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Ok....." -He finished up setting the stage, he sat down and rested his feet up
  jchusky200 / 4y 181d 18h 57m 20s
"I don't want to talk about it..." She said quietly, hoping to avoid talking about it.
  Zip / Belmont / 4y 184d 19h 32m 54s
--He sighed and shook his head- "Sorry, I just don't knoe
  jchusky200 / 4y 185d 13h 8m 51s
"I was only ten..." She said, not wishing to remember that awful day.
  Zip / Belmont / 4y 200d 22h 47m 32s
-He sighed and looked at her- "When were you taken in here ?
  JcHusky200 / 4y 200d 22h 48m 47s
"That's impossible...I'm only 17..." She said. Then she looked at him, her eye forlorn.
  Zip / Belmont / 4y 200d 22h 50m 3s
"I....don't know." -He looked at her" -But it looks as if this place was abandoned for 50 years,.
  jchusky200 / 4y 200d 23h 10m 51s
She looked around and grabbed the thing the staff used to beat her with. "How long has it been since the others left?" She said to herself.
  Zip / Belmont / 4y 200d 23h 16m 40s
"I understand....." -He looked at her and sets up the amps
  jchusky200 / 4y 200d 23h 19m 40s
She unzipped her mouth. "Sorry, I don't usually get the chance to be able to do anything..."
  Zip / Belmont / 4y 200d 23h 22m 49s
-He went up to her and assisted her with the set up
  jchusky200 / 4y 200d 23h 23m 40s
Zip was helping set up, but she was having a hard time with it.
  Zip / Belmont / 4y 200d 23h 25m 9s
-Hevwatched it and went back to setting up the equipment
  jchusky200 / 4y 200d 23h 26m 54s
It looked closely at him, then ran off and disappeared.
  Nightmare / Belmont / 4y 200d 23h 30m 46s
-He frowned and patted it's snout, smiling at the horse
  jchusky200 / 4y 200d 23h 32m 38s

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