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"Fitting...and I am standing right behind him as we speak" she said, and he whirled around.
  Seras Victoria (Hellsing agent) / Belmont / 4y 180d 21h 40m 51s
" I don't know his but he goes by Ghost. He was once a soilder but turn to hunt vampire after one kill is wife and unborn son."
  Sir Integra / Mended / 4y 180d 21h 42m 1s
Seras had just arrived in the woods, and knew someone she was supposed to meet was there. "Sir Hellsing, I've arrived in the woods, what's my contact's name?" She asked.
  Seras Victoria (Hellsing agent) / Belmont / 4y 180d 22h 12m 39s
Ghost waited for his contact in the wood. He had been told he was going to be working with someone form Hellsing. 'I hope this isn't a waste of my time' He thought.
  Ghost / Mended / 4y 180d 22h 15m 6s
Seras had changed into her old outfit and grabbed her new gun. "When am I to be ready?" She asked Walter. "Immediately..." he informed her, then helped her get ready.
  Seras Victoria (Hellsing agent) / Belmont / 4y 180d 22h 33m 46s
He bowed respectfully and departed to dispatch Seras to America. "Seras, you are to be prepared for a boat to America..." he told her.
  Walter / Belmont / 4y 180d 22h 35m 3s
"Very good Walter I expect normal updates" Integra said light one of her cigars.
  Sir Integra / Mended / 4y 180d 22h 37m 19s
"Yes milady...I shall personally see to it." He said in a grim manner.
  Walter / Belmont / 4y 180d 23h 27m 23s
"No send Seras I need Alucard for another Mission. Seems like are friend to the east are trying something agin and I want him to investigate." Inegra said "Plus I want to see if Seras can work nicely with other out side. Is agent has a very good reputation for a human."
  Sir Integra / Mended / 4y 180d 23h 30m 56s
"I see, shall we send Alucard and Seras to America for this mission?" Walter asked his leader.
  Walter / Belmont / 4y 181d 1m 7s
"Thank you Walter. So this request comes for America. A small vampire in the Organ. There is already a agent on the ground but they want us to send some one to investigate what happening. Am I under stand this correctly Walter."
  Sir Integra / Mended / 4y 181d 6m 18s
"Ah, I thought you would never ask." He said, and handed her the report. "As you requested milady." He said in a proper manner.
  Walter / Belmont / 4y 181d 12m 4s
"Yes I'm just glad it ended peacefully" Integra said. "Now on to are next order of business do you have the report for me Walter?"
  Sir Integra / Mended / 4y 181d 14m 32s
Walter came up behind Sir Hellsing, and he chuckled. "Just like old times, correct Sir Hellsing?" He asked with a tinge of lightheartedness in his voice.
  Walter / Belmont / 4y 181d 29m 13s
"Then I'm coming home..." She said, smiling. She then took Sir Integra by the hand and shook hands.
  Seras Victoria / Belmont / 4y 181d 2h 5m 59s

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