Steamy Skies

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A well dressed and well to do woman was walking up to the strange woman, the right sleeve of the coat she was wearing torn off, revealing her mechanical arm.
  Captain "Clockwork" Willow / Belmont / 4y 199d 9m 3s
She gets up and fixes herself before looking around and walks away.
  Serena / Infinity4Ever / 4y 199d 10m 35s
She started to spit out blood and then slowly drew the dagger from her gut, then dropped it and disappeared into the sky.
  Sakkurai / Belmont / 4y 199d 12m 59s
"I should kill you." She kicks her in the gut and stabs her stomach.
  Serena / Infinity4Ever / 4y 199d 16m 33s
"I don't think so..." She said, then took off, and the pirates go to their airship.
  Sakkurai / Belmont / 4y 199d 16m 49s
She screams before twisting her arm out of place.

"I should kill you.."
  Serena / Infinity4Ever / 4y 199d 17m 45s
She smiled, then grabbed her arm, and sent a voltage of 1000 volts into her body, making her scream in pain.
  Sakkurai / Belmont / 4y 199d 19m 11s
She dodges the stone and Puts a dagger in her shoulder. "Stop before its to late."
  Serena / Infinity4Ever / 4y 199d 20m 15s
She dodged the attack, then flew into the sky, then she grabbed a stone and threw it down at her head.
  Sakkurai / Belmont / 4y 199d 21m 41s
She catches it in her hand and throws it back and it goes into her gut. "I would stop if I were you."
  Serena / Infinity4Ever / 4y 199d 23m 29s
She screamed in pain as she pulled it out, then threw it back at the woman.
  Sakkurai / Belmont / 4y 199d 25m 6s
She widens her eyes. "Did you just..." Whips a sword out and puts in in her arm.
  Serena / Infinity4Ever / 4y 199d 26m 50s
The new girl slammed her in the back with her foot, sending her into the streets and she stood up. "I would leave him be..." She told.
  Sakkurai / Belmont / 4y 199d 30m 39s
"Do you think I care?" She walks closer. And Growls.
  Serena / Infinity4Ever / 4y 199d 32m 15s
The airship he had pointed out was one of the royal ships, but before she could ask why he pointed to it, the airship exploded and a winged figure landed right in front of her, it's silver plated metal wings glistening in the sun.
  Sakkurai / Belmont / 4y 199d 32m 40s

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