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The three were not very cooperative. "Because you led the Erasers to our home! And they captured Max!"
  Maximum Ride / Belmont / 4y 194d 21h 35m 18s
Ow my head..."Kyle says getting up from that super power full stun grandee that knocked him out that only god could stop. But when he is woken up he is tied up in some ropes and sees a kid wearing purple and has long black hair sitting in front of him. While inside the RV Evan is still unconscious but iggy is listening to him making sure he is out cold. As for gas man and the other girl you desire what they do."so you guys don't trust me either...what's with you kids and not trusting me in general?
  nazo / 4y 194d 21h 37m 8s
Ravage smiled and taunted her from outside the cage. "Not so tough now, are you?" She said, and punched her.
  Ravage / Belmont / 4y 195d 2h 33m 12s
Max woke up with a start, hitting her head on the top of the steel cage she had been imprisoned in. "Ow!" She shouted.
  Maximum Ride / Belmont / 4y 200d 20h 33m 35s
She snarled, and threw a stun grenade, shocking the man and Max. "Eat this..." she said. She then collected Max, and took her back to The School.
  Ravage / Belmont / 4y 200d 22h 55m 3s
Yeah and what are you going to do about this?"he claps his hands and his rvs side transforms into a bunch if turrets and cannons" I don't care what they fused you with not even you can survive let me take care of the injured." He says getting to work in maxes injury.
  nazo / 4y 200d 23h 41m 6s
The young Eraser changed into her wolf like form and got ready for the kill. "I've got a job to complete, do not interfere human!" she said in her growling voice.
  Ravage / Belmont / 4y 200d 23h 48m 50s
Don't worry I got it covered."in the woods near the female eraser she is about to catch her pray when suddenly a mini flying robot comes by and looks at her. Then it fires a laser at her getting her to go away.
  nazo / 4y 200d 23h 52m 9s
She calms down, and she looked at him. "Fine...but not here...there's an Eraser close by..." she said and looked around.
  Maximum Ride / Belmont / 4y 200d 23h 55m 27s
Whoa hostile...i say I want heal your wounds and you say to back off...i will never under stand women. But the thing is your injured and I while I am no doctor I am the only person that can help. Unless you think you can fly away with 100% conference that you wont fall again. That and your little one was taken by some one that me and my friend have encountered each other before. You may not trust me but I got you guys away from those wolf things and I am treating your wounds and giving you some help to save your little are you going to sit down and let me heal all of you or do you want to he found by them wolf guys?
  nazo / 4y 200d 23h 57m 25s
Ravage was closing in on the campsite, making sure to stay out of sight. "My prey are in sight..." she whispered to herself.
  Ravage / Belmont / 4y 201d 48s
She gets nervous as she sees the lab coat. "Stay away from us!" She said , and backed away, ready to fight with him if necessary.
  Maximum Ride / Belmont / 4y 201d 9m 4s
-3 off them is outside the tent and at the other door she finds gass can sleeping away...then she relised he screaming has stopped."god damn its finally over...i may nit he a doctor but I can try my time to see my other patents..." Max turns to the RV and sees a teen about two years older then her come out of the RV...wearing a lab coat" oh I see our awake. Well I guess I should check on your head just in case you dint get any brain damage...
  nazo / 4y 201d 11m 34s
Max starts to get nervous, she could sense an Eraser nearby, and she went to the tent and tried to get the others out.
  Maximum Ride / Belmont / 4y 201d 24m 18s
-she finds no weapons but she dose notice the zipper is in sight and when she comes out she sees her flock around the tent with bandages of there own and some food was left near the tent as well. But she can see an RV where the screams are coming from"fuck!"she hears some clattering" stay still you idiot! Don't make this worse then it is!
  nazo / 4y 201d 41m 43s

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