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Good now sit down and shut up. You guys have wings so you should be used to flying so don't scream or you will be flying!"he says seriously as the RV picks up speed and heads towards the cliff. And it dose go off the cliff but as it dose Kyle says" rv transform in rv j!"he says and the RV begins to shift mid air untill it has wings on both sides and a turbine on back before fire speed out of it and blast off into the sky going 200 miles an hour" now we will be reaching there in about three hours if you have to take a piss bathrooms in the back you want a snack we got some in the bag other then that I am driving so don't bother me..."he says flying the RV.
  nazo / 4y 300d 21h 13m 29s
"Hey, it's Nudge, and yeah, he's tied down..." She said to him, she was going to hold a grudge against him for a while.
  Maximum Ride / Belmont / 4y 300d 21h 31m 54s
Well while I was checking your friend I noticed she had a tracker on her right I decided to add my own code into it and now I know exactly where she is at. Isn't science wonderful? Hey African is he tied to his bed yet?" He says to nudge.
  nazo / 4y 300d 21h 46m 0s
They looked surprised that he knew that. "How did you know, I'm confused." They turned to the GPS and saw where it is located.
  Maximum Ride / Belmont / 4y 300d 21h 59m 54s
Okay then its the school full of ass holes...its in new York huh? Well then I guess I we want to catch up to the big bad miss wolf we got to go turbo speed. Do me a favor girl and strap Evan into his bed so he doesn't fall off."he ask before starting to flip some switches"
  nazo / 4y 300d 22h 3m 51s
"It's difficult to explain, sorry..." they explain, and they look at each other in upsetting ways. "We better hurry..."
  Maximum Ride / Belmont / 4y 300d 22h 6m 48s
That's a stupid name..."came from Evan from his bed...he has some bandages over his eye that has a big bleeding spot"glad to see your up. Now try not to blink to much or we may have to go round two on surgery...and its going to be a bumpy road."Kyle says and Evan just flips him the bird before going back to sleep" so which school are we talking about? The fun kind where you learn nothing but you meet friends or is it the nasty kind where every one is an ass hole and you learn more from your class mates the the teachers?
  nazo / 4y 300d 22h 11m 17s
"We know exactly where..." Fang said, his eyes looking stern and unfeeling. "It's a top secret facility called The School..." Iggy told them.
  Maximum Ride / Belmont / 4y 300d 22h 18m 41s
Good now lets get down to business"he says getting up showing that he got him self free. He gets in the drivers seat and begins to drive out of the woods"now do you have a location to where max might be or do we have to go out of random feelings?
  nazo / 4y 300d 22h 40m 19s
Iggy looked at him and nodded to him, sealing their deal. Then Fang rolled his eyes, and he crosses his arms.
  Maximum Ride / Belmont / 4y 300d 23h 5m 30s
Kyle just looks at them discussing what to do all the while secretly cutting away at the ropes behind him with a scaple.
  nazo / 4y 300d 23h 13m 25s
Iggy looked in his direction. "Fang, he's right...he is the only thing that kept us from dying..." he explained.
  Maximum Ride / Belmont / 4y 300d 23h 50m 45s
Oh piss off don't go saying that you are better then humans speech. Because as far as I can tell you guys got your ass kicked by same team and got your little friend kidnapped then your other max friend got beat up by a half naked wolf girl in three seconds flat. It where not for me and Evan you would all be dead by now and we would be on our way trying to rescue your little friend from the listen to me carefully all four of you. If you go after the winds group to save your small friend with out knowing what they can do. You will all die. But we do need your help on taking them down so how about this. We team up me and Evan will help bust out your leader girl then we head off to take down the winds you get your family together and we take down a pain in the ass. We got a deal?"Kyle says to the group"
  nazo / 4y 301d 2h 18m 24s
(Yes) the rest look at Evan and fang looks pissed, and he tries not to strangle him. "Be glad you are a human."
  Maximum Ride / Belmont / 4y 301d 2h 28m 51s
hey I dint lead nothing no where I just wanted a vacation...then Sam came in and Evan went crazy and desired to fire him self out of the fking canon. And now he needs some rest before his upgrades kick in. And I tried to heal your friends but then some crazy hitch came out of no where and threw some god Grande at me that knocked me out for hours and now we are here. Now this can go down two ways. We could either untie me and see what we can do in this situation or I can wait for Evan to wake up...
  nazo / 4y 301d 3h 24s

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