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She gasps. ''No. Take it away now!'' She shouts and throws a dagger.
  Serena / Infinity4Ever / 4y 254d 17h 17m 35s
He grabs her shoulder and shows her something that was necessary to her powers.
  Belmont / 4y 254d 17h 18m 56s
''Do you think I care? My parents are evil.'' She looks at him. ''Good day Mr. Xun
  Serena / Infinity4Ever / 4y 254d 17h 19m 39s
"Oh really? They said it was something that you need...a vital piece." He said in a mysterious tone.
  Belmont / 4y 254d 17h 20m 43s
''My Parents? I don't want it keep it.'' She growls and walks away.
  Serena / Infinity4Ever / 4y 254d 17h 22m 1s
"Oi! Wait. I've also got something that your parents wanted me to give you..." he said in a rough voice.
  Belmont / 4y 254d 17h 23m 28s
''Even if your taking a liking in me doesn't mean ill help you. For one you almost killed me.'' She sighs and walks away. ''See you soon''
  Serena / Infinity4Ever / 4y 254d 17h 30m 7s
"I've been like that, haven't I?" He said. Then he smiled.
  Belmont / 4y 254d 17h 35m 43s
''You've developed a liking in me haven't you?'' She smiles
  Serena / Infinity4Ever / 4y 255d 13h 50m 49s
"What's your problem? Am I not good enough to be near you?" He said, starting to get pissed.
  Lu Xun / Belmont / 4y 255d 13h 59m 55s
''I will not help you. That's the answer.'' She gets up and walks away.
  Serena / Infinity4Ever / 4y 255d 14h 2m 15s
He sighed. "Now's not the time for wisecracks..." he said.
  Lu Xun / Belmont / 4y 255d 14h 3m 19s
''Oh so I pissed you off?'' she chuckled and looked out the window.
  Serena / Infinity4Ever / 4y 255d 14h 7m 15s
Lu looked at her like she was insane. "I always attack who pissed me off..." he warned her.
  Lu Xun / Belmont / 4y 255d 15h 10m 53s
''Oh so ill just get you pissed when we get there.'' She smirked.
  Serena / Infinity4Ever / 4y 255d 15h 12m 30s

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