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[h3 [b [i [center Ch. 7 - The Assassination]]]]

A few hours of sleep and Crazy was already awake. He was pacing around the tent mumbling about weird stuff. He sat down on the bed sighing. "What in the world is going on?" Crazy asked himself hearing D.S.U. Scouters search around the area.

"Search for those two survivors! The Nanite blade wielding one! Also search for the escaped Fugitive Lial Hanser! Also known as Dr. Crazy. These two are deemed dangerous by Unknown X himself!" The new Scouter commander told his men.

Crazy opened up his tent flap just a little bit looking outside. He noticed that the entrance to the alley was blocked off to prevent from D.S.U. finding the rebels. He stepped outside just as a D.S.U. airship flew over the alley. "Shit!" He whispered to himself getting back inside the tent. "Good thing it didn't see me." Crazy said.

X and Nathan were walking down the street. The man with the nanite blade appeared out of the shadows with a white looking sword. "So your the man with the mysterious blade." X said to him.

"Indeed I am, and you must be Mr. X, I am the Shadow Walker...Allow me to introduce myself properly." The Shadow Walker told X as the D.S.U. Scouters found him.

"Freeze! Put your hands in the air!" The Scouter commander told him as he turned around.

"Sure." The Shadow Walker said putting his hands up throwing up the sword. thousands of nanites appeared from the residue of the sword. They quickly flew to the Scouters and ate them up in an instant.

"Oh my god!" Nathan said. "We need to get the fuck out of here!" He said taking X and running away as the nanites turned back into the blade.

"I thought so." The Shadow Walker said walking off into the shadows.

The next day was like any other day, the D.S.U. was getting ready for the big announcement at the Javits Center. X was dressed in an elegant black suit with a tie. He had his hair brushed back. Jake and Kesner wore Exo-Mechs, they were reloading their guns. The D.S.U. Airship landed on the penthouse roof along with little airships. "It's time to go men." X said as they all went inside the elevator and went up.

Nathan was already on the roof. The elevator doors opened and X and his men emerged from the inside. "Are you ready X?" Nathan asked as X nodded. They all boarded the main airship. The doors closed as the airships flew away towards Javits Center.

Cell and the others noticed the giant airship flying away from the D.S.U. HQ. "Where the hell is he going?" Cell asked noticing a convoy of D.S.U. Scouter trucks parked by the HQ getting ready to leave for Javits Center. "You thinking what I'm thinking?" Cell asked Jonathan.

"Let me guess...Sneak into the back of the truck?" Jonathan asked Cell as Cell nodded. "Well I guess we can give it a shot." Jonathan said as they started to sneak towards the trucks.

Cell was able to open the back of the truck sneakily. They all got inside and closed the back door. "What the hell is this?" Cell whispered looking at all the boxes.

"I don't know but let's be on the down low." Jonathan said as the truck started.

"Okay move it! Move it! Let's go!" The commander said as the drivers drove off following the airships.

Crazy, Amern, and Randall all got in a D.S.U. issued vehicle that was stolen from the HQ. Amern started the vehicle and drove off towards Javits Center.

The airships landed on the LZ in the front of the building. The D.S.U. Scouter convoy stopped at the back of the area where the security sector was. The Scouters got out and ran inside the building to do their security job.

Amern stopped the vehicle at the checkpoint. "Amern? I thought you left the D.S.U.?" The checkpoint guard said.

Amern shook his head. "No, I got this invitation from X." Amern said showing the guard the invitation.

"Okay then, continue on." He said letting Amern pass the checkpoint. X got out of the airship waving to Amern.

"Amern! I am glad you could make it! I apologize about yesterday...Do come in!" X said walking with Amern inside the building.

Crazy and Randall got out of the back looking around, they put on their D.S.U. outfits and walked inside the building.

Jake noticed Amern and nodded smiling. "Good to see you ruskie." Jake said as Amern glared at him.

X looked at Jake. "Jake no racist remarks! You wouldn't like it if I called you a greedy deep fried cheese burger eating American now would you?" X asked Jake.

Jake shook his head. "No sir..." He said. 

"Good. Let us proceed to the stage." X said with Amern and Jake following him.

[b [i [center [size40 _________]]]]

Cell and Jonathan made sure it was clear before they got out. Once they checked the area the three of them got out. "Mark you used to be in the army right?" Cell asked him.

Mark nodded. "Yeah, but they pulled me out of the Russian War because I had a medical discharge." Mark said.

"Then you know about stealth right? Because every time I try to be stealthy I always fail..." Cell said.

"Yeah, back in the sewers I hid in the shadows pretty perfectly." Mark told Cell. Cell and Jonathan both nodded. Mark slowly opened up the door. It was the entrance to the security area. "Let's go." Mark said.

Crazy saw the gang go inside the security area. He followed them inside the building hoping to not get caught by the guards.

[b [i [center [size40 _________]]]]

X and Jake walked up onto the stage. Amern was looking around. He saw Randall on the roof with his enhanced cyberoptics he got himself. "I want to thank you all for choosing D.S.U. "With Skyrofym we can control the zombies! We can save this world." X said smiling. The area was filled with people who were survivors. 

Randall put his finger on the trigger ready to shoot. Nathan was behind him.

Nathan kicked Randall and took the gun away. "Going to kill Mr. X now hm?" Nathan asked smirking.

Randall got up and punched Nathan.

[b [i [center [size40 _________]]]]

"Wait up." Crazy whispered to Cell, Cell turned around and drew his gun out.

"Hey don't shoot!" Crazy said looking at Cell with his hands up.

"What the hell do you want?" Cell asked Crazy. "Aren't you a bit busy working for X?" Cell asked.

Crazy shook his head. "He betrayed me so I am no longer a friend of X...Neither is Amern." Crazy said.

Jonathan looked at Crazy. "Amern turned good?" Jonathan asked him.

"Yes, he found out X was pretty much using him to do his dirty work." Crazy told Jonathan.

Cell nodded. "Fine, I guess my enemy of my enemy is a friend of mine." Cell said as they four of them walked into the main room of the building.

"Going somewhere?" Jake asked pointing a gun at the gang. "Hello Jonathan." Jake said smirking.

"Hello Jake." Jonathan said pulling out his gun

They both gave each other brave looks.
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[h3 [b [i [center Ch. 6 - Cyber Memory]]]]

Dr. Crazy was in his lab sitting down in front of a giant supercomputer on the wall. He was smirking. "What file do you wish to look at Mr. Crazy?" The computer asked him with the voice of the girl that he killed. He took out her brain and plugged it inside the supercomputers computer tower. "Project Angel." Crazy told the computer sitting back in his chair. Dozens of files opened up on the screen showing pictures of a giant female robot with metallic wings and a small halo. "Yes...This is the one that Nathan is building...What the hell is X planning?" Crazy asked himself as the computer closed out the files. "Project TERRA-ZERO." Crazy told the computer again as it opened up files about a robotic species that was created by a man by the name of George Randal. "Play video file Meeting With President Richard.MP4" Crazy told the computer. It opened up the video file.

"You have to listen to me on this one sir." Randal told Richards who was sitting down shaking his head. He sat down by one of the seats right by the wall. "TERRA-ZERO will not fail...I promise you that." Randal told Richards.

"I'm sorry George but this project seems too risky." Richards told him sitting up a bit. "Besides...TERRA-ZERO mechs are earth bots! They can mess up anything that has to do with the earth! That means destroy anything it sees in it's sight. Just then the video was deleted

"What the hell just happened?! Computer! Restore the current session to where the video was not deleted!" Crazy told the computer as it did not respond. "Didn't you hear me?! I said restore the current fucking session NOW!" Crazy demanded. The computer still didn't respond. Crazy became furious. He got up and put his hands on the desk. "Fine...Be that way Lucy..." Crazy told the computer turning around as some D.S.U. Soldiers kicked the door down pointing their guns at Crazy. "What the hell is this?! I'm on your team you dumb asses!" Crazy told them. X came inside the room shaking his head.

"Where did you get that video Crazy?" X asked him. "That video was top secret!" He glared at him rubbing his beard.

"I'm a hacker Mr. X. I know my ways around the network. Someone left a backdoor open in the server so I decided to find that video and see what happened on that surveillance footage." Crazy told X as the D.S.U. Soldiers walked to Crazy and hit him with a stun baton knocking him down.

"I'm sorry Crazy...But It looks like your under arrest for having dangerous information. Take him away men." X told them. They nodded and took him to the D.S.U. Basement where people would be locked up like a prison.

"Your making a big mistake...You need me X!" Crazy told him spitting on the ground. They threw him in one of the cells. Cell 2A. "You all fucking need me! WITHOUT ME THERE WILL BE NO NEW WORLD!" Crazy told them. They just walked away and locked the door to the basement with a code. Crazy sat back and growled under his breath. "What went wrong? What the hell is X trying to hide from his men?" Crazy asked himself looking at the dim light on the ceiling. Bugs were crawling on it. "I will have to find out...But first I need to escape this cell before I can do anything," He said getting up looking around before trying to pick the lock on the cell.

X was sitting down in his office as usual. Kesner and Nathan were there as well. "I can't believe that he would do that behind my back!" X told them furious. He turned his chair towards the million dollar view window. "I thought I could trust him." X shook his head drinking his wine. "TERRA-ZERO...Why would Crazy have an interest in that?" X asked them.

Nathan was messing with his glasses. "Not only did we find out TERRA-ZERO files on his computer...We also found ANGEL files on there as well." Nathan told X.

"What?! Project ANGEL?! How did he find that?! Someone has to be a traitor in this group." X told them getting up. "I know for a fact it's Adam. He used to be Johnathans best friend until he joined me. Please find out about this, it's crucial to our mission." X told Nathan. "Kesner. Please go find Cell and the others. And kill them." X told Kesner. "As for me...I will go look for Amern." X told himself.

Nathan nodded. "Leave it to me X." Nathan told him getting up as a he opened up a floating transparent computer screen in front of him. "Just as I suspected. A survivor. He has a weird looking sword...Wait a minute...That's no sword! That's a Nanite Blade! Shit this guy doesn't screw around." Nathan told them. "We'll have to be careful from now on. Watch your back because we now have a new enemy and he looks strong." Nathan told X smirking.

X nodded. "I see. Well then...Let the show begin." He told them smirking as well rubbing his beard.

[b [i [center [size40 ____________]]]]

Dr. Crazy unlocked the cell door. He snuck out and hacked into the door to the outside and opened it. D.S.U. Guards were patrolling the area. "Without my weapon I will have to use my hands." Crazy told himself as there were two guards on each side of the door. He grabbed both of them and snapped their necks. After that he threw their dead bodies in his cell and ran out into the shadows with a knife and a silenced pistol that one of the guards had. He looked around and smirked putting the knife in between his teeth biting on it. "I am going to kill you X." Crazy told himself as one of the guards turned on his nightSvison and scouted around. Crazy saw him do so and quickly ran towards the other shadows. He grabbed one of the guards who was about to go turn on the breaker switch to turn on the lights. "Shh...It will all be over soon." Crazy told him slitting his throat. His smirk became even wider. The guard had a smile on his face as he died. "You smile even during death? I don't blame you...It would be a blessing to die and leave this world." Crazy told the dead soldier. He ran towards the roadblock that protected HQ from zombies, but he was stopped by a man in a long black hooded jacket.

"Come with me if you want to live." The man told him. Crazy looked at him and nodded. They both ran away from the D.S.U. HQ without getting caught by X and his men.

"Who are you?" Crazy asked the hooded man. He was still running with him down the road and they stopped and ran into an alleyway where a group of refugees were at.

The man removed his hooded jacket. It was Amern. "It's me." Amern told him.

"What the hell is going on here?" Crazy asked him. He sat down on one of the trashbags. "What does X want with that information?" Crazy asked him again. He shook his head sighing a bit looking at the alleyway and the refugees. They were homeless and dirty. X had taken everything away from them. Their homes, Family, Food, And lives away.

"What information is that?" An elderly man with short white hair and a prosthetic leg and part of his face was also prosthetic. He looked at Crazy and smiled a bit. "My name is George Randal." He told him.

"Your the information...The information is about the TERRA-ZERO mechs you built...What happened to them?" Crazy asked him. He looked at Amern who was smoking a cigarette.

"Richards was right...The TERRA-ZERO mechs went haywire and nearly killed us all. So I had to destroy them...But I think there was a hacker somewhere in Russia who hacked into the mechs and turned them against us. Damn things ripped part of my face off and took my fucking left leg." Randal told Crazy. He also looked at Amern and nodded towards him.

Amern nodded back putting out his cigarette tapping Crazy's shoulder. "I say we all band together and take what was rightfully ours." Amern told them. "No more doing anymore of X's bitch work! Tonight we are now enemies of the D.S.U." Amern smiled and looked at Crazy. "So, are you in?" Amern asked him.

"Let's take that fucker out." Crazy told him smirking. "Maybe even help the scientist and his friends in the process...Just let's not tell them who we really are boys." Crazy told them as they Randal nodded. "To be honest...I want all this insanity to stop." He told Amern. "I heard he is making an announcment at the HQ tomorrow morning where some survivors are being recruited into the D.S.U. That's when we strike," Crazy said.

"Okay boys! Get some rest. Tomorrow is when we assasinate Unknown X and his top men!" Randal told everyone as they nodded and went inside their tents inside a big building in the alleyway. "So Crazy...All of that information is cyber memory. Why would X want that information kept a secret? Unless he's planning on using the TERRA-ZERO mechs again...Or that he's the hacker himself." Randal told Crazy and Amern.

"It is pretty odd for a man from England to be in a war zone in Russia like that. Wouldn't you agree Crazy?" Amern asked him.

"Now that you mention it...When I was in that war I don't remember any man from England being enlisted in the military to fight the Cybertech War." Crazy told him. "I have to tell you something Amern...Jake and Kesner are alive. They are with X right now." Crazy told him.

"I knew it...Now I don't have to worry about feeling sorry for the fucking bastard when I blast his brains all over the wall." Amern told him.

"Then let's get some rest and finish this tomorrow." Crazy told him. Amern and Randal nodded as they went into the building with him.
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[h3 [b [i [center Ch. 5 - Below The Surface]]]]

The sewer looked dirty as usual. There were rusted air vents all over the place. The water was especially nasty. The sewer also had little lighting as some of the little lights on the wall were either broken or had died out. It also looked as if though a group of some sort had recently been here due to the fresh footprints of water on the little walkways in the sewer.

Cell looked around and sighed. "What the hell? It looks like a group of people was already here Johnathan!" Cell told Johnathan as Mark looked around and looked at the air vents on the wall.

Johnathan nodded to Cell. "There was...Which means we better be careful as it could be the D.S.U. Scouters." Johnathan told him.

"D.S.U. Scouters?" Cell asked Johnathan scratching his head in confusion.

"The D.S.U. Scouters are part of the D.S.U. They look for escaped targets that X wants them to locate...And we're those escaped targets so stay out of sight in the sewers. That also means we can't be showing our faces willy nilly outside anymore. So be cautious." Johnathan told Cell seeing some shadows on the wall. "Quick! Let's hide in that opening over there!" Johnathan told Cell and Mark running towards the little opening the sewer walls.

"Quick! Move your asses! They are this way!" One of the D.S.U. Scouters told his men pointing his gun in every direction wearing his white futuristic exomech with his gasmask. He looked around for Cell and other others. "Come out wherever you are you filthy vermins!" He called out to Cell and the others. "I don't bite!" He smirked. He was like Jake. A ruthless killer wanting to see some blood. He was the commander in the D.S.U. Scouter Unit. He pointed his flashlight that was attached to his gun towards the dark places on the wall. "Search those openings! Go! Go! Go!" He told his men as they ran towards the dark places. The Scouters went into the openings.

Cell looked around quickly a sewer hatch not far from here. The guys booked it down to the hatch staying in the shadows. "Okay we better hurry!" Cell told them as the Scouters saw the group. "Shit!" Cell told himself.

"After them! Activate the security system! Go! Go! Go!" The commander told them. The Scouters ran towards the levers and pulled them down. The levers locked in place as some gases poured out of the vents. It was the modern drugs condensed into a gas like substance. Acid, Meth, Coke, and Ecstasy. They started to shoot at Cell and the others.

Cell coughed up some blood. He started to see alot of weird things. "Crap! It's got to me Johnathan!" Cell told him.

"Listen Cell! Try to find what is real and fake! We can't let this trap get to us! This drug may be strong and we may see some weird crap but just try to kill the real thing! Not the fake one!" Johnathan yelled out to Cell shooting away towards the Scouters. He got a few of them in the head but the commander teleported in front of them. Johnathan rubbed his eyes and saw a few strange creatures on the ceiling looking down towards the group. "Their fake Johnathan...Just relax...Those creatures aren't real..." Johnathan told himself as the commander put a gun to his face. Johnathan looked looked at the commander. The creatures jumped down from the ceiling crawling towards the commander.

"What the fuck?! Stay away you things!" The commander told the creatures as he shot at them. They dodged the bullets jumping onto the commander biting his face off eating his flesh and after that biting into his bones and eating the last of him.

Cell rubbed his eyes as the drug wore off. He looked at the creatures in shock. "These things are real!" Cell told him getting ready just in case. The creatures looked at them.

"We better get out of here! I'll tell you what these things are! Hurry up!" Johnathan told the group as they ran towards the hatch. The creatures were running towards them at a fast pace. Mark tripped and looked at the creatures. "Get up Mark or you'll be dinner for these things!" Johnathan told him yanking him up blasting some of the creatures in the head with his shotgun. After that they both ran to the hatch and quickly opened it. Johnathan climbed up helping the other two.

"Holy crap that was a close one." Cell told himself wiping some of the sweat off of his face. "Where are we?" He asked Johnathan.

"We're in a random alleyway I think..." Johnathan told him seeing some D.S.U. Scouters running down the street looking for them. "We better keep a low profile okay guys? We don't want to get caught now do we?" He asked them.

Cell and Mark looked at him. "Nope." They both told Johnathan looking at a lone man in a trenchcoat with jet black hair which was short and wavy. It was gelled and brushed back. He was smoking a cigarette putting his hands in his pockets. He looked towards Cell and the others.

"Hello there! I bet your the escaped targets that X wants right?" The man asked them.

"Yes...And who are you?" Johnathan asked the man.

"Why I am a weapons salesman! I work in the black marekting industry. My name is Nikolai. So are you just going to be a little bitch and keep on hiding in these alleyways or are you going to finally grow some balls and buy some weapons?" Nikolai asked them.

"How much are they?" Johnathan asked him looking at his trenchcoat.

"Well since you are in need of some new firepower I will give you a set for free! A laser cannon, A chain gun for you my good friend, An automatic shotgun and mounted machine gun that you can also hold as it is really light...That will be for the scientist. And for the man...You get puny pistol and magnum." Nikolai told them.

Mark looked at him and nodded. "Works for me, I don't think I can use the other guns." He chuckled a bit as Nikolai opened up his trenchcoat. The group took the weapons they were told to take.

"I hope you can stop this madness as quickly as possible." Nikolai told them as he heard X talking with Nathan. "Quick! Hide in the little building right next to me!" He whispered to them rushing them to the building. He opened the door and pushed them in shutting and locking it. After that Nikolai ran down the stairs to see X. "Hello Mr. X! Good weather today isn't it?" Nikolai asked him.

"Sure." X told Nikolai. "Were they here?" He asked him.

"Who are they?" Nikolai asked X.

"The targets I'm after! The scientist and his two friends!" X told him sitting on a trashbag shaking his head.

"Not at all sir! I promise you that." Nikolai told X looking away.

"You better be telling the truth Nikolai...Or my men will light you up like a fucking rave." X told him as one of the D.S.U. Soldiers got in front of Nikolai nodding.

"X is the new god of this world. You cross the line and we will make sure your not a part of our new world." The D.S.U. Soldier told him removing his mask. He wasn't a bio-engineered human but an actual human. He wasn't like the other soldiers. He walked to X and stood there.

"Let's go men...Their not here." X told his men as he got up. They nodded walking off with him. The human D.S.U. Soldier put his gasmask back on walking off with them as well.

Nikolai went back to the building. He went inside. "The coast is clear my friends! You best be on your way if you want to stop this madness." Nikolai told them smiling as they went outside.

"Don't worry. We will stop X and his men from taking over the world." Cell told Nikolai shaking his hand walking off with the group.

"Please do...And please do it quick..." Nikolai told himself as they couldn't hear him. He looked at his little pocket tv in his hand. It showed a countdown timer and a strange robot "Before they use ANGEL to destroy the world and recreate it to their fitting." Nikolai told himself smoking his cigarette walking off.

[b [i [center [size40 Somewhere deep down in the sewers of New York City...]]]]

Crazy smirked as he held his warglaive. "They were down here...Also the creatures from the fallout in Russia...Test subjects done by Dimitri Yokovich and his wife Mary Yokovich...How cruel they can be." Crazy told himself. "And also injected with the skyrofym virus...It made them into a scary being...Not zombies but a monster you can say..." He looked at his P.T.A. "We'll just have to see how this play goes. Will the hero save the day? Or will the bad guy finally win?" He asked himself teleporting away.
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[h3 [b [i [center Ch. 4 - Stopping Unknown X]]]]

Cell ran outside to one of the delivery trucks and got in. Cell started the truck and quickly drove off towards where the D.S.U. vehicles were going. He quickly stopped seeing all of the members point guns at the truck.

"Fire at that blasted delivery truck! Cover me!" X yelled out to his men as he booked it in a hurry to one of the D.S.U. trucks. He opened the driver door and got in starting the truck. X quickly drove off towards the trail downwards in towards New York.

Cell didn't care. He plowed down alot of the members of the D.S.U. and Illuminati. He did a hard left and floored it straight towards X. "NOT TODAY OLD MAN!" Cell yelled out driving faster towards the small pickup truck. He fishtailed X's truck.

"Ha! Is that the best you can do Cell?! Your just a blood bastard aren't you?!" X asked him shooting at his tires. Cell began to swirve left and right trying to dodge the bullets.

"Ha! Is that all you've got X?! Well now...I guess you are weak!" He told him fishtailing him some more. He looked over to see the ocean with a giant wooden bridge.

X saw the bridge and floored the pickup truck towards it. He drove onto the bridge but a giant mutated whale from the ocean dove right from under the bridge breaking through it hitting the truck. "What?!" X jumped right out of it onto land as the truck fell into the deep ocean.

Cell got wide eyed as he tried to stop the truck but he knew he wasn't going to make it so he jumped right out as the truck fell into the deep ocean as well. Cell had fainted before X.

[b [i [center [size40 A few hours later...]]]]

"It was a nightmare...There was blood everywhere, not just mine...But X's as well. Some of the Transportation D.S.U. Units arrived and picked up their leader and put him on a stretcher and put him in their transportation airship. They also had trucks, but they were just for supplies and to escort the airship to safety. They also helped me to their airship, but it wasn't in their hearts or kindness to retrieve me...No they were bringing me to one of their bases. An abandoned prison located in Manhattan. They dropped X and I off at the prison. The squad took X to the medical room. I saw some familiar faces standing in front of me. One was my father and the other was Jake Harris...The man that allegedly died form the Cybertech War. Nathan walked to me and he still had that creepy smirk that would make the hair on the back of your neck stand up." Cell told himself looking at Nathan.

"Hello Clinton..." Nathan told him fixing his glasses to his normal position. "You have been a menace to my research..." Nathan told him opening his left palm revealing a Skyrofym syringe. "With this...I can rule the world! I can make the zombies my slave! And no one is going to stop me...Not even X himself can stop me!" Nathan laughed evilly turning to the two guards that were guarding the door to Cell Block A. They grabbed Cell and walked him over to Cell 4A. They opened the door and threw him in shutting it and locking it. "You will stay here and witness our journey to the new world!!!" Nathan yelled out looking up laughing evilly. He walked off with the guards.

Cell looked around his room. "I can't believe this..." Cell told himself looking at Jake and Kesner walked to his jailcell.

"Nice to meet you Dr. Cell." Jake told him. "My name is Jake Harris and I bet you're here because you tried to foil our plans!" He told Cell spitting on the ground. "I hope enjoy your stay at our 5 star hotel!" He smirked walking off leaving Kesner there.

"Hello Cell...I bet you've heard alot about me." Kesner smirked taking out a piece of paper. "I like to draw. What about you? What is your favorite hobby?" Kesner asked.

"Kicking all of your asses!" Cell told Kesner sitting back on the dirty prison bed that smelt of blood and urine. The ground was dusty and had some blood stains on it. The window was just a small slit with only a little sliver of light shining through the window. The sink was crawling with flies. The toilet hadn't been cleaned in months. Kesner looked over to Cell as he was just sitting there staring at the wall in front of him.

"The wall isn't going to save you Dr. Cell." Kesner told him going back to his drawing. He was drawing what the new world would look like. A town full of bodies laying on the ground with millions of zombies in the background. X was in the front center of the dead bodies smirking. His eyes were crimson red while Jake was on his left holding his gun. Kesner was on the right. He was looking down towards the ground putting his hands in his pockets. Dr. Crazy was on one of the roofs in the drawing with an impaled body on his warglaive. But where was Nathan? He was nowhere to be seen in the drawing.

"Where's Nathan?" Cell asked him pointing to the drawing. "Not a very good drawing until you put the mastermind in the picture right?" Cell asked him again.

"Nathan isn't a part of the new world Cell...You see? X is our true leader. Not Nathan!" Kesner told him looking back down at his drawing. "Yes he may have created the virus...But X is the one who will lead us to the new age!" Kesner told Cell finishing the drawing. The last person he added was Amern. Amern was on the ground bleeding out as X had his foot on his body smirking with his crimson red eyes. "What do you think Cell?" Kesner asked showing it to him.

"Is this what you really want Kesner? A fucking hell?!" Cell asked him looking at the picture in horror. "Dead bodies everywhere with millions of zombies in the background...X in the center stepping on Amerns body?! I thought Amern was one of his men." Cell told Kesner.

"Amern had found out why we saved him from Russia...He didn't like the news so he fled like the coward he was!" Kesner told him. "So he is just a tool in our toolbox," Kesner said getting up taking the drawing back. "We will win Cell." He told him walking off in the distance towards the medical room to go see X.

Cell just sat there motionless. "A tool?" He asked himself looking at the empty chair that Kesner was sitting in. A guard walked down the hallway to his jailcell and hit the bars with the butt of his gun.

"It's time to go enjoy yourself in the Rec Yard Dr. Cell! Make yourself useful and make some friends for once." He told him unlocking the jailcell opening it pulling Cell out cuffing him. He began to walk him down to the Rec Yard where alot of survivors were that Cell couldn't find during his last trip in New York. The guard uncuffed Cell and left him with the prisoners. Mark was one of them.

"Mark?" Cell asked him walking towards him. "I thought you were dead!" Cell told him.

"They were fast teleporters Cell...Quickly came in and snatched me up when you went to go check on Lisa." Mark told Cell looking over at the other prisoners.

"Shit...Listen Mark we need to find a way out of h-" Cell stopped in mid sentence looking behind him as X was walking down towards the group with Dr. Crazy and Jake.

"And here comes the big boss." A prisoner told everyone smoking a cigarette.

"Welcome everyone! My name is Unknown X...I run this prison, a base for my men! You are all in my grasp as I keep you here!" X told them. "Dr. Cell is going to help me with my plan to make the new world! Once he does you will witness a the rebirth of mankind." X started to slowly breathe in the air. "Nathaniel Cell created this virus right here." X took out a Skyrofym syringe. "With this we can cure the plague! This virus was originally created to stop it. The real plague was from the fallout in Russia!" X yelled out holding up the virus. "Not even god himself can stop us from saving mankind!" He smirked looking over to Cell. "Nice try Dr. Cell...But I'm afraid we won." X told him walking back with his men into the prison.

The prisoners looked everywhere before looking back at Cell. "Listen man! We're gonna need some help to get out of here!" Mark told Cell.

Cell ran over to him. "I think I have a plan." Cell told him pointing over at the two D.S.U. guards taking a smoke break at the back of the Rec Yard. "We take them out and steal their clothes. Gasmask and all!" Cell told Mark.

"I like this idea...But their mechs! We can't sound like mechs!" Mark told him.

"These are human ones Mark...the D.S.U. guards are human...Except for the main D.S.U. squad." Cell told him cracking his knuckles. "Let's do this. Make sure nobody is looking!" He told Mark walking towards the two guards. Mark followed right behind him looking around. They confronted the two guards.

"Bugger off!" One of the guards yelled out to Cell as he pushed him. Cell quickly grabbed him by the neck and twisted it to his left snapping it. The guard fell dead as Mark quickly did the same to the second guard.

[b [i [center [size40 A few minutes later...]]]]

Both of the two men were clothed with the D.S.U. Guard gear. They looked around making sure nobody saw. "Okay now to dispose of the bodies." Cell told him dragging the guards body to the electric fence. He lifted the body up and made sure that the spotlights weren't aiming in his direction. After that he threw the tall body over the fence into the ocean. Mark did the same and gave Cell a thumbs up. They both walked inside the prison towards the Wardens Office.

X was inside it sitting down. He looked at the two 'guards'. "Hello men! What can I do for you?" X asked them.

"We were wondering where the main controls for the prison gates were...I need to go patrol outside because I heard a noise out there." Cell told him. Mark just stood there.

"Ah...The basement. That's where the main controls are." X told him smirking a bit. "Be careful down there! It's quite dangerous down there." X warned them as they nodded to him walking away towards the basement.

Cell climbed down the stairs towards the little control room inside the basement while Mark looked around making sure there were no zombies or D.S.U. members down here. "Okay I think I found i-" Cell stopped in mid sentence when all of a sudden a giant jailcell fell from the ceiling to the ground locking in place. "W-what is this?!" Cell asked Mark.

X walked into the basement smirking still. Jake and Kesner were with him. As well as Nathan and Crazy. "I told you it would be dangerous!" X told them. "Did you really think you could fool me Dr. Cell?!" X asked him spitting on the ground. "I think not! The room you are in has a gas mechanism trap! Since you triggered the invisible laser...You also triggered a deadly gas that will kill you in minutes! However the cell gate has an invisible barrier protecting it so we don't die from the gas. Have a nice sleep Dr. Cell..." X told him as gas started to leak out.

Cell and Mark coughed. "Shit! T-this stuff is s-strong!" Cell told Mark coughing some more. He tried to maintain himself while Mark tried to stay alive as well. "Come on! Pull yourself together!" Cell told himself and Mark.

"Give up Cell! There is no savior in my new world! You are going to die right here! We don't need you anymore!" X told him as they were still coughing. Sooner or later gunshots could be heard from upstairs. Johnathan and his men killed every guard on the top floor and ran down to the basement confronting X. "Fuck!" X told himself quickly teleporting away with his men.

Johnathan disarmed the barrier and gas trap. Cell and Mark were breathing heavily. "Your lucky we made it in time dumbass!" Johnathan told Cell grabbing him. "What were you thinking?! Did you really think that you could stop X on your own?!" He asked Cell putting him down.

"I had to see what he was up to...It turns out my father is in this operation...And so is Jake and Kesner." Cell told Johnathan.

"I already knew those two assholes were in this operation to begin with." Johnathan told Cell.

"But how?" Cell asked him.

"No time for questions! Reinforcements are bound to show up sooner or later! Let's get out of here." Johnathan told Cell and Mark. "There is a sewer in the basement. It's right behind us. Hurry up and get in!" He told them opening the hatch. The three of them jumped right into the sewer. "It's not safe on the streets anymore men...Once we leave these sewers we have to watch our backs...At all costs." Johnathan told them looking ahead.
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[h3 [b [i [center Ch. 3 - The Mysterious Scientist]]]]

Kesner walked into the doorways to the lab where a scientist with dark brown hair worked in. He wore glasses and the usual scientist outfit. He was smirking while working on his 'project'. He turned around to see Kesner walking towards him. "Kesner...What a pleasant surprise!" The man told him. He turned to see another scientist walk inside the room. "Kevin...What brings you here?" The man asked the scientist that just walked into the room.

Kevin backed away a bit. "I have bad news sir..." Kevin told him.

"Bad news? Oh tsk...tsk...That can't be good Kevin!" The man told him tapping his fingers slowly n his desk. "Now...What is this bad news you speak of Kevin?" He asked him. Kesner looked over to Kevin.

Kevin gulped a bit. He tried to find the right words but he just couldn't. "S-sir...Our creation ANGEL is a failure." Kevin told the man before backing away some more.

"A failure you say? Well now...Your the failure here Kevin! You always ruin everything! You never do it right! HOW THE HELL DID I FIND A DUMBASS LIKE YOU IN THE FIRST PLACE?!" The man yelled out to him pulling out a combat knife from his pocket walking over to Kevin. "I'll show you who failed here!" He told him plunging the knife down deep into his forehead. He pushed it down deeper into his skull reaching his brain. Blood started to squirt out everywhere; On the computer screens, On the man, Kesner, And the floor. Kevin dropped dead with a horrified look on his face. That look was fear. The fear of death. The man turned to Kesner and had that creepy smirk on his face again. "Sorry...Where were we?" He asked Kesner.

Kesner gulped a bit and looked at him. "Mr. X sent me here to speak with you sir!" Kesner told the man before eyeing his odd experiments on the desk. One of them was a Skyrofym injected rat. "I didn't know you worked with Skyrofym." Kesner told him.

"I work with alot of things Kesner..." The man told him walking over to the rat. "So...What ever happened to the General?" The man asked Kesner still looking at his experiments.

"The General?" Kesner asked him.

"Yes...the General!" The man eyed Kesner. "What ever happened to him?" He asked again.

Kesner began to sweat a bit. "He-he died sir..." Kesner told him looking at the blue metal floor.

"Oh? And how did he die Kesner? Please...Tell me." The man still gave that creepy smirk. He started to mess with his glasses for a bit.

"X killed him sir..." Kesner told him looking back up at him.

"Oh so now X is involved in this? My...My...What a twist this sure turned out to be! Now why did he kill the General Kesner? Please do tell." The mans smirk became even more frighting than usual.

"To get me...To make him pay for what he had done to Amerns homeland...And the other Russians." Kesner told him.

"Are you sure Kesner? Now you see Amern is a pawn on the chess board...X is the king, His queen is dead, You're the knight, Crazy is the Bishop...And well I'm the god that moves those chess pieces!" The man told Kesner taking out a fresh syringe of Skyrofym. "With this...Those damned fools...no, pawns will be my slaves forever!" The man laughed looking up at the ceiling holding up the syringe in the light. "Only I can play God! No one else! Not even Unknown X!" The man smirked even more as Kesner backed away.

"So s-sir I never got your name!" Kesner told the man. The man just turned around fixing his glasses.

"My name? Why...My name is Nathaniel Harvey Cell...It's a pleasure to meet you!" Nathans eyed squinted a bit and he extended out his right arm and offered his hand.

Kesner shook it shaking a bit gulping. "Nice to meet you too Nathan...."
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[h3 [b [i [center Ch. 2 The Spirits of Russia ]]]]

Amern was walking down the forest trail towards a mountain, he felt a familiar chill near this mountain. found an old rotting maple tree stump. He sat on it sighing a bit looking around the foggy area with minor radiation from the nuke debri "Damn it...I should have known better." Amern told himself looking at the little obsidian arrowhead rock laying on the ground with dirt and mud on it. "What the hell?" He asked himself picking it up, the cold chill he felt not to long ago became colder as the air thickened.

"Amern!" Ashkov called out. Amern looked around him but no one was there. "I'm over here Amern!" Ashkov called out again as Amern looked over in the direction, he could see nothing but the thick fog. "Are you that blind Amern?!" Ashkov called out one more time. Amern looked around again to only see fog once more. "I cannot believe you Amern!" Ashkov told him as a few ghosts appeared.

"What the?! Ashkov? Sokolov? Chief Heravik?! What the hell are you guys doing here?" Amern asked the ghosts.

"We should be asking you the same Amern! Why did you go with X?! He is just using you for power! Can't you not see that?!" Heravik told Amern shaking his ghostly head looking around him. "I thought we taught you better than that! Your father Dimitri would have been ashamed of you!" He told Amern as all of them faded away into the fog.

Amern was pale and cold, he just saw the ghosts of his ancestors and friends. He backed away a bit looking at the arrowhead. He gulped dropping the arrowhead walking down the foggy path. He passed a Russian merchant, Amern looked over at him and watched the merchant walk away into the fog. "My mind is playing tricks on me! This radiation isn't helping!" He told himself feeling nauseous. His vision became blurry as he saw millions of ghostly figures all around him. "W-what?!" He asked himself as his vision became even more blurry. The cold feeling getting stronger and stronger. Amern finally fainted with a silent thud on the grassy ground.

[b [i [center [size40 _]]]]
The airship was losing it's momentum as X was trying to pull it back up, he missed a mountain and flew right into England and flew right into London. He lost power momentum again as the young Amern was sitting in the back holding onto the rail for dear life. X tried pulling up again but failed as he crashed right into a statue of a brave British soldier who was holding an incredibly sharp weapon that was crafted into the statues hands. The airship crashed right into the sword as it stabbed X right in the chest. The glass adding up the pain in his body. He was bleeding as he looked at Amern. Amern had a the sharp rail stuck into his arm. The Airship was also about to fall, along with the sword and rail. "Amern..." X weakly called out to him as the airship fell slicing X's chest even more, the sword fell out but Amern had to pay a deadly price for it. When the airship fell the rail went with it slicing off Amerns left arm, blood was squirting out as the airship finally crashed onto the ground. X looked over at Amern who was bleeding out quickly. Both of them were. The giant pool of blood seeped out of the airship as some of the civilians were shocked to see the big vehicle fall out of the sky.

"Move along! There's nothing to see here!" A British cop told the civilians rushing over to the airship pulling X out. "It's X! My god...what the bloody hell happened to you?!" The cop asked. "X? Can you hear me?! Crap he's unconscious!" The cop told himself. He looked at the other cops as they were pulling out Amern. "Dear god! This is terrible! First X and now a young lad without an arm! Quick get them to the Infirmary! Come on step on it!" He told his squad as they nodded over to him picking up the two unconscious men putting them in the ambulance. The squad leader whistled his whistle to give a signal for the ambulance to drive away to the infirmary. "What mess have you gotten into now X?..." He looked at the sky, it gave off a dark orange hue. "I see..." He told himself shaking his head realizing Russia is no more. He got into his police car and drove off following right behind the ambulance. The ambulance stopped at the infirmary and the driver got out with the other doctors and took Amern and X into the hospital and into a room putting both of them on separate beds.

The doctor was messing with his glasses. He had short gray hair, he stood 5'10 and he wore the usual doctors outfit. He heard a knock upon his chestnut brown door, and looking up from his full sized desk that took a third of the room, his office cabinets and filing cabinets not but a hand reach behind him. He sighed a bit turning around to see the police officers. "Okay now...Let's see what we have here!" The doctor told himself.

"Dr. Gareth, please take your time." The squad leader told him walking out with the rest of his squad.

Gareth nodded taking a seat in his office chair scratching his gray beard. "That boy has no arm..." Gareth told himself thinking for a bit. "I think I have a solution!" Gareth smirked. The bone was cut cleanly apart at mid point in the bicep, the blood running down from the boy's wound upon the table which was prepared for him. "The mechanical arm," the doctor remembered. It had been a token from a long ago friend, whom he had meant it for, but that friend was gone now, and the arm lay useless in some obscure cupboard in his office...."This metal augmented arm is great for the boy! It has an incredible feature...when the boy get's older and his body grows more the arm will grow as well! This is caused by the body pushing the gears and springs in the metal arm itself forcing it to expand!" Gareth laughed a bit walking over to Amern, he got out the required tools for the job. He started to pull out the excess skin and fat that laid inside the tissue in the arm socket itself. After that Gareth drilled the arm in with a special kind of drill; a Surgeon Drill. After Gareth was done he looked at himself as he was covered in gore and blood. The walls had alot of it too as well as the bed and floor. He shook his head walking over to X who was still unconscious. Gareth removed X's shirt and nearly puked at the sight. X's chest was sliced deep to the point to where you can see part of his ribcage and a little peek of his still beating heart. "He doesn't have much time..." Gareth told himself pulling out a pacemaker and an EMP modifier. "With these...X can destroy anything electrical...and live with this pacemaker! The electricity of the pacemaker should overpower the EMP modifier thus keeping the pacemaker safe!" Gareth told himself slightly ripping open X's chest open putting his hand on his heart slipping the specialized plug from the pacemaker into his heart itself and after that he plugged in the EMP modifier. X quickly opened his eyes as memories flooded through his head. After X had the quick rush of electricity through his body he sprang up and looked at Gareth.

"Where the bloody hell am I?!" X asked looking around as his heart rate started to rise quickly.

"Calm down X! Your going to kill yourself!" Gareth told X as he began to calm down thus making his heart rate lower a bit.

"Gareth? Where am I?" X asked him.

Gareth looked at X. "The Infirmary X...so is this boy, you both crashed into a statue in London and the sword impaled you...and the rail the boy was holding onto broke and stabbed right into his arm. When the airship fell the sword sliced you up nearly to your neck...your lucky." Gareth told X. "But...the boy here lost his arm in the process when the airship fell the rail stabbed in deeper thus slicing his arm off." Gareth told him.

X nodded. "What kind of nuke did they use?! It put the airship out of commission!" X told Gareth and looked over at Amern. "I rescued this boy from an american soldier...His name is Amern." X told Gareth.

"Amern...That's a unique name!" Gareth chuckled a bit. "I am going to have to ask you two to stay here for a few weeks or months okay X?" Gareth asked him.

X nodded. "No problem Gareth...Thank you for saving us..." X told him coughing a bit, his rib cage hurt as he squirted out blood. Gareth began to quickly stitch up his chest as quickly as possible.

"There you go X...And if it wasn't for the cops to show up you and Amern would of died!" He chuckled some more.

X nodded smiling a bit.
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[h3 [b [i [center Ch. 1 - Evil Intentions]]]]

Some birds cawed at the dead soldiers that died from the remaining zombies. They were pecking at the still fresh flesh with their little red eyes and small black feathery figure. One of the birds turned their head to a soldier who looked pretty maimed and dead, he opened his mouth only to making a moaning kind of noise. He grabbed the bird and smelt it. After that the bird started to peck at the zombie and the zombie ate the bird puking a bit looking at X who was standing there getting out of the truck with a gas mask on.

"Fire!" X told his men as they fired at the horde of zombie soldiers running his way, he looked at his left and yelled the same word; "FIRE!" The soldiers did what they were told to do, they fired in every direction possible until X told them to seize fire. He grabbed a notebook from one the dead soldier that the bird was pecking at. "Diary of John H Harem...." X told himself as he opened the diary feeling his head hurt, he dropped the book in an instant and fell to the ground.

"Mr. X!" Amern called out rushing over to him helping him up. Crazy just stood there looking at them. His reaction was bitter, cold, and ruthless....his reaction was just plain nothing as he stared at X.

"Looking into the past is a good way of bad memories." Crazy told X walking away to the truck as Amern glared at him, flipping him off.

"Fuck you psychopath! That war was no joke!" Amern told him.

Crazy shook his head. "You don't understand Amern! No one will." Crazy told Amern taking the diary from X who was coughing a bit. X got back up rubbing his head.

"What the bloody hell was all that about?" He asked his men who looked at him. "When I picked up that diary...I could feel that mans misfortune...see what he went through." X told Amern and Crazy. He turned to Crazy looking at him.

Amern sighed and looked at X. "Mr. X, it is part of your augmentation. Your body reacts to things that allow you to what other people have seen! Basically you can see their memories." Amern told X. He then looked at Crazy who was looking down at the dirt. "Well now, what don't I understand Dr. Crazy?" Amern asked him.

"John Harem, he was my partner in the Russian war.....we called it the Cybertech War though because of all of the futuristic technology they used in that war." Crazy told Amern and X.

"What?! Why didn't you tell me Crazy?!" Amern asked him.

"Because....I'm standing in front of the person I needed to kill." Crazy told them looking at Amern.

Amern glared at him. "So...you were ordered to kill me huh Crazy? So, why didn't you do it?" Amern asked Crazy spitting on the ground.

"Because...I knew that you could be of use, so I contacted X telling him your locations and he got in there in the nick of time to stop Jake from killing you." Crazy smirked. Amern glared at him still.

"You fucking bastard!" Amern told Crazy punching him in the face. Crazy backed away still having that creepy smirk on his face. His eyes gave off an ominous omen. X looked at Amern who was pretty much pissed off.

"Amern, you don't know the entire story!" X told him. Amern grabbed X and growled at him.

"What do I not know X?! That I've been lied to?! I thought you promised that you weren't bringing anyone who killed my people into the fucking D.S.U.! You prick!" Amern told him dropping him. He then turned to Crazy. "I'm taking a break! I am going somewhere to forget all about this mess!" Amern told them as he teleported away.

Crazy got up wiping off the dirt from his white jacket. He looked at X with a frown. "Well...He seems pretty mad at us." Crazy told X who just shook his head taking out a flask of Whiskey.

X took a drink of his Whiskey. He put the cold metal cap back on the silver flask that beared the Illuminati insignia on the front of the flask. He put it back in his black leather sash at his waist. "Well now, he won't be mad forever Crazy. I know Amern...He may be strong but he needs us or he'll die by the zombies and ZET." X told Crazy smirking taking out his hankerchief and wiping off the Whiskey from his beard.

"We bring in some....unusual guests....." X told him as a man in an exomech appeared from right by X's side. He took off his helmet. "Welcome Jake....glad to see your could make it!" X told him.

Jake smirked devilishly. "The pleasures all mine Mr. X...." He smirked even wider.
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