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"And what would that be" Integra asked Not a hundred present believing
  Sir Integra / Mended / 4y 286d 21h 58m 46s
Seras sneered. "I might just return to Hellsing...at a certain degree..." She said quietly, making sure that she sounded convincing.
  Seras Victoria / Belmont / 4y 288d 1h 25m 55s
"And what will that accomplish?" Integra asked as wait for the a reply
  Sir Integra / Mended / 4y 291d 22h 3m 39s
She contacted the Hellsing leader personally, and offered something. "I will resign my fire if you meet me at the Tre Bon..." She said.
  Seras Victoria / Belmont / 4y 292d 23h 43m 34s
Integra waited for the the report form Alucard and Walter.
  Sir Integra / Mended / 4y 293d 20h 30m 40s
Alucard was shocked by the sudden attack, and he quickly found Seras in a sniper's nest.
  Alucard / Belmont / 4y 294d 7h 45m 55s
Right as she said it, Seras fired, hitting Walter dead on. "Sorry about this Walter..."
  Seras Victoria / Belmont / 4y 294d 7h 59m 58s
Intefra sighed. 'The young always thing they are so powerful.' "I'm sorry Seras. Goodbye." And with that she hung up
  Sir Integra / Mended / 4y 294d 8h 2m 22s
She smiled and scoffed. "Then I'd withdraw your two boys before I put a bullet in Walter's head...
  Seras Victoria / Belmont / 4y 294d 8h 5m 25s
"Don't think you anything like Alucard he been around alot long them any of us." Intefra said. "If you don't want to listen to me then what comes next is you own undoing."
  Sir Integra / Mended / 4y 294d 8h 6m 23s
She laughed. "Have you forgotten about the fact that I'm just like him?! I can't die!" She said, and she fired, killing an evil vampire.
  Seras Victoria / Belmont / 4y 294d 8h 13m 30s
"Please Seras come home. We don't want to fight you but if we must we will. Alucard is more then qualified end you but neather of us want that. So just give up and come home." Integra said into the phone.
  Sir Integra / Mended / 4y 294d 8h 15m 39s
The woman had already gotten her Harkonnen ready, and was prepared to fire. She then contacted Sir Hellsing personally. "If you don't let me be...I will send Alucard's head back in a box..." She threatened.
  Seras Victoria / Belmont / 4y 294d 10h 18m 10s
'I do hope that they do bring her back alive she could one of are best agents' Sir Intergra thought as they left.
  Sir Integra / Mended / 4y 294d 15h 37m 1s
The red uniformed woman opened her eyes and smirked, knowing that Walter and Alucard would be coming for her. "I don't think so..." She said in a hiss.
  Seras Victoria / Belmont / 4y 294d 21h 59m 11s

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