Ashmore Mental Institute for the Insane

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A group of insane people, and the staff are plotting against each other to either keep each other from escaping, or to escape into the outside world, where they can live peacefully.

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The girl looked at the cell door and struggled to stand up, using the wall to push her self up. She then walked towards the door and used her sharp fingernails to cut the long sleeves.
  Zip / Belmont / 4y 154d 4h 26m 30s
Amethyst sighed to herself and vowed to stay to the solitude of her cell for the rest of the time she was there. She curled into a ball in the corner of the room her body trembling and her eyes heavy.
  Amethyst Michaels / LizzyBear / 4y 154d 4h 29m 48s
The girl had her mouth zipped shut again, then thrown into her cell, head first. She tried to get up, and she had no luck. The doctor laughed at her, then left the room and she looked around, her zipper sometimes making clicking sounds in the dead silence.
  Zip / Belmont / 4y 155d 1h 32m 4s
Amethyst stumbled to her cell her body aching and her eyes bloodshot. Her body was still trembling with the after effects of the seizure.
  Amethyst Michaels / LizzyBear / 4y 155d 3h 9m 23s
The girl watched, her blind looking eye picking up her heat signatures, and the doctor unzipped her mouth. "I'm called real name's Eileen Stratler..." she said, her voice very raspy.
  Zip / Belmont / 4y 156d 21h 27m 53s
Amethyst peered at the other female with her piercing green eyes. [+red " is it I haven't see you before?"] she snapped. [+red "You new or something?"] she sat down in a chair leaning back.

Amethyst wasn't being rude, she just didn't exactly know compassion. Clearing her throat Amethyst murmured [+red "I'm Amethyst. No one talks to me so no nickname and I..."] she trailed of staring ahead of her at the wall. Her eyes went blank and her body have a violent shake she whined as her body convulsed again and she fell into the floor her head hitting the time with a loud crack. Her body continued to convulse and shake uncontrollably her eyes rolling back in her head. As the shaking slowed to a stop Amethyst passed out from exhaustion.

When she came to her head was pounding and her eyes heavy and bloodshot. She looked around and tried to stand mumbling something about going back to her cell.
  Amethyst Michaels / LizzyBear / 4y 156d 21h 58m 36s
A doctor entered the cell, and escorted her out, which made Zip curse in German, and she was released from her straitjacket. She reached to unzip her mouth and she looked at the other girl.
  Zip / Belmont / 4y 156d 22h 6m 8s
Amethyst's eyes were misty as she awoke. [+red "GodDammit! Sedated again. Those fucking bastards!"] she yelled looking around at her bare padded cell. Amethyst hadn't always been this way. There was once a time where the voices in her head didn't tell her things to make her hurt herself. Her green eyes closed with agony as she stood.

That was all the past. She was now a troubled schizo that no one wanted to be around. Not to mention she was suicidal.

Deep in her thoughts Amethyst didn't see the nurse enter with her meds. She looked up and into the eyes of the nurse. She took her meds showed her that she had taken them and she stood following the woman out into the recreation room. This was the only time of day where Amethyst was not as happy. She enjoyed solitude. That way she wasn't tormented by the voices.
  Amethyst Michaels / LizzyBear / 4y 156d 22h 10m 0s
It was a very horrible day inside the Ashmore Mental Institute, a young woman was sitting in a corner, her mouth zipped shut, and her arms in a straitjacket. She heard the cell door open, and she looked up.
  Zip / Belmont / 4y 156d 22h 20m 26s

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