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"Nice shot Ghost...and perfect accuracy too, I'm impressed..." she said as she watched the copy writhe around in pain and agony.
  Seras Victoria (Hellsing agent) / Belmont / 4y 164d 23h 28m 41s
As the grenades went off ghost jumped up seeing only one copy had lived it he fill in with a clipped of his Scar H dropping the finally one. Nothing moved for a second as the one that he just shoot flopped around on the floor like a dying fish.
  Ghost / Mended / 4y 166d 7h 23m 47s
Seras dived behind the same cover as he did as the grenades went off. "Powerful bombs..." she said quietly.
  Seras Victoria (Hellsing agent) / Belmont / 4y 167d 6h 27m 28s
Ghost dropped behind some cover as she thought the explosives.
  Ghost / Mended / 4y 170d 21h 57m 36s
"Ghost! Get down!" She shouted, then she threw several silver explosives across the room.
  Seras Victoria (Hellsing agent) / Belmont / 4y 171d 23h 50m 17s
Ghost came up shooting but six rounds into the head of the vampire only for more to show up around the room. "HAHAHA you can't kill me." He laughed. " Ghost looked around the room at all the different copy's. "Well looks like I just half to kill all of you until I find the real one." Pulling out his five seven he let loose.
  Ghost / Mended / 4y 173d 5h 40m 54s
"Of course not...he's a fake..." she rolled her eyes. "You bloody pikers have no respect!"
  Seras Victoria (Hellsing agent) / Belmont / 4y 175d 15h 33m 21s
As they body fell to the floor. They herd a laughing. And something sent Ghost across the room as the vampire they thought they killed stood there. "You fools did you really think it would be that easy."
  Ghost / Mended / 4y 176d 20h 11m 53s
"Let me handle the blood sucking douche bag..." She said quietly. She then reloaded the rifle and aimed for him, then shot the man in the heart with flawless aim. "You are dead...you dumbass vampire..." She said coldly.
  Seras Victoria (Hellsing agent) / Belmont / 4y 178d 17h 22m 52s
Ghost blow the door in and charged in after it. "Try to keep up" He yelled as he went in. He started killing every ghouls that got in his way as he made his way into a large dinning room. With a man sitting at the end of a long table sucking the life out of a young girl.
  Ghost / Mended / 4y 178d 17h 27m 10s
She smiled "ready when you are, soldier boy." She said, being a straight up smartass.
  Seras Victoria (Hellsing agent) / Belmont / 4y 178d 19h 10m 19s
Ghost got to the door of the has and set a charge of c4 on the door. "You ready princess" he asked reading his G36.
  Ghost / Mended / 4y 178d 19h 58m 19s
"Ah...Walter, Angel of Death fights again..." Alucard said cheerfully, knowing that Anderson can't stand up to both of them.
  Alucard / Belmont / 4y 179d 51m 10s
"Very well madam...I shall get prepared immediately." He said in a pleasant tone.
  Walter / Belmont / 4y 179d 52m 12s
"That is fine take what ever you need" Integra said. "Walter you are free to leave."
  Sir Integra / Mended / 4y 179d 53m 22s

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