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"I see...well, I best be off then...but in case of a mishap...may Walter come with?" He asked politely.
  Alucard / Belmont / 4y 264d 23h 17m 4s
"Father Anderson is one of them. But there someone new as well. I don't know who it is be from that I can tell he could be dangers,."
  Sir Integra / Mended / 4y 264d 23h 18m 24s
"Do you mean Father Anderson? Or who is it you are worried about?" He asked with a bit of a wiseass tone to his voice.
  Alucard / Belmont / 4y 264d 23h 48m 18s
"Anyways are you ready to head out. Your mission should be easy. Go find out what he church is up to I has been alot more active lately."
  Sir Integra / Mended / 4y 264d 23h 50m 22s
"Actually, I saved you because your uncle was a ruthless, greedy bastard..." he replied, remembering the look of horror on Sir Richard's face when Alucard was resurrected.
  Alucard / Belmont / 4y 264d 23h 53m 22s
"Don't know don't care I'm here for a job not to make friends" Ghost said waking toward there destitution
  Ghost / Mended / 4y 264d 23h 53m 54s
"You would haven't turned her if you didn't see something in her." Integra said. "Give her time she will learn to comedown and as I remember you were the same way when I first found you."
  Sir Integra / Mended / 4y 264d 23h 55m 8s
Alucard joined Integra later that night, and he smiled. "I remember when I sucked her blood...sometimes I wish I hadn't...since she has quite a mouth..." he said playfully.
  Alucard / Belmont / 4y 265d 1h 52m 25s
"You have no idea what I actually am..." She said quietly, then reloaded the massive rifle.
  Seras Victoria (Hellsing agent) / Belmont / 4y 265d 22h 11m 14s
"Seras play nice please you too can tally up kills after the vampire is dealt with." Integra said
  Sir Integra / Mended / 4y 265d 22h 11m 47s
"Not really" Ghost said pull the trigger to a expose on a small building not to far away.
  Ghost / Mended / 4y 265d 22h 13m 0s
She grabbed her quad barreled Harkonnen and fire four times, taking out 100 ghouls with each shot. "Impressed now, soldier boy?" She asked in a smartass tone.
  Seras Victoria (Hellsing agent) / Belmont / 4y 266d 18h 50m 19s
"If you thing I'm scared of you. Think again." Ghost said throwing a knight with out look to his left killing another Ghoul
  Ghost / Mended / 4y 266d 18h 55m 6s
She smiled, her eyes glowing malevolently in the darkness. "I would be careful about how you speak." She said, then flicked her fingers, and it shattered a ghoul's head.
  Seras Victoria (Hellsing agent) / Belmont / 4y 266d 19h 4m 30s
Ghost wasn't to surprised by the person. In the blink of an eye he drew a five seven form his side shoot past the girl and hit a zombie a few feet away. "Nice entrance but you should be more aware of your surrounding." He said in a cold voice.
  Ghost / Mended / 4y 266d 19h 7m 27s

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