Steamy Skies

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''Very.'' She tried to make a sexy face but fails.
  Serena / Infinity4Ever / 4y 196d 40m 26s
"Tricky little lass, ain't ya?" He asked, a smile upon his face.
  Lu Xun / Belmont / 4y 196d 42m 1s
She took a sip of the tea. ''Because I can.'' She smiled
  Serena / Infinity4Ever / 4y 196d 42m 45s
Lu smiled and helped her aboard the ship, and made her a cup of tea. "So, why are you allowing me to be a client?"
  Lu Xun / Belmont / 4y 196d 46m 12s
''No im just a little cold.'' She shivers again then sighs
  Serena / Infinity4Ever / 4y 196d 48m 38s
"Is something wrong?" He asked and draped a coat over her shoulders.
  Lu Xun / Belmont / 4y 196d 53m 1s
''Well that is her choice you know.'' She sighed and shivers.
  Serena / Infinity4Ever / 4y 196d 56m 9s
"But I might as well take over, since she refuses to return from retirement..." he said regretfully.
  Lu Xun / Belmont / 4y 196d 57m 41s
''Ah well then.'' She said walking around and looking at the rooms.
  Serena / Infinity4Ever / 4y 196d 9h 34m 47s
"Because, the true captain is Captain Clockwork...She was the original captain."
  Lu Xun / Belmont / 4y 196d 11h 29m 40s
''Ok then.'' She follows him around and sighs. ''So why are you not the captain?''
  Serena / Infinity4Ever / 4y 197d 9h 25m 13s
"I'm showing you around, this ship has been passed down through my family for is called The Steam Dragon." He said.
  Lu Xun / Belmont / 4y 197d 21h 43m 26s
''To my room?'' She laughs and follows him. Dang he really likes me..
  Serena / Infinity4Ever / 4y 197d 21h 52m 58s
"Fine, but I'm coming too..." he said nonchalantly, and turned on his heel.
  Lu Xun / Belmont / 4y 197d 21h 55m 5s
''Good. Oh and The winged girl. She stays with me at all time.'' She said walking away.
  Serena / Infinity4Ever / 4y 197d 21h 59m 1s

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