1500 characters and up, sometimes 4000 plus if inspired and playing multiple people

Pairings I'll do:
Jem x Homicidal Liu [i I like these two together waaaay to much...]
Jeff x Jane
Lucina x [i spot open]/ Jayce x [i spot open]
Mariah x [i spot open]

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