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Alucard and Walter nodded. "It will be done...if she will not come willingly, then I will bring her back in pieces..." he said.
  Alucard / Belmont / 4y 294d 21h 1m 11s
"Very good Walter. Alucard go with Walter of you two can not bring her back then I am sorry but I will half to take action." Sir Integra said
  Mended / 4y 294d 21h 6m 45s
Walter called Sir Hellsing for a report. "Sir Hellsing, I think I may know where our rogue agent is hiding..." he said.
  Walter / Belmont / 4y 294d 21h 10m 28s
Alucard shook his head, and looked at the moon. "I'm sorry Sir Hellsing...She seems to have blocked all my telepathy efforts..." he said. He then remembered the day she became a member of the Hellsing Agency.
  Alucard / Belmont / 4y 294d 21h 16m 8s
"Well Aluchard, have you found her yet? Sir Integra asked smoking one of her cigar. "You know that the the queen is worried about this. The damages she could cause. If you can't get bring her back in then I will have you use other options. Am I understood?"
  Mended / 4y 294d 21h 20m 4s
It has been 5 years since Seras had become a vampire of her own free will, and she had deserted her post and position in the Hellsing Agency, and she was hiding from them. "They will never find me, they will never take me..." She said.
  Seras Victoria / Belmont / 4y 294d 22h 18m 7s

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