The Kazakai Kingdom

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Welcome to my kingdom, Under my rein you will be treated well, Have many jobs to choose from and be able to participate in events. I want there to be friends made and people getting along. There are some Laws here though.
1: follow the sites rules and expectations.
2: no drama and bullshit that is not needed.
3: no God mode.
4: All fights will happen in one of the many arenas or battle specified areas in which will be listed after the Laws.
5: if i request you , always report to me.
6: Have Fun !!

:WARNING!: Failure to follow these Laws Will result in the highest sentence "Termination"

The different areas of my kingdom consist of multiple towns but we will be placed mainly in the capital "Kakazai City".

:areas of kakazai city:
-Kakazai Castle-
{key places in the castle}
(*Throne Room
* Main hall
* Dining hall
* Dungeon of Tortured souls
* Demonic Chambers)
-Town park-
-Militant barracks-
-guard towers/courters-
(*Castle arena
* crater pit arena
*Void Arena
* Inter dementional arena )
-Fighter valley-
-Police station-

izza parlor-

-ice cream parlor-
-Coffee shop-
-Tea shop-

Be warned anyone who commits a crime and is caught trying to leave the city without dealing with it in mortal kombat will be shot by our snipers that are armed with a new breed of high powered sniper that could leave a humanoid as a puddle of blood .... so have fun and dont think of my as your tyrant ruler but as your friend ahahahahahaha!


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Roleplay Responses

welcome my wonderful citizens it is time to revive this kingdom ! start a new ! i will be giving out job roles and such soon also i would like a skelly of every ones characters ^^ for the RP part of the thread it is prefered fantasy, Medieval, ninja/samurai, ect. when you choose the genre of your character message me it and ill give you the required skelly
  Queen Kaity / The_Delirious_Foxy / 2y 71d 17h 58m 40s

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