My Undead Boyfriend

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A strange man has captured the love of a police girl, but will she survive long enough to find out what he is?

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She shakily lowered her gun, her eyes filled with surprise.
  Seras Victoria (Hellsing agent) / Belmont / 4y 174d 12h 44m 16s
"Someone who doesnt like weapons.. so please put it down." Lucas said as he looked at her. He heard her heart pounding against her chest wall
  Lucus James / Angel_love94 / 4y 174d 12h 46m 4s
"Holy shit! Who the hell are you?!" She shouted, spinning around and seeing him.
  Seras Victoria (Hellsing agent) / Belmont / 4y 177d 11h 36m 26s
Lucas blinked and he stood behind the girl. "Why don't your put that weapon away." He whispered in her ear
  Lucus James / Angel_love94 / 4y 177d 11h 39m 25s
She heard someone moving around, and pulled out a pistol. "Who's there? Show yourself!" She demanded.
  Seras Victoria (Hellsing agent) / Belmont / 4y 190d 12h 13m 10s
Lucas stalked the wood line. He loves the midnight air in the town. He made his way south heading near the police station. He saw a girl and smiled
  Lucus James / Angel_love94 / 4y 190d 12h 14m 26s
It was the middle of the night when a rather young looking woman emerged from the police station, her hair a blonde color.
  Seras Victoria (Hellsing agent) / Belmont / 4y 190d 12h 20m 27s

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