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Reaches in the top of her dress and shoots ninja stars at three of the men. "Do you think I care?"
  Serena / Infinity4Ever / 4y 199d 35m 47s
"I am a pirate...and I don't come alone..." he said, pointing to another airship.
  Lu Xun / Belmont / 4y 199d 38m 27s
Turns around glaring. "Did you just try and shoot me?"
  Serena / Infinity4Ever / 4y 199d 39m 11s
He fired a shot, and it went right past her head, killing a dock worker. "I'm the dreaded Lu Xun!" He shouted.
  Lu Xun / Belmont / 4y 199d 41m 19s
Smirks. "You look like a homeless bimbo. In fact you all do." She turned and starts to walk away.
  Serena / Infinity4Ever / 4y 199d 42m 26s
He snarled. "Do you have any idea who I am ya fancy pansy?!"
  Lu Xun / Belmont / 4y 199d 46m 13s
Turns around. "And if I were you I would watch who you mess with." Looks past him and laughs.
  Serena / Infinity4Ever / 4y 199d 46m 57s
He smiled and whistles, and a large number of sky pirates land behind him. "I'd watch my tongue if I were you lass..." he said threateningly.
  Lu Xun / Belmont / 4y 199d 48m 41s
Looks at the gun. "Trying to be a bad man I see?" She laughs and walks around him.
  Serena / Infinity4Ever / 4y 199d 51m 17s
Lu Xun looked around, and saw the woman approaching him from behind, and he pulled out his flintlock pistol. "What are you doing 'round these parts, my fair lady?"
  Lu Xun / Belmont / 4y 199d 55m 14s
Serena Lowe is a woman of the city and she has a secret only few people know.
  Serena / Infinity4Ever / 4y 199d 57m 20s
In a port in the floating city of New London, a Chinese pirate by the name of Lu Xun, and he looked down at the clouds.
  Lu Xun / Belmont / 4y 199d 1h 43m 7s

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