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[center [font “Segoe” Plot Summary: Harry Potter – Rise of the Wand
Somewhere within the halls of Hogwarts lurks a villainous mind. Born from the mingled blood of the deadly Lord Voldemort and the deranged Bellatrix LeStrange, this person has been cast away in the shadows all their lives. Born only to have both parents taken away from them via vendetta, they grew surrounded by strangers who never showed the warmth they needed. Now, a generation after the second Wizard war, Hogwarts has become the most popular school for witchcraft and wizardry, students filling the halls to learn to become great like Harry Potter and the others who fought against Lord Voldemort. This person wishes to take over the Muggle world, and cares only for a witch or wizard’s ability, having learned from his parent’s mistakes in counting on blood to give them the winning edge. Any house, any student, any teacher may side with this ambitious witch or wizard and put their wands in the air, giving rise to the Wand.

Will you stand with this villainous mind, giving power to their cause and step out of the shadows of the wizarding world and into the shining light of the muggle mind? Or will you gather with others and stand against the enslavement of muggles and squibs alike?

[http://harrypotter.wikia.com/wiki/Hogwarts_subjects Hogwarts Subject Information. Timetables are up to you to make for your character should you want to. Remember your year determines your course as well as if you passed your O.W.L.s for those courses. Fifth years remember you will begin studying for your O.W.L.s]


[size14 Rules:
· Follow site rules in regards to sexual content.
· Write at a minimum of 2,000 characters. This role-play is Semi-Lit.
[b [u [i · Use tasteful artistic pictures – No real-life, no anime. Pictures may be decided after you know your house.]]]
· Follow skeleton directions.
· Do not ignore character actions when they involve interaction with your character.
· Do not kill another’s character without prior permission.
· You may have as many characters as you can play.]


[b [u Character Skeleton: P.M. Them]]

[b [size10 The villain has been chosen, let the mysteries of magic begin.]]

[b Puppetmaster: ]
[b Character Name:]
[b Character Age:] [i Between 11 and 17 for students, between 25 and 50 for professors.]
[b Character Gender: ] [i Pick one.]
[b Student or Professor: ] [i Pick One.]
[b Hogwarts House: ] [http://rp.eliteskills.com/r.php?r=140261 The Sorting Ceremony.]
[b Wand: ] [http://rp.eliteskills.com/r.php?r=140267 Ollivanders Wand Shop]
[b Pet: ] [i Avian, Amphibian, Feline, or Rodent in nature.]
[b Character History and Personality:] [i Talk about character likes and dislikes, feelings on the history of the wizard war, thoughts on muggles and squibs, and all around character personality.]
[b Picture:] [i You may wait until after you have been given your sorted house to choose one.]

[i You might belong in Gryffindor,
Where dwell the brave at heart,
Their daring, nerve and chivalry
Set Gryffindors apart…]

Puppetmaster: Intellectual
[pic http://i1175.photobucket.com/albums/r630/Herople/RP%20Females/c6ab15a5-3e59-48d7-aebf-380e5b7243aa_zpsyn5irrzv.jpg]
Character Name: Regan Reyes
Character Age: 16
Character Gender: Female
Student or Professor: Student
Hogwarts House: Gryffindor
Wand: Maple Wood, Dragon Heartstring, 12 ¾ in, Quite Bendy
Pet: Setta, a black cat
Character History and Personality: Regan was raised by a muggle father and a witch mother. Surprisingly, her mother was the stricter of the two parents despite her father discovering that the two most important women in his life were magical beings when Regan received her Hogwarts letter. Regan herself never knew of her magical abilities deciding that the odd things happening around her were nothing to worry about. While the girl is intelligent, she is sort of a goof ball and waits until last minute to finish things. She does well in all of her classes, though. She usually likes to walk around the school grounds or be with her friends. She does not really like anyone still on the hype of blood status or people who mess with her friends.

Puppetmaster: Tesana
Character Name: Izabella "Izzy" Lupei
[pic http://i59.tinypic.com/qn8yn7.jpg]
Character Age: 17
Character Gender: Female
Student or Professor: Student
Hogwarts House: Gryffindor
Wand: Dogwood, Unicorn hair, 12 1/4 in, Supple
Pet: Cinnamon-colored ferret, Sunset
Character History and Personality: Her mother had been a witch, having passed when she was but seven in an experiment accident. Her muggle father only just managed to avoid telling her the truth of this until she received her Hogwarts letter. It was fitting, he thought, given the strange accidents she had become prone to in recent years. Until then, he'd taught her to play the guitar, encouraged her pursuit of sports, and made sure she had her muggle homework done. After that first year? All Izzy could talk about was magic and possibly playing Quidditch, and how much she enjoyed her flying. There was a time where she'd fixated on the Wizarding war, wondering why people could seek to do things so horrible to other people whom they knew nothing of. People who were just like them, good, bad, kind, intolerant.. They were just people, sans magic. Her father had been a particularly kind system of support for that summer.
Izzy could be described as likeable, fiercely loyal, and in some ways more Hufflepuff than Gryffindor. She chooses her battles, until a dear friend or innocent acquaintance, regardless of bloodline, becomes targeted. Perhaps, then, it would be best to watch one's backside..
She has the mind to become a Healer, and is rather intent on studying for such, fighting her way through Potions, pushing through Transfiguration, and taking a breeze through Charms, Herbology, and DADA. Playing with her dear Sunset takes her mind off of the stress when she can't be on her broom.

Puppetmaster: Boxghost
[pic http://i1128.photobucket.com/albums/m494/boxghost8295/Denmark.600.1883543_zpsbxzrrke4.jpg]
Character Name: Malcom Isles
Character Age: 17
Character Gender: Male
Student or Professor: Student
Hogwarts House: Gryffindor
Wand: Beech Wood, Pheonix Feather, 13in, Unbending
Pet: Sir Roberto Samuel Cena Toucan IV…the Toucan
Character History and Personality: One would expect that being raised under the title of a Pure Blood name that a certain level of refinement it to be expected. Malcom lacks such refinement. His brash nature and refusal to think before speaking it a betrayal to the strict tutelage his father provided as well as the prestige that comes with the name Isles. The blame in a way could be placed on his mother, the kind hearted woman used her wealth and name to extend a kind hand towards muggle-born and even squibs. She taught him tolerance and inner strength but strove to ensure that his boldness was cherished, spoiling him in the process. It is with that he confidently carried himself through Hogwarts, lending his strength as a highly skilled Beater in Quidditch though his skills become limited in regards to his studies. While exceptional to join the N.E.W.T. level courses of Charms, Defense Against the Dark Arts and even Transfiguration his lack of patience hindered him in Potions and Herbology. He jokes that his gifted tongue and steady hands are of no help to him when it came to mixing ingredients, sadly even with the aid of his dear friend Izzy to help him even scrape by in his O.W.L. he dropped potions. He is unsure what he wants to do for the wizard world but a deep part of him wants to play Quidditch professionally.

Puppetmaster: Kaeleigh
[pic https://scontent.cdninstagram.com/hphotos-xpf1/t51.2885-15/s320x320/e15/10684283_628111647320159_2014803180_n.jpg]
Character Name: Ophelia Kreston
Character Age: 16
Character Gender: Female
Student or Professor: Student
Hogwarts House: Gryffindor
Wand: Chestnut Wood, Unicorn Hair, 14 1/2 in., Hard
Pet: Hedgehog, Frankenstein's Monster
Character History and Personality: Ophelia hates the ignorant. She has no cares about your ancestry, so long as you know what you're talking about. And if you don't, well then, she will at least respect your honesty if you admit to it. Muggles, half-bloods, mudbloods, pure bloods... She doesn't care, so long as she feels they're worthy of Hogwarts and wizardry in general. She loves small animals, but once it grows bigger than a snow owl, she doesn't much care for them. As for the Wizarding Wars, she understands why both sides did what they did. However, despite all of this, she has a caring nature and should you come to her for help, she's more than glad to. You can typically find her in her dorm room sitting her bamboo bowl chair that she smuggled in reading a book.


[i You might belong in Hufflepuff
Where they are just and loyal,
Those patient Hufflepuffs are true
And unafraid of toil…]

Puppetmaster: MakiOnyx
[pic http://i.imgur.com/cFXyxdt.jpg]
Character Name: Theodore “Theo” Rudolph Pierce
Character Age: 16 2/3, Birthday falls on the 11th of January.
Character Gender: Male
Student or Professor: Student
Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff
Wand: Red Oak Wood, Unicorn hair, 10 ½ in., Reasonably Supple
Pet: [http://images.fineartamerica.com/images-medium-large/1-west-african-caecilian-dante-fenolio.jpg Naara, a caecilian amphibian.]
Character History and Personality: Theodore Pierce, or Theo as he prefers to go by, has 'enjoyed' a very interesting childhood thanks to having Squibs for parents. Having lived the majority of his life in the muggle world, he was forced to a rather unfortunate muggle lifestyle including chores and very uninteresting homework. When he came into his magical ability, his father demanded he not practice it at first, but then his letter from Hogwarts arrived and with it, his maternal grandmother demanding he pack his things as he would be moving in with her. When his parents demanded he stay, his grandmother turned his father into a toad. Now, five years later he occasionally gets a letter from his mum, though she only asks he come home so he can undue his grandmother’s spell. He always replies by sending her a bag fizzing whizzbees and a bag of dead flies for his father. To say Theo despises muggles and squibs may be an understatement. Many of his fellow hufflepuffs still question how he could have ended up in their house rather than Slytherin. On a side note, Theo, since third year, has practiced being an animagus. The form that chose him is... a rather violent one and has left it's mark on his flesh in an interesting tattoo design.

Puppetmaster: boxghost
[pic http://i1128.photobucket.com/albums/m494/boxghost8295/large_zpsd2qulpjk.jpg~original]
Character Name: Anais Riker
Character Age: 15
Character Gender: Female
Student or Professor: Student
Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff
Wand: Spruce Wood, Dragon Heartstring, 12in, Soild
Pet: [http://dynamicdunes.bd.psu.edu/amphibians/photogallery/web/images/Red%20Salamander%20%28Pseudotriton%20ruber%29.jpg A red salamander named Poprock]
Character History and Personality: There is nothing one can do to prepare a young child that suddenly discovers they can do magic, of course when that child is Anais Riker there is not much needed for adjustment. Her wide eyes have always seen the wonder and magic the world holds, making her rather…odd to say the least. Her parents were thrilled to have their child attend Hogwarts, though the worry they have for their child are deeply rooted from the horror stories and the low-regard other wizards and witches have for the muggle-born. She does not concern herself with the bias attitudes, people would judge her no matter where she was from or what she did so why worry over it? She is adequate in Charms and Transfiguration, only causing a few accidents due to additional flourishes with the wave of her wand but oddly enough the same problem is not apparent in her trails in Defense Against the Dark Arts. Thriving in Herbology, Divination and Care of Magical Creatures there are days where she can be found, dirt covered and talking to plants or animals without a care in the world. Potions is a class she is hopeless at, always wanting to experiment and never following the instructions. She has not yet attending a quidditch game, not for the lack of love she has for her house but for her fear of heights….or rather falling from them. A sensible fear but one that cripples her.

Puppetmaster: Rigby
[pic http://s4.postimg.org/xx7naxizx/ratty4.jpg]
Character Name: Viveka "Vivi/Viv" Lewis
Character Age: 14. Birthdate November 14th.
Character Gender: Female
Student or Professor: Student
Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff
Wand: Holly wood, Unicorn hair, 11 in, Unbending
Pet: [http://s8.postimg.org/sat0kf0cl/ratty6_vert_tile.jpg Gambian Pouched Rat; Gretchen. Roughly 3 feet in length, 4 lbs.]
Character History and Personality: Viveka was born to a pair of muggles who were in no position to care for a child of any kind, and in their eyes she was an exhausting burden. She is, however, not one to sweat the small stuff, and doesn't take this to heart, instead idolizing the eccentric, elderly witch that agreed to take her in after her bungling parents started to panic, their child starting to exhibit 'devilry', or what is more affectionately known as 'accidental magic'.
Despite being small, she is a spirited girl and sees everything and everyone on equal footing. She believes that if someone does their best and builds themselves up, then their pasts and circumstances become trivial and irrelevant. She doesn't pay attention to the idea of there being 'muggles' or 'squibs' in the world; She only sees the honest people that either do or don't need a friendly push, and the liars and cheats that drag them all down. There are some mixed feelings about pure-bloods, though, as she has an issue with people who get cocky because of their lineage. She's an incredibly loyal and reliable friend, and while she can be more than a little nosy, and a bit... much, she means well, and fears next to nothing. A prideful girl that can come off as haughty, she's clever and runs herself ragged when it comes to her schoolwork and anything else she chooses to pursue. Capable of wielding a sharp tongue and telling it like she sees it, Viv is pained by the idea of backing down from any challenge.
Viveka is very good at twisting words and situations to place them in her favor, and likes to exaggerate. She tends to go painfully far out of her way to avoid telling a definite lie. When it comes to people outside her circle of companions and allies, she tends to be considered 'spoiled and selfish' by people who don't know her. Viveka, however, far from spoiled and having had a rough life where she's been forced to fight for every scrap of her self-esteem and self-admiration, ignores these views.
Despite her typically chipper and helpful attitude, she does have a dark side, to a point. She LOVES to antagonize members of Slytherin, simply because she dislikes how entitled she feels most of them are.

[i Or yet in wise old Ravenclaw,
If you’ve a ready mind,
Where those of wit and learning,
Will always find their kind]

Puppetmaster: CloudTouch
[pic http://i.imgur.com/TRos0hP.jpg]
Character Name: Clary Peterson
Character Age: 13
Character Gender: Female
Student or Professor: Student
Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw
Wand: Alder wood, Phoenix feather, 11 in., Surprisingly swishy
Pet: Feline
Character History and Personality: Clary is a pureblood with a kind heart. She loves animals, and doesn't like killing. Her mother told her stories of the wizard war, and told how her great grandfather was in it. Clary wanted to impress her great-great grandfather and become a great witch. Before her father died, he always told her to avoid muggles, and if she couldn't then "Use that smart brain of yours..." he would say. Squibs however, she was told do not disrespect, but do not respect either. She is a little bit shy.

Puppetmaster: Aila
[pic http://i58.tinypic.com/2hn6vs1.jpg]
Character Name: Bartholomew Varnes
Character Age: 15
Character Gender: Male
Student or Professor: Student
Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw
Wand: Pear wood, 13 3/4 inches, phoenix feather, hard.
Pet: Grey British Short-hair cat.
Character History and Personality: Bart was raised on literature, on philosophy and science and mathematics and psychology, though he finds little use in anything else of Muggle make. He has studied the war and seen the foolish, rash moves of both sides, motivated by irrationality and sentiment. He enjoys solitude, the admiration of others and the sure knowledge that he is right. Being right is his favorite thing in the world.

Puppetmaster: Makionyx
[pic http://i.imgur.com/9majb.jpg?1]
Character Name: Jackson Cadwell
Character Age: 17
Character Gender: Male
Student or Professor: Student
Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw
Wand: Hazel Wood, Phoenix Feather, 10 ¾ in, Unyielding
Pet: [https://greatcatsoftheworld.files.wordpress.com/2012/12/kenya-the-caracal.jpg?w=627&h=496 Euna, a caracal feline who is 3 ft. tall and weighs 35 lbs.]
Character History and Personality: Jackson Cadwell, sole heir of the Cadwell family, those who remained in public eye after the second Wizard War with Lord Voldemort, has no problem with knowing his family supported Lord Voldemort in the war and stood at his back. No, his problem with his family is that they chose a fool to follow. Being very intelligent, and an aspiring player of wizard chest so much so that he has competed with other schools, Jackson was disgusted to realize that a man who could have had the world let the vendetta with a child get in his way. Revenge is not an important aspect, though if it can be carried out without hindering plans then so take the opportunity to do so. Jackson tolerates anyone lower than pure-blood as long as they can do magic, though don’t even bother to ask if your half-blood or less, he won’t date you. Jackson always enjoys Potions as well as Herbology, taking both courses at N.E.W.T. level along with Astronomy, Defense Against the Dark Arts, and Charms. He dropped Muggle Studies as soon as he was able to and is not a fan of Transfiguration, having scored an unpleasant A on his O.W.L.s for the course. History of Magic was interesting, but easily passed and then dropped when the choice to take it at N.E.W.T. level came his way. The idea of furthering something that wouldn’t give him magical advantages when he could simply do the research in his spare time didn’t seem appealing. He hopes to eventually obtain the position of Minister of Magic.

Puppetmaster: Niina
[pic http://orig08.deviantart.net/6307/f/2009/254/c/f/girl_by_mar_ka.jpg]
Character Name: Lottie Lardgle
Character Age: 13
Character Gender: Female
Student or Professor: Student
Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw
Wand: Aspen Wood, Phoenix Feather, 11 in., Slightly Springy
Pet: A black cat named Felix
Character History and Personality: Lottie is from a rich pureblood family. Despite her bloodline she doesn't care about making connections or has a distaste for muggles and mudggle borns. When people first meet her, most don't like her straight forward, honest answers or how she looks as if she is ignoring you, but really she's just listening...or really ignoring you

[i Or perhaps in Slytherin
You’ll make your real friends,
Those cunning folk use any means
To achieve their ends.]

Puppetmaster: KitsuneKit
[pic http://i.imgur.com/okTR9H4.jpg]
Character Name: Alexander Bane
Character Age: 16/17
Character Gender: Male
Student or Professor: Student
Hogwarts House: Slytherin
Wand: Poplar Wood Dragon Heartstring 12 ½ in. Supple
Pet: Allen; An albino eagle owl
Character History and Personality: From the noble house of Bane, you can't blame him for being slightly ignorant in the ways of the muggles, and perhaps a comment or two that seem arrogant only occur because of that fact. Overall, the prince of Slytherin doesn't display much care over what house a person is, outside of most Gryffindors. Alex has always been taught as a child that blind bravery means nothing without ambition. That's not to say he hates all of the house of lions, simply those who are stupidly brave, because in his eyes they are just fools. Groomed to be the head of his family, and to be married after his seventeenth birthday, the boy has a bit more on his plate than some in the house of snakes.

Puppetmaster: Colorful_Insanity
[pic http://i306.photobucket.com/albums/nn268/Xangel_of_tearsX/5e0f2e45fb90902133687bfb00d889aa_zpswwh5sjfz.jpg]
Character Name: Alric Le Padre
Character Age: 17
Character Gender: Male
Student or Professor: student
Hogwarts House: Slytherin
Wand: Maple Wood, Unicorn hair, 13 ¾ in, Hard
Pet: A red tail hawk named Fenrin
Character History and Personality: Alric has always been known to like very few things such as his fascination with the dark arts, charms, potions, and the darker races of the magical realm such as goblins, dragons, Giants, Arcomantulas, werewolves, and more. His dislikes are not very well known to anyone besides himself. But Alric makes it public that he can not stand being social outside of those who calls friends. Alric doesn't seem to mind really the wizard war, It was a part of history that happened and can not be changed besides what has happened before. While Alric can see the usefulness of Squibs, Alric is glad that the muggles do not know the world of wizards, but when they bare a child who knows and can use magic are just as much reasonable to guard the magical world as anyone in it. While Alric may seem stand cold to most He is Loyal to those he calls friends and family. While unsociable he is very book smart and tends to show it off.

Puppetmaster: MakiOnyx
[pic http://i.imgur.com/VCzJV1r.png]
Character Name: Bleu Paske
Character Age: 15
Character Gender: Female
Student or Professor: Student, Transfer from Durmstrang Institute, Sorted with First Years.
Hogwarts House: Slytherin
Wand: Elm Wood, Unicorn Hair, 10 ¼ in, Supple
Pet: None
Character History and Personality: Bleu Paske was an orphan and adopted by a muggle family when she was two years of age. Her real family is unknown to her, however. When she was nine years old, she was being tormented by her adopted father and, in anger, used magic she didn’t know she had to send him flying through her third story apartment and out her tiny bedroom window. He died from the fall, and the incident brought the girl to the attention of the Ministry of Magic. Being an orphan, they were unsure what to do with her, having just discovered her. Seeing as she had unintentionally used magic which resulted in the death of a muggle, some already placed her in a negative light, whereas a former death eater Albert Runcorn, who had successfully kept himself from Azkaban, decided to have her blood tested for such powerful ability. Her bloodline came out pure, though unknown. He sent her to Durmstrang Institute and gave her access to a bank at Gringotts that only she could open. Before he took her from her adopted family home, he used the Cruciatus curse before her very eyes on her adopted mother for allowing her torment from her adopted father until the woman’s heart gave out and she died begging Bleu to forgive her. Since then, Bleu has been rather mute for the most part, unable to connect with others. She has been transferred to Hogwarts her fifth year due to an unexplained death that occurred in her dorm house, leaving her screaming for days in her Headmaster’s home. A change of scenery was thought to be best.

Puppetmaster: Osiris
[pic http://i57.tinypic.com/30kqfsw.jpg]
Character Name: Zane Galloway
Character Age: 17
Character Gender: Male
Student or Professor: Student
Hogwarts House: Slytherin
Wand: Maple Wood, Dragon Heartstring, 13 in., Brittle wand.
Pet: Avian; Peregrine Falcon named 'Lieutenant', LT for short.
Character History and Personality: Zane never knew his father, being raised by a single parent he has no siblings or any relative close to him besides his hard-nosed mother. He is a purebred wizard and desperately tries to leave the mundane world of the muggles behind him. Zane doesn't like being grouped together with people who are overly-happy and despises being put in any group or interaction with members of the Hufflepuff House due to some falling out in his prior years at Hogwarts. As such, any new Hufflepuff he meets gets the brunt of his disgust and a cold shoulder. Usually calmly receptive to other Hogwarts Houses, Zane has a tapered view of the world, viewing that magic power should be put as first priority in both the wizarding and muggle world and is highly opinionated about his views.


NPC Staff:

Neville Longbottom - Herbology

RP Staff:

Puppetmaster: Intellectual
[pic http://i1175.photobucket.com/albums/r630/Herople/RP%20Males/253f74aa-8b6b-48bd-a1ef-4d26e75dae60_zpswks8snsn.jpg]
Character Name: Bellamy Que
Character Age: 26
Character Gender: Male
Student or Professor: Professor
Professor Position: Defense Against the Dark Arts
Hogwarts House: Slytherin
Wand: Sycamore wood, Phoenix Feather, 13 3/4 in, Slightly Springy
Pet: Twitch, a brown little owl
Character History and Personality: Bellamy is usually loves getting into mischief even as a teacher at Hogwarts. He enjoys toying with his students, either taunting or teasing them. He is not always a tyrant of a man and a majority of the students enjoy him as a teacher. He does not like it when his authority is mocked or being disrespected and will become the bad guy. While he was, regrettably, away during the war, he is unsure of which side he would have chosen. He does not find muggles and squibs a complete hindrance but never really associates with them. Admittedly, he may favor the students of his house which he may not always make obvious.

Puppetmaster: Aila
[pic http://i57.tinypic.com/2nsayr4.jpg]
Character Name: Serena Klein
Character Age: 29
Character Gender: Female
Student or Professor: Professor
Professor Position: Potions
Hogwarts House: Gryffindor
Wand: Ebony wood, Dragon Heartstring, 13 in, Rigid
Pet: Ferret, Pyotr
Character History and Personality: An unusually quiet woman, Professor Klein is quite unlike the last Potions professor that terrorized the school. She manages students with a firm and quiet word and a seeming impatience for the tensions between students from different houses, especially since the war. Serena has a profound interest in both potions and alchemy, though she favors the former. Often her alchemy experiments result in strange smells and explosions from the dungeons but she hasn't brought down the castle yet. Muggles, squibs, witches and wizards, Muggle-born or otherwise, are all human and therefore equal. As far as she is concerned, magical folk have magic, Muggles have science and neither is really suited to the other's lot.



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Roleplay Responses

Ah, sorry everyone for the late reply

~Madam Malkin's Robes for All Occasions~

"Darling I don't see why you insist on coming to this depressing place", Lottie's mother sighed, referring to Diagon Alley. Her mother hated everything to do with being around 'common people', especially those who hadn't followed the dark lord. "This is why we have house elves."

Yes, yes. I know mother, I just like coming here myself...you know I'd much rather all myself. Don't want to trouble them..." Lottie sighed, trying to stand straight enough for Madam Malkin. Of course having to get your robes resized was a pain, everything else was fun.

Her mother frowned staring out the window. They had been shopping all day, Madam Malkin's their last shop, in all ready was she getting agitated. Glancing down at the house elves to make sure they weren't struggling, Lottie huffed counting the minutes until this was over.

"Mother could we...make one more stop before going home? I-I wanted to try the ice cream, you know everyone's talking about how good it is..." Lottie asked mently smacking herself for stuttering, it wasn't 'lady like' nor was it approving for book strong, Ravenclaws like her mother, either.

Her mother turned to her, eyes narrowed "perhaps..." before snapping at the house elves to quickly go home. Finally what seemed like hours Madam Malkin finished and wrapped two sets of black robes in purple cloth. Paying for them Lottie's mother rushed her out of the store, into the busy street.

As they past shops, Lottie noted on the familiar Hogwarts faces, mostly those of her own house. She also noted on the small gathering of students in front of their destination, Florean Fortescue's Ice Cream Parlor. From what she could see, some older students were messing with a younger one, fortunately a number of other student, that Lottie Recognized, stepped in to help. Yet unfortunately her mother saw and pointed her nose in the air.

"You see dear? Nothing good comes out of hanging out with commoners" she smeared, grabbing hold of her daughter's, getting ready to apparate.
  Niina / 3y 345d 15h 55m 48s
[size12 “Don’t go!”]

[size12 The sniffling five year old ran the back of her hand across her face, mixing dirt with salty tears and sticky mucus. Unable to help herself, Anais laughed at the adorable mess her sister had caused. Brushing her own dirt covered hands across her jeans she walked over to the toddler and dried her face with the hem of her shirt. “You do this every year Yukine. I am starting to think that you are doing this on purpose.”]

[size12 The child blew her nose into the soft cotton. “I don’t do it on purpose..” The child filled her cheeks with air and crossed her arms over her chest in her best pout. Anais rolled her eyes and stood back to her feet, “Of course. Now come on we have to help Ma finish planting the ginger.” She extended her hand toward her sister and despite the well placed pout the toddler gave in and wrapped her fingers around the young woman’s index finger. “Will you cast a spell?”]

[size12 “Yukine. You know your sister is not allowed to use magic outside of school.” Their mother glanced up from her work. Her wide brimmed hat was pushed off of her forehead as she stared up at her children. Yukine let go of her sister’s finger and ran up to the older woman to snatch her hat and place it on her own head. “Please mom?”]

[size12 “Please mom?” Anais folded her fingers together and began pleading along with her younger sister. The older woman chuckled as she contemplated her decision. “One spell. Nothing involving fire or anything else dangerous.” Her forehead wrinkled as she contemplated the various ways things could go wrong. “Please be careful.”]

[size12 “Of course.” Anais waved the concern away and pulled her wand from the sleeve of her shirt. Her sister clapped her hands while her mother rose a brow. Anais lifted a shoulder, “I was hoping you would say yes.” She admitted with no hesitation as she contemplated which spell she should show off for her sister. An idea came to her and she whispered it to her wand. With one hand behind her back she readied her wand. With a sharp flick of her wrist a stream of pale pink bubbles sprouted from her wand, though they were bigger than she had anticipated. Her sister squealed and jumped on one of the oversized bubbles. “Those won’t explode will they?”]

[size12 “Of course not….” Her hesitation was noticed and her mother quickly snatched up the protesting sister. The pink orbs lazily floated in the air and with each collide between each other Anais smirked as her mother jumped.]

[size12 “Now Anais do not worry your mother. She is already nervous about getting your school supplies, no need to think every spells has a negative effect.”]

[size12 The only male of the small family shuffled his way through the expansive garden, “This will be her first year surrounded by all those magic users.”]

[size12 “I am one of those magic users you know?”]

[size12 “Yes, and we are unable to change what we have been blessed with. Though now we have to deal with the others who do not feel the same as we do.”]

[size12 [center Gringotts Wizarding Bank]]

[size12 “Your transaction has been successful. Thank you for your patronage.”]

[size12 Giving her thanks Anais took the small pouch of varied coins. Her mother still seemed to be shocked by the appearance of Goblin, let alone one being her daughter’s very capable bank teller. “Ma, it is rude to stare.” At her daughter’s words he Asian woman clamped her mouth shut and followed her back out into the crowded street.]

[size12 “So these O.W.L.’s? You are tested on what you know from your previous classes and from there you are put in N.E.W.T. level classes?” Confusion was evident in her mother’s tone.]

[size12 “It tests your knowledge and capability as a wizard. I want to stop at the Apothecary, then the Junkshop. I still have a few quills, so maybe 2nd hand books before the tea shop.”]

[size12 “You don’t seem very concerned with such a serious sounding test. Why do you need to go to a Junkshop?”]

[size12 “If I worried over everything mother I would drive myself batty. As for the Junkshop I like to give old things new life, dented cauldrons make some of the best planters. Though I can show you later, we have to hurry.” She gripped her mother’s hand and tugged her through the busy streets. The older woman gripped her purse all the tighter as she daughter led the way, “How did your father ever deal with this?”]

[size12 “He mostly sat at the teashop while I bought my supplies. Though I am picking up some new plants to add to my collection, I was hoping you would help me decide on what to get.” The older woman beamed, her grip stronger against her daughter’s hand and Anais knew she had just made her mother’s day.]

[size12 [center ~*~]]

[size12 “I may not know much but I know when someone is trying to rob you blind. Premium quality.” The woman snorted, “Most of what we grow is in much better condition. It is a wonder you pass your classes.” The woman clutched the cauldron filled to the brim with the newest supplies. Every so often she would reach inside the bag and sniff the plants but Anais would snatch what was in her hands and shake her head, “Unless you know what it is mother it is better not to put your face in it. Come on, I will take you to Rosa Lee Teabag and I’ll finish with the shopping.” She continued through the crowd but up ahead the path was more congested than normal. “What is going on?” Her mother whispered and Anais raised her shoulders, “I am not sure but that looks like Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes.” Her mother chuckled at the name, her slender fingers reaching up to hide her snicker. “Yes it is rather funny. Excuse me what is going on?” The later was addressed to a pair of individuals, both male who seemed to be enjoying whatever was going on. “A member of Hufflepuff was tripped.”]

[size12 The boys continued on their way, laughing at the hilarity that was someone’s misfortune. With a hole in the crowd she leaned over to take a look. The boy had gotten up and was now struggling to gather his things with no help from any who had gathered around him. “Mother I will be right back, house business.” She kneeled down to gather up the scattered trinkets and jags, smiling at a few of the best sellers she herself had gotten her first year. Walking up to her housemate she heard the tail end of another bystander’s conversation. “Here you are. Do you need help carrying anything else?” She handed the young Hufflepuff the rest of his fallen supplies and dusted off his shirt. The boy shook his head and Anais smiled. “There you are. No worse for wear, not to mention your fine collection of pranks survived.”]

[size12 Walking beside him through the now disappointed crowd Anais smiled as he hurried back to his shopping. “You warm my heart dear.” Anais smiled as her mother hugged her close to her side. The witch squeezed back, “Please mother, it was nothing. Besides I am sure Karma will come back for them. Now let us get you settled and I will get my books.”]

[size12 [center [i 2nd Hand-Books]]]

[size12 “How is anyone supposed to find anything in here?” Anais muttered to herself as she waved her hand back and forth in hopes to scatter the dust before it entered her lungs. Looking through the stacks of books she tried search for her required spell book. As the search continued, it became apparent that her searching had turned into something else. Piles of books had begun to form the skeletal outline of a fortress. Pushing aside a stack of texts that were both uninteresting and unnecessary she spotted yet another member of her house. “Greetings Theo.” She called after him from her fort of books. He had a reputation of being one of the most un-Huffle…un-Puff? Her face scrunched into a frown as she tried to figure out what was the proper adjective. Regardless he was interesting and he had quality taste in amphibian care.]
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The brunette wheeled around at the moniker, green eyes searching for and eventually spotting Malcom, her best friend, teammate, and general shenanigans partner. There was a grin on her face until she noted the.. creature upon his head as he approached.
"Did you really need to bring that [i evil] fiend with you?"
"What's that on your head, lad?," Izzy and her father said respectively and quite at the same time. [i Dunderheaded, egotistical cretin,] she thought with some ferocity. Too much trouble came from that bird.

Her father, apparently, still felt the need to play the part of "big scary Da," as upon recognizing that it was the same boy of whom she spoke just a moment ago, he seemed to straighten his posture significantly and puffed out his chest, levelling the confused face into a look commanding some respect. "Da-" She had a feeling that whatever would happen would leave her feeling quite uncomfortable.

Her father worked a number of jobs, all manual labour-intensive, none terribly well paying, but the pair of them managed, what with her mother's savings in Galleons funding her through much of her school which alleviated a vast number of expenses. Given all of this, he had a firm grip and handshake, and made some attempt at being stern. "Pleasure to meet you, mister Isles. I would suggest that you not drag my daughter into anything untoward-" Izzy's own hand reached up and shushed him physically, and she gave a brief look of disapproval. "Da. That's enough. He's my best friend," she said as she turned. "Mal, this is my father, Alessandre Lupei. Most call him Alex. He's a nice man, promise." She hoped that her smile was convincing enough, despite the embarrassment flushing her face slightly.

"We were just finishing up our shopping when Sunset crawled straigh' up on my shoulder. Snuck along for the ride, she did. You.. however, willingly brought Sir Roberto with you, didn't you?" The bird gave a rude squawk in her direction, and she stuck her tongue out at it childishly. She and that bird did not fare well, it having caused much trouble on far too many homework assignments to be to her liking. "Don't know why you would. Doesn't he just cause you trouble all day?"
"What's he, anyhow?"
"A toucan, Da. Exotic bird. Annoying."

Izzy failed to pick up the chilled note to his words, his daughter's impatience and unwillingness to let her be his idea of what a father should be, being kept well contained for a conversation to be had later. He just wanted to protect her, and felt that she was growing into a capable young woman far faster than she should be. What if he was her boyfriend? Would she tell him if he was? Alessandre thought not. And it [i was] rude of her to interrupt him as she had.. The thoughts were held for later.

"D'ja get all your shopping done, by the way?"
  Izabella Lupei / Tesana / 3y 349d 17h 31m 45s

[size12 With the fear of getting something thrown at his head, Malcom grabbed his pet and hurried out of Flourish and Blotts. This ‘bird’ in question gave an impolite squawk in response to the insults thrown its way. Back in the crowded main street, toucan wiggled free of his owner’s grip and perched on the young man’s head of blonde hair. His bright colored bill picking through the blonde strands as if the transgression had never happened. “If you keep acting this way how am I to obtain my school supplies?” Malcom asked as he hurried away from the angry book keep. The bird gave a chittering reply that made Malcom roll his eyes, “Of course. Father was right, I should have gotten a cat.”]

[size12 Sir Roberto yanked on a few strands of blonde hair. The very thought of his prime status as a beloved companion threated by a hacking feline ruffled his feathers. The boy would not go unpunished. Malcom winched at his abuse and quickly apologized for his lack of thinking. Satisfied, the toucan went back to rummaging through the unkempt nest of blonde hair.]

[size12 Now free to somewhat concentrate on his shopping Malcom pulled the crumpled list from his pocket. As his eyes scanned the quickly scribbled short hand he gave a mental check to each accomplished item. He double checked, there was no possible way he could be done. Of course now that he had dropped potions he did not have to go to the apothecary but a single class could not cut his shopping short could it? Again he looked over his list but the list did not change, for once he had made it through Diagon Alley without losing an eye. A small victory to begin his final year at Hogwarts. “What do we do now my lord?” Malcom was met with only silence, reaching upward his fingers only encountered the thick strands of his own hair. “This is not good.”]

[size12 Jerking his gaze upward he tried to spot his pet, knowing that unsupervised the avian would be causing trouble on a grand scale. As politely as he could he weaved his way through the crowded shopping district, cursing under his breath all the way.]

[center [i [size12 Earlier that day….]]]

[center [i [size12 “Malcom are you sure you want to go school shopping on your own? It is your last year after all.”]]]

[center [i [size12 Malcom had spent most of his night and now his early morning packing his belongings and the last thing he wanted to add to his ever growing schedule was comfort his sniffling mother. The witch watched her son scramble back and forth, haphazardly throwing clothing into trunks. Their house elf franticly following its young master’s destructive path doing all that it could to clean the growing mess. Sir Roberto chittered from his cage as he dumped half eaten fruit pits on the ground, halting the elf’s progress in cleaning to pick it up.]]]

[center [i [size12 “Perhaps you should at least take Wick with you. If you insist on not allowing your mother one final chance to help you shop.” Her concern was understanding. Malcom while blessed with many positive traits, he was….easily distracted and at times a task as easy as shopping could turn into a disaster.]]]

[size12 Malcom spotted his pet hanging upside down from a peddler’s stationed tent, his colorful pill pulling at the fabric’s frayed strings. Picking up his pace Malcom walked underneath his bird and whistled up to him. Sir Roberto turned his head and flew down to perch once again in his owner’s mused hair. “Next time you are getting stuffed in a trunk with the rest of my useless belongings.” The toucan said nothing, too busy preening his dark feathers.]

[size12 Turning on his heel the young wizard made up in his mind to head toward Quality Quidditch Supplies but at the spotting of a familiar witch he abandoned the thought and hurried over to her side. “Izzy!” He shouted, far louder than he needed to, and at the notice of the older gentleman at her side he managed to recall some semblance of his manners. “My apologies sir. I am Malcom Isles, and you must be Izzy’s father. It is a pleasure to meet you.” He extended his hand in greeting, a warm smile on his face. A fool with a bird on his head]
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[size10 [i Bath, Somerset.]]

[size10 The anxious sound of scrubbing emerged from the kitchen, with the clatter of pans and utensils as Meria inevitably dropped something, again. She was worse than an addle-brained house-elf.]
[size10 "Mister Varnes," she said as soon as Batholomew stepped in to investigate, "are you hungry? I can make you some food-"]
[size10 "No," he replied, looking around the clutter of the kitchen. "The post. Where is it?"]
[size10 "Oh, your OWLs!" the woman yelped, leaping towards the back counter, about to pick up a heavy folded letter with her soapy hands. "It came this morning!"]
[size10 Bart superseded her, his wand a flicker of wood, and the envelope slid out of her grasp to the safety of his outstretched hand. She stopped abruptly, her hand hanging pathetically in the air like falling leaf. Her lined face crumpled and she lowered her head, chastened as always by the display of magic. His mother, such as she was, had taken the woman in as a domestic, citing that house-elves, with their own magic, couldn't be trusted. Much better to have a Muggle-alike who knew to keep their mouth shut about magic. That didn't stop her from being an incompetent blunderer.]

[size10 Bart left the kitchen without comment, the letter with his OWL results gripped tight in one hand. By the time he reached his room, it was a crumpled mess, sweat streaking the purple ink of his name and address. The moment his bedroom door closed, he ripped into the parchment so violently the letter flew out and landed on the floorboards. His own face stared back at him from the polished wood as he bent to retrieve it. Dark hair, dark eyes and a pale wash of face. He opened the papers, eyebrows clenched. A string of black ink crawled down the page, a list of 'O's made in a neat, precise hand.]

[size10 The tightness in his chest loosened and he folded the results letter in half, throwing it into the topmost drawer of his bureau. The old wood was notched and scarred, like the bookcases that lined every single wall of his bedroom. They were filled with books. Not the old, matching, leatherbound volumes you would find in the home of your stereotypical pureblood. There were jewel-bright books from Flourish and Blotts and every bookshop along Diagon and Knockturn Alleys, cracked, wilted paperbacks from Muggle shops, volumes pilfered from libraries and found on the street in puddles. They were stacked by subject, crammed into spaces, shreds of parchment marking specific pages.]

[size10 By contrast, his schoolbooks were all pristine. Read, memorised, discarded. Bartholomew looked at his books, rather than the drawer. This had been his true education.]

[size10 [i Diagon Alley, London.]]

[size10 Evidently, everyone had had the same idea to go shopping the day of receiving their shopping lists. Entering his sixth year was costly, new equipment needed for advanced classes, the ever-increasing list of books required by his professors. The accounts would be handled by his parents, but Bartholomew kept a tally of what he spent and where. Money was no concern but he took pride and pleasure in being in control. In [i knowing] everything that occurred around him, and how, and why. He was not one to walk through life with his eyes clouded by ignorance and emotion. That was what brought great men to their knees.]

[size10 As such, he stood by the corner of Eeylops Owl Emporium, shaded by the hanging cages, and watching the students gathering into little groups. Already there were signs of discord, petty bickering. He shifted the heavy bags dragging at his arms, watching first the girls by Florean's, then Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes. Slytherins were half the trouble, by the look of it. He shook his head minutely, slipping through the crowds that crushed past each other in one of the alley's narrower bends. [i That] lot had caused such havoc in the war? They were petty little children.]

[size10 He paused outside the Weasleys' shop, looking down at the snivelling Hufflepuff and his ruined toys, blatantly ignoring the petty Slytherin. "Stand up," he said to the boy, his voice cool and flat, like marble. "Learn to watch where you step, take notice of your surroundings, and you won't be fooled by such an obvious maneuver." The snub of the Slytherin boy was obvious. They were meant to be cunning. Tripping a second year? Pathetic. Petty. Below even a third-year bully. "There are more intelligent people you should be wary of," he said to the boy, who was getting to his feet, still sniffling. The Hufflepuff bent to gather his scattered purchases. "If someone as basic as Galloway can trip you up, you won't survive long."]
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[h3 ]
[center [u Bane Manor, August 29th]]

[font "Times New Roman" A lean figure sat alone in the library of the Bane Manor, his fingers gently turning the pages of an old, hand bound book. Some of the pages were worn with age, if not for the help of a charm the words might be unreadable. But as he flipped through the pages the writing got clearer and clearer, contrasting against the older entries in the book. He paused at a fresh page, leaning over the book as he picked up a quill from the nearby inkwell and began to write.

He stayed in this position for a long time, simply writing away without a care in the world, occasionally pausing to dip the quill back into the inkwell before continuing on again. After crossing the last 't' and making a dot for the last period, he closed the book once more, and set the quill back down, not even bothering to re-read what he wrote. Leaning back, the dark haired male snapped his fingers. In an instant, a small house elf appearing at his side.

[i "What can Neemey get for you young master?"]

[#556B2F "Can you return this book back to its place in the archives, then alert my mother that I will not be attending dinner with her, and will see her in the morning for our trip to Diagon Alley?"]

[i "Of course Neemey can do that, sir,"] He smiled at her in thanks as she grabbed the book and disappeared, before turning is attention towards the dying fire across the room, and saying nothing more.]

[center[u Diagon Alley, August 30th]]

[font "Times New Roman" [b “You're being ridiculous Alexander Orion Bane!”] A female voice snapped, drawing some attention to those also in Twillfit and Tattings, but from behind a set of curtains. [b “This has been in the making since before you were born! Decades of tradition! For you to decide-”] A new voice cut her off, a cool, yet tender tenor sounding loud enough for any others to hear without the aid of a charm.

[#556B2F “All I said was that I wanted to wait until after I finish at Hogwarts. And then she can finish at Beauxbatons. I don’t want to be married during my final year of Hogwarts. Besides the fact that I have never met her and you expect me to marry her in two days. What are we going to say our vows while we're on the train?”]

[b “But you turn 17 in two days! You must be wed in order to take the title as family head, and you can do that when you come of age! It’s what your father would have wanted.”]

[#556B2F “[i My father] would have wanted me to complete my NEWTS. Besides, when I was 11 he said I didn't have to marry before I graduated Hogwarts. It’s in his will.”]

[b “But you need to produce an-”] once again he cut her off.

[#556B2F “If you say ‘produce an heir’ I will not care if you are my mother I will curse you,”] Suddenly the even tone dipped down to what could be considered freezing. What was the point in even having a mother when his behaved in this manner? His mother scolding him in public was no way to behave in public. That was what his father taught him, that someone was always watching how you behaved. It made them no better than the idiots who ran around with only a half a clue, if not less, about the idea they were fighting for, just because they were brave enough to take up the challenge the way his mother yelled shrilly. And he hated idiots like that. His father was dead because of foolish bravery. And no amount of magic could change that. [#556B2F "Go home mother,"] he grumbled, stepping out from behind the set of curtains, and not sparing a glance back towards her as he made his way back onto the cobblestone streets of Diagon Alley.

Alex's eyes snapped up at the commotion in the direction that he had to walk to reach the Magical Menagerie. He couldn't help but snort in amusement as the boy was shot backwards, only to be rescued by one Alric Le Padre, another Slytherin. The Slytherins all knew of each other to an extent after all, in the sense that they knew who you were, and how you benefitted them. Perhaps their interests had never really aligned, hence their not being friends, but he dipped his sharp-featured head, whether the other noticed or not, acknowledging the other Slytherin's presence before walking past. The idiot Alric had helped probably deserved what had come to him, house elves were typically polite creatures after all.

So the dark haired teen continued to walk down the path towards in destination. He almost walked into the store himself when he noticed a second commotion, and oh what a surprise a Slytherin was involved once again. However this time the tables were turned and it was the Slytherin instigating a fight, or rather simply bullying a little Hufflepuff. If it had been a Gryffindor, or even someone who deserved it Alex might have turned a blind eye, walked away and went about his business, but instead he strode towards them.

[#556B2F "Do you honestly have nothing better to do than push helpless Hufflepuffs around, Galloway? Or are they just the easiest prey? Those who prey on the weak are weak themselves you know,"] he raised his voice as he stepped closer, overall nonchalant from his voice to his body language. Not necessarily defending the Hufflepuff, or helping them up, but at least attempting to catch the other Slytherin's attention.
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[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Vollkorn] [Vollkorn Zane Galloway was not mingling with the new people, not even with the returning classes, nor did he hustle to run into every shop and stall the seventh year did not need to bustle when he had servants to do so for him. His mother stood admiring a few high priced jewelry items in one of the closest stalls. Zane's servants, two house elves were bound by a magic calling to gather and purchase all his necessary items for the last year at Hogwarts-like every year before them Zane's mother would go through it all looking for a reason to berate the elves or worse.

Zane didn't really need much for his last year, but his family practically descended from money and his mother made sure he represented it. He would have liked to be a more casual person, but she didn't make it easy to do so, reminding him of how he had to represent their family and the Slytherin House. After this year Zane would be his own wizard and free to do what he wished with the world. The main thing Zane had to worry about was his Apparition course and his Alchemy class, the school had implemented the need or interest was great enough to include Alchemy within its elective curriculum. Zane had a few of the standard academic courses Potions, History of Magic, Defense Against the Dark Arts-this was a particular favorite, although Hogwarts had disbanded the class after the war they reinvigorated it to better prepare their young wizards for those still out that would do them ill.

[#E42217 "Surely you have enough jewelry to last you decades, mother, let us be off before I am sucked into an abyss of conversation with the 'lessers'."] His mother ignored him of course, Zane brushed his dark brown hair out of his face, his hard grey eyes staring at the throngs of people that were crowded at an uncomfortable pace. He knew some of them, but for appearances did not approach them. When the two house elves finally came with the heavy stacks of supplies presenting them to be inspected by the Mother Galloway.

[+blue "Took you long enough, cretins! Hand them over."] Zane would have most of his supplies be directed not only to his classes, but his future job within the wizarding world. He was already given a promising gesture of becoming either a Dragon Keeper or Dragonologist, Zane had already passed his Care of Magical Creatures classes and took another section specifically to the knowledge and research pertaining to Dragons. He found them not only dangerous but majestic creatures, Hogwarts didn't have any dragons to really work with during his class, but that didn't keep him from vacationing during the summer months to where dragons were a common sight. Dragons could not be domesticated, despite individuals trying to do so. The mere part of being a Keeper would be to condition them to concede to certain rules, why, even Gringotts has-or used to have-a dragon in its lower vaults to protect the merchandise stored there.

Zane had a few more books on the subject that he was eager to read, nearly owning every book ever published on the subject. When his mother gave him the signal that everything was in place the boy gathered up everything and was free to leave his mother to her shopping. All of his supplies were new, his mother would never allow him to even step into a second-hand store, 'that was for beggars and orphans' she would say. He headed over to one of the prank shops, looking in the windows and those in it, he caught glimpse of a few distinct colored robes that made his temperature rise. Canary yellow and black with a badger as a mascot.


They were as weak-willed and useless as their house ghost! The Fat Friar, most irritating a ghost if there ever was one. Zane had an extreme dislike for all those sorted into the House of Helga Hufflepuff, regardless if they previously met him or not. Slytherin's house ghost was at least more of entertainment and enlightenment, the Bloody Baron had his trials but he grew on those in the Slytherin house. Zane and the Baron actually had several conversations throughout his years at Hogwarts, and even the Baron deigned to associate with his fellow ghosts like the Friar.

Zane waited outside the door to the prank shop until a younger boy-most likely a first or second year Hufflepuff-came out of the store carrying a nice stack of props and joking prank materials. Mischievously Zane stuck his foot out and allowed the boy to trip right over and land onto his face, spewing his supplies and setting off a few prank items into the alley causing a ruckus of noise and laughter at the boy's embarrassment.

[#E42217 "-And that's where Hufflepuffs should stay, in the dirt at my feet."] Zane sneered down at the boy, before stepping over the boy and kicking a few more of his purchase into the gathered crowd, most found it hilarious and took delight in the misfortune of others. No doubt some bleeding heart would tend to the boy but for now they were having their fun, and it was indeed fun.]
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It was a disaster when Regan Reyes recieved her O.W.L. results. She had been awake for a week straight in anticipation to see if she had gotten what she expected. When the owl swooped in with her Hogwarts letter and her results was when her mother decided to make her do chores. This surprised Regan as the woman hardly ever spoke to her. Ari Reyes, a witch herself, hated the idea that her daughter went to a wizarding school despite her own heritage and was punishing her. She always found some way to punish the girl when Stephen, her husband, was away at work. She knew he would not be able to step in to help her.

It took hours to do everything Ari ordered. When finished, she had decided to sit on the couch for a minute and woke up to her father shaking her the next day! Regan was livid. She had demanded the letter from her mom despite the hour. As soon as it was in her possession, she stormed to her bedroom and shut both her parents out. She knew Stephen did nothing, but she was angry enough to do something she would probably regret. She jumped on her bed and tore open the letter as if her life depended on it, which it did. She skipped her welcome back letter from Hogwarts and read her test results.

Her excitement at the amount of "Outstandings" and "Exceeds Expectations" on the parchment made her squeal. It lasted until she spied the single letter next to her least favorite subject. An "Acceptable" for Herbology. She hoped she would be accepted into the N.E.W.T. class or else she might never be an Auror. The thought almost made her cry but she held her tears in exchange for a frustrated yell. She was doomed. On the other side of the door, Regan heard an "alohamora" spell and watched as her parents filed in the room. To her surprise, the letter was snatched from her hands by Ari and looked over furiously. The womans words were annoying. [b "Ha, I've told you, Reg, you'd never be the next Hermione Granger. You should just quit while you're ahead, dear." ]

[b [+purple "Shut up, mum,"]] Regan spat, surprised at her own courage. She had never said those words to her mother before. The screaming that ensued was cut off by Stephen, and he made both women reluctantly apologize. This had started what her father called a feud and the two women refused to speak to one another. Regan was not trying to be a remake of Hermione. She was her own person. Besides, she was much more slack than Hermione, so she'd heard.


Regan had always been a quick shopper because she hated it. This started in the Muggle world and tranferred to the Wizarding World. The only shops she had spent more time than necessary in were the Quidditch joke shop. She knew she should focus on her studies but what was life without a little fun. She did enjoy pranking a few first years every now and then. Her family was rather wealthy in the Muggle world so she had been able to buy everything knew. She did kind of feel guilty that not everyone could, so she promised to donate them in the pristine condition she had purchased them. Her robes had been ordered, her ingredients and new cauldrens purched and the rest of her shopping list taken care of within an hour.

She could feel the new broom burning her back. It was egging her on as its wrappings crunched with her every move. It was the newest model, and she could not wait to test it when she arrived at school. She needed to sit down and take her mind off it. It was the only thing she could do not to mount the broom and soar through Diagon Alley. She order a sundae at Florean's and sat at a table waiting to spy one of her friends. She did not have to wait long when she heard a familiar voice ring in her ear. Ophelia had found her first.

Ophelia's animation always made Regan smile. They talked for a while before Regan asked, [b [+purple "I forgot, what classes are you taking this year?"]] She listened as the girl listed off their classes. They shared their core classes, Divination, Ancient Runes and Apparition which was awesome. Regan was also taking Care of Magical Creatures which she hoped would be as exciting as always. When presented with a the Russian Hat, Regan immediately slipped it on her head and thanked her friend. She had really come to love Ophelia over their years at school. Suddenly, a frown formed on her face when she thought about how she had not gotten the girl something. About to speak, when she saw Ophelia's attention directed elsewhere. Upon the gesture, Regan turned in her seat and saw the girls' friend and Ophelia's crush. Turning back to the girl, she raised her eyebrows several times suggestively.

When Alric sat and spoke, Regan's thoughts drifted to her own future N.E.W.T. exams and she felt panic well up inside her as it had every time they came up. She had worked herself into a frenzy over the summer and it took its toll on her physically. Luckily, a distraction came in the form of a young child crashing into their table. She watched in slow motion as a spoonful of ice cream flung up and hit her brand new hat. She blinked a few times, realizing Alric was soothing the kid and trying to introduce himself to the owner of the offending house elf.

She let out one little snort and that was it. Her laughter was loud, deep and uncontrollable. She felt bad for laughing for several reason but it just happened. She walked to Alric and the strange girl and said between laughs, [b [+purple "I-I'm sorry... I'm Regan and that, that's Ophelia."]] She pointed to the stunned girl. At the end of her statement, she had regained some of her control. Her gaze fell on Alric to give him an apologetic look. [b [+purple "I don't think we've seen you around at school before. Are you one of the new transfers?"]] They had been getting a lot of them over the years.
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[Center [font Gabriola [size20 420 Victore street. Montpellier France.]]]

[Center It was the middle of the summer when a simple wine distillery owner and his wife had been given a gift. Their child had been accepted to Beauxbatons Academy of magic. the news had been received as a very good thing and the day was celebrated with candles, wine, and a giant party of several people that the family had known. It had been such a big occasion that the family had to move it to their estate out in the country. The child seemed happy, but he couldn't be even more saddened by his parents choice of school. It meant he would be away from his family on the other side of Sothern France in the Pyrenees with several other students. While the Academy was very prestigious. The boy would have preferred to go to a normal school.]

[Center Before the school year at the Academy had started however Alric had been transferred to Hogwarts. His family had moved to England and watched as his father's new occupation as Minster of magic become more and more taxing upon his time with the family. It had nearly destroyed the man and his marriage twice. The two parents had bad arguments and tended to stay away from each other for very long periods of time which was the only way they could stand being in a room anymore. The two had worked it out however to save their face in public and for the sake of Alric. The boy's father would be at work, and the Mother would spend time at home with Alric and would even take a few meals with her husband to keep up appearances, however that was all that the women would do. Being an Aura constant called her away and even more so had kept her away from home. This had allowed what time The minster Ange La Patre with his child, even if it was very little.]

[Center Alric had during his first few years at Hogwarts gained nothing more then his house and the knowledge that his house had won the cup at least once in those two years. During his third year he had gained what few friends he had kept during his school life. His first was his fellow classmate Ophelia, whom he had opened up first and foremost to him, the second was Regan whom while he wouldn't count her as a friend he would count her closer to him then others that go to the school. His third and closest friend that Alric had made came from the unlikeliest of places. It was Jackson Cadwell the boy from Ravenclaw who seemed to be shunned by most others due to his family remaining in the public eye as supporters of the dark lord. Perhaps it was their odd qualities that had made him decide they were his friends. Perhaps it was their unique abilities that had made him as such.]

[Center Whatever it was Alric would make none to very few more friends after, it wasn't because he wasn't social. He actually preferred being social over all, however he couldn't help but scare a few away himself with his darker side. It was because of this that he would become more quite. He also however tended to lean more towards books and found comfort in their pages and could easily escape to the realm found within the cover. It was also his way of dealing with the world and the problems he knew he couldn't face alone. He would bring the world to its own by having a book in his hand and a warm fire to sit by.]

[Center [font Gabriola [size20 42 Chester Road Greenway End, London.]]]

[Center A room of blues and blacks comes into view and inside the room is a bed with limbs hanging all over the place. The first limb that could be seen was that of a left arm wrapped tightly around a pillow. A second limb could be seen was a right leg pointed at an odd direction pointed out of the bed. Along with the arm and leg that could be seen was short brown hair along with an ear. The only movement that could be seen was the blankets movement to have the right hand come out of the blanket covers and hit the alarm clock that seemed to be buzzing with life. With the silence of the alarm clock the mass of blankets and skin rummaged around and was greeted by a sunny day.]

[Center At first the blankets clung to the figure as if they were another laying of skin, however they fell around the male figure's waist. The male seemed almost sculpted out of flesh and bone with his figure. Grabbing the sheet and wrapping it around his waist the male's feet touched the hard red cedar wood floor. to lead him to the shower. Once the hot water bathed over the male's figure he stepped out to dub onto himself a black suite with his normal tie that was required of all slytherin students. [b "Alric, Its time to go."] Was all the male had heard sense his alarm had gone off. [#07691f "I am coming Mother."] was his answer back. It had been a long time sense his mother had spent time with the boy, perhaps that is what made him so stand off from everyone else. Perhaps it was the lack of Fatherly figure due to work that had the boy have his character. Being the only male child to the Minster of magic had some perks to it.]

[Center Grabbing his wand from the dresser side and running a brush through his hair the Brunette named Alric was out his bedroom door and down the stairway into a grand entry. [#07691f "Ready when you are mother."] before another word was spoken the door was opened with a wave of a wand and the two were off. [b "Do you know what all we must get you for this school year?"] Alric nodded with a list memorized in his head. [#07691f "We must get N.E.W.T studies for Potions, Defense against the dark arts, and Magical Creature studies. Along with Standard books of spells level seven. And a few other things to restock my stores of items. And possible some treats for Fenrin."] The women seemed to not be paying much mind, and so with it she walked out the door to an already running car waiting.]

[Center [b "We must hurry if we are to get back in time to have dinner with your father. You know how being the Minster of Magic tends to be a very time consuming job."] the male nodded and followed the women out of the house and into the car. [#07691f "I remember. I also know being an Aura is very hard work as well. I am glad that you took time for this trip mother."] The brunette had eyed his mother only to have his gaze return to the passing world outside the car. They had lived outside of London, sense moving to England when Alric had been eleven, it had been right before school started. He had transferred from Beauxbatons Academy of Magic in France it was but a single night among many he would remember.]

[Center Upon reaching the entrance to the ally the car pulled to a stop in front of the "bar" that was the entry way. Perhaps it was odd seeing so many children go into the pub ranging from ages eleven to almost adults. Stepping into the doorway himself Alric followed in his mother's foot steps right to the back. Watching as his mother put the password into the stone the male had seen it happen so many times before and had started to memorize it himself. [#07691f "Mother if you wish to return home to have Dinner with Father, I am sure I can handle it from here. I should be able to afford most things on the allowance you and father give me."] His mother didn't seem to have heard him as she kept walking down the street in her high heels with the click click click of them on the pavement.]

[Center Alric had once again fallen behind his mother until he started to window shop as he passed by each different store on the way. He had stopped in Flourish and Blotts and picked up his school books that he required. He stepped out of the shop to have his mother right in his face. [b "Where did you go? What did you get?"] Before he could even answer his mother's phone went off and she answered it. [b "Yes....Yes...Yes...No...I'll be home in a moment. I don't know let me ask."] pausing she put her left hand on the phone and spoke to the boy. [b "Will you be joining your father and me for dinner?"] Alric only nodded no. [#07691f "Perhaps another time, For now I have to get my school shopping done, who knows when I will be able to again. Besides school starts in a week and I cannot go unprepared."] With that the women was off down the street back to The leaky Cauldron.]

[Center Getting the rest of his shopping list the male had only heard his name being called from his friend blonde female from Gryffindor named Ophelia. She had waved him over and while the male didn't want to make it to much of a problem with the second Gryffindor who while Alric wasn't the best of friends with he knew quite well. Perhaps it was time he got to know her better. Regan, that was the other female's name if he had recalled. He had waved his hand, but decided he would indeed talk to the girls. [#07691f "Hey Ophelia. Hello Regan."] he said as he took the seat Ophelia had just pointed out. [#07691f "I'm sorry I can't stay long I do have a little bit more shopping to do for school. I have to go to Slug and Jigger's Apothecary to restock my supplies for potions. I'm taking second year N.E.W.T this year for it."] Alic stood up from the table. Bowing slightly to the two of them he waved to them both bye and was planning to run off down the street to the Apothecary.]

[Center Before he could even move however Alric had caught another Slytherin house male and fell to the ground. [#07691f "Hey watch where you throw other people."] he had called to the house elf. Cursing in French the male stood up and let the other drop to the ground. [#07691f "You know its not polite to taunt people who may or may not become fellow house mates first years or not."] Brushing off his suit the boy seemed to watch as the house elf returned to the new girl. Alric stepped besides the house elf to stop it and her from going any farther. [#07691f "Here, dry your eyes little one."] Alric said handing the girl a tissue he pulled from his pocket.]

[Center the male looked down at the house elf and saw it was eye balling him like it was expecting him to attack the witch that now stood in front of him.[#07691f "I am Alric Le Padre. Slytherin house Seventh year at Hogwarts. and you are?"]]
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[font "Andalus" [size14
[u Durmstrang Dorms, the 3rd of January 2012.]
[left [b Things that go Bump in the Night]]

A pitter-patter of feet slowly making their way across a stone brick hallway are rather drowned out as a howling wind rattles windows and the sound of tree branches cracking fills the night. Reaching a spiral staircase, the figure continues on their adventure downward into the dark depths, their wand held in front of them with the tip glowing thanks to the lumos charm having been cast beforehand. Now the rules clearly state that children, no matter their age or year should be thoroughly tucked away in their beds at a certain time, however that rule is often ignored.

For instance, only three nights ago, on New Year’s Eve, when many students were celebrating with fireworks or feasting in the great hall, three young wizards had gone on a rather cruel walkabout to enjoy the gifts sent in from other student’s families. They had managed to raid twelve dorm rooms before coming across a person’s room they were very unsure of as no one had ever entered it other than the occupant who called it home. The young wizards were a bit rosy in the cheek by then, having consumed large amounts of knotgrass mead and began to make bets with one another on what they might find, spurring one another on into unlocking the door and revealing the mysteries inside.

It just so happens that one of these three young wizards was very willing to go within, wanting something rather specific from the occupant. Greedily betting with his friends, he unlocked the door and crept into the darkened room, casting lumos maxima into the room so he could have a good look at what awaited him. Unfortunately the room was very bare and rather dull to look at. Other than the tapestries that hung from all the walls and a four-poster bed with simple black drapes the room seemed to have no personal touch, no comfort of home, and therefore no particular clue as to what was important to the occupant.

This was a very unhappy moment for the wizard, as he had bet heavily with his friends that the room would be filled with all sorts of muggle-bound and frilly artifacts. As his friends gathered around him, they began to laugh at the complete bore of a room, one even flicking a neat stack of parchment onto the overly clean floor. However as the parchment touched the floor, it seemed to restack itself back onto the desk it had been resting on before, causing the boy the shrink back to his friend’s side. Alarmed that things may be more than what they seem, two of the boys fled the room while the other who had been on the verge of losing his bet was determined to find something to keep five galleons from falling into each of his friend’s palms.

Ignoring the parchment incident, he moved into the room towards the leather trunk at the foot of the bed resting on the floor. Unlocking it as he had the door to the room, the wizard invoked the lumos charm so the end of his wand glowed bright with white-silvery light. Smirking, he began to dig around the trunk and whispering out loud; [i [+red ‘Something muggle, something frilly.’]]

He had repeated it three times when suddenly a black lacey ribbon seemed to materialize in his hand. As he tugged at the ribbon, he further found it attached to a rather thick leather-bound book. Groaning at the weight of the text, he eyed the cover to find a boring old dictionary. Throwing it over his shoulder, he began to dig into the chest – however the sound of something shattering brought his attention to where the dictionary had landed. There, he found the remains of a glass box he had clearly broken. Grimacing, he went to turn away until something gleaming caught his eye.

There, in the glass rubble on the stone floor lay a thick silver chain with a strange rune symbol he couldn’t make out attached. What he could make out, however, was that the rune symbol was clearly made out of thick silver like the rest of the chain and a sea of small black diamonds. Grinning, he snatched the necklace up, willing to lose ten galleons now that he had something that may go for far more. Leaving the room a mess from his plundering, the wizard headed out to continue the New Year’s celebration. Never, in his time in the room, had he noticed the rippling floor-length mirror from which a figure stepped out of, flicking their wand to put the glass box back the way it had been.

Now, three nights later that figure creeps into the dorm room of one very greedy young wizard. A soft voice whispers [i [b ‘Avada Kedavra’]], wand pointed towards the wizard’s sleeping form as a sudden flash of poisonous lime-green flares brightly casting shadows everywhere and reflecting brightly in the caster’s hooded gaze.

[center ~~~~~~~]

[right [u Diagon Alley, 30th of August 2012]]
[left [b Shopping Frenzy]]

A young woman of only 5’4” suddenly appeared on the walkway of Diagon Alley. Standing in the center of the busy cobblestone street, many a wizard and witch had to move abruptly to make room not only for her lithe form, but also for the two rather rude and seemingly violent house-elves who appeared to enjoy tripping wizards who neared too close to their mistress. The girl, however, moved onward, her freckle-touched face holding an elegant expression of boredom. The first shop she came to was Flourish and Blotts, a rather busy bookshop where many children were with their parents collecting what they needed or using things they have bought from the joke shops on one another, unable to wait until school or even the Hogwarts Express.

One of the house-elves, Finn being his name, snapped his fingers and the door to the store opened to allow the woman to continue walking, no pause in her gate or change in her expression as she passed into the store where shelves upon shelves were littered in leather-bound tomes. Grey eyes flickered from shelf to shelf, a dainty hand drifting into the pockets of a lovely looking thick furry brown coat that draped over the girl’s small frame to pull out a rather extensive list of texts among other things she would be needed to start her fifth year. Glancing down to her list, Bleu Paske let out a quiet sigh, her other house-elf scurrying over to her side.

[+limegreen “Milo… find these for me.”]

Her voice came out a soft sweet whisper, her rather plump but small mouth barely moving. The house-elf seemed to jump in glee, snatching the list from his mistress’s out stretched hand and snapping his fingers here and there. Books of every shape, size, and color began to float towards the girl while children quieted down to watch in awe and parents looked on with mixed feelings. When all fourteen texts or volume collections from her list were before her, Milo was praised for his service and the books floated to the counter where the teller could tally them up and take payment. In all, the books had cost Bleu forty-eight golden galleons – not something she was worried about thanks to her benefactor, ‘uncle’ Albert.

Leaving Flourish and Blotts, Bleu turned her attention to quills, more specifically self-writing quills from Scribbuls Writing Implements, to which she purchased a dozen right along with ordinary quills. Looking about the shop, Bleu came to form a small smile at seeing the different inks and even ink kits where a student could, if they so choose, to make their own inks. One with a particularly beautiful design caused her to reach out and trace the carved stone, nodding her head as if agreeing with herself to getting the flowery mortar bowl and the rest of its kit. She smiled to herself, her eyes on the design carved around the mortar bowl. [i ‘Many won’t take the time to make their own ink… perhaps it can be a calming endeavor.’]

Again, she nodded to herself, pulling the bundled package from the shelf. It would be an enjoyable experience, and if it becomes too much, she knew Milo and Finn would enjoy taking turns making the black thick substance for her. She had a permission slip already from the Ministry of Magic to have her house-elves see to her needs while at Hogwarts as she was still distressed from the incident from Durmstrang Institute. Having come to find a dead body in her bed had been… unpleasant to say the least. How it had gotten there would forever remain a mystery it seemed.

Pointing to a few boxes of rolled up parchment and some leather-bound journals, Bleu watched Finn gather them up as she grabbed a rather large bottle of invisible ink. Moving to the counter, again she paid for her things. Sixty-eight galleons and ten sickles found their way into the hands of the shop owner who smiled with glee at someone so interested in purchasing their goods. Bleu, in turn, gave the patron a slight nod and turned to exit the store once more finding herself standing on a busy cobblestone street. Glancing down at her list, she realized she still had several stops to make; [i ‘Twilfitt and Tattings for robes… Wiseacre's Wizarding Equipment for the obvious… Potage’s Cauldron…’]

As she was looking at her list, a rather rude but tall young man seemed to run right into her, knocking her off her feet and sending her hard onto the cobblestone. Wincing a bit at the sudden sting in her right elbow, Bleu began to pull herself off the ground when the boy began to cackle like some poor old hag.

[+purple “Where’s your mumsy, little girl? Shouldn’t you know better than to wander away from her? Bloody first years.”] The boy then poked a finger hard onto her forehead, causing her eyes to water a bit from the smell of his robes.

[+limegreen “You’ve got pigshit on you,”] Bleu replied quietly just as Milo snapped his fingers and sent the boy flying into a couple of girls enjoying ice cream outside Florean Fortescue’s Ice Cream Parlour.]]

[size10 [center OOC: Again, you do not have to make a long post. I simply became rather involved with mine.]]
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"How about this one, Mum?" Ophelia asked her mother, placing a dark green wizards hat atop her head and turning towards the mirror. She already loved how much greener her eyes were with it on. A very nice complimentary pair, her eyes and the hat.

Her mother turned and smiled. "That's beautiful, darling!" Every year, Ophelia and her mom went to Twilfitt and Tattings in Diagon Alley to purchase new robes and a new hat for the school year. With Mrs. Kreston being head of the Department of Mysteries, the family had more than enough money to spoil their only child with her every fancy. That was mainly books, so her parents rarely had objections. In fact, the only objection that Ophelia's parents had ever had about books was when they learned that she had signed up for Divination.

"It's a bunch of poppy-cock, not worth your time. Why not spend your time learning [i real] magic?" They'd told her. But they caved within minutes and it had since become one of her favourite subjects.

As Ophelia and her mother walked up to the counter, she noticed that Finny, their house-elf, was struggling a bit under the weight of all of her books. While her mother wasn’t looking, Ophelia grabbed two of them off the large pile and stuffed them into her hobo bag, smiling as the elf sighed with relief. He had always been good to the Kreston family, so Ophelia made it a point to treat him well behind her parents backs.

Twilfitt and Tattings had been the last place to stop for school supplies before Ophelia had to go Florean Fortescue’s Ice Cream Parlour to meet up with her old friend, Regan. Ophelia kissed her mother on the cheek, thanking her for the supplies, and her mother called out to her as she left the shop, “I’ll see you back at home, Lia dear!”

The blonde was already waiting outside with her ice cream. She looked up at Ophelia and smiled, waving her over. Underneath all of Regan’s silliness was a fairly intelligent girl, though she had come to Ophelia many times with homework and study help, and Ophelia couldn’t help but love her. They’d known each other for six years and Ophelia would trust her life with Regan. Ophelia sat across from her and smiled at her friend. They had kept in frequent contact with one another all summer, so there wasn’t much “catching up” in the common sense, but it was always nice to see each other.

“I forgot, what classes are you taking this year?” Regan asked, spooning ice cream into her mouth.

“Oh, uh, for electives I have Divination, Arithmancy, Apparition, and Ancient Runes. And then all the core classes.” Ophelia looked up and smiled at Regan. “Oh, and I got you something during my trip to Russia!” She reached into her bag and pulled out a box, excited for Regan to open it.

It had been a beautiful fur hat, the stereotypical one that Russians were often portrayed wearing . “I saw it and instantly thought of you. It’s just so well-made and soft, obviously the creation of a very skilled craftsmen.” And as Regan put it on, Ophelia was very proud of herself. It was perfect for her.

The girls continued chatting for several minutes before Ophelia spotted Alric, a handsome Slytherin who was in his sixth year along with Ophelia and Regan. Ophelia nudged her friend slightly and jerked her head in his direction.

His eyes met her’s and she waved him over, knowing Regan wouldn’t mind. As he slowly made his way over, Regan raised her eyebrows a couple times at Ophelia, earning herself a playful swat to the arm. “Hey, Alric, long time, no see. Come sit with us?” Ophelia asked, gesturing to the empty chair at their table.
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Her father lurked carefully behind her as she trotted through Diagon Alley, eyes wide, somewhat cautious. The man of forty-three was smiling, however, to see his daughter working through her element happily. This was her world, as it had been her mother's, his wife's. Though she could easily straddle the line between Muggle and Magic, this was where she belonged. He knew that, as much as could sometimes pain him.

As they passed shop after shop, he muttered the same questions he asked every year. How many classes was she taking? Were they difficult? What was she supposed to learn? Why did they make potions in cauldrons? What's this charm or that charm. Why are certain things called what they are? Why is everything so expensive? She did the best she could to answer with a straight face, casually throwing in misinformation as she felt it proper. It could be amusing to see him engage with other parents with such knowledge in tow.

There was no question about acquiring her books from the second-hand book shop. Izzy refused to tax her father in such a manner when texts of decent quality and recent edition could be found there. Aside from her required school books, she even managed to acquire a book on Healing Spells and Potions for beginners. The brunette and her greying father had just managed to exit when a frustrated cry from a younger child swiveled her head, frown scrunching the features of her face. There was a young girl, perhaps eight or so, complaining loudly about another having taken the book she had wanted to read, and no parents appeared to be in sight. Not one to stand idle, she wound her way through throngs of shoppers and firmly gripped the culprit by the shoulder, and wheeled him over to the girl who appeared to be his sister, or perhaps a closely-related cousin. "Where's the book, eh? We don't just take things 'round here. Not from strangers. Not from friends. [i Certainly] not from family." Her tone and look was enough to pale the boy of eleven's face, and he shifted uneasily. "She can't even read! What's she gonna do wiv' it?"

The fiery-haired girl pouted. "I can read! An' I'm gonna learn to do it be'er than you while you're at school!," she said indignantly. Izabella smirked, patting the girl's shoulder lightly. "Would you be one to deny her the opportunity to learn so she can't grow up to be smart like her big brother? Or would you like to give that book you snatched from her back?" Grey eyes stared at the muddy street as he munched his lip in thought. "Don't be rude, you know? Mum and Da' might not like that. Your teachers wouldn't either, if they knew." Something about the teachers [i not] liking something he did struck the fear of Merlin in the lad and he handed the book of beginner's spells back with haste. "There you go, now. Be good to your sister. Family's the best we have in a world this big." "Yes, ma'am!" And with a pat of the boy's head, she rejoined her father, who beamed with pride.

"Don' look at me like that. Jus' doin' what's right." "I know, love, but you're my daughter. It's my job to be proud of you," he said with a ruffle of her loose, wavy hair. She couldn't help the embarrassed chuckle, and turned to her supplies list.

Quills, ink, parchment, and a lengthy trip into Slug and Jigger's Apothecary. Many ingredients needed restocking, several more were new to her entirely. She also needed to restock her supplies for her broom care kit, and her father insisted on meandering past the multitude of other stalls, "for souvenirs," he said. It was to be her last year, and he wanted to commemorate the occasion somehow.

What seemed like hours and far too many polite conversations later, the man who raised the Gryffindor stopped her with a tug on her shoulder, asking that she wait for just a moment. Izzy's light green eyes darted through the crowds, seeking familiar, friendly faces that didn't drain her heavily-depleted social meter when a silvery orb dangled in front of her face. Blinking and jerking with surprise, she wheeled around to face the amused face of her father.

"Da! Don't [i do] that! That's a great way to get hexed nine ways from Thursday, Izzy exclaimed. "That's many a different way there, Iz." She folded her hands over her chest, thumbs idly rubbing the soft plaid, flannel fabric. "I know. I know a great many more offensive spells than that. Though.. I'd honestly rather be healing. Or flying." "I know, love. S'why I got you this!" It was a silver snitch, with a wand and broom charm danging on either side of the pendant. The chain was rather long, which made it perfect for tucking, and the man reached over her head to clasp it around her neck. He probably looked rather silly to see his daughter so pleased with something he'd found, but he was a Muggle. It was to be expected. "Thanks, Da, though you know you didn't have-" He held up a hand. "A father is meant to spoil his daughter. Let me have my fun, won't you?"

The chattering suddenly resounding in her ear spoke of Sunset, who at present was rummaging through her soft brown hair to sniff at the new necklace excitedly. With a giggle, she petted the ferret's soft fur. "Sneaky little weasel, you. Probably snuck along in the stuff sack, didn't you? 'Ave we got enough left for a treat for-" A tall blonde bouncing through the crowd caught her attention. Izabella knew that walk, that hair. Only one person it could have been, but for the sake of not being rude, she started her sentence again. "Do we 'ave enough left for a treat for Sun, Da?" she asked with a lilt of her head. The teen couldn't help the idle twisting of her body as she waited, realizing the man had turned to see what stopped her mid-sentence so suddenly. "S'that a boy, Iz?" "There are many boys, Da. Which one you mean?" "The tall one. Blondeish? Fancy-faced-" "That's Mal. Dunderheaded goofball, that one-- wait.." Realization struck. "Da. No. It's not like that! He's just a-" A brow quirked and he started in the teen male's direction, only stopped when Izzy managed to place herself between the two, shifting weight from one foot to the other.

"He's just a friend, s'all. Nothin' goin' on. We play Quidditch together, and I try to drag his lazy arse through homework once in a while. No need to go all look-a'-me-I'm-Izzy's-scary-Da on 'im." With a once-squirmy Sunset now safely resting in her arms, she chuckled. "For the record, you're too nice to be scary."
"Oh, I see how it is, then! Don't think I'm scary!"
"You're my da, of course I don't."
"...Fair point," he conceded with a soft smile.
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[font “Courier” [size14
[right [u 1316 Longwell Drive, 5th of August 2006]]
[left [b A Trip Down Memory Lane]]

Nanny Peirce was a curious woman, a curious woman indeed. Having thrown her own daughter out of the magical world for being born a Squib at the tender age of twelve, one would think her stone-hearted and possibly deranged. These are not bad thoughts to have, for she can be mad at times – mumbling to herself, screaming at unseen things, and arguing often with a very fat hairless cat.

However, the dark truth of it would be that Nanny Peirce’s late husband had a very large distaste for the muggle sort, be it blood or magic run foul. Had he had it his way, he would have gone and had his daughter’s future read and drowned her at birth for being born less than acceptable. As it were, Nanny Pierce had been ill with terrible morning sickness the day of their appointment with only the best and so nothing came of it for twelve years, seven more than her husband managed to stay alive, though his ghost seems less inclined to rest in peace.

Though her daughter had run afoul of inheriting the gift, she had managed to find herself not only a husband, but a squib who had grown up side by side with her in the orphanage, his own family promptly tossing him aside. Their coupling had then given birth to Theodore Rudolph Lemmings, born on a Thursday, the 11th of January 1996.

The arrival of said child grew from a pleasure beyond words to a nightmare as he grew older and showed signs of inheriting the magical gift both his parents were denied. On the 12th of January 2006, a letter promptly arrived to his family home in curious avian fashion, inviting young Theodore to Hogwarts of Witchcraft and Wizardry. This invitation was unwelcome, however and his father informed Theodore that he would not be attending such a school as they would not pay for his education in such a useless endeavor. Theodore was also forbidden to use his gift and thus punished whenever something unexplained happened.

Due to a lack of reply come the 1st of August, a visitor came to the Lemmings home, scaring the living daylights from Mr. and Mrs. Lemmings one fine Saturday evening as it would appear great green flames engulfing their fireplace. Stepping from the barely used addition to their front room, Nanny Pierce hastily began to look for her maternal grandson, finding him staring out his bedroom window in boredom.

[i [+blue ‘Gather your things, now, quickly boy!’]] She would call to him, causing the poor eleven year old to nearly jump through his window as it flew open on its own accord.

[i [+blue ‘No time for lollygagging, boy, we must be off for there is much to do.’]] She would then shout as he stared at her in a confused daze, forcing him to begin shoving things into his school knapsack, unsure what is going on and doing as he was told.

Mr. Lemmings, however, would have none of it and as Nanny Pierce descended the stairs with her grandson in toe, he quickly established that he knew what was best for his son, and the heartless old hag would remove herself from his foyer. Nanny Pierce, in turn, hexed her son-in-law, using a transfiguration spell to permanently transform him into a toad. Upon seeing such an amazing thing, despite it was his own father, Theodore happily followed after his grandmother and moved into her home until it was time for him to begin his first year at Hogwarts.

[center ~]

[right [u Diagon Alley, 30th of August 2012]]
[left [b Shopping Frenzy]]

Theo stared, a grimace upon his face, at the price of books in Flourish and Bolts. Truly the price of things were rising in the area as people were still trying to make a better life for themselves since the Second Wizard War. That, or he simply refused to squabble all the money given to him from his Nan on unused books when he could do so on other things, such as items from the Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes. Whichever the case, he dropped the potions book down on a random tabletop and turned towards the exit. [i ‘To Second-Hand Bookshop it is. Besides, they always have interesting extras inked away along their book’s pages.’]

Stepping out of the store, Theo glanced about the busy shops, smiling as first years danced around in awe of being able to collect their own things for the first time while older students seemed to flood Broomstix and Slug & Jiggers Apothecary. The latter of which he had no need for while there was a list of things he had to collect from the former. In fact he had a package to pick up from the apothecary, his Nan having been kind enough to leave a very extensive list for his Potions ingredients as a pre-order so all he would have to do is pick them up. Patting his slacks left pocket, however, he knew he would be placing an order of his own – stores for his sweet Naara, as she always received only the best he could find for her.

Turning toward Florean Fortescue’s Ice Cream Parlour, he debated on stopping in the place but pushed it for later. Just because he was a Hufflepuff didn’t mean he had to let food distract him, it just met at times he did. Sadly, at this moment, a sweet cold treat wasn’t something he could allow…

Thirty minutes later, Theo came out of Florean Fortescue’s Ice Cream Parlour, the sweet taste of cream and sugar along with coco fresh on his tongue. For a moment he wondered what the place had been like in its glory days, back when Mr. Fortescue had been alive and running it. Sighing, though content with his tasty treat… or treats as it had been, he pulled the door open to the Second-Hand Bookshop that sat next door.

Entering, the smell of old parchment and musty books assaulted his nose, and had he been a Ravenclaw the smell may have made the small disorganized place seem like a perfect hide-away. Instead it caused him to sneeze twice before pulling out a cotton handkerchief from his right sleeve and dab his nose three times before folding it back into place. Taking a weary glance towards the old hag behind the counter, Theo set off to collect his many texts he would need for the new school year.

[i ‘Let’s see…. Advanced Potion-Making… Ah, there it is and in good condition too despite the giant scorch mark on the cover.’]

Reaching forward, Theo pulled the well-used text from a stack of herbology books on toadstools. As he lifted it away, the sound of something falling just to his right caught his attention as a cloud of dust once more assaulted his sinuses causing him to sneeze repeatedly and shake his head. Putting the potions text in his shopping cauldron, he then bent down to retrieve the leather-bound object that nearly made him sneeze free his brain.

[i ‘A rune dictionary, ay? In luck today it seems – Have to replace my old one thanks to that arse setting it on fire in celebration of Slytherin having won the House Cup last year.’]

Just thinking about that bloody Slytherin had Theo seething all over again, his hand gripping his newly found prize in rage. Damn Zane Galloway and his bloody pigeon all the way to Azkaban! Since Theo’s first year that no-good snake and his falcon have been harassing his poor Naara as well as himself all because they were sorted into Hufflepuff. Well Theo couldn’t help it if he had proper qualities even if he himself wasn’t a full fan of his house.

Letting out a breath of hot air, Theo pushed thoughts of Zane Galloway to the back of his mind and continued looking through the stacks of books to find the rest of his texts. This year he found himself in all N.E.W.T level classes which came as a shock to both himself and his batty old Nan. Four core classes and two electives. He had been offered to take other classes, but seeing as he hadn’t exactly done well on them after the O.W.Ls beyond passing he rebuked the offer.


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[center We will begin in Diagon Alley, where witches and wizards may visit shops and collect what they need for the new year as well as socialize with friends in their houses. For those of you who are in the same houses/years, you may pm one another to see if you would like to associate with one another and build possible ties due to your previous years together. Work out how you became friends/enemies . This will allow you to interact with one another if you are in the same area. I will provide links below for those who need to look up information. It may not be complete however, so feel free to look for better supplied information if you would like. The role-play will begin when “Closed” has been added to the title. [http://harrypotter.wikia.com/wiki/Supply_list Supply Lists can be found here.] [http://harrypotter.wikia.com/wiki/Diagon_Alley List of Shops can be found here.] I hope everyone enjoys the role-play and has a lot of fun writing emotional or silly posts.]
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