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"Yes you know where the range is" Integra said standing up from the table
  Sir Integra / Mended / 4y 173d 22h 20m 33s
"I see. May I test it out when we return to base?" She asked excitedly.
  Seras Victoria / Belmont / 4y 173d 23h 2m 9s
Integra told her about the new type of round leaving nothing out. "It to much gun for a normal human to handle but you should do just fine"
  Sir Integra / Mended / 4y 173d 23h 3m 36s
"My new Harkonnen? What kind of shells?" She asked, excited about her new gun, and she handed Integra her pocket gun.
  Seras Victoria / Belmont / 4y 174d 5h 10m 47s
"They are in the trunk of the car outside" Integra said staying on guard.
  Sir Integra / Mended / 4y 174d 5h 13m 6s
She smiled. "Did you bring me my requested items?" She asked Integra with a slightly tinge of smugness on her face.
  Seras Victoria / Belmont / 4y 174d 18h 13m 8s
"I am a person of my word. So will you come home quiltly or do I need to drag you home"
  Sir Integra / Mended / 4y 174d 18h 14m 40s
Seras was already sitting at a table, smoking a cigar, and a waiter came to her. "Sir Hellsing, your table awaits..." He said, and led her to her seat. "So...you decided to show...I'm surprised..." She said quietly, her eyes glowing malevolently.
  Seras Victoria / Belmont / 4y 174d 18h 28m 47s
Integra walked down to the Tre Bon and waited for Seras. She had come armed just in case but hoped she didn't need to used it.
  Sir Integra / Mended / 4y 174d 18h 31m 3s
"Then find me in London...the Tre Bon..." She reminded her old leader.
  Seras Victoria / Belmont / 4y 175d 22h 47m 48s
She then switched back. "I guess we have a deal then Seres"
  Sir Integra / Mended / 4y 176d 17h 43m 3s
"It may be worth it...but she's gonna die if you don't get her back..." He said in a very irritated tone.
  Alucard / Belmont / 4y 177d 21h 31m 17s
She called Alucard on anther phone and told him the news. "What do you thing" She asked him
  Sir Integra / Mended / 4y 178d 15h 54m 14s
"She is starting to get on my nerves now..." Alucard said, his eyes violently glowing red.
  Alucard / Belmont / 4y 180d 15h 10m 3s
"Rather understandable terms...all I require is a decent view of the outside world from my room, proper respect, and upgraded weaponry..." She demanded politely.
  Seras Victoria / Belmont / 4y 180d 16h 21m 16s

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